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Microsoft officially ended free upgrades to Windows 10 for Windows 7 and Windows 8.x users on July 29th, 2016, but it still allowed customers that rely on assistive technologies to continue making the leap for free.

The kicker here, however, is that even if you don't use assistive technologies in Windows, you can still take advantage of the free upgrade. So, for anyone that wants a legitimate Windows 10 license without having to fork over any money, this is about as good as it gets.

Microsoft originally said that its free upgrade for assistive technologies users would end on December 31st, 2017. However, that date passed and customers were still able to download a free copy of Windows 10. Microsoft then updated the language on its site to state:

If you use assistive technologies, you can upgrade to Windows 10 at no cost as Microsoft continues our efforts to improve the Windows 10 experience for people who use these technologies. Please take advantage of this offer before it expires on January 16th, 2018.

Well, today is the day, which means that if Microsoft is true to its word, you will no longer be able to download the Windows 10 installer tomorrow. Freeloaders will have to either upgrade all of their machines by this evening or prepare to fork over $100+ for a license for each computer. In other words, the party's over pal... or is it?

It's likely that only techies and people who genuinely need assistive technologies even know that the free upgrade "loophole" still exists anyway, and most enthusiasts have probably already upgraded to Windows 10 (or at least have obtained their free license key by now). The majority of legacy Windows users who still need to upgrade will likely go through the normal channels to do so, forking over money for a digital download.

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What the fuck is this shit?

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I'll use Win7 until it's EOL, then either switch to Win8.1 or switch straight to Linux.

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Is it possible to grab a win10 key without updrading?

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why would anyone want to use windows 10 though? Only reason anyone uses it at all is because they forced new prebuilts to come with it, and spent a year scamming 7 and 8 users into upgrading.

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>download win 10 iso via torrent or other source
>install win10
>don't activate key
>use KMspico
>free win10
it even installs all the updates. shit's retarded

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Win7 fags on suicide watch kek

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>Willingly installing Chinese rootkits on your fresh Windows installation

Besides, crackers are a huge pain in the arse and get deactivated all the fucking time. There is no arguing that a native activated Win10 copy is much, much better.

All self-respecting oldfags I know went with the pirated Win7 -> KMspico -> update to legit Win10 route

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>self-respecting oldfags
>using Windows 10

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>Besides, crackers are a huge pain in the arse and get deactivated all the fucking time

You're dumb.

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All of the smart ones used Daz. It was the most reliable and just werked.

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No, you're dumb or is too much of a newfag. The benefits of a native activated Win10 copy are obvious to anybody with a bit of experience.

Exactly, Linux is only valuable if you don't respect your free time.

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Man, it's one mouse click and it never gets deactivated.

I personally use KMSauto NET.

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windows 10 is shit too, to use
maybe better than linux though

windows 7 was the only good GUI environment ever made

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Even if you never activate windows, it will not stop working, ever.

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windows 10 is not expensive. either be a proper piratefag or just buy it. don't do this gay shit.

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Why would you pay to be datamined by microsoft?

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How the fuck is this even an issue for people on /g/

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>upgrading Windows
>not doing a clean install



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You clean install after you get the valid license

Also win10 has better GUI than win7 and win8.1

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Downgrading to a new version.

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>Also win10 has better GUI than win7 and win8.1

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>Exactly, Linux is only valuable if you don't respect your free time.
Just like how Windows respects your productive time with a wild 3 hour update.

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Today's the 18th dipshit

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You'd have to be fucking retarded to think that it's not better than 8.

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>Also win10 has better GUI than win7 and win8.1

t.Stevie Wonder

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I literally just used my W7 Pro key on my clean W10 installation and it upgraded to W10 Pro.

Fuck off.

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That method will always works.
It's the "Free" method that isn't not working for now

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afaik this still works. So does clean installing using a windows 7 key.

>download windows 10 iso
>go offline
>on windows 7/8.1 run gatherosstate.exe that is on the windows 10 iso and it will give you a ticket file, save it somewhere
>clean install windows 10, do NOT connect to the internet yet
>Copy the ticket file from before to C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\ClipSVC\GenuineTicket\
>reboot (important)
>go online for the first time and it should be activated

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Has at least 2 years to upgrade free, doesn't, complains 2 weeks after it's no longer an option.

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You can, with cripple key.

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no wonder /g/ likes win7 more than win10

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it all make sense now

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Does this mean my win 7 key won't work anymore if I do a clean install of win 10? IT has worked several times now. Does the system just count my win 7 key as an upgraded key or some shit?

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a Win 7 key work
but getting for free won't work

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Wait, you're meaning to tell me people still pay for Windows? That's cute lmfao.

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>rename a folder on usb
>get that exact screen (except for the error message) as soon as I pressed enter
Windows is the absolute epitome of trash. Fuck microsoft.

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>He doesn't pirate Windows

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trying to dl w8.1 enterprise but cant find any working links

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>buy a new computer
>windows has an update waiting for you!
>takes literally 5 hours to install

wow what a great new computer buying experience. Please note that this is not my personal experience as I am not a retard

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>now you gotta pay for spyware instead of getting it for free

kek, implying this won't hurt microsoft more since they can't spy as much on windows 7 users

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If you want Win10 and you couldn't upgrade, you can get a key for 5 dollars from ebay.

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>Implying they can't pack that shit in with a legitimate security update whenever they want

The power of closed souce software

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i wouldn't downgrade to windblows 10 if microshit payed me to do it

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You misunderstood the question. I already have Windows 10 that I got for free with an upgrade from Windows 7.

What I'm wondering is if I do a clean install of Windows 10, will I be able to use the same Win 7 key that I've been using?

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Meant for >>64368123

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I can clean install Windows 10 Home at any time because I installed it previously. It is better to do a clean install.

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>windows 10

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This. Unless you get a new motherboard

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nice shitpost faggot, nobody wants winblows 10

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>implying that's a bad thing
That's fucking great, you faggot. The paywall will prevent theses dumb folks who doesn't know the awfulness of 10, but are willing to upgrade regardless because they heard the keyword "upgrade".

Microsoft are shooting bullets to their own foot, and in a rightful way.

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>it's another luddites think Windows 7 is better than 10 episode
All of the telemetry and none of the benefits

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Oh boo fucking hoo.

I'm upgrading my mobo/CPU/RAM in 2020 so fuck them.

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Piss on your valid license. I haven't paid for software since the first and last time I bought Partition Magic 4.0. Piss on you, too. I have no problems with activation on bare metal or VMs and my activators never get deleted because they either live on my Linux host or get burned to finalized DVD along with other clean install tools.

