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Yea Im not going to spend 30 hours learning image editor autismo

What is a simpler image editor for linux distros?

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Windows 10 in a vm + photoshop

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Pinta. Pretty similar to paint.net

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>linux distros

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0.01 Rupee and 1 Bing point has been deposited into your Microsoft account, Rajesh

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GIMP sucks, but paint.net just lacks features despite having a drastically nicer UI.

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ms paint in wine

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git gud

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Photoshop with Wine.

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Pinta is essentially Paint.NET on Linux

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Krita is actually really good and can be used in production unlike gimp and its free

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thirding pinta for shitposting purposes. Inkscape/krita/whatever are all good but you don't hit get a real gimp alternative til you're editing images on a 2d plane in blender.

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Affinity Photo.
Affinity Designer.

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>lacks features
You know you're meant to install them yourself right?

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> Fireworks
What year is it?

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Pinta, like paint.net awesome shit.

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Wow, I haven't seen that name in years. Nostalgic. I made a lot of shitty graphics in that.

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photoshop is 15 euro per month you cheap fuck and cs4 works on linus (you can download old version in cc)

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>Krita is actually really good and can be used in production unlike gimp and its free
Neither can really be used in production because the industry is very dependent on a compability with proprietary formats. Some freelance work is a maximum but they usually pirate Adobe or Corel products anyway.

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Paint.NET for Winfags
Pinta for Linuxfags
Photoshop for Macfags

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>Pinta is essentially Paint.NET on Linux

Paint,Net is slightly better

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Pinta will never be discontinued though.

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It's easier to use than Photoshop. If you don't know how to use GIMP then image editing isn't for you.
Try fiddling with KolourPaint.

>paint.net looks better than GIMP
can't really see a difference.

Pinta is buggy and full of memory leaks. At least on windows.

The industry in no way depends on proprietary format compatibility. You're free to use whatever you want as long as you deliver the result which is almost always an "open"/finished image (png/svg/..) paired with the source image. There wouldn't be a point in using a "standard" because you will rarely have more than a single person working on one image. Unless a company you work at uses their own editors to make things easier for you, you should be able to use any editor you'd like and whatever helps you deliver results fastest. I haven't heard of any company which requires you to use a specific piece of software for basic 2D image formats.

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I work in the industry (mostly tv and some web) with krita I can get away with a lot if I don’t have a photoshop license on hand (I don’t have a personal one, the companies always supply it) but yea I prefer using photoshop but krita does a lot of stuff right and isn’t a burning train wreck like gimp

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Sorry, I meant graphic design not digital painting. In GD I would be totally fucked without Adobe because I often need to rework other people's design and often work in a group of designers. No way I could use FOSS tools in this kind of environment.

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How comes with the amount of "linux desktop" autists running wild, noone forked GIMP to mimick ui and tools of photoshop? I would rather run windows than relearn for gimp.

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Nobody likes gimp, not even libre fanatics. I think if GIMP disappeared a functional and usable replacement would appear within 6 months but with GIMP it will never appear.

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I like GIMP non-ironically.

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I learned everything I needed to know in gimp within 30 minutes tops and the more advanced features within minutes as I needed them. if you can't accomplish 'the needful' with gimp, then you're a low functioning autist.

serious, do you brainlets really consider gimp's UI hard to learn or is it just a meme?

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why, do you have a solid example where any FOSS tools wouldn't work?

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FOSS would work anywhere except where they've already taken steps to block it like settling on Adobe file formats or something.

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yeah, that and the all the universities teaching all new GDs/Whatever on "$ Industry Standard $" software. they're fooled into thinking they need it and I guess to be honest, most of the talentless ones do.

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>It's easier to use than Photoshop.
I have never come across a more needlessly complicated retarded gui than the one gimp has. Photoshop at least makes sense, gimp hides basic functions behind a fucktarded interface.

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>needlessly complicated retarded gui
like? serious question.

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I wouldn't even care so much about the usability if gimp was less hopelessly unstable and didn't crash constantly on linux OR windows.

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I can't really be bothered to compare two functions, but learn photoshop and you'll be able to tell instantly how easier and more intuitive it is to use than gimp. Not saying photoshop is super simple, but comparatively gimp sucks ass.

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>i know photoshop and gimp is harder now

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I tried to learn gimp, I really did. Photoshop just came easier, which means gimp's interface is more convoluted. That's all I'm saying.

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>babby duck is proof of objective things

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Photoshop works in Wine now

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