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Google is moving from proprietary shitware to a truly free operating system. Why aren't you?

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>proprietary shitware
Nigga what

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Google confirmed distrohoppers

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Is there any real difference?

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debian is typically more stable than ubuntu. that's probably the only real reason why they'd switch for their servers.

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They won't be paying Canonical for Ubuntu customer support. Other than that there's no difference.

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>Google used Ubuntu's Long Term Support (LTS) builds as a customer of the Ubuntu Advantage Program but was not active in the community.

>In the case of Debian, it will send changes upstream as an active contributor, whilst running on the Test stream so it can take advantage of faster testing of new builds.

>This might mean that there are more problems for users than the safe pair of hands of the commercial Ubuntu, but it also means that Google will have complete autonomy over how to fix them, and benefit the community at the same time.

This does make sense, but couldn't they have just stopped using LTS from Ubuntu? Guess they have another reason to switch.

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I got a problem in Ubuntu 17.10

when i drag a file icon from the desktop to a network smb share, it stays as the hand. it's exactly like this.

ubuntu doesn't even want to fix it. they just marked this "critical" -- their words -- bug as expired a few weeks ago without even doing anything about it.




no wonder google's ditching these hacks

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Gnome 3 with Gnome Shell = Facepalm

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because .deb does not support multi-versions of single package,while .rpm does

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Google doesn't like the botnet even though it is the botnet.

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there can only be one botnet within Google :^)

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Linux is Linux
Debian suse red hat lindows it's all the same not ready for prime time babbys first operating system

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because its anal

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>asks to and allows instalation of binary blobs
>trully free
they should switch str8 to trisquel or gnewsense
...or just install gentoo
...actually installing gentoo should be a requirement for a jub at google, not being a sandnigger that cut off his dick

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Hopped from Ubuntu LTS back to Debian testing today too.

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>Ubuntu LTS to Debian testing

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>reading comprehension
that is the reason why i dont use debian

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Now Debian will be more botnet than it will ever be. Not like much have changed anyway

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You can remove it.

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Oh, I see now. My mistake.

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that may very well be true, but after that, why the hell would you trust canonical?
Ubuntu has a few things going for it over Debian, but that alone is enough reason for me not to use it

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Aside from amazon(which was disabled anyway)
Debian by default comes with way less proprietary software.

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Not a big fan of Canonical. Debian is closer to freedom as in speech.

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>why the hell would you trust canonical?
because I can read their free open source software's code. anything proprietary I use, I would also use on Debian (drivers mostly).

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who cares? all the important people in google use macs.

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kde plebian is weird

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>because I can read their free open source software's code
sure, do you also read the source code changes and compile everything yourself before updating? you cant trust whoever compiles and packages SW for their repos, because they most likely work for canonical, unlike in Debian
>anything proprietary I use, I would also use on Debian
such is life, unfortunately (mainly wifi drivers), but that wasnt my point. my point was they were selling info on their own users. whether the SW they used for that purpose was or not proprietary, id say, isnt as big of a deal

Im not saying that there is something going on behind the scenes, but the fact that there used be, means you cant be sure that there isnt

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They want even more outdated packages. They'll move to CentOS in a few years so they can keep using python 2.4 until 2025.

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Google and Amazon seem to have various continuing disputes. I believe that played major role in this decision.

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ubuntu is owned by a company and isnt fully free and they do what they want with it. debian is a community project and not ran by jews that just want to profit.

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Does gnewsense still exist?

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I'm using the best distro, Windows 10 pro. Lintards sit on a dildo

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>Inb4 Google deems Debian of sexist because of the repo maintainers sex ratio and proceeds to create a a new Google fiber backed repository with all neutral pronouns with non oppressive adjectives.

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i dont really care as long as its done with google money and by google employees

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google's cloud stuff was already debian, this is for their developers

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