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>have to leave my apartment for a couple of hours for it to get bug sprayed
>it's the middle of Australian summer
>fuck it might as well try out my new solar charger
>put it out while waiting for the bus
>it charges 13% in 10 minutes and then my phone overheats

Fucking hell. Any way to avoid overheating while using one of these?

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No. These solar panels are shit and wickedly inefficient.

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put it in the shade

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It's wickedly efficient in the midday sun.

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What's the output in amperes?
Assuming it's regular 5V.

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It's probably the sun itself warming your phone.
Try having something white over it.

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Yeah it was. Which is kinda stupid.

Guess I can keep my phone in my backpack while charging.

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Put your phone inside a box of styrofoam

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heating up means it's getting charged. it's not going to *over*heat. ever.

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It was burning to the touch.

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Screw solar charging, just get a beefy battery case.

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> left my iphone 6 on the table in the shade.
> sun moves
> iphone sits in full sun for 20 minutes
> pick it up go take a photo
> cannot take photo
> phone has overheated
> please wait to cool down

what the fuck... im fucking already over this australian summer

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thats probably from the sun dumbass
I live here too I can't keep my iPhone in its dash holder because it hits temperature protection shutdown in 15 minutes

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Why would they make smartphones unable to handle temperatures achieved by a few minutes of sunlight?

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>> please wait to cool down
>> it hits temperature protection shutdown in 15 minutes

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Australian sunlight is like sunlight on steroids.

Also, charging now with the panel in the sun and my phone in the shade with no issues.

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>Get 2 powerbanks instead
>use 1 for charging phone while you charge the other with the power of the sun
>charge phone in the coolest place
dont expose the stuffs youre currently charging to the sun.

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to be fair I had a dash cam near the same spot as well that literally melted like a toffee

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this is australia we're talking about

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>powerbank is colored black
>battery explodes from overheating

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>Australian sunlight is like sunlight on steroids
There's a reason the abos are dark as hell. Did you ever think about returning back to Europe?

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Do solar panels even save more CO2 in their lifetime than is needed to make them yet?

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>tfw southern NZ
>tfw 31° on tuesday

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>tfw southern NZ
>tfw 31° on tuesday

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>below freezing
>not cold
are you retarded, or just fat?

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Eh. Wrong.

Bright/white colors only (mostly) reflect visible spectrum light, the bulk of heat generation is from infrared light. You'd want to shield something with a dark or layered object to stop it suffering too much from sunlight. A simple white sheet or shirt is still going to pass the majority of infrared/ultraviolet energy to whatever is beneath it.

I'd suggest a jacket or coat because you can tent the jacket so there's open air for the device. A blanket or sheet would be more difficult to work with in this regard.

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>There's a reason the abos are dark as hell.
I'm confused. Wouldn't that make them absorb more sunlight and overheat faster?

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Yes, that's why they need to cool down with a sip of petrol.

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it's 35C with 80% humidity here.

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Try a pass-through capable Xiaomi power bank in between.

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>southern hemisphere winter
>it's supposed to be cold here

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>31 celsius = 87.8 fahrenheit
are you retarded, or just an imbecile?

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>he uses Cuck degrees

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>0 is when water freezes, 100 is when water boils
Hardly Cuck degrees. I bet 80% of people that use fahrenheit can't even spell it.

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>hurr durr, muh Cuck degrees are simpler so it must be better
how old were you when you first realized you were a brainlet

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Technically yes, but it's actually melanin. Melanin is a substance that protects the skin against UV rays by mopping up molecules that are damaged by the sunlight. the more melanin, the more protection against UV damage, including damage to genetic components of the cells.

That it makes you darker is a quirk of evolution.

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>Guess I can keep my phone in my backpack while charging.
Duct tape it to an ice pack.