MDL forums are full of rather interesting info on activation mechanisms and worth the read. It's more convenient to use an activator than activate online.

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Yeah until KB971033 came along and fucked their shit up and broke any Daz activation until you uninstalled it and then re-installed Daz. MS Toolkit and KMSpico are the proper way to do things now as it just uses a local KMS activation which MS can’t do fuck all about.

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So just uninstall and reinstall Daz, it's piss easy

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you can download the creation tool directly from microsoft's website and use the 7 key without all your faggot "workaround" bullshit

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>The paywall will prevent

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KMspico has been working really well for me

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You also can’t use Daz on GPT formatted drives, which are required for UEFI booting.

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Upgrade then revert back to Windows 7. This will reserve your Windows 10 digital license.

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Werks on my machine ;^)

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>100$ for a key
sorry to burst your bubble but you can get a legit key for 10 bucks or less

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Daz loader team explicitly says it does not work for GPT partition tables. So no, it doesn’t work on your machine. Your drive is formatted as MBR.

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So just format your drive as MBR, what's the problem?

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Yes, it will prevent poorfags. In fact, that will also incentive them to spend wisely and save their money.

>> No.64369316

Oh no that suuuuuucks.
Fuck W10.

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>what’s the problem

#1 you can’t use UEFI if you do.

#2 it doesn’t support partitions over 2TB.

Why are you so insistent on using an ancient loader? Why is it so hard to use something else? KMSpico just werks and it doesn’t have to write anything to your boot sector.

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Because I'm not too worried about saving 2 seconds on boot times
>boot partitions over 2tb
You're doing it wrong. Unless you can afford an NVMe SSD over 2TB in which case you wouldn't be using Daz loader in the first place

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you fucking ppl are idiots, i installed this shit over 2 years ago off their USB boot drive maker and never activated it, same for my moms pc

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I don't give a shit. DX12 is not worth the insane amount of downgrades that system got.

>> No.64369772

Wanted to upgrades to Win10 to encrypt my system partition using Bitlocker (bad idea?).

Is it possible to properly disable all the spying on Win10?
Just saw that Microsoft updated my Windows 7 to spy on me as well.

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This. There is absolutely no reason to ever "upgrade" from Windows 7.

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Nice blog.

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kek, I just literally updated to 10 from 8 last night on a used laptop I got on a sweet deal, I didn't had a chance to check if it was activated but I asume it was or why would they even allow me to update in the first place, I just did it for the license, I'm going to install 7 the moment I get a chance

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This sucks. I've been recovering old desktops, and laptops, and giving them to friends, and family. I must have had that upgrade 30 times last year. I don't have any pcs to work on anymore, but if I can take load 10 for free, and 7 literally doesn't want to find updates, it's gg for me.

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Nah, actually the contrary Bro.

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>No, you're dumb or is too much of a newfag. The benefits of a native activated Win10 copy are obvious to anybody with a bit of experience.
Yeah, because legal spyware is SO MUCH better. There are no benefits at all to having any kind of Win10 copy.

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You can just grab the iso from a mirror, run the upgrade installer from a hacktivated Windows 7, and downgrade to Windows 10 and it will give you the key as always.

If you relied on some shitty installer then you're retarded. Personally I prefer a pirated Windows because it doesn't phone home every 30 days or stop working after 30 days of no internet like genuine goy machines do.

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beyond 2TB+ boot support, GPT has a checksum for itself and the partition table which allows the bootloader to detect mismatches and recover the partition table from the backup GPT header, MBR has no such backup and you're shit out of luck if the MBR itself is corrupted

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you can buy a win10pro license for 30$ and save yourself all the hassle

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>There is no arguing that a native activated Win10 copy is much, much better.
>his computer phones home to Microsoft every 3 weeks
>failing to do will render his OS unusable
I don't know how you people put up with this shit. It's your fucking computer, you OWN it.
Why in the world do you think it's okay for it to turn itself off in contempt of your wishes? It's YOUR COMPUTER it should work for you!

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at the point where you're buying MSDN or dreamspark keys laundered that are subject to deactivation you might as well just use a free KMS based activator.

>> No.64370354

Never had that problem for 20 years, and someone pirating windows isn't worried about it either

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nope, just a phone call to microsoft and legal win10pro activated without those stupid activator trojans

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Here you faggot:
1.- Open this on a non-windows OS: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows10ISO
2.- Download your ISP of choice.
3.- Install
4.- (optional) Patch it. If W10 isn't activated it will not let you customize the start menu. Everything else (updates included) still works.
5.- there's no steep 5 you stupid faggot.

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*iso, fucking chink phone autocorrector

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most people building PCs are also too ignorant to switch their BIOS from the default settings to UEFI only boot or UEFI preferred, or use UEFI install media, or change the settings in their BIOS so the RAM they bought actually runs at the listed clock speed via the XMP profile, etc...

there are people who pirate windows who know what they are doing.

windows XP was dead easy because of VLKs, so long as you weren't on a huge volume license then you escaped detection

vista came out with KMS activation. for vista (OEM activation 2.0) and 7 (OEM activation 2.1) it was super easy to emulate OEM activation because every key was the same for a given edition of windows from a manufacturer. one command to load a digital certificate and emulating the SLIC table for the license in the BIOS and you were golden.

as microsoft tried to pick the BIOS loaders off in support packs and updates, some people instead modded the actual bios' they installed to contain the SLIC table instead. (SLIC is inert code, easy enough to edit the BIN and flash it with that table in). this survived updates like KB971033 fine.

windows 8 changed the game with OEM keys being issued tied to mobo serials, this killed OEM activation. KMS activation wasn't permanent but the grace period required for enterprise applications and to not bug the shit out of users (180 days) meant it was practical. also there are tons of valid KMS keys.

now on win10 with defender built into windows (as it was on 8) they try to remove some of the most popular KMS activators, but you can deactivate defender and user a 3rd party AV, or just whitelist the folder the KMS activator is in. from a detection perspective, the activator is easy to detect, reconciling a legitimate KMS server against a fake one is far harder (and not worth the effort).

tl;dr you can pirate and know the best way to do it + technology advantages under the hood.

