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>mom says i can use your computer big brother

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>that fucking screen tearing

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Punch him and mom

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If there is an LED light anywhere near your computer, you are either a nu male or a neckbeard.

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no thats the camera doing that

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Power and hdd status lights?

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LED's are the cancer of computer hardware

You can see part of the LED strip in the top of the case

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into the trash it goes

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>not setting up your family so they dont use your computer

come on

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Who the fuck are you? I never had a brother.

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how did you people get in MY house?

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i only have an older sister, and she only used the family computer for MSN messenger
i didn't have a phone line in my room, so no internet access

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>screen tearing
Gaming on windows is a nightmare

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Shure thing little fella, but you can't play here since its a pc for work, i mean i play some obscure japanese dating simulators on the side but apart from that i only have microsoft solitare that reinstalled when windows updated...

I have my laptop loaded with cool old games i used to play with dad befor mom left him for daqquan if you want to play...

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>lock X
>login as guest

Knock yourself out, kid.

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Nothing of value was lost.

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for all you underage faggots here, remember this:
Be nice to your little brothers and sisters.
Thank me later.

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>mom says i can use your computer big brother
Go for it champ.

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No, it's not.
The time it takes for the camera to scan the sensor is fucking peanuts compared to the refresh rate of the monitor. And shutter speed has nothing to do with it (shutter speed was fairly high because if it wasn't the image would be blurred if there was movement anyway).

Basically, you just don't know anything about cameras.

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Not having his power supply on a coin-operated timer.

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a-a-a-anon just kidding, you can use it now

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Ayy nice to see you again bruh *dabs and hugs* I still have Diablo II installed if you wanna play that

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tfw no little sister to sit on my lap and play sims with (with sex mods)

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"bro, mom told me to tell you to stop smoking the drugs. She's really disappointed in you"

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I-it came free with the case...
...and the motherboard has some, but I b-bought the motherboard for the hardware

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who are you? my mum is dead?

*teleports behind you*

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It doesn't matter any more. It will all be phones tablets and nerds soon.

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>Sure thing! Let me just reboot it
>boot into debian

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that was a little harsh :(

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portal 1 without vsync is just horror.

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>hand him old thinkpad with old games

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I agree with you.
I played it again fairly recently.

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>mum forces me to let my cousins play my n64
>i have to go outside and play
>come back in
>they jammed a screw driver into where the game slots in and broke it
>games no longer work
>they chewed the cables and pulled a piece of wire out
>they sleep in my room
>wake up in morning and my room smells like shit
>look in corner of room
>two huge turds
I drowned one of them in the pool then got out and got dry then played elsewhere. I told my parents he was fine when I was in the pool.


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>all that tearing

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>tfw only child

take that brainlets, im definitely not lonely

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desolder them is my advice

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consoles don't need to worry about screen tearing because they never reach 30FPS.

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>"Okay, I keep telling you that you need to call me onee-san."

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Why my mother's son is blonde?
I need to have a talk with both my step father and my mother's boyfriend.

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portal 1 > portal 2

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i like those car models, especially the F50 and the R8

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ironic post

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Partly agree.
Portal 2 story dragged on. Portal was also more tense when you made your escape
However, Portal 2 introduced the co-op mode and that was great fun.

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I liked portal 2 story. Especially the retro part

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Yeah, but it was just TOO LONG.
You had the comic start part, then basically Portalv2, then retro Portal, then Portalv3.

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Also the lines would be perfectly horizontal if it were the cameras fault.

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I liked the length, portal felt too short.
2 allowed them to flesh the story out better.

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>mom forces me to entertain the kids of some friend of hers, who I have never met before
>okay I guess, I'm 10 or 11, I can't argue
>they steal most of my Pokemon cards
>they steal a hard-to-find PS1 game I had borrowed from a friend
>they steal the memory card part of my PS1 Gameshark, but not the CD, so it's useless
>didn't tell my mother until nearly 15 years later because I thought she would be mad at me for not taking proper care of my things
I had to pay $100 for a fucking replacement copy of that game. One HUNDRED fucking dollars. That is all the money in the world to a kid that young.

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you have only yourself to blame for being retarded

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Oh yeah, that's right. Mom said I could borrow her car, didn't she.

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P2 > P1 because of one simple reason:


You're welcome.

