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Did AMD foresee Intelgate?

>20 June 2017

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>According to researchers, Intel and other chip makers were informed June 1, 2017

>the filing also notes that Krzanich adopted the plan just a month before the sales, on Oct. 30, 2017.

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>the filing also notes that Krzanich adopted the plan just a month before the sales, on Oct. 30, 2017.

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i really really really like your pic
do you mind if i save it?

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please send royalties to intel's bank in Israel before using it

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thx lauren, i'll pay my INTELaviv taxes soon

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They knew, something was definitely up.






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There is no way not even one team somewhere in the world did not found this in the last 20 years.
Putting backdoors on everything makes sense if you know you can memory dump whenever you want it.

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simply epyc

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Why the fuck is everything called SomethingGate?
What if you decide you no longer like Bill Gates, would that be BillGatesGate?

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NSA, CIA and FBI were certainly aware of it and used it.

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SEV needs PSP right?

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>mfw a bug in the physical design of transistors is discovered in the future

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no. 3ds

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Because Intel literally left the gate open to hackers, and surveillance agencies

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What if they left it open non-literally?

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wouldn't surprise me, they are incompetent

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SEV doesn't solve Spectre, albeit it may come in handy in datacenters.

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Wait this was presented at blackhat 2016? Yeah there is no way scripts aren't out there taking advantage of this exploit. Intel dun goofed hard.

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watergate, you fucking idiot

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Doubt it. Why was there nothing in the snowden NSA leaks or the wikileaks CIA leaks?

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yeah, that doesn't make it not fucking retarded

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no but it does make you fucking retarded for not figuring it out yourself.

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Holy shit. Fuck off back to pol and flatearth society.

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Because it's the kind of leaks that you use to spy on other countries not on fellow burgers.

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>Implying those leaks are the alpha and the omega of top secret stuff.
It's just the top of the iceberg.

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AMD architecture does solve Spectre, so who fucking cares?

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>AMD architecture does solve Spectre

No, it does not. Drop AMD and Intel press releases and read the fucking advisories. There's NO FIX for Spectre, only mitigation, and it affects AMD as well.

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At worst SPECTRE on AMD allows a process to read it's own memory, unlike on Intel which allows userspace processes to access other processes memory. Not even in the same class of fault and that's not even counting MELTDOWN.

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This mess just shows the sad state of IT security.

Meanwhile most middle managers/HR will now get one "security guy" to "look at the situation" for a month and then promptly tell him to fuck off, until the next fuckup happens.

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>As a result, an unprivileged attacker could use these two flaws to read privileged memory by conducting targeted cache side-channel attacks. These variants could be used not only to cross syscall boundary (variant 1 and variant 2) but also guest/host boundary (variant 2).
nice try though

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Those are speculations you're pulling out of your ass, except the factually correct statement that "Meltdown" != "Spectre" (no shit). AMD and Intel are both affected by Spectre to the same degree and Spectre has NO FIX no matter how hard we pretend there's one. The only fix will be a future CPU replacement. Techs like the referenced SEV allow to "harden" against Spectre in the VPS industry at best (guest/host relationship). This doesn't solve the Spectre vulnerability for each single machine (whether virtual or not) at all.

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Not shown to work on AMD, confirmed by AMD engineers that it cannot work. Targeted cache side-channel attack is MELTDOWN. Nice try though intel fan.

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as if they had a choice in the matter.

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Nobody has proven or shown SPECTRE accessing privileged or segregated process memory on AMD, which confirms AMD's assertion that it's not affected. You're the one desperately trying to pull facts out of your ass but you have no proof, provide the proof.

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Drop the press releases and fucking read the advisories. The only thing AMD engineers can assure you is that Meltdown won't affect AMD. No shit.

>which confirms
Does not confirm, at all. Read the fucking papers and the fucking advisories.

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Spectre is a smokescreen by Intel trying to desperately associate AMD with the meltdown attack. Besides being way worse on Intel, spectre is something that was advised over six months ago and Intel shills have shotgunned it around as it's nominally related to the meltdown class of attack.

If you see anyone mention spectre, they are an intel shill spreading fake news to try and associate AMD with this disaster.

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I read the advisories, at worst AMD is able to give a process access to its own memory. Provide proof otherwise or kys shill.

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There are PAID intel shills in this forum and on every other one across the net. Intel payolla outlets Anandtech, Tom's Hardware and Arstechnica have all consulted their Intel contacts and VERY late published FAKE NEWS articles letting Intel off the hook. But not every tech site takes large cheques from Intel...

If anyone here mentions 'SPECTRE', they are an Intel shill. Spectre is an 'exploit' that has no proven attack vector on AMD Ryzen parts, and the THEORETICAL vectors are simply patched on AMD with no performance hit. On Intel, Spectre CANNOT be patched, however. Either way, spectre is another TRIVIAL and insignificant bug- of which many thousands have already been dealt with on both AMD and Intel.

It is MELTDOWN that is the only issue that matters. Meltdown describes the NSA backdoor built into every Intel CPU designed to allow user code ring-0 access. This is an ARCHITECTURAL design of intel's CPU's, and cannot be fixed except by flushing and state resetting before EVERY virtual memory/IO operation- a massive slowdown of key functionality.

AMD's memory architecture is completely different, and does NOT allow this NSA requested attcak vector- not now, not ever.

Linux has gone crazy cos the exploit is a clear NSA backdoor, which Linux types will not accept. Microsoft, as an OS, is riddled with NSA exploits by Microsoft, so doesn't need a CPU hardware vector. Thus MS can happily patch the hole (on Intel only) at the cost of significant performance degradation on all mutli-core mulit-app use cases (which excludes most current games).

Intel cannot have a 'fixed' CPU til the end of 2019 at the earliest. Roadmapped Intel parts (like icelake) all have this NSA backdoor.

There is ZERO AMD issue - indeed AMD Ryzen is the future, just as the original AMD64 was the future when intel was shilling for the broken hopeless netburst design.

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How do I get paid by Intel to shill, I'm tired of doing it for free.

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this anon speaks clearly and truthfully.

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Even if it did apply to AMD, EYPC has a further mitigation against these kind of memory leaks with their transparent memory encryption preventing crosstalk between VMs, which in itself is worth more than anything else considering the amount of holes hypervisors have had in the past.

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>I read the advisories, at worst AMD is able to give a process access to its own memory.

That's factually wrong (that you read advisories, and that a process on AMD has access to its own memory). What you're describing isn't even remotely the flaw defined in advisories and papers and completely negates the flaw. Stop pulling shit out of your ass once and for all.

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What a fucking load of fucking memes.

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Wow you're getting desperate. KYS.

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>Wow you're getting desperate. KYS.
I seriously can't tell if you're a shill or just pic related. Everything in advisories and in papers negates easily everything you say, yet you feel the need to spew bullshits on 4chan for hours on end.

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OK then, post the specific bit where AMD is implicated. Here we see Google clearly stating that AMD isn't affected.

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Bootlicker detected.

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Fixing 2006 in 2016

Choose one.

They just ware kind of not telling that intel have cancer until it died.

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never interrupt your enemies from making a mistake.

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