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technet, MSDN, dreamspark keys are subject to activation limits that normal retail keys are not. paying for a key acquired out of channel is pretty fucking dumb. in a business software audit you'll still get fucked because you violated the license agreement, in personal terms no one gives a shit.

there are utilities for KMS activation that are open source and Microsoft posts the hashes of the ISOs for windows media. hell, you can use microsoft tools to download the ISO/prepare a USB, and then modify a single file to change the channel (volume/retail/oem) and the edition (if required from home to pro to enterprise).

if you download install media from a non-microsoft source without verifying the hash against one published by MS, you're asking for botnet, but it is very easy to pirate windows with a KMS activator while having a legitimate uninfected copy.

>> No.64370604

At least Microsoft is doing us a favor for once.

>> No.64370694

>be a college student
>get win10 for free without the botnet activator

>> No.64370698

I upgraded three computers in my house running pirated windows 7 64 bit ultimate. This was after using Win10nfor Andrew months are work and came to liking it.

Inused that assistive technology "loophole" and it gave me the highest 64 bit build for free.

One thing I was surprised about was how this was such a seem less upgrade. I didn't have to reinstall anything except a driver or two. Everything was just there and working.

Hats off to Microsoft... This time.

>> No.64370723

TL;DR lol

>> No.64370735

Exactly, everything just werks
Fuck driver hunting with Windows 7

>> No.64370915

>win 10
Who the fuck gives a shit about this pile of garbage.

>> No.64371749

Bump for answer

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File: 565 KB, 975x1357, LinuxCon_Europe_Linus_Torvalds_03_%28cropped%29.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Exactly, Linux is only valuable if you don't respect your free time.

> do important work
> 14:59
> 14:58
> 14:57

I really really despise win10 forced updates, I can update my machine fine when I want to and on linux I dont have this problem.

Anyway I admin 50 PCs at work, plethora of embedded systems and network equipment so I kinda have to do my work on a dependable and rock solid platform, which is why I use linux.

If windows would be better I'd use it, but it's not.

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>Everything else (updates included) still works.

You know what else works? That beautiful glaring ACTIVATE WINDOWS watermark on top of everything in the right bottom corner.

Oh and you cant change background either, not that I'd change it but

>> No.64372492

People with jobs

>> No.64372616

it uses the same thing as that hidden OS on your motherboard
aka pallidium or the name change to now, read up on it
TPM you know about that trusted computing platform

>> No.64373340

If you are too lazy to read, buy retail software. I'm not and I don't.

>> No.64373382

Load up antergos and forget all about windows

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Dont upgrade, I did and it was all good until this recent fall creators update bs. Something in that update doesn't agree with my computer and causes random black screens (I've tried every online fix), so I've rolled back my windows version twice now, and it still bothers me about updating, and will eventually make me, which means I'll have to update then roll back again. What bs.

>> No.64373670

my only linux experience is some ubuntu
will I have any issues with that? will using a more "minimal" system have any issues?

>> No.64373698

>Exactly, Linux is only valuable if you don't respect your free time.
Linux wastes none of your time unless you're a retard with a double digit IQ. It is windows that forces you to shut down your computer constantly just to install an update.

>> No.64373724

Man, Bing's Indian-to-English translations is still a bit iffy.

>> No.64373758

>don't update because of this one anecdote

>> No.64373765

>schedule updates when you're not using your computer

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>Windows 10
>somehow an upgrade over Windows 7

>> No.64373788

I thought the real Daz is the one in the forums

>> No.64373795

>nm the amount of google results when searching for an answer to this problem meaning lots of others have similar issues, or the pushy way in which windows forces you to update now, which they didn't before even when they know its causing massive problems, which they then blame on amd

>> No.64373824

Windows 10 is botnet.

>> No.64373853

I get free win 10 licences from Dell. Their shitty computer motherboards fail at our workplace all the time, and they provide a licence key with every board replacement. We use KMS activation, so there's no need to hang on to the keys. I've picked up around ten of these so far.

>> No.64373863

>botnet activator
>he doesn't have clean sources
[email protected] lyf

>> No.64373865

No minimal means theres less stuff that could fail.
Also linux now runs pretty well they fixed most problems in the past 5 years.

>> No.64373888

>half a dozen Google results
>versus hundreds of millions of PCs working fine

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>> No.64373932

>implying Windows 7 doesn't have the same telemetry retroactively added to it

>> No.64373942

wouldn't know, mine it's air gapped

>> No.64374037

Does this mean I can download updates on my Windows 7 again and not have them be the nagware ones, or will it still tell me to "upgrade" to win10?

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My computer doesnt meet the system requirements to run Windows 10 so why would I give a flying fuck about upgrading?

In fact I Turned Off updates just to make sure that it wouldnt secretly try to upgrade my windows, since my computer doesnt have what it takes to use it.
> even upgrading to Windows 7 from WinXP imposed a sizeable performance hit to my computer.

Why do I need to bother upgrading to windows 10 including paying money for it when ANY new computer I buy after this one is going to come with Windows 10 pre-installed?
> which I will find a way to roll back to Windows 7 at that time if I can.

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pic related is my windows 7 desktop environment
> 1024x600
> aero turned off, classic mode on
> custom fonts all over the place

Its comfy and its always been comfy. This is the way I like it. And regarding the colors I have no problem making everything out.

>> No.64374169

Why are all the fonts blurry?

>> No.64374184

>My computer doesn't meet the system requirements
time to upgrade to 32 bit pajeet

>> No.64374189

That looks like ass

>> No.64374192

6 point font

>> No.64374202

Are you using a literal potato? Anything that runs Windows 7 can run Windows 10

>> No.64374211

2 Gig of ram and 1600mhz Single Core processor. No GPU.

It still runs Opera well enough.

>> No.64374224

Seriously, do people go out of their way to not update their system then bitch when it actually forces you to update?

Windows doesn't force you to upgrade until you have put it off for a while

>> No.64374243

Sounds comfy anon

>> No.64374266

This. Even when I put off updates for like 2 months it never forced me to update
They must be putting off updates for over half a year

>> No.64374269
File: 93 KB, 1639x502, c a l l e.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I turned aero off because I thought it looked like ass. Too distracting compared to simple solid layout.

Its possible that Windows 10 could run on this computer, but I doubt that ANYTHING ELSE COULD RUN on it.
> I tend to find my applications and games to be more of a redeeming experience than the operating system that is supposed to enable them to run.

Yes. If I dont want it to update, I dont want it to update. I dont need a reason, though I do have a few.
> doesnt force
> force
thats where we have a problem.

Thankfully at least Windows 7 does not have forced updates of any kind, if you turn off updates its like unplugging the phone, it just cant do it on its own.

>> No.64374276

educate my dumb ass on updates please. if i used Daz can i install updates on win7 without issues?

