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i always watch niBBa Burke's videos muted and put on some doom metal instead, they're objectively better that way

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Poor Steve.
Here is my unsub,I hope Intel pays well.

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Spectre affects AMD and Intel, like I said. Meltdown does not.

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no spectre affects only FX amd on V1 and nothing more
but saying the truth around here isnt trendy

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Nothing (READ NOTHING) is proven to take effect on AMD at present time with the current exploit period.

Therefore this is all on Intel hands and they PR department pays well.

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"To be clear, the security research team identified three variants targeting speculative execution. The threat and the response to the three variants differ by microprocessor company, and AMD is not susceptible to all three variants. Due to differences in AMD's architecture, we believe there is a near zero risk to AMD processors at this time. " - AMD

"Almost every system is affected by Spectre: Desktops, Laptops, Cloud Servers, as well as Smartphones. More specifically, all modern processors capable of keeping many instructions in flight are potentially vulnerable. In particular, we have verified Spectre on Intel, AMD, and ARM processors. At the moment, it is unclear whether ARM and AMD processors are also affected by Meltdown." -Meltdownattack

AMD says it is not susceptible to all three variants. Meltdownattack says it doesn't know if AMD/ARM are clear.

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Copy pasting comments from youtube proves nothing.
AMD is not vulnerable to any of this period.

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I've meme'ing hair autist to leave that pos channel for so long. from time i just have to watch gamers nexus.

The problem with fabulous hair burke is that he takes pride in being an intel shill. While he makes certain that his disgust for all things amd is clearly displayed.

not even watching that video.

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I will sum it up for you.
He admits he is way over his head here,then continues citing parts from the google doc and the Intel PR spin.
Mentions AMD and ARM in a negative connotation few times and once mentions they they issued response without actually explaining anything.
Here is his thumbnail.
Everyone is vulnerable and he is sticking to it.

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> I hear what I want to hear

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>AMD is not vulnerable to any of this period.
you're fighting against AMDs own statement
>AMD is not susceptible to all three variants.
"all three" meaning it could be susceptible to one.
>we believe there is a near zero risk
"believe" I don't know about you but "believe" is not a statement of fact.
this also goes directly WITH Googles statement
>unclear whether ARM and AMD processors are also affected
"unclear" as in we don't know if its clear or not.
You are making extreme statements that go against AMD and Googles.

google and AMD both say they are not sure whether Spectre affects AMD, and yet you are arguing against their statements.

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Nearly all ARE vulernable. Meltdown is Intel specific. Spectre 1 and Spectre 2 are, as of right now, not 100% Intel specific. How is this so hard to grasp?

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I see here im talking to a wall.
Come back when you actually know what all of this is about I do not plan to sit here whole night and walk you through why this is purely Intel fuckup.

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>why this is purely Intel fuckup.
US CERT, GPZ, AMD itself, and countless independent companies have said Spectre is not specific to Intel.
Prove them wrong. You're smarter than these companies who have billions of dollars on the line, right? AMD did not flat out deny that Spectre isn't a problem for them. They said they're not "susceptible to all three."

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fucking gaymen's nexus intel shill

Steve Burke is still butthurt about RX Vega selling for over MSRP (which he blames AMD on even though AMD has no control over vendor/retailer/distributor price gouging).

Fuck gamers nexus

Atleast Hardware "intel" Unboxed made a specific video on the INTEL MELTDOWN hardware bug

I can't wait for JayzTwoTonnes to side with Intel as usual, fucking fat fuck

I also hope that fucking hillbilly fake teeth Tech Deals is happy with his Intel X299 8 core 5000USD machine that Intel gave him for free since he has shilled intel products ever since he got that PC

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And no one is arguing about Meltdown. Meltdown IS Intel specific.

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ah, I forgot he comes here from time to time.
Actually, whenever there's a big happening.

HI steve, fuck you.
aussie Steve is a better Steve than you.

and the only reason your channel is still alive is because hair autist somehow keeps sending his videos to you; since not even your fanbase likes your videos apart from a couple dozen of echochamber retards and the majority of ironical subscribers who are too curious for their own good and just on what you will on a topical matter because they want to bring us your bullshit first hand, to point and laugh, you know.

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>mfw waiting for based AdoredTV's video about the Meltdown bug

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>butthurt about RX Vega selling for over MSRP
I'm sure it has nothing to do with the fact it was a rushed release with garbage drivers, 6 months late to the party, and could not compete with Nvidia.
Not to mention the fact AMD specifically told all media outlets that they were going to try and keep it away from the miners, but now they advertise it with the blockchain on its product page.
no one is debating the performance side, ignoring the fact that your example is benchmarking on an insider build.

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tech deals took a hard turn after that.
he was quite neutral before.

well, 10k in equipment really is a nice incentive.

