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Reminder, AMD isn't affected by these severe Intel security flaws.

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Here come the intel kikes now to chant "Wrong" over and over.

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who the hell even cares about those 5-30%, not like you fags do anything other than watching trapporn and playing gaymes on your PC's

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>pay more
>get less

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There are PAID intel shills in this forum and on every other one across the net. Intel payolla outlets Anandtech, Tom's Hardware and Arstechnica have all consulted their Intel contacts and VERY late published FAKE NEWS articles letting Intel off the hook. But not every tech site takes large cheques from Intel...

If anyone here mentions 'SPECTRE', they are an Intel shill. Spectre is an 'exploit' that has no proven attack vector on AMD Ryzen parts, and the THEORETICAL vectors are simply patched on AMD with no performance hit. On Intel, Spectre CANNOT be patched, however. Either way, spectre is another TRIVIAL and insignificant bug- of which many thousands have already been dealt with on both AMD and Intel.

It is MELTDOWN that is the only issue that matters. Meltdown describes the NSA backdoor built into every Intel CPU designed to allow user code ring-0 access. This is an ARCHITECTURAL design of intel's CPU's, and cannot be fixed except by flushing and state resetting before EVERY virtual memory/IO operation- a massive slowdown of key functionality.

AMD's memory architecture is completely different, and does NOT allow this NSA requested attcak vector- not now, not ever.

Linux has gone crazy cos the exploit is a clear NSA backdoor, which Linux types will not accept. Microsoft, as an OS, is riddled with NSA exploits by Microsoft, so doesn't need a CPU hardware vector. Thus MS can happily patch the hole (on Intel only) at the cost of significant performance degradation on all mutli-core mulit-app use cases (which excludes most current games).

Intel cannot have a 'fixed' CPU til the end of 2019 at the earliest. Roadmapped Intel parts (like icelake) all have this NSA backdoor.

There is ZERO AMD issue - indeed AMD Ryzen is the future, just as the original AMD64 was the future when intel was shilling for the broken hopeless netburst design.

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I believe you but I would like to see some sources as well.

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It's not affected by ONE of the three severe x86 security flaws.
The other two, especially v2...

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>self-important neckbeard thinks he's smarter than AMD cpu engineers, google researchers and intel deathsquads.

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>self-important sand company thinks they're smarter than Google, Linux, BSD, Microsoft, Apple, Intel, ARM, and a hastily assembled hacker team of Russian CS-GO players with a ping of 400+

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Were you role playing as Red Hat employees in Microsoft Word?

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