>> No.64374281

Windows 10 is better at RAM management and working with limited resourced than Windows 7

>> No.64374287


>> No.64374290

You can turn off updates on 10 too, it's only the tech illiterate retards on /g/ that can't seem to do it

>> No.64374297

>Windows 7 does not have forced updates

>> No.64374335

neat, thx.

>> No.64374350

I've upgraded my family members to 10 via the assistive technologies loophole. I still have win7 on my desktop as a dualboot, but only for some games, I use Linux 99% of the time so will never upgrade, next time I have to re-install, I'll just go 100% linux and use a vm for windows instead.

>> No.64374361

Kek this, those anons that put in their active hours backwards and kept bitching that Windows was updating while they were using their computers
People here are fucking stupid

>> No.64374382

What's the catch? You have to use the magnifying glass or the text-to-speech 24/7?

>> No.64374386

my sandy bridge / Z68 build runs 7 just fine, but has no EFI so no 10. positive side is that i never got any "your upgrade is ready" bullshit.

>> No.64374413

What? You don't need EFI to upgrade to Windows 10

>> No.64374419


Eternity damnation in hell for lying to a multinational corporation and hurting their profit margins.

>> No.64374527

Why do you need to activate Windows, if it will never stop working anyway? I mean, you are using third party shady software to remove watermark, that says you don't have license.

>> No.64374550

>UEFI Secure Boot: required
>Storage controllers must support booting using the Extensible Firmware Interface (EFI)

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So this is what autism looks like

>> No.64374613

That's for OEMs to be marked Windows certified. Nothing more.. The OS supports none UEFI systems, just OEMs cannot ship like that

>> No.64374620

So why is it working on my old ass X58 machine using good old BIOS?

>> No.64374684

That's for companies who make computers you dipshit

>> No.64374767

i see. not that i'd want w10 anyway (will be switching to a windows vm by the time support for 7 ends), but now i wonder why i never got bothered by the update messages. did they include some kind of "he dual boots, so he won't want to upgrade anyway" check in their nagware?

>> No.64374837

SomeBODY once answered~
onnnne of my questions
in this here internet for-ummmm

>> No.64374863

>Windows doesn't force you to upgrade until you have put it off for a while
Linux literally doesn't force you to update. What you've described is not having a choice.

>> No.64374884

>schedule updates when you're not using your computer

>> No.64374905

You people are using anti vaxxer logic

>> No.64375036
File: 2.51 MB, 286x258, 1489418657531.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I leled

>> No.64375066

>being this technologically illiterate
neck yourself retard

>> No.64375082

ok and? most of the shit that affected the internet are Windows users who refuse to upgrade. Linux has sane permissions by default so if the user gets compromised the entire system doesn't(unless they are using shitty sudo configs and or not using something like apparmor or selinux). We are talking about Windows here..

>> No.64375086

>Doesn't know Wangblows 7, 8 and 8.1 license keys also work on Wongblews 10
>Doesn't know OEM keys can be found for cheap online

>> No.64375100

He's right you know. Fuck off /g/ if you don't know anything about technology

>> No.64375173
File: 28 KB, 459x483, xefvur.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Win7-64 requirement :
1Ghz/2Gb-RAM/20Gb-DD/GPU-DX9 in 800x600

Win10 requirement :
Lel !

>> No.64375194

>didn't post win 10 reguirement cause he doesn't know it
really outed yourself as actually retarded there

>> No.64375202

My win 10 pc with just the browser and usual things open is using more ram than my win 7 gaming pc even had

>> No.64375214

>thinking the hardware requirement has anything to do with how the OS manages memory
dumb fuck

>> No.64375216

They are the same... But try it it and your PC would run like shit.

>> No.64375235

See this:

>> No.64375241

Funny because my PC runs better. Windows 10 manages RAM better than its predecessors, that's a fact

>> No.64375249
File: 55 KB, 552x529, you.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

nah it wouldn't because I don't have mental retardation like you do

>> No.64375269

That doesn't mean it's bad at managing ram it means it's keeping more things loaded to keep the system responsive. When it runs low is saves less used things onto the page file if it can't compress them
It manages RAM like a mobile OS

>> No.64375270

Win vista,7, and 8 are very similar so win 8 security patches might work on win 7.

>> No.64375271

Win10 fanboys taskforce at work.
Hello guys ;)

>> No.64375272

>there are people on /g/ that are really this tech illiterate

>> No.64375278

>Also win10 has better GUI than win7 and win8.1
I know, but people still repeat the hate meme over and over.

>> No.64375280

>gets proven wrong
>"better call them shills!"

>> No.64375297

its better than 8 and 8.1 no doubt but 7 and vista still had the best look. Also having 2 settings programs that do different things is annoying as fuck. 8 gave me more problems than 10 but 7 have me none.

>> No.64375337

With each update more things are being moved to the new settings app. Only obscure settings are still control panel only

>> No.64375349

Is there a way to make Windows 10 look like Windows 98? First thing I do when I install Windows is put the Classic theme on. I want my Windows to look as consistent (/old) as possible.

>> No.64375375

>gets proven wrong
Where ? When ? Source plz, and not on Microsoft domains plz.

>> No.64375389

Maybe when you get your head out of your ass you could read on how an OS manages memory
(Hurr durr le ram rite)

>> No.64375406

Your only argument so far has been "no u" and "it's impossible for an decade newer OS to have better ram management than a much older one!

Look at how stupid you sound

>> No.64375421


>> No.64375436

Not really, im not going out of my way to make it more complicated, this is the way ive had it for many years.
> ever since Win98SE actually
> WinXP introduced Cleartype which made the tiny fonts look easier to see

I heard Aero has a processing footprint, so I turned it off. It wasnt allowing me to change the colors on its glassy interface the way I wanted to anyways so I didnt care to keep it. Ive noticed the difference slightly in the performance footprint so this had a worthwhile benefit.

I have a low resolution (1024x600) which means screen space is at a premium. My Eyes dont have a problem making out the fonts that ive picked at 6-7 point size. It comes out to about the same size on the screen probably as it does for other people running 1080p with default 9-12 point font sizes.

I would've loved having a 10 inch screen at 1920x1080, but no the pixels arent that small.

The problem is it has alot more bloat going on in the background in the form of various services, plus the interface. While it may be better at ram management (and I dont know if that statement is true) its going to be harder on the CPU. Windows 8 certainly is from what ive heard, and if that's any track record for microsoft Windows 10 will suck up even more processing than 8.

