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What makes a VPN worth the money? Just speed and security? Some criteria I see a lot are
>speed obviously
>no logs kept for anything
>encryption obviously
>not US based
Can anyone recommend some good ones?

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I was looking at windscribe. They seem pretty good for how cheap they are.

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i don't see any guarantee that any VPN service wouldn't roll on its back pissing in ingratiation if the NSA or Putin's thugs pushed them a little, so there isn't any point.

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sounds defeatist

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Find a VPS provider and run your own.

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That's a pie.

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Shortbread is generally a cake.

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>they let you create SSH tunnels
>exit nodes spread over the world
>no data caps
I recommend Tunnelr, OP.

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Some VPNs are pretty fast.

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PIA pulled out of russia and told the FBI to fuck off, only one I know of that has that rep.

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They aren't.

rent a good amount of VPSs, encrypt and run openvpn on them.
boom, now you have a VPN that won't fuck you over in case of oh shit spook attack.

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NordVPN seems good.

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Using it now.

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mullvad and pay in bitcoin

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Switched to NordVPN for its policies from PIA (pia was OK but US-based, not the best policies, kind of babbys first VPN)

SO happy with it, allows TCP to get through corporate firewalls and they have SO many fast servers everywhere. far better performance than pia.

anyway go to https://thatoneprivacysite.net/choosing-the-best-vpn-for-you/

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Host your own?

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I also did exactly this as PIA started having a few connection issues during the last month's of my subscription and NordVPN had a 2 year deal which was good value. Functions pretty much the same as PIA in terms of locations and speed with some extra features and not US-based, I'm happy.

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>no logs kept for anything
>the VPN vendor said so on the homepage!

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sounds realist.

> pay for VPN
> smug look
> i are anony mouse now!
> go to sadpanda
> look up rustle
> get v& anyway

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PIA says they told the FBI to fuck off. it's not quite the same thing.

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>getting v& for something that's not illegal
>being a worthless pedo
Pick neither.

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vpn is a pain in the ass

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>become Panamanian on PureVPN
>torrents start downloading

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This site can help decide which one to pick:


I was about to switch as well but after a while they fixed thing and i'm still with them because they're the cheapest with the best policies.
They where making some changes some time ago and didn't warn anyone:


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how about vyprVPN? In my country some PC magazine did a comparison and they found the Vypr being alot of faster than NordVPN.

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Also going to make my own comparison on the free trials soon as I just get to it ofc, just asking for opinions on the Vypr. Also we have Freedome (F-secure) VPN in Finland, tho I bet I wouldn't trust it because of the cuck Finns. I think our country's best advantage was being neutral and advocating anonymous intnernet, but idk if that's the case anymore.

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