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>who needs a warranty anyways

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Linux has no tearing in games either

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sure, no problem. have you seen that video with the russian soldier? lemme show you real quick.

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never let lil jamal play with your stuff.

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I just recently got a GPU and mouse that both have configurable LEDs. CAN'T GET ENOUGH OF THIS RICER SHIT.

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oh, haven't tried that yet
will give it a go then

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There is a 0% chance you paid for that

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punch your own brother

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>facebook filename
Kill yourself, zuckercuck.

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Anon are you stuck in a past decade?

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Anon, I'm not a winfag or a macfag, but don't lie to the other anons.

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Linux has no tearing in games because it has no games. But seriously, turn off vsync and see how that works for you.

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give him my half dead laptop with a am on it, he will return later because wont know how to use it

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Vsync turned off, no compositor used. I never get tearing.

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>works on my machine
Oh, so you're a fucking autist. Awesome.

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it's been a while since i was a child living with my sister

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works on my machine too. You're the autist here, buddy

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sounds like you resent yourself for not living with her now desu

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>starts playing nethack

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Did I f-fucking st-tutter?
You're a NU-MALE. Everything I belief is TRUE because I BELIEVE IT.


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not really

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>I'm your big sister now. Stop misgendering me you little shit!

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I have an niece that comes to visit time to time. She often wants to hang out in my room with me and she will often sit on my chair my desk and ask to use my gaming PC. Your shitpost makes me wonder if I should set up a guest account for nieces and nephews who visit so I can show them what real technology is like. All my nieces and nephews are growing up on iPads and it's making me worry.

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>All my nieces and nephews are growing up on iPads and it's making me worry.
Yes, do something that can inspire them.
Also, nice digits.

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the prophecy has been told

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The only video games my child relatives play is minecraft and roblox running at 10fps on a tablet. I feel kinda sorry for them.

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Hold on... whats that program you installed? Thats not free as in freedom... Why thats... PROPIETARY SOFTWARE REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

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[[email protected] ~]$ angeryberd
bash: angeryberd: command not found

"this huge ipad thing sucks"

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Can you imagine living in a house where there is only one computer? For me that is unimaginable and I am fucking poor. Everyone in my house has their own computer because, really, getting used hardware is fucking cheaper than dick.

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>mom says i can use your computer onii-chan

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Don't let them become retarded

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>mom says I can post a pic of you on 4chan lil bro

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>big brother
Looks like the big brother is still a child, too.
>case with window
>LEDs inside
>Browsing Amazon for more RGB LEDs
>Matrix wallpaper
>uses Windows

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shes drawing, that was her own fault

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Quints have spoken. You must do it.

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This bitch is hot half bad though.

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Very strange, because I'm pretty sure I don't have a brother and I live in my own house without annoying relatives around.

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I remember my old vpr matrix with XP struggling to run roblox back in 2010 when the game got graphical updates. I miss 07 roblox.

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tfw i teach my little bro to shitpost

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It works on all 3 of my machines, actually. Did you even game on Linux?

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Meant to quote >>64200312

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i only heard about the game recently from a friends' 12yo kid
looked like a poor man's lego game

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I bought TIS-100 for an 7 year old nephew of mine and he hates me now

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Parents tried that on me once. Tried to resist but they said I had no choice. I said fine, I was going out and staying over at a friends to play D&D. They said that was fine and I left. No cell phone.
>All logins password protected and only I knew them.
They were not amused when I returned Sunday night.

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>failed to post
you're a shitty teacher

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I don't have games on my computer.
>Mom said I could install Minecraft on your 'puter

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Is that Windows XP with the Zune theme for Windows Vista?

>using outdated operating systems that aren't getting mainstream support from Microsoft

>> No.64200810

with the Zune theme or Windows Vista*

>> No.64200839

ok, here is gentoo terminal without WM

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>he still doesn't have freesync/gsync

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Use a password, faggot.

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Sauce on the drawing?

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lol, that's what happens when you have to be a multi-monitor "badass" who plays Portal and shops on Amazon at the same time, meaning you play games in fullscreen windowed mode and are subject to input lag and screen tearing. But hey, you get to shop for toilet paper and try to keep your cursor away from the second monitor!

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My mom's about to do this to me while I'm away at college, I have W10 on an SSD + HDD setup.