And I dont Have to upgrade, so I wont.
The next computer I get, even if its a pawn shop special, is probably going to have better specs and come with windows 10 on it. At least it'll be able to handle 10 like this one handles 7.

its never upgraded on me before without me knowing about it

I have intermittent internet access, my computer is not always on the internet and it is invariably in hibernation mode during the night (and there are no accessible wifi networks when both me and my computer are asleep).

>> No.64375447

It actually won't. If you have less ram windows 10 will use less ram

>> No.64375451

So if you DONT HAVE A GPU, but you have integrated graphics that can handle DX9+...

Then Windows 10 will not run on your computer?

>> No.64375486
File: 45 KB, 907x654, WEjLSzg.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

First result in google.
>Better memory management.
For 1% gain ? Lel.


>> No.64375500

It WILL run on it.

>> No.64375505

>he thinks better memory management means better scores in benchmarks
>fucking benchmarks

>> No.64375507

>posts bullshit benchmark
>still proves himself wrong
>its by le not even much!
holy shit you're retarded

>> No.64375529

>My OS is better
>Every comparisons are bullshits cause you cant compare my superior OS.
Fanboys detected ;)

>> No.64375539

Well see here you're speaking of Ram but I wasnt speaking about Ram at all. I was speaking of processing speed. That is, the megahurts that the CPU can churn out.

My computer has 1670 Mhz, it does not have any "cores", its just a single CPU that does its job alone.

Now, while 1,670,000 cycles per second sounds like a heck of alot, when im running alot of things that eat up alot of that - programs I dont care about such as a greedy operating system can seriously bite into that and take more than its fair share. Which may leave the games, browser, mp3 player, and photoshop really struggling to even remember what they were doing.

It does not have any cores, so that 1,670,000 cycles per second is not being multiplied by any amount, it isnt multiplied by 2, or 4, or 8.

TLDR - If windows 10 eats more Processing than windows 7 then I cant use it, because my computer is already sorta against the ropes and only functions at a medium efficiency under win7.

>> No.64375540


Now fuck off

>> No.64375550

>There is absolutely no reason
This is pure autism, anon. There are reasons for sticking to Win7 and there are reasons for upgrading to Win10. If you are stupid enough to not be aware of them - that's your personal problem so don't spread your degeneracy.

>> No.64375554

The conversation was about memory management

>he's using 1.6ghz single core turd
Seriously dude you can get an off lease Core i3 system for like $50

>> No.64375560

>win10 forced updates
Had never happened to me.

>> No.64375590

Laptop required, low end systems like that tend to be desktops. Computers like mine still sell for $100-150 at a pawn shop because the next step down in product pitch is a smartphone.

>> No.64375602

Pretty sure you can get a far better specced chinkpad for $150 that can run Windows 10 easily

>> No.64375623

can confirm I bought my t430 with an i5 with no HDD for $100

>> No.64375668

>there are reasons for upgrading to Win10
Such as?

>> No.64375677

Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the trial version of Win10 just a corner nag?

>> No.64375730

Security and usability
But you guys are all luddites so you'll deny it

>> No.64375736

Yeah and no wall paper change

>> No.64375751

> it doesnt have a hard drive in it, totally unusable out of the box, if I didnt have an boot OS usb handy prior to that then I would not be able to put an OS on it at all when I got a new hard drive to stick in it.
> the only boot usb I have is winXP black edition on a 4 gig thumb.

Also I dont have $50... or $150 sitting around to get one. I havent been able to save any money, nor have I had $100 all at the same time for the last 3 years.

$50 is very prohibitive under those conditions, a major investment.

>> No.64375763


>> No.64375773

you could literally just put in the HDD of your old laptop in it and it would run perfectly

>> No.64375774

nahh thats not the way it works on my end
its a different issue, and it doesnt involve substances either

>> No.64375780

Win 10 is like spam ware or should I saypc hijack software, it's annoying as fuck. Used it for a considerable amount of time, used 8 until 8.1 and 10. Back on win 7 pro now.

>> No.64375791

> whatis
> when you stick it in suddenly windows has a heart attack because all of the devices are suddenly different and it doesnt know if its got all of the drivers

>> No.64375803

>works on windows 10 :^)

>> No.64375868

Dude, are you stupid? EFI is not required, I boot mine without EFI just fine.

>> No.64375896

> mfw anon doesn't feel the jew dick on his ass from school debt

>> No.64375903

>Security and usability
>There's 15 new telemetry tools built in and the start menu can permanently break if the metro app framework shits itself

wew lad

>> No.64375929
File: 125 KB, 386x318, .png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.64375938


KMspico is GOAT. Hopefully it's not the wirus

>> No.64375950

Congrats. You set your "active hours" accurately like a good M$ slave. Meanwhile, some people want to use their computer any hour without interruption.

>> No.64375971

go shit in a street, pajeet.

>> No.64375989

I bet im whiter than you are nigger

>> No.64376005

This isn't an issue with windows 10

>> No.64376013

Stop being poor and get a job

>> No.64376016

>people complained for decades about windows updates forcing restarts
>Microsoft finally gives a solution in the form of active hours
>people still bitch and whine

>> No.64376021

>worrying about possible trojans while using a big trojan

>> No.64376037

But you can get win10 for free without having to do that extra stuff?

>> No.64376040

>people complained for decades about windows updates forcing restarts
>instead of fixing the issue, Microsoft decides to make updates mandatory with no way to disable them

>> No.64376070

Who cares about a watermark if you get it for free. Also you can change the background brainlet

>> No.64376077

>fixing the problem is not pushing security fixes
Jesus fuck

>> No.64376086

Win10 is leagues above Win7 as a developer platform. It has much better out-of-the-box device support. Better security (because tinfoil-hat autism isn't an argument here). GUI performance and boot are faster. It's far more stable and "no, it isn't" is not an argument here - manually fucking up your OS due to not knowing what the fuck are you doing isn't a sign of OS instability as when the user has at least half a brain OS is very stable. It also has access to a wider variety of tools and applications.

All of the above is just scratching the surface, as it's just the stuff I had personally encountered.

>> No.64376101

I wonder, how did I go half a year without restarting my Win10 laptop because it had a motherboard fault and restarting it was equal to not having a laptop for a week?
Ah, right, I wasn't a retard like this anon!

>> No.64376113

Honestly, this is the level of people who complain about Win10. This is genuine tech illiteracy without any memes involved.
Switch to a fucking Mac, anon. Please.

