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>work in a small company mostly doing software audits to banks and retail
>drive '13 Ford Focus SE to work
>most co-workers have Audis, BMWs and Lexus
>project manager: "Why didn't you get a new car with this year's bonus? You make our company look bad with that car"

What is people in the tech field so fucking insufferable?

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Bump same shit
Running on an 88 accord with only 50k miles on it..

Tell them you’re thinking of getting a new bike

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Show up next Monday on your brand new 2018 Pinnarello Dogma
Don't forget the full Sky Team kit!

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wena nido

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I can't relate, OP, but it sounds like you're in a good position to get a company car.

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wena /sp/

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30 years old car with 50k miles? Fucking how?

My area is too hilly to ride bicycles. A motorcycle is tempting option thought.


They don't give company cars in this company.

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What the fuck
The focus is a perfectly fine car

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People have different interests. The problem is when they use it to fill a void in their lives or to make up for insecurities. It just depends on how you want to live and what you value. There's also a limit as you eventually end up just paying for status and wasting money.

What I will say is that driving an Audi is night and day different than a Ford. It's hard to explain. Worth it if it's reasonable.

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>driving a rebranded VW for braindead cuck just to feel superior

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I'd agree if they had an RS6, or a C63 or something, but they mostly drive base models (318i, 520i, 1.4t A3/A4, CT200h etc) that don't differ much from my car, only the brand.

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There's no such thing as "too hilly to ride bicycles"
Climbing is the best part

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I work in tech on the east coast and I was advised to stay away from flashy cars. I don't need to impress anyone anyway. I'm driving into a corporate office park every day, not trying to impress expensive whores on South Beach.

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what your project manager means is that you're a faggot for getting the SE instead of the RS it reaks of uninteresting.

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I'm not the fittest person and I'd hate to arrive to work all sweaty and shit.

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>work as an engineer consultant
>pretty decent money
>coworkers also make decent money
>they drive BMWs and Audis and Mercedes
>i drive a 2012 honda civic

might buy a subaru BRZ when i turn 25 though

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It's also a great way to get fit.
Might wanna bring clothes for changing at work tho.

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no no no no if you're going for Subaru get a WRX STI

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>advised to stay away from flashy cars.

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/g/ - "technology"
"technology" """""discussion"""""

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Go full meme

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an STI seems like overkill for a daily driver though

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a communist probably told him not to buy luxury

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Unless you meet client alot to the point they will see your car it doesn't matter.

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A car is like a good friend and if I could I'd get a cool friend. Dr House rode a Honda CBR1000RR Repsol and wore Nike shoes.

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"How about you give me a company car to use, complete with insurance and gas card, if it matters that much."

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keep telling them you're waiting for your tesla order

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Don't get him fired.

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he's not trying to get fired over jealousy

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Because then coworkers will wonder why they can't afford flashy new cars and start asking about raises.

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>torque dip

/o/ here don't fall for the GT86 meme. Get a Miata or Fiat 124

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Bikes aren't expensive though

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This is actually the best idea presented.

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Would love this.

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they can be

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If it's an auto, the transmission is a ticking time bomb.

2012 Civic worst Civic. It was so bad they had an emergency redesign for 2013.

WRX is a better daily driver. The engine in the STI is ancient, while the WRX is a fairly new design. Less turbo lag, more low end power and torque, much better fuel economy, and the STI isn't even that much quicker. Unless you're tracking it, the WRX makes more sense.

>full meme

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>get a Chrysler

Neither is a fully loaded AWD 286WHW fuckmachine for $32k. If you can't get laid in that car you might as well turn in your penis.

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if you want to join in with their insecure circle jerk yuppy shit just buy a mini and that'll not only show them up in an abstract way, but you'll have fun driving it

when you are in high up positions you should be showing off wealth, but if they are all losers who finance these cars than fuck them- keep the worst year for ford lmao

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are there really people that buy shit just because of the brand

how fucking cucked or mentally deficient do you have to be

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did you get a 50k bonus?

