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Seems like china is getting brought up a lot lately, with that Chinese bot spamming a little while ago, and the thread discussing their internet culture.
I'd like to discuss something else though: Chinese GNU/Linux and Hardware developments.

Lemote is one of these.They made that little white netbook Stallman used to use. Well they're still around, and still developing the RISC-based MIPS platform.
They recently put out a news release, which upon Jewgle translating, reveals that their new chips will be competitive with Intel Ivybridge and AMD Steamroller.
Also, this stuff will ship with GNU/Linux fully supported.

Another is Zhaoxin Semiconductor. They make x86 CPUs completely separate from Intel and AMD. They apparently ship in several consumer products, but I couldn't find links to those.

Then there's Kylin OS. From what I can gather, it appears to be a server distro with a custom secure kernel, and is meant to be used to host cloud services. (they bring up the cloud constantly).

And of course there's other distros. Ubuntu Kylin actually has its own custom DE called UKUI, which looks a bit like Win7. And then there's Deepin, which is still doing its thing.

So what do you guys think? Will we ever get access to the chink hardware? What do you think of these GNU/Linux developments?

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bump I guess...

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...wanna talk about dog fucking vs dog eating?

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Im in the process of buying chinese ram. Every legit review by people who actually bought something says it's fine and the prices are half of what kingston costs

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Good luck

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Great thread.
Also, I wouldnt trust China at this point, Kylin can be backdoored. [citation needed]

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China have that "YunOS" which is an Android-like OS that get installed onto many settop box because the authority asked for it. One day, the authority published a notice that only registered channel providers could provide service to users, and immediately, all those set top boxes started to automatically delete unauthorized apps from their system

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AFAIK the big Tsinghua dram/nand factories will be operative only later this year.
I don't really know what you are buying...

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So this is how democracy looks like. Thx for info

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Chinese branded ram that use foreign NANDs I suppose

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dog meat is tasty and healthful

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How the fuck, I repeat, how the fuck, any of you can justify this country? It's a fucking slaveland authoritarian regime out of nightmares.

>Chinese have no freedom at all
>Chinese are not even human anymore

This is a fucking ant colony, a beehive, an eusocial organism that eradicates any signs of individuality.

Fuck me, only ultra-autistic sociopaths on this board that have no concept of what it means to be human could possibly defend that country's ideology.

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It isn't, just that other countries are making domestic alternatives so they can (a) avoid the NSA and (b) impose their own domestic backdoor for their own police.

This is part of a larger trend where the web and telecommunications are fragmenting apart. Expect it to get more severe, for example in twenty years the idea of "computer control" (analogous to gun control) will probably be around, but vis-a-vis "pre-ban" computers that have compatibility with the traditional US-based WWW.

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>their new chips will be competitive with Intel Ivybridge

nice, so competitive with Ryzen

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If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear.

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OP here
Damn, nice! I'm not sure if i'd trust it myself, as I think those "1TB Flash Drives that aren't actually 1TB" things are also from chinkland. But if it turns out to be legit, great!
Also, I wonder what the performance is like compared to 'Murican ram?
Yeah i'd avoid anything android in general. It's already botnet as fuck over here. I can't imagine how bad it is over there.
Only if we can actually get some of this stuff over here. I'm not really knowledgeable about import sites, but can you actually import Lemote or Zhaoxin stuff? I wouldn't think so, but maybe you can somewhere.
Yeah i'm not justifying their shitty govt. We all know it's bad.
But nah, seriously. I've been looking at Lemotes for a while now, and really wanted one, but the performance (at least from what could be inferred from the clockspeed) was shit. With this news update, it now appears that MIPS might actually be a usable architecture in $CURRENT_YEAR. Also they still ship with PMON firmware.

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Alibaba's android app have been found to automatically take photo and record audio when user using the phone and send them to the server. Alibaba explained that it is necessary to improve user security. Then nothing happened.

When you click on a link send to you via Tencent messenger like qq, it would automatically reveal things like IMEI or in some case even phone number to the website owner but nobody seems to be cared about it.

For the 360 company that have been acquiring Opera recently, it is known that if you use their security suite or browser via VPN, then they will report the vpn to the government and allow the government to blacklist the vpn.

Also, that 360 have a track record of intentionally spreading computer virus that is tailor made to only be killable by their own security suite, so as to make users think their security suite is bettr than others and to boost installations

And then, a few years ago, there are many cloud storage provider in China. Most of them are currently closed due to their inability to comply with regulatory requirements. Baidu pan is one of the few that remain alive and still handing out TBs of free storage, but they are now throttling upload/download speed to tens kbps for non-paying user. Also,they would automatically identify text, audio, video and images of uploaded files, included those zip files that are unprotected or protected by weak/common passwords, and if they identofy problems in those files, they will automatically replace those files with a notice that say "Please surf the web heavily and stay away from porn"

And, remember oppo's baword.txt for chipboard a few days ago? They explained that it is disabped for international users, but that also mean it is activated for Chinese users. And it seems like the solution provider for the package serve not just oppo but also other Chinese phone makers.

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Kill yourself subhuman Chink.

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Xiaomi will conquer the galaxy

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Chinese are equal to pajeets.
All they do is stealing linux, android, opensource projects and using intel provided dices to "create" Chinese products.

The more you study about China the more you realize that they might be catching up with the west but they won't progress above west, because their culture is highly against changes and is about copying ("mastering") rather than inventing. They will do shiny stuff to impress barbarians, but meanwhile barbarians will progress even further.

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>Lemote is MIPS
>"using intel provided dices"

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>you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear
You have nothing to say, you dont have free speech. retard

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