Is the easiest way to make sure he doesn't fuck my shit up to make him a user account on the computer, sans admin status? Would partitioning be overkill? I've never done it before and I've got two drives so I don't really want to.

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is thar a thrustmaster belt drive wheel?
tfw too poor to get a proper wheel myself
feels bad

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the money you'd make is less than the damage a constant shutdown would cause to the hardware
make a credit card swiper connected to the internal power switch or something

>> No.64201388

most games support exclusive fullscreen in multiple monitor configs

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I honestly feel sad for the poor soul that would dare to open the browser and see the most horrible thing they could imagine as the homepage.

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Someone post the green text where an Anons parents gave the computer he bought to his sister because he downloaded linux

>> No.64202264

What is vsync

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If you do [anything that I don't like] you are [type of person that I don't like].

I'm putting together an RGB build and your cheap insults won't stop me.

>> No.64202580

>he doesn't like accent lighting

It's fine if it's hidden and not glaringly bright

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>not fixing your own stuff when it break
can we get /v/ of my /g/ please

>> No.64202636

give me a break hes like 8 year old

>> No.64202662

>mom says i can use your computer big brother
you forgot to add "since you have three of them"

>> No.64202665

>fixing your own stuff
yeah sure you can do that but why bother if you literally have paid a company to do it for free for several years it's like you enjoy throwing away money and time

>> No.64202690

I have RAM with LEDs on it and there's nothing you can do to stop me

>> No.64202723

Feels good being an only child

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>I don't mind desu
>Mfw tried getting my cousin in to some tech stuff but he is a sportsfag

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>tfw youre little bro is better than you at gaymen

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>replaces motherboard LEDs with Nixie tubes

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I was the younger sibling and my sister was always nice and invited me to play video games and did lots of things with me without having to be forced. Why are you such bad older siblings anons?

>> No.64202840

>Why are you such bad older siblings anons?
cause they're selfish lazy neets that hate everyone and themselves

>> No.64202857

it's like looking in a mirror isn't it, Anon?

>> No.64202868

i'm an only child so no

>> No.64202896

>>cause they're selfish lazy neets that hate everyone and themselves
>it's like looking in a mirror isn't it, Anon?
>>i'm an only child so no


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Got source on what this character is called?

>> No.64202937

spurdo spärde?

>> No.64202959

DESU I am probably the worst at gaymen i know

>> No.64202966

i only have my parents to be a piece of shit to, i don't have any siblings to neglect

>> No.64203003

Are you litterally retarded?

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You convinced me but I'd have to fix KDE Plasma on this computer first. I'm running Arch and it's having a conflict between my video drivers and video compositing.

My niece has no idea what's on my computer but she correctly assumes that it has lots of video games on it. I'm not sure how she'd react because I'm not sure if she's even seen a Windows desktop. apparently elementary school kids are handed laptop so she may have seen a desktop OS I certainly never had an opportunity to do much with it.

Whenever my niece comes into my room she either wants to help me clean it or play a game / watch a movie. The problem is I don't have a lot of games or media that are appropriate for small children. Her younger sister has been joining her in my room recently and I offered to show them how to play Tekken but when he saw the icon on the PS4 menu they thought the game was too scary because it showed Hatchi and Kazuya looking constipated like in every other Tekken game. With arcade edition, I wonder if I should get Street Fighter V since Street Fighter is more cartoony and they're more characters that don't look nearly as intimidating. I look through the character select screen on Tekken 7 and found that most of the cast could easily be seen as bad or scary to a small child. In the past they were playing Mario Kart with my niece on my Wii U but I seem to have misplaced the console. I'm always surprised what slim pickings it is to get a video game you can enjoy with someone's kids.

>> No.64203028

Are you?

>> No.64203046

Only numales care this much about other peoples design tastes.

>> No.64203063

What do you game on?

>> No.64203104

You know nothing about cameras. That's tearing. Not rolling shutter. The image is smoothly skewed hence "rolling"

>> No.64203113

I have leds that came with my case as well. I disabled them.

I wall mounted my pc out of the way. I want it silent and invisible.

