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>vidya is not affe-

Enjoy paying 30% more for multiplayer gayems

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Sorry I'm not a child

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time for EBYN servers.

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So you are an adult playing singleplayer games?

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I don't play games.

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30% out of 0 is still 0

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that's fucking awful. is it only intel processors affected by this in particular?

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Good thing no one here plays games then.

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Yes, Meltdown is Intel only. The patch to 'fix' Meltdown causes a huge performance drop.

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>300% performance hit

Intel are done. 2018's new servers will be AMD.

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Bye bye server business, Intel.

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It's Ksenia Solo from Lost Girl.

I've seen a lot of Ksenia gifs on /g/ lately, probably all posted by the same person.

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It's seriously going to fuck them over completely. They can't just easily fix it either, it's baked into their architecture.

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They are jews, they'll manage to keep the business
This infuriates me.

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Oh they won't go under, but it's going to hurt them a lot.

But then, they deserve it for their anti-competitive business practises. Probably the most corrupt tech company in existence at the moment.

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man i was waiting this whole series for a ksenia+anna lesbo that never happened

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Fortnite was decent, oh well who gives a shit.

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Good thing I don't run game servers

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fucking lol

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Considering that each new generation only gets 10-12% improvement, this drop of 30% takes us back like 5 years?

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Since this affects performance across the board, does that mean that:

-Game sales will lower and refunds will rise because people can't run what they would have probably be able to run properly had this never occurred


-Companies will spend more resources trying to optimize their shit

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Intel's goyal followers.

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Don't get me wrong I'd like to have their heads but what the fuck can I do other than spending more money on other hardware that might in the future have a similar flaw? Shill for AMD? As though that's the solution to this?

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How is recommending the competition that doesn't have these problems not the solution?

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Because there is absolutely zero guarantee of it not being affected by something similar without you knowing it. Brand worshipping is no solution at all. Shilling is only worth it when you're being paid.

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>it's baked into their architecture.
it's because OF their architecture
they CHOSE to do this for better performance (and were gona continue to do it with the ''''new'''' upcoming cpus that just got cancelled)

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Year of the EPYC server.

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They already tested it and AMD isn't vulnerable to Meltdown.
You are worshiping a brand by ignoring its issues and unironically using the extremely fallacious argument that if it MIGHT have similar problems then it's just as bad even though there's zero proof and a much smaller chance of it having these issues since AMD doesn't cheap out on security as much as Intel does, the bias is obvious.

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First you think that the only vulnerabilities avauilable are Meltdown and Specter.

Then you go like "oh you're ignoring the issue" despite the fact that I made it clear that I'm aware of it and I very much dislike it. There is zero proof of AMD having a similar vulnerability and guess what, there is also zero proof of AMD NOT having it. You are the one worshipping a company and telling people to buy products by said company. I'm the one choosing not to take sides and I'm definitely not going for Intel next time. Take your mouth off AMD's cock for a split second or show me that you personally help manufacture AMD processors and know exactly why it shouldn't be possible to have a vulnerability of a similar nature in the future. Or show me that you knew exactly about these two specific vulnerabilities before anyone else did, you could also do that.

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on one hand we have AMD who provides based price per performance with excellent secure architecture. And on ther hand we have intel which cost 30% more and gives 30% less performance and have shitty secure architecture.

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>intel definitely has an issue
>amd might have some issue but nobody know at the moment
Gee, what should I choose?

However I'm assuming that Spectre isn't a problem on AMD but I'm not sure what to believe now. I ain't going to upgrade any soon because of RAM prices so I guess it doesn't really matter to me now.

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oh boy intel faggots are really sad

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>There is zero proof of AMD having a similar vulnerability and guess what, there is also zero proof of AMD NOT having it
Are you just pretending to be retarded? You're just making empty unfalsifiable claims despite the clear evidence that AMD has better security.
I'm not even sucking anyone's clock, I'm stating facts while you aren't.

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My point is not "do not buy AMD" it is "do not fucking force me to suck their dick real hard and believe without concrete proof that they are super secure and perfect like god". AMD is a suitable alternative now, but I'm not going to shove it down your throat and then if anything happens, go like "oh well it's your goddamn fault for trusting AMD mate"

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these Intel faggots are really so butthurt that they are creating their own alternate reality

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Come on then, show me all of the clear evidence.

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gee I dunno, maybe the fact that AMD isn't affected by possibly the biggest security issue in CPU history?

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How is that clear evidence? AMD wasn't affected by -two- specific vulnerabilities. You're essentially saying that therefore, they're not going to be affected by vulnerabilities. A better argument would be "they don't have this specific system built in in which such situation might occur", but you did not bring that up. Instead you just made the pretty silly assumption that survivability is the same as invincibility.

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>AMD has better security.
Just recently a big security hole in their PSP has been published. Unfortunately, IT as a whole is trash

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The one that needs physical access to the system?

And unless it can bypass the setting that locks the PSP out from the OS it's even more worthless.


Note the date, based AMD.

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same load goes from 10% to 28% utilization

le 30% face

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This one. Didn't know about the disable option though, that's nice.