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>hurr durr, using logical integers for freezing and boiling means you are stupid
I have always known (You) were a brainlet

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>implying everyone lives at sea level

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t. human from snow hell

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No. You could burn 25lbs of wood everyday for a little over 10 years, and it still wouldn't equal the amount of CO2 and other gases required to make the panels. At least with wood you can replant the trees you've cut down and over the next 10 years reduce total CO2 production.

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>source: my ass

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What does it matter? Charging circuit of the phone has a current limiter anyway. It overheats because it's in the sun.

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Hi, can you send some of that over here? -arctic circle

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what you can't fucking survive a couple of hours without a screen you fucking DWEEB cunt

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Really high peaks can only decrease the boiling point of water by 5 degrees. The variations are going to be pathetically small, especially when you're comparing between places that actually have a significant amount of population. You need to climb really high or be a literal troglodyte just to witness water boil/freeze at temperatures that are from NTP conditions.

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>he fell for the “renewable” “””energy””” meme

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and it worked too well?

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Are you retarded, water freezes at 32, how is that not cold?

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dont buy chinkshit models without proper protection chips

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>water freezes at 32

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>Do solar panels even save more CO2 in their lifetime than is needed to make them yet?
Why does that matter? The only thing that matters is: if it works it's great, if it doesn't work it's shit. (And wind and solar don't work to supply mains electricity, and I don't know or care much about other applications)

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la creatura...

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Solar charge controller, preferably MPPT type, make sure you have something to regulate the voltage if it outputs 12v

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the ONLY good way to use these fuckers is to EXLUSIVELY use them to charge big USB battery packs. you should have like 2 or 3 20mAh packs with you, and charge 2 of them while rotating out one to plug your shit into.

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why do you feel compelled to mention that you have an iphone?

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13% in 10 minutes seems pretty efficient to me...

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Did you put the phone under the solar panel?

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Yes, but wind, nuclear, and hydro are better. Though anything is better than coal.

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Geothermal at the home level seems great for heating and cooling. Too bad it is so much money. I'm hoping Google lowers that price, but so far it doesn't seem like it.

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>efficiency decreases as heat increases

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>anything is better than coal
>literally wants to beat child slaves while they turn a generator
You fucking racist

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fucking kek

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>>it's the middle of Australian summer

what did you expect?

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the darker skin although makes them overheat faster, theoretically, evolutionary adaptations gave them those gigantic noses to breath in more fresh air so as to have a more efficient way to cool their brains, also their darker skin is more resilient to sunburn than a white person's pale skin

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Who gives a fuck soyboy, man just want to charge his fucking phone.

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this is also the reason as to why us whites have narrower noses and smaller nostrils, since our skin color and the shape of our noses are both evolutionary adaptations to respectively better blend with our environment and to reduce the entrance of excessive cooled air into our heads, which would in turn induce hypothermia

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Solar panel goes in sun
Long cable goes from solar panel to phone
phone goes in shade

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All prison inmates ought to be running generators with stationary bikes.


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Last I heard, a 1KW panel uses ~180KWh of power to make, so that's 180 hours of direct sunlight to recover the energy used. So one Australian summer and it's neutral

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yeah. it's australia, mate. feel lucky it didn't have a fuckin' redback in the microSD slot.

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Long cables are a no no in solar. They waste power.

>1KW panel
They don't exist.

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>has to leave apartment for a few hours (for once)
>thinks of it as a camping expedition
ok kids, any guesses on how the bugs got there in the first place?

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>All prison inmates ought to be running generators with stationary bikes.

The people that do these stupid things have no clue.

>energy generated by bicycling is very minuscule, a cheap 100w solar panel would generate a lot more

>add up the cost of the equipment and you wasted money that could have paid for a lot of electricity, far more than peddling

>It gets worse. The prisoners doing so much cardio are going to eat a lot more, further increasing the costs.

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dont listen all this low iq retards just use 9th century technology umbrella keep ur phone and solar connection under it fucking low iq retards

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that is absolute bullshit, fren

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