>> No.64203162

>run a program that constantly slows the computer down
>sibling gets bored and heads off
>get the computer back

>> No.64203209

My parents actually treated us as human beings and realized that privacy, property, and so on are concepts that you should respect even for children. So no, they didn't have the audacity to tell me I had to give my shit to my sibling and vice versa

>> No.64203272

I am that brother that gives his older computers to his siblings when he upgrades.

>> No.64203290

Did you even read his fucking post?

>> No.64203359

There's a really easy way. Take your hard disk with you and throw a cheap spinner in your box. It will be obsolete by the time college is over.

>> No.64203377

>and did lots of things with me without having to be forced

Sounds hot. Pics? Greentext wincest thread when?

>> No.64203417

Neither of us are lesbians, sorry

>> No.64203584

I always let my younger brother use my better PC. It was a fun novelty for him as he didn't have one and was an escape from his shit situation

>> No.64203695

what if he found your porn_

>> No.64203746

That's why you get a laptop instead of a literal manCHILD pc

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>tfw I browse porn without going incognito
>worried that someone might see the links that I type in, autofill the rest of the porn link

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>URL starts with e

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>autofills exhentai
>"lmao dude what the fuck is exhentai is that shit porn anon?"

>> No.64204226

It's a huge piece of corporate shit now, but earlier on it was pretty good.

>> No.64204250

That's quite clearly Vista. Get your eyes checked.

>> No.64204329

use this trip from now on, just4u anon - #W=aF/6dq

it's !Ga.i4NIECE and seems to be fitting

>> No.64204384

How do you know that's abp? I mean I can see the red box and the tab bar, but I don't think you can distinguish between abp and ublock.

>> No.64204401

he also has parkinsons

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>mfw LEDs on my GPU and mobo but case has no windows and is entirely opaque

>> No.64204438

>slam his head into the keyboard
>Oi, Mum, Gavin just broke my computer keyboard. I'm off to the store to get another one.


>> No.64204515

Linux has no games either

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>and seems to be fitting
I don't follow. Why would /g/ care about my family life anyway? Maybe I'm just an old fag who feels that you're not supposed to identify ourselves unless it's something important like if you are that guys uncle who works at Nintendo.

I wonder if my niece would believe that. . .

>> No.64204547

she will when she finds /g/ because you gave her the gift of technology. you want to leave a legacy, dont you?

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>be better at gaming than my older brother
>realize later that it was because he let me win
>realize why he made bets like letting me use his computer and him as a footstool if I won

>> No.64204582

witnessed desu

>> No.64204630

he posts on /int/ what do you expect

>> No.64204658

Okay, sound's good, let me just... uh-oh, I've forgotten my own login password!

>> No.64204804

a a l b o r g

>> No.64204806

>you want to leave a legacy, dont you?
Actually, I was hoping my crippling autism would die with me.
I only write literature on my computers because I feel an obsessive compulsion to do so.

Although I will admit I would like to show the younger members of my family there's more the technology then what the corporations, schools and their parents have showed them.

My sister had her first child today and since the baby shower I have been half jokingly telling her to "Install Gentoo." I even gave her a Tux the penguin stress toy which she told me she kept in her hospital bag. She tells me they're not going to give their son is their iPhones or an iPad at the age of 2, unlike some of my other relatives. . .

>> No.64204825

>I only write literature on my computers because I feel an obsessive compulsion to do so.
>...there's more the technology
I hope it's only an obsession

>> No.64204954

Disable auto fill?

>> No.64205021

>there's more the technology
that was a typo. if you remember a guy complaining about his terrible spelling that's me. Last time I bought that up someone wanted me to set up a trip code about it or something.

I once described my motivation to write literature to a friend as like a dwarf in Dwarf Fortress with a "strange mood." I rather not talk about it any further since that kind of blog post belongs on /lit/.

>> No.64205033

write us a technology blog anon

>> No.64205041

>now have to type every website out

No thanks

>> No.64205196

Holy shit anon

>> No.64205227

Within a year of me leaving to uni my brothers managed to get a virus and somehow corrupt the hard drive of my old desktop. I told them they can fix it themselves idgaf. Now it’s fine with a new ssd as the boot drive and I think they are more computer savvy.

>> No.64205451


Fine, just leave all my loli porn alone.