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>developers @re lazy and use hardware crutches
>developer make shit mechanics for much visuals
>go for cheap mechanics and visuals instead of deep story and mechanics

I see nothing wrong with these fags getting fucks,maybe they'll get their shit together

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They don't have this specific system built in in which such situation might occur, Intel's Meltdown was a pure oversight (most likely on purpose to increase performance)

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>I see nothing wrong with these fags getting fucks,maybe they'll get their shit together
This game is literally more optimized than any other in the genre. PUBG servers lag like ass whenever there's more than 50 players on a server.

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>hardware crutches
Yeah, they should be sending data packets through mail which the players then have to type out on their PCs.

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Fucking lazy devs, everyone knows syscalls are a crutch and you should implement your own kernel inside of your application.

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They get their Jew brothers in the government to sign huge, exclusive contracts for the government to buy Intel CPUs.

They'll cut prices on Server CPUs.

They'll basically do anything, including illegal, shady things to keep people buying Intel CPUs.

They'll sell them at a loss if the have to in order to keep AMDs market share and revenue down.

Besides the NSA practically designed these things, why would they use AMD CPUs that use British PSP cores?

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t. mr. I don't know what a kernel is

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>I don't pay video games so henceforth I'm more mature than you

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Pretty much any IO bound service is badly affected.

Also affects other vms on a host.

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t. Mr I don't know what sarcasm is

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> implying Intel doesn't destroy Ryzen in every gaming-related benchmark
> implying it isn't the AMDshills that always backpedal with "lol stop playing games U NERD"

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It's over, Xeons are completely finished.
>slides filled with FUD about Epyc
>two xeon gold can barely compete with a single Epyc
>Epyc is much cheaper and provides a shitload of PCIe lanes
>Epyc provides encrypted memory containers for better VM isolation

>datacenter thread

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I'll just copy this from another thread about the same BS:

>So they found a problem in the TPM reference code that most vendors use, tested their exploit in an emulator, and now it's being called a PSP remote code execution vulnerability?
>They never tried to test it on actual AMD hardware, and then they assumed (while not having any AMD hardware to verify with) that the PSP has no exploit mitigation technologies. And where are they getting the remote bit from? At best that's remote from the main cpu to the PSP cpu. I can't say I'm particularly impressed by this so far, especially seeing that a fix is ready and has been apparently rolling out for the past month. If anything I'm happy about this, not worried. Security working as it should: problem found, problem reported, problem fixed. Of course I'd be happier if all PSP code was open source of course, but maybe that can still happen some day.

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Are you blind?

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Intel is just maximizing your server load for you. You should be thankful to Intel for this feature.

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>Enjoy paying 30% more for multiplayer gayems
Why would I want to play games?

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will meltdown ushee in a new dawn of AMD thinkpads?

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>guys please buy intel, look you get 10 more FPS over AMD, so worth the extra $200
>meltdown happens
>dude no one even plays game you child, intel was never for gaming

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But normal user didn't even feel it. Some have even gotten 1-2 %increase.
Well i didn't even 0% but maybe it's because an older core 2 quad cpu

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learn english before you post here, pajeet

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It is percentile

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> hello to you sir, this Ajeet Pai, technical support. what is problem?
>Please do the needful
>I would be grateful if you update for security
>it will be more better
>be thankful sir

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It's not going to hurt them at all. This is just a new chance for them to sell more CPU's to replace the faulty ones.

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Is this adult enough?

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Meltdown in action


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Well, it's better to suck up a 30% performance drop with a security fix than eat a 40-50% performance drop by buying AMD.

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>Intel 18 core is 20-30% faster than a AMD 16 core while using a lot more power, also $2000
>now it's slower

Literally pathetic.

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>20-30% faster
Maybe in single-thread performance

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Not even, it's some 10-15% faster there.
I mean all core performance, it needs higher clocks, housefires AND more cores to beat out AMD, costs significantly more and has less features.

Well, the performance difference is now gone.

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maybe in single core mode

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>40-50% performance drop by buying AMD
Hi Brian.

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On my web server, it's gone from an average of 20% usage per day to 35%. That's a 70% fucking increase.

At peak times, it can't handle it and I'm having to upgrade.
I'd change to an Epyc node if I could, but none are rolled out. Instead I have to get a more powerful Xeon node than I previous had, but I'm going to switch to Epyc as soon as I reasonably can.
I'm pissed, though. This is lots of extra work migrating servers and verifying that they work fine that I didn't plan on doing this month.

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Do us a favour and don't use an chip thats named like a 14 year olds gamertag.

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He should use the Xeon Bling Bling Nigger edition instead.

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Gold is one of the best conductors available, being aimed at servers, systems that connect, and conduct information it's an entirely natural and sensible name.

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Explain silver, bronze and platinum then.

Actually don't bother, we all know the naming is just to tickle the vanity of some retarded clueless middle manager buying this stuff.

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>look ma', my processor knowledge dates back some all the way to 2011 and I'm proud of it!

Why am I not surprised Intelfags are mostly underage? Even their ex-architect does nothing but act like an infant on twitter nowadays.

Hint: VLIW and compiler

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why are there no other company mentioning this fact?
So far I ony heard of laptop baterry draining faster and this one.

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Better dead than red.

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