>> No.64376151

>more people use XP than 8
Lmao what a failed OS.

>> No.64376168

>tfw I have a Dreamspark licence for Win 10 Education which is supposed to be superior to even Enterprise
>tfw don't want to use it on my craptop

>> No.64376210
File: 86 KB, 445x196, AxYP2[1].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Was this Microsoft's last great innovation in desktop computing? "Program launcher buttons that become tabs for that program" is the greatest reason to upgrade from XP to 7, it's efficient and works so well.

All of the bullshit that Microsoft has added to subsequent versions of Windows has been a HINDRANCE!

>> No.64376272

>0 fucking results
You plebs are all missing out on the true successor to Windows 7.

>> No.64376278


>> No.64376292

Wow yeah because booting in 15 seconds on win 7 is such a pain.

>> No.64376295

>Windows LGBT
no thanks homo

>> No.64376311

Still install 7+ taskbar tweaker even if you're on 8.1 or 10.

>> No.64376316

mad linuxfag using a shit DE that is still copying the old Windows taskbar to this day

upgrade to Solus or KDE, boyo, """modern""" DE's that have begun copying 7's taskbar.

>> No.64376425

That's the first thing I disable desu
To launch programs I use my own quick-launch-like task bar addon

>> No.64376430


>> No.64376435

DAZ loader just works. I really don't need UEFI cause I won't be using over 2TB for boot/system drive ever. Small SSD/HDD + large 2nd data drive is proper way.

>> No.64376507

>I have nothing to say but I have to say something!

>> No.64376524

Windows 10 has much better multimonitor support as well as it's significantly faster to reinstall and update.

>> No.64376528

I have experience of OS's from 95 to 10, the difference in boot times between 7 and 10 is fuck all. That is everything in terms of the shitty point you made which I replied to.

>> No.64376558

t. Never used Windows 10 on an NVMe SSD with a UEFI

>> No.64376561

>cannot upgrade Win 7 to Win 10
This is supposed to be bad?

>> No.64376578

I used it on an SSD, what would uefi have to do with anything ffs...

>> No.64376589

The point here, anon, Win10 factually has faster boot time, so it was listed as one of its multiple advantages.
Your retarded response makes it look like you're responding to a post along the lines of:
>"Hmm ... Windows 10 advantages over 7? How about BOOT TIME? Also, some BOOT TIME! It also has better BOOT TIME! BOOT TIME is also very important to mention here."
which you are not, so shut the fuck up if you have nothing else to say.

>> No.64376603

UEFI boots OS faster, duh.

>> No.64376610
File: 242 KB, 1920x1080, india.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Pajeets are in full force today

First thing in the morning, what do I see? A pile of shit staring at me. I close my eyes, I step away. No matter where I go, there’s no getting away. Take your poo to the loo. Take your poo to the loo. Take your poo to the loo. Take your poo to the loo.

Poo, poo, poo, poo, poo, everywhere. Poo, poo, poo, poo, poo, next to you. Poo, poo, poo, poo, poo, where is that loo?

I step out on the street. What do I smell? Shit that’s stinky to high hell. I hold my breath, I step away. But everywhere I go, there’s no getting away.

Poo, poo, poo, poo, poo, everywhere. Poo, poo, poo, poo, poo, next to you. Poo, poo, poo, poo, poo, everywhere. Poo, poo, poo, poo, poo, where is that loo.

Shit, not shit, this shit, that shit. Let’s see now. Let me check. Happy birthday. Happy birthday.

Poo, poo, poo, poo, poo, everywhere. Poo, poo, poo, poo, poo, next to you. Poo, poo, poo, poo, poo, everywhere. Poo, poo, poo, poo, poo, where is that loo.

>> No.64376614

You know what's retarded, taking a pseudo faster boot time (services still booting on desktop appearance) like you can't wait 10 seconds more with a trade off of a horrible looking GUI with two settings areas and forced updates.
I bet my win 7 install will boot faster that your win 10 shite install

>> No.64376622

This doesn’t happen on any windows newer than XP.

>> No.64376663

>there is literally no other possible solution than forcing a restart
>not just fixing your shitty pajeet operating system so it doesn’t have to restart to simply apply security updates

Linux doesnt have to do this. The only time a restart is needed is if a kernel update occurs, and that’s only so the new kernel gets loaded. Everything else gets updated and immediately starts working with no restart.

>> No.64376674

Look mom he posted it again!

>> No.64376679

You are awfully defensive about boot times, anon.
>pseudo faster boot time (services still booting on desktop appearance)
That's what Win7 does. Win10 has less post-boot loading. Its smart hibernation shit also works better for resuming workflow after shutdowns.
>I bet muh win 7
>horrible looking GUI
>forced updates
Have you finished your homework, anon?

>> No.64376692

That was the keyword there. They can be 6 times faster than shitty SATA based SSDs

>> No.64376708

So why do distros make me restart to apply updates properly?
>b-b-but there's this one obscure case where you can update without restarting!

>> No.64376719

I never use hibernation, why would I allocate that size on my SSD?
I've used win 10, why would I care that you have to jump through hoops to justify your life choices, do you like you OS demanding you update on their terms. All thiose expensive parts are you renting them off microsoft?
My setup is fast enough, I've had much worse setups so I'm not a snob and I bet you're in the autistic mug minority.
gay name for mum.

>> No.64376727

I bet you would have said the same thing about HDDs when SATA SSDs first came out
Just admit you're a luddite who's willingly 5 years behind everyone else because you think it makes you special or something

>> No.64376736

Ah piss off, how many people use those rip off drives you're talking about?

>> No.64376743

I’ve never had that problem. Can you specify which packages updated when it prompted a restart? I’ve updated Debian, Arch, and Fedora systems and never had that prompt.

>> No.64376744

ahh, Europoor, it all makes sense now

>> No.64376761

Just about anyone buying a new, semi decent laptop these days really
5 years ago you were calling SATA SSDs rip off drives

>> No.64376763

Does it, you know what makes no sense, I've seen how jewish Americans are complaining about a few dollars on items like spoilt brats, you are the jewish ones who complain about not having the money.

>> No.64376767

Literally all of them make you restart when applying security updates

>> No.64376769

He says while defending his Fischer Price computer

>> No.64376773

I haven't got a laptop so really don't care.

>> No.64376774

I love how you retarded shills use that word as a last resort, and that you somehow think it's an insult. I use Kitkat because it is, IMO the best version of Android to this day, likewise I use Windows 7 for the same reason. Also SSHDs and HDDs. So piss off with your older tech shaming tactics faggot.