>> No.64205954

>write us a technology blog anon
I've never really been interested in writing a Blog. I tried it a long time ago but I couldn't always come up with topics to write about regularly and time spent writing on the blog would be time I could be writing other things I want to. However, you're not the first person in my life too suggest I create and upload content online. One relative of mine is persistent that I start a podcast and half of me does want to publish my writing somewhere where people can read them.

The closest thing to a blog I would be interested in is uploading tutorials and rant like a few other people on YouTube /g/ likes to talk about sometimes. However over the course of 2017 I become so deeply disgusted with Google that I wouldn't want to upload anything on YouTube.

By the way, I feel very guilty going this far off topic talking about myself.

>> No.64205984

hire a proofreader and/or editor and blog. make a post with the trip I gave you and I'll read daily. otherwise godspeed with the niece

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>> No.64206638

FreeSync or gsync

>> No.64206651

>hire a proofreader and/or editor
I probably should but many of my typos are actually the artifacts of my reliance on speech-to-text software. I don't scrutinize forum posts as tightly as my own writings.

>make a post with the trip I gave you and I'll read daily.
Since I would be breaking unwritten rules of etiquette on 4chan either way, here's my Minds account.


Unfortunately Minds doesn't have a section for writers to post literature in the blogs section but it's the only social media I can tolerate using. I think I'll try posting the occasional thought or opinion and maybe some blogs here and there. I don't know what you're expecting though because he make it seem like I should try to become the next Digibro.
I should probably change my location to something other than Kekistan since Reddit killed that meme.

>otherwise godspeed with the niece
youyube-dl alone would probably blow her mind. She spends a lot of time watching YouTube otherwise I'm not expecting much.

>> No.64206699

How did you even cross 3 states to get here and why are you in my house? I thought I was "estranged" or something.

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>because he make it seem like
I think you're right about the proofreader and editor thing.
I also need to find a way to wight form posts without my phone's voice typing since it makes so many mistakes.

I don't know Anon, how many one-night stands have you had?

>> No.64206762

>t. numale/autist that cares too much about what other people like

>> No.64206880

LED monitors?

>> No.64206920

really nigger? that's the part you take issue with? not the hitting your mom part? you autistic reeeeeeeeeee

>> No.64207017

Sure no problem
>Open Chromebook
>use guest account

Go wild kiddo

>> No.64207257


>> No.64207274


>> No.64207953
File: 596 KB, 999x1228, 1512592381359.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

fug, you had to go steal my trip code right when I decided I was going to use it anyway.
I hope it makes you happy though. Just go be a cancerous faggot on some other board.
/ck/ was always shut so I don't think anyone will care if you trip fag there in one of their fast-food threads.

>> No.64208094

*rapes brother*

>> No.64208850

>Linux has no games

>> No.64208993
File: 70 KB, 221x322, 1502665634671.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If you stole this trip then you are currently the saddest man on this board.

>> No.64209901

unfortunately, i can't suggest any modern kids games, since i don't follow them anymore either
i guess saying "whatever first party nintendo games are out" is just too obvious

>> No.64209933

i must admit i liked some lego games when i was a kid, like lego racers, rock raiders, and lego island
i'll just have to take your word on it

>> No.64209977
File: 106 KB, 560x510, 1514509887910.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>not knowing gondola

>> No.64210060

not him, but i've been here since 2006 and never bothered to look up what that's actually from
at this point i'm pretty much over memes in general

>> No.64210065

>He doesn't know LED lights make your computer 100000x faster

>> No.64210131

You died in a car accident 5 years ago. I know that because I was the one that pushed you in front of the car

>> No.64210200
File: 2.99 MB, 270x333, 1508808566720.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Its already too late anon. Sorry.

>> No.64210235
File: 27 KB, 753x601, 1484436208211.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.64210269

>implying my younger sister would want to mess around with a laptop from 1997

>> No.64210306

Just keyword them.
You can also keyword searches, so like 'f foo bar' will search a specific wiki for foo bar, or 'g niggers' will search google.
With firefox at least. Pretty sure Chrome can do it with a plugin or some shit.

>> No.64210344

Custom homepage solves this and >>64210306
Just have it running on a machine you never shutdown with xampp or something.

>> No.64210359

>Custom homepage
Waste of resources and effort unless you seriously only use a mouse or touchscreen. Or have the attention span of half a gold fish's reflection and need a page to tell you where to go.
Just keyword and hotkey literally everything.

