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Why is it so hard to find good deals for PC parts in Canada? :^(

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>using the smiley with the carat nose

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value added tax to pay for all the brown people you import

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I'm a proud white Canadian though :(

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Pc component prices are shit rn, esp. ram, gpus, and ssds. You're kinda boned unless you buy off the used market

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Order from India or the EU or Russia then, see if that's any better.

If it isn't, your deals probably aren't THAT bad.

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Use Amazon.ca more. Ignore the .com memes.

Remember that only .ca has free shipping, and no customs duties (or long waits).

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oh, sounds good. Thanks anon :3

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Hardware costs are shit across the board right now. I was looking at hardware I bought last year and the price now, and it would have cost me almost twice as much to build the exact same PC a year later. Thats literally the opposite of how hardware should work.

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Because your faggot PM has decided he needs your tax money to harbor fugitive islamic terrorists as well as any brown person who wants free healthcare and a welfare check.

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We need those massive hardware taxes to pay for rehabilitating haji terrorists with white child sex dolls

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Canada has high prices because its population is ridiculously low compared to America's. Your ideological arguments are literally backwards.

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It must have been the brown people and their ~0.01% impact on the national budget that made PC parts cost more in Canada.


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so should I move in to America?

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To be fair, it's far more than 0.01%. Canada is full of enormous ghettos instead of cities at this point.

But that has nothing to do with high tech prices...

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America has the cheapest material goods relative to average income of any country in the world, by far. So if you're looking for a land of ridiculously cheap shit, then yeah.

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it's the white people's fault for settling in Canada and America in the first place. They should've stayed in Europe and Russia

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>To be fair, it's far more than 0.01%.
Maybe it's more, but every time I went to check how much refugees cost in a first world nation's budget it was somewhere around that much anyhow. Feel free to show numbers.

It won't explain your higher taxes or anything noteworthy because the financial impact of a bunch of ten thousand refugees is so tiny. The only reason to bring it up is denialist racism.

PC parts cost more for a bunch of reasons. Exchange rates, population density and cost in retail, whatever the fuck the mega corporation you're buying from thinks it can charge (having a lot of fairly poor people may drive your cost down, it's a large market they may want to target!), and more factors.

Do you want to use hundreds of years old means to communicate that instead of the internet, too?

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That's illegal.

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