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I used to think his videos were decent. After his recent 'reviews', it became clear that he isn't any better than most other reviewers out there.

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he ascended.
he reached enlightenment last night and won't be posting any more youtube videos. Too mundane.

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atleast it doesn't have any hardware bug that let's malware and viruses steal your encryption keys

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The second he pulled that crypto coin video I knew somethings fishy.
>A video about global warming by some layman that doesnt know his ass from elbow
lol unsubbed right there and then.

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I'm not defending Intel. AMD is one of three companies possibly affected by Spectre. This is just a fact.
Intel is affected by all 3. AMD and ARM are affected by one or two.

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Amd is not "affected". They said they cannot verify that it is vulnerable to spectre #1 because it has not been confirmed whether it can breach it or not. Shintel on the other hand, has been confirmed to be vulnerable against spectre#1 and #2 and is vulnerable to meltdown which is the most threatening.

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here we go again








"near zero risk"

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from google itself

the only reason they dont say zero risk is because they cant predict the future

as of today its zero risk for amd

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>/g/ now hates hardware jesus
The level of pajeet shilling on this board.
He literally just stated facts and unlike most of this board he wasn't spamming memes all day about le 30%.
While you guys were making wojak memes he was out there getting the info from the team who developed the exploit itself and even talked about when the team disclosed it to companies (was in fucking june for fucks sake).

This intel spam was almost as bad as when some braindead idiot from /pol/ though he was a 1337 haxxor when he accessed public data from some lefty site whatever blue shit it was called.

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>Amd is not "affected".
I said "possibly"
AMD is vulnerable to Spectre #1 and don't believe they are to #2
You just proved my point. Intel has Meltdown and Spectre, AMD and ARM have Spectre #1 and possible #2. No one is even debating this.

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>I'm not defending intel.
that's abundantly clear. Since you work for them. You can't say that you're stating your own opinion when you're obviously pushing simply publicizing their press releases for us and/or reading from their script.

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>You can't say that you're stating your own opinion
I'm stating facts.
Variant One
Resolved by software / OS updates
AMD is vulnerable to #1, but can fix it. Just like ARM and Intel
Variant Two
Differences in AMD architecture mean there is a near zero risk of exploitation of this variant.
AMD isn't 100% sure but doesn't think they're affected.
Variant Three
Zero AMD vulnerability

I don't see how you can dispute AMDs own press release

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Ever stopped to consider you are the bias shill and not them?

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"AMD processors are not subject to the types of attacks that the kernel
page table isolation feature protects against. The AMD microarchitecture
does not allow memory references, including speculative references, that
access higher privileged data when running in a lesser privileged mode
when that access would result in a page fault.

Disable page table isolation by default on AMD processors by not setting
the X86_BUG_CPU_INSECURE feature, which controls whether X86_FEATURE_PTI
is set."

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yes, I proved your point when I said that a negligible security concern should be the focus of every online discussion, on every board/forum when of the "other" problem, which is conveniently exclusive to intel, shouldnt even be mentioned, because you can just trust intel is working real hard to provide consumers world wide with the best security measures known to man.


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just for you

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you can't possibly be this dense.
y-you baiting us, right Steve?

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Yeah Stephen Burke, but it's obvious who you are working for when you leave it at "Nearly every CPU is affected" instead of making it clear that Intel are the ones who are significantly affected, while AMD if affected by spectre 1 only on linux with a specific kernel feature turned on.

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wow i just watched Jayztwocent video and he constrantly hammered Intel for being shit and defended AMD and ARM

Steve Burke from Gamer's Nexus has overtaken Jay as the top 1 intel shill

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>if CPU is not from AMD
>assume it's insecure

*breathes in*
*breathes out*
*breathes in*


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still won't be watching that shit.

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ryan fucking shrout has been throwing the bantz hard on intel for this.

So far, only Tom's hardware and Steve Burke kept shilling for intel.

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IT'S UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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hold my hand anon.
let's watch it together.

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The video is about my picture and not the Intel meltdown.

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But ARM states that Cortex-A75 is susceptible to meltdown

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hahaha, don't even care.
2 min in and he's taking jabs at gamer's nexus for their bullshit. it's kinda poetic. it fits perfectly in this thread.

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>AdoredTV BTO'ing Hardware Canucks, Gamer's Nexus and Guru3D

I subscribed to him on Patreon just for that kek

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t. Steve "buy our 99 USD mousepad" Burke

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>antistatic mat for disassembly and repair of electronics

pick one

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>anons assblast fabulous hair man credibility
>he doesn't even flinch
>anons get of one his merchandise wrong
>fabulous hair man, flips his hair, and snaps

nice to see your priorities, Steve.

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