>> No.64210388

>that shitty TP-Link wireless adapter
God I hate that piece of shit with a burning passion

>> No.64210429

Makes sense. I have weather info on mine at least so it isn't entirely useless links.

>> No.64210526

I have a back lit keyboard for occasional convenience. No other LEDs showing.

>> No.64211166
File: 677 KB, 1366x768, Screenshot from 2017-02-06 01-31-40.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>he gets into fap folder

>> No.64211277

>saw-jawed koreans idols
they look better with round babyfaces

>> No.64211523

He is a Nordic form of the Pedobear, Spurdo Sparde, who has been abstracted even more to become Gondola, the purest being in existence

>> No.64211550
File: 46 KB, 661x527, adramelech.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

the f50 is glorious. too bad my bro destroyed it when we were kids, as well as my 850ci
belt drive? its a 458 wheel.
its better than the shitty ass dlink wireless N adapter which for some reason was still plugged in.

specs for system

>> No.64211576

they're fine

>> No.64211593

kys retard

>> No.64211968

100% accurate

>> No.64212039

I miss it too mate. I wonder if we knew eachother. My username started with si.

>> No.64212618

have you even had a brother

>> No.64212659

came here to post this, i'd leave him at the command prompt tho

>> No.64212855

That is a beautiful desk but I doubt it'd ever fit my laptop's dock and monitor stand. Feels bad mang

"Anon what's e621?"

>> No.64212893

We can jerk off to shota porn together and afterwards I might even turn the computer on :^o

>> No.64213032

probably because he's playing on some old ass TV when I first built my rig I couldn't afford a monitor I had to do the same thing the screen tearing was nausea inducing

>> No.64213181

id agree

>> No.64213512
File: 166 KB, 600x469, 1513909669415.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Give bro a PC
>He logs into his account
>He opens browser
>Starts typing "Sha"....

>> No.64213635

If you're still here anon. Get old PuttPutt/SpyFox games for your niece. In fact you can make all of them work on Android, need a mouse for some of the games.

>> No.64214057


>> No.64214070
File: 58 KB, 700x700, 1515027563450.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.64214090
File: 73 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>used to have an oniichan, loved him but also bullied him just for shits and giggles
>now he is a semi-chad, more social than me
i guess karma exists bois

>> No.64214108
File: 157 KB, 322x462, 1513801179984.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>let dad use PC for a couple mins
>see him open the browser and start typing www.x...

>> No.64215334

How does one steal a trip code? Why is that anon a nigger?

>> No.64215343

my history for that is just things related to the hash function of the same name, and "shaft" a couple times related to research into the kind of machines i draw in CAD

>> No.64215372

Thank fuck I'm an only child

Although I wouldn't mind a sibling
And my mother would never be stupid enough to let a little brother use my pc

>> No.64215398

>Have otouto
>Is everything I wanted to be and will be the man I wish I could have been

I'm proud and ashamed.

>> No.64215851

>triggering faggots since the 90's
case on desk fags have no self respect

>> No.64216242

>they steal a hard-to-find PS1 game I had borrowed from a friend

Guess it wasn't that hard to find!

>> No.64216728


>> No.64217077

"Get the fuck out of my room before I shoot you and mom like I shot dad last time he tried this shit. You have your own machine."

>me irl

>> No.64217101

>his search history for "sha" doesnt include shadbase

>> No.64217165

What PS1 game was this?. Final Bout?.

>> No.64217504

The fuck should I care, this is my house. Also, who are you? I don't have any siblings.

>> No.64217558

Literally the one thing every older brother does.

>> No.64217974

I have the only computer in the house so my mom always using it. But it's ok because I don't have any brothers ans sisters.

The only bad thing is that I cannot allow myself to place some women pictures on my wallpaper.

>> No.64218022

... You know some fucked up people anon. I don't think it's normal to beat your brother.

>> No.64218232

get your mom a laptop or tablet. why are you letting her touch your cum infested peripherals nibba

>> No.64218274

>what are guest accounts

>> No.64218444

Oh great, I'm a neckbeard for having an IBM MODEL M that isn't a terminal variant. Fuck you.

>> No.64219423

post feet

>> No.64219562
File: 773 KB, 260x221, 1506872903512.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I knew this was coming.
But not so soon.

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