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>cant even draw a straight line

What the fuck is this piece of shit

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>can't even shitpost right

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you can get Adobe CS2 for free. Including Premiere, Photoshop, etc. From Adobe.

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hold control and or shift before you click. It's pretty intuitive once you understand the layout.

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No problems here bud.

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Well obviously first you make a rectangle selection with a small width, and then you go Layer->Tools->fill selection

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I like this a fresh take on GIMP shitposting. So sick of seeing threads posted by retards who can't figure out how to draw a circle. OP is too dumb to draw a straight line.
When did CS2 come out? I doubt using software from circa 2005 will be any better.

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I guess you could say the software is pretty gimped

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Carlos, you son of a gun

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>2005 software is better than 2018 freetards software
abs. state

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>cant even draw a straight line
Are you retarded?
you draw a straight line in gimp in the exact same way you make one using Adobe Photoshop
>brush tool
>make point A
>hold shift
>make point B
the only difference is when you undo the line in photoshop then redraw a new line it will be from point B to C, while on Gimp you'll redraw from A.

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no no no
you got it wrong
let me help you
>cant even draw a circle
that's how you do the funny gimp meme

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That does not look orthodox. What do you here m8?

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1. click on the starting point with the pencil selected
2. hold shift and click on the end point

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