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I live in southeast Michigan the only place I ever see foreign cars is in like places like Ann Arbor you know where most of the smart successful people live and work

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And a raise to cover insurance.

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But the STI comes with a CF hood and a spoiler...

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>Fiat 124
"Nice car girl"

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Well far less than an equivalent car. I DD a 2017 liter personally.

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>be OP
>be pajeet
>can't speak english for shit
>drive a shitty, albeit not cheap car
>be faggot
>complain when people complain of my faggotry

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Boring as fuck desu.
Get a car meant for driving. Evo X or something.

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It's a manual transmission one. I'm a recent immigrant so I just bought one of the cheapest "decent" used cars to get me around. It's actually rather fun to drive.

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People buy things because their design appeals to them and identifies to their personality.

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>never seen a girl drive an abarth or a miata
>girls mostly drive shitty bimmers or eurotrash
Where does this meme come from? The appreance of the car you dumb faggot go ahead and buy the shitty Toyobaru don't come complaining to /o/ how it disappointing like everyone there who has one.

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New cars are the worst investment literally depreciation value the second you drive it off the lot.

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Looks very professional imo

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My 335i is anything but boring, pretty arrogant car.

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Where's the technology

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should've gotten a fusion

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>work in a small company
>mostly do software audits to banks
>most of my employees are cool dudes we throw the shot with
>we all got matching cars, go out and fuck bitches on the weekend
>this one fat fuck employee lets call him freddy
>freddy drives a fucking shitty ford focus
>women always scatter when he comes around us(i swear that guy does not shower)
>try to be nice to him anyways since its christmas
>put card with it
>maybe a new car so that you can roll with the boys and fuck some bitches
>what the fuck do i see when i enter the parking lot
>freddy with his fucking fiesta with a blouse covered in nachos

How do you deal with employees who bring the mood down?

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*Eurobeat intensifies*

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plot twist: Freddy is fucking wild and you guys are the douche bags

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>all the fucking 1st worlders talking about buying BMW's, Audis, Lexus and cars like that with an average job/salary.
>Meanwhile pic related is the best I could afford with my 3rd world salary.
Fuck all of you.

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par de sacoweas

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People in tech generally obsess far less over cars than people in other fields.

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That's because people in tech are told in university that intelligence comes from being a robot.

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Help Desk?

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Fuck this consumerist manager tell him to go suck a cocka

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Where is the turbo on the celliing?

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only manchilds drive bmws. sane people use anything else.

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>not 4
poor man's car

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Explain compound interest to your project manager.

Let's say a flashy car costs $60000.
Put it in an ETF. The S&P500 averaged 10% since its inception. Let's say 7% adjusted for inflation.
After 20 years, those $60000 turned into $232181.

Your coworkers with their flash bro-mobiles pissed away $170000 over 20 years with that 1 car purchase. Basically they're retarded.

Also link him this article:
>The median price paid by millionaires for their most recent acquisition was only $31,367. The typical price paid by decamillionaires was $41,997. . . . many millionaires drive so-called common, nonprestige makes of cars; . . . .

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ey puto

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>can't speak engurish
>thinks his opinion matters

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Protip, if you decide to get a luxury car, turn up to the garage in one, even if its just a rental. The sales guys will give you a better deal if they think you have money and are capable of going to another dealer etc, to make the sale. Essentially project that you are used to this standard of living.

If they think you are a poorfag who wants to get a status symbol, you are going to get reamed.

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I'm not old enough to have a midlife crisis I'll buy a 4series if it ever happens though.

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What kind of person doesn't obsess over their whip? A person with no soul.

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>calls his car a "whip"
>calls his PC a "rig"
>calls his headphones "cans"
>calls his camera equipment "glass"

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>The median price paid by millionaires for their most recent acquisition was only $31,367. The typical price paid by decamillionaires was $41,997. . . . many millionaires drive so-called common, nonprestige makes of cars; . . . .