>> No.64376780

Had a similar setup myself on win98.

>> No.64376788

Lmao you pleb

>> No.64376793

Europoors all have mental issues, they're all cucked by muhammed, all decent Euros moved to America

>> No.64376803

>being poor

>> No.64376805

>I never use hibernation, why would I allocate that size on my SSD?
Neither do I, I have no idea why did you bring that up.
>why would I care
You seem to care a lot, though.
>jump through hoops
I don't. So far the only person trying to jump through hoops is you, as you're the one trying to invalidate an argument through a fairly unsuccessful attempt of rejecting a minor point out of the several said argument had.
>do you like you OS demanding you update on their terms
My OS never "demands" updates. I keep it updated because it's an adequate thing to do, but I had never experienced any discomfort from doing so.
>All thiose expensive parts are you renting them off microsoft?
What does this even mean, anon? Take a deep breath, stop raging, and write something more comprehensive, please.

>> No.64376806

Again, can you provide proof of that? I don’t think so.

>> No.64376809

>not having money

I don't think you know how jews work friendo.

>> No.64376812

No you're just poor. Even Pajeets are using newer versions of Android

>> No.64376817

You'd just plug your ears and say "nuh-uh"!

>> No.64376820
File: 1.36 MB, 1069x717, COOL_VIBRATIONS.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I got called my bullshit, time to switch to poor shaming!

how predictable.

>> No.64376833

Well, it's a good thing I'm not a pajeet, eh pajeet?

>> No.64376836
File: 223 KB, 1052x1137, 1510524916940.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm not jumping through hoops, I've used win 10 for months, I upgraded to win 7 pro, I'm happy why do you hate my happiness?
Being forced to update was only one of the issues I had.

>> No.64376839

Sorry that not all of us a NEETs

>> No.64376845

>said the LARPing NEET

>> No.64376862

lel me too. I bought one two days ago off craigslist and updated it to Windows 10 without knowing if it was still a thing.

>> No.64376863
File: 1.13 MB, 750x1334, .png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Europoor has America-complex reaction-images on standby

>> No.64376871


>> No.64376874

>tfw in education and employed
looks like you're the NEET, poorfag

>> No.64376884

>I'm happy why do you hate my happiness?
I don't. You're the one who started the argument. I was asked to list advantages Win10 has over Win7 so I did.

>> No.64376887

Someone mentioned mohammed, 87 percent white in the uk. 56 percent white in the USA do the maths. people in glass houses n' all that burgerpants.

>> No.64376897

You seem really proud, well done.

>> No.64376900

>87% white in a country that is completely white
>country is full of people who want to be cucked
guess white people are just the inferior race

>> No.64376915

Nice passive-aggressive here, anon! Makes you look so cool.

>> No.64376916

The jews are subverting all nations. The sooner you know the enemy the sooner you won't be a cuck. What use are your weapons if you won't use the Ameritard?

>> No.64376926

I know yeah, I apologise for that, wasn't really earned on your part. I did regret replying to you that way.

>> No.64376933

That’s basically what you’re doing now, actually. I’ve ran apt-get upgrade thousands of times and never had this problem.

>> No.64376936

>if you wont use the Ameritard
the Ameritard is top-secret weaponry, how did a Europoor come to hear of it?

>> No.64376944


>> No.64376945

>he thinks apt-get is the same thing as system updates
Literally just updates programs and applets

>> No.64376948

The Russians hacked our internet and told us. :)

>> No.64376950

>sincerity on 4chan
Yo wtf

>> No.64376953

>le no argument maymay

>> No.64376954
File: 1.26 MB, 3264x2448, .jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>apt-get upgrade

>> No.64376962


>> No.64376972

you can get windows keys for 40 bucks or less on reddit, probably elsewhere too. don't be a retard and buy it at best buy

>> No.64376978

Okay anon, please explain to the class how you apply a “system” update. I’m eager to hear this knowledge.

>> No.64376980

>Win 7 to Win 10

>> No.64376986
File: 29 KB, 290x290, 1361568497287.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>emerge -avuDN --with-bdeps=y @world

>> No.64376992

Updating the kernel and any dependencies

>> No.64376993

>Literally just updates programs and applets

so it’s just my imagination when it updates the kernel package and system libraries? hmmm that’s odd.

>> No.64376996

What will you niggers do when MS drops support for Windows 7? You're like those faggots that kept clinging onto XP after Windows 7 was introduced

>> No.64376999

Oh I see. And how exactly do you update those?

>> No.64377001

I know yeah, I shit post but there are people with feelings on here, I've never been on 4chan to be horrible to people just for the sake of it. Doesn't mean I won't argue though.

>> No.64377006

You use the built in system updated in Ubuntu and other distros worth a damn ;^)
Protip: they still make your retarded ass restart

>> No.64377007

Most (every one I've encountered) package managers handle this by only booting into the new kernel after the next reboot.
But it never forces you to restart, it never gives you a timer like you're a small child or just reboots without your permission.

>> No.64377015

Move all sensitive information to Linux and continue playing video games on 7.

>> No.64377016

Windows 7 gave you timers, the OS luddites are defending
Windows 10 won't restart if you actually set your active hours like an adult
>waah I can't wait 30 seconds!

>> No.64377018

the "built in system update" in ubuntu and other distros is apt you fucking retarded cunt

get your dumb ass off /g/

>> No.64377020


>> No.64377022

No adult uses Linux. Not even the people who make the distros

>> No.64377025

>doesn't even know what a smiley winky face with a carrot nose is

>> No.64377030

>set your active hours
Cuckold shit. Literally watching Microsoft ravage your computer in front of you if you happen to use your computer at a certain time.

>> No.64377031

kill yourself, ugly fucking soyboy

>> No.64377032

is LTSB still unavailable unless I'm a fucking megacorp?

>> No.64377036

If you fantasize about other men fucking your wife then >>>/pol/ might be the place for you

>> No.64377042

Yup, he's a newfag

Gamer gate and the elections were a mistake, the site's been filled with retards ever since

>> No.64377043

Just activate it with KMSpico after checking the public md5 against the ISO you have.

>> No.64377047

Thinking of getting an SSD for Llnux (probably kubuntu), will it blow my mind?

>> No.64377051

i've been here since 2014, i'm not a fucking newfag

>> No.64377052

That obviously isn't true, but why does it matter if it is?
Why on Earth would I use an operating system that doesn't respect my wishes? The computer is subservient to man, not the other way around.

