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>23 years of development
>still no way to add text outline without loosing text data
the absolute state of FOSS

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Why talk about gimp when krita exists? Can we forget that the autistic failure that is gimp never existed please

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why not you fix it help yourself and others

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Fuck off Pajeet

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Free as in freedom software is garbage. Get a real image editor.

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Eat shit and die, cunt.

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u are using FOSS every day

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>implying that adding 2/11 of foss code into 9/11 proprietary shit makes it foss
U dum, poo head

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who makes these shitty bait threads?

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I think he wasnt talking about embedded code

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Cause Krita makes you fuck furries

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i'm not sure if you can make an outline that changes with the text, but you don't lose the text when making an outline

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GIMP is such a massive clusterfuck that writing an entirely different image editor from the ground up is a far better use of time than fixing GIMP.

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That pretty much says nobody really cares about that function, anon

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you should literally use inkscape for circles and nice text.

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Nothing wrong with that, since it's an anime board. Come up with some applicable shit

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>no way to add arrows, or other shapes

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If you had ever talked to the GIMP developers, you'd know why. They are control freaks who actively reject help.

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>23 years making the same thread complaining
>still hasn't contributed a single line of code to GIMP

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complaining is easier

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Get clipstudio

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worst fucking image editor ever. I dual boot windows 10 just to edit images with paint

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While it's not the best, even Krita 3 has non destructive Layer Styles; in the year 2020, the lack of these basic features is ridiculous.

I'm pretty sure, GIMP, is not able to compete against Photoshop 7 from sixteen years ago.

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>STILL can't paste without manually creating a new layer

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Uh no?
You can either paste to current layer or a new layer, but gimp defaults to the current layer.

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>install krita
>move some shit around on the UI
>can't move it back
>the button to access UI configuration disappears
>can't reset the view anywhere from the menus
>purge and try again
>still fucked
>delete config folder
>still fucked
And you call GIMP shit

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Just pirate Photoshop. GIMP etc aren't more than broken crap for home users too ignorant for warez.

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If gimp is so terrible, why does it scare adobe so much they feel the need to send paid shills to a chinese cartoon tech board every single day?

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use inkscape like a normal fucking person

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And that's what Krita people did.

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