This is absolutely true. One of the richest guys I know could be mistaken for near homeless if you see him on the street during the weekend. Guy drives a 90s camry and wears shirts until they have holes in them.

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Driving any luxury car (BMW, MERCEDES, etc) on a 3rd world country will get you tons of pussy.

t. 3rd worlder

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You don't have to tell me I'm from the US.

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If you're a gearhead, that's one thing. Plenty if not most of the kinds of people OP is referring to just buy shit to show off their epeen, and that is wasteful and pointless
>b-but it gets you laid
meh, don't need an expensive car for that, and I wouldn't want to hang around people that require their acquaintances to spend x number of dollars on external bullshit

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>so caught up with projections and future values that he forgets time exists in the present

I could give two shits and a damn how much X will cost in Y years because I'm living in Z enjoying A

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This is easy to explain. The people you are alluding to are the kind of people who pertain to a very specific set of pathological traits. Most notably that of someone who worked towards their wealth from poverty or near poverty. They learned the basic skills needed to generate wealth and out of fear turned it into a strict regiment that penetrates as deep as their personal lives. This is why people with millions of dollars treat their daily drivers like an asset instead of what a car's actual purpose is, a consumable product that deteriorates over time. Most people know this and replace theirs after it no longer works but it wasn't a total waste since they did enjoy it as you do with cars. The people who consider their cars assets do one of two things, A) they buy luxury if they do not want to look mediocre but rarely drive it only to be sold at an auction during a panic, B) buy a really modest car and use it for transportation while anally take it for maintenance so that they may sell it a month before warranty runs out. This joyless experience is a product of their paranoia and comes off as capricious. I'm sure they see themselves as the kind of people who keep a car until it becomes a classics in some childish dream of it being in a movie yada yada etc etc BUT the only people who care for cars in that manner belong in an entirely different pathology.

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Basically they're rich pariahs and the highlight of their rich life is being in that article or the prospect of being used as a good example on anonymous touhou fanclub websites.

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miata is a bit small for my needs though

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>Trusting ETF's
>"S&P only goes up"
The average investor make 2-5% per annum for a reason. YOU may view yourself as an emotionless paragon who makes perfect financial decisions, but the average person is not. The S&P did have 10% returns per annum over 10 years, but thats only if you HODLed the entire time and didn't panic sell during rough times, then panic buy near a peak. It's extremely difficult to invest completely emotionlessly. There's the possibility that the tech Giants that have been driving the growth of the S&P for the past 20 years stagnate, thus your gains won't be realized.

It really isn't as simple as 60k car now vs. 170k expected gains 20 years in the future. A car now gives you physical and social utility that might produce more value than a lump sum of cash.

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>thats only if you HODLed the entire time
Yes, that's the key.
"The stock market is a device for transferring money from the impatient to the patient."

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The best way to get laid is to hit yourself on the head with a hammer until you reach IQ 95.
Slightly below-average IQ is correlated with chance of sexual intercourse.

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And besides he's the same idiot who buys it from the autists 20 years later for same amount of the savings he made because "it's a classic look at me". They're so full of shit. University was a mistake they produce nothing but idiots who get eaten by the tiger while staring at the birds.

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save yourself the headache and incorporate robitussin into your diet at least that way it's reversible when you find out you're gay.

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a car is a friend /thread

>> No.64224067

>he drives a Fix Or Repair Daily

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Ignore them. Tech doesn't mean better people than anywhere else, and not being in debt is wonderful.

I've never bought a new car and if someone gave me one I'd sell it instantly. (I'm a mechanic so no fucks given.) Not pissing away money let me pay off my house early, and there is nothing sexier than holding your deed in your hand.

Use the current good economy to get ready for the next, inevitable Recession. You sound like you have at least some of your priorities straight. Being able to retire when your peers 401Ks burst into flames and they have to work truck stop glory holes for a hot meal is highly satisfying.

Living well is the best revenge.

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A car is just a car though.

Unless OP's Focus is dirt and ratty looking I see no problem.

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