>> No.64377058

If you can get an NVMe SSD it'll be like warp speed, but if your motherboard is too old SATA SSDs are a nice quality of life improvement too

>> No.64377063

>not a newfag
baka desu senpai

>> No.64377072

Omg dude why are you pushing them things? they are the ones like a stick of ram yeah, I think my MB has one, but I'd be paying 4 times as much wouldn't I?

>> No.64377073

I run Arch on a 7 year old 5400 RPM hard drive and it's pretty fast, so I can only imagine how fast an SSD would be.

>> No.64377077

Computers to what they're programed to do. You're supposed to program with does to not reboot while you're using it if you want that. You can go months without updating Windows and it won't bother you or anything
Are you really such a sad lardass that you can't click "install updates and shutdown" when you're done using the computer for the day? Must you always b on 4chan 24 hours a day?

Stop being autistic

>> No.64377084

>> Had to pay M$oft indirectly by buying a $18 Enterprise key off ebay to use with LTSB. :/ Didn't want Chinese rootkit, though.

LTSB is OK. It's like 7 but with a worse start menu. Actually runs a lot cooler on my laptop compared to 10 Home, and I believe even compared to 7 that I had to boot in Legacy BIOS before. 10 Home ran wicked hot, both in CPU temps displayed and general heat of the laptop. LTSB runs really cool in both.

Was thinking I'll eventually upgrade my desktop to 10 LTSB, too, but since GPU prices will soon be $1000 for a GTX 1060 I'll have to run my oldass HD6__ and HD7__ cards until they explode, and they don't support DX12 so there's literally no reason to go to 10.

>> No.64377085

More like 1.5x as much for 6 times the speed

>> No.64377087

Not really IMO. I didn’t get any noticeable speed increase for some reason on my Arch install

>> No.64377091

Use a real distro

>> No.64377097

Because they're amazing and stupid fast. Not all that expensive either

>> No.64377106

My experience is that a light Linux distro on shitbox hardware feels like modern Windows on latest stuff, at least as far as web browsing/etc goes. Really frees things up if your whole OS only uses 100mb RAM at idle instead of 2gb like Wangblows.

>> No.64377109

Exactly, I've only ever used Linux on a 5400 rpm and it blew me away how fast is was. I use windows on an SSD and Linux must be fast as fuck on an SSD,
Oh I didn't realise that, thank you, my MB deffo has one of those on it I think. Z97-D3H-CF
Oh, further research required.
I want to try this for myself then.

>> No.64377115

I mean I dont use it anymore, I switched back to windows. This was on a T420. I found it odd but maybe I just didn’t configure something.

>> No.64377126
File: 111 KB, 552x404, IMG_20180118_233508.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How does this make you feel, anon?

>> No.64377131

Why can't I just download updates when I choose and then have them installed the next time I reboot? Why do I no longer have the full choice of when these things occur? Yeah, 7 isn't much better in this regard, but at least I can download updates and then tell Windows to fuck off for hours rather than have 10 shit on my face if I happen to fall outside of the dumbass active hours.
Windows Update fucking blows regardless of the update/download timing, but god damn. It's almost like they designed the system to piss off anyone who uses a computer for more than just checking email.

>> No.64377144

Win 10 allows you to go weeks and even months without updating.

>> No.64377147

You can set active hours for like 18 hours a day and update in the remaining g 6 when you should be sleeping
If you still wanna be autistic then you can defer upgrades for an entire year

>> No.64377152

The amount of youtube streamers who have win 10 nagging them in the background tells a story unto itself. But some of those youtubers are retards too.

>> No.64377160

Not everyone has a fixed schedule, keep name calling if you'd like, but it's just straight up less control over how the updates happen.

>> No.64377163

Most of those Youtubers are retards. Never had windows 10 nag me about updates and it's been like 6 months. I haven't even restarted my Surface Pro 3 with only like 4gb or ram for 3 months until like 2 weeks ago

>> No.64377172

But when are you in a computer for more than 18 hours straight? And even if you are you can still defer them for 365 days

>> No.64377175

>300,000 different urls come back when searching for the term kmspico
>all of them are most likely malware

now I remember why I said fuck it and just installed Linux last time I went looking for ltsb

>> No.64377187

Yeah they seem to always say they've been ignoring it for days. I'm bad for leaving my pc on, I always leave it on but updates, I like getting them done and don't mind restarting in that situation.

>> No.64377199

It's not that I'm using it for 18 hours straight, it's that I might want or need to use it during some time not designated as "active."
And this really begs the question of why I have to dick around with this shit at all. I'd install updates all fucking day if they didn't force me to restart whenever they were done.
Here's what I want:
I hit "update system"
Windows downloads updates
Windows installs updates the next time I reboot (if a reboot is necessary)

That's it. No fucking around with active hours or deferrals or any other stupid shit. Why can't I have this?

>> No.64377200

Well yeah they only take like 30 seconds to a couple. Minutes tops. When you let them pile up then they take a while

>> No.64377206

>implying it takes 6 hours to update a computer
It'll probably be done updating in the time it takes you to shit

>> No.64377212

With Windows 7 you had to postpone those updates every 4 hours

>> No.64377216

You didn't answer my fucking question you god damn shill.
Fuck you and fuck Windows Update.

>> No.64377228

Which is just a tad bit better than the system just shutting down while I have programs running.

>> No.64377233

Because you touch yourself at night and are incapable of getting off that loli site for more than 5 minutes to let your computer apply basic security updates

>> No.64377245

Except it really isn't. And if you actually had anything important open it'll stop the computer from shutting down all together

>> No.64377251

>And if you actually had anything important open it'll stop the computer from shutting down all together
Important according to who? Me or Windows?
I'm pretty sure I already know the answer, but indulge me.

>> No.64377262

I never had a multi monitor setup when I used win 10, it has in built multi monitor stuff, can I pin items to taskbars on a specific monitor? Using displayfusion on win 7 at the mo.

>> No.64377272

Literally any unsaved file

>> No.64377294

Oh, so I just have to have Notepad open?
Seems pretty easy, shame they don't just make an option for it so I don't have to have Notepad open all the time.

>> No.64377302

>ITT: Retards don't realize this most Windows 10 updates don't actually require a restart

>> No.64377307

Or you could stay up to date on updates like a functional adult

>> No.64377322

Functional adults don't post on fucking /g/, you silly faggot.

>> No.64377558
File: 51 KB, 584x550, 1405043342713.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>People talking about getting win10 for real

>> No.64377628

Calm down steptoe.

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