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this one deserves it own bred


thregister tore a new asshole on intel.

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What pisses me off the most is the fact that they dumped all those shares right around the time they found out about this, which is bullshit. If you or I do it, we go to jail, these guys do it they get a pass, it is hardly brought up, nobody gives a fuck.

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>Recent reports that these exploits are caused by a “bug” or a “flaw” and are unique to Intel products are incorrect.

>Translation: Pleeeeeease, pleeeeease do not sue us for shipping faulty products or make us recall millions of chips.

>Based on the analysis to date, many types of computing devices — with many different vendors’ processors and operating systems — are susceptible to these exploits.

>Translation: We weren't the only one. And if we're going down, we're taking every last one of you with us.

>Chipzilla doesn't want you to know that every Intel processor since 1995 that implements out-of-order execution is potentially affected by Meltdown – except Itanium, and the Atom before 2013.

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>how does political influence work

Can't imagine how they will stay out of jail for such blatant corruption.


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>right around the time they found out
It looks like some early information was available back in July


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Buy AMD stock. Intel crashing means AMD has nowhere to go but up. In fact im willing to bet this new VIA ip getting into the CPU market is doing so because they knew shit was coming and they wanted to be established with at least 1-2 full generations of products in market with their K processors even if they were shit tier and only hit 3 ghs because eventually intel would meltdown and whoever was ready to take their place as AMD's counterpart would be the one receiving investment.

All those shill threads from intel fags saying AMD is finished and now it looks like intel may very well be sued into bankruptcy.

Also the current estimates are a 17% performance loss on your latest intel chip running linux and a potential 30-35% loss on windows.

Meaning your gaming K-series i5-i7 cpu's are gonna be SLOWER than Ryzen chips that dont even go past 4.1 ghz. And this bug is in EVERY single CPU made by intel over the last 10 years. So all of our chips are going to get fucked with the security patch.

If you have a recently purchased Intel CPU return that shit immediately for a refund. For the rest who are on the verge of buying a new CPU wait for the Refreshed Ryzen chips on the new 12nm FF process node. Those chips will be identical to Current ryzen but will likely be able to clock up to 4.4-4.5 ghz or even a little higher placing them very close to kaby/cannon lake performance before this security shit ruined the chips.

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Good to know my zenfone 2 is safe :^)

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(not picking Intel's or AMD's side)
Don't forget about Spectre, which affects all 3 - Intel, AMD and ARM. And meltdown can be fixed in software, albeit with slowdowns as you mentioned. But it is not yet known for sure if they will be *so* drastic; here is a benchmark on Windows after the update:


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It's funny because apparently he didn't even make the sale, it was all done automatic, and he adopted this method after learning about it.

>the filing also notes that Krzanich adopted the plan just a month before the sales, on Oct. 30, 2017. According to researchers, Intel and other chip makers were informed June 1, 2017

Seems fish af but we all know nothing will happen.

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>dat "which affects all 3"







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yes, there's abolutely nothing to look there.
keep moving, citizen.

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>as linus torvalds lets rip on chipzilla

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Intel is 100% confirmed impacted by everything and will suffer massive performance hits, especially on data centers.

AMD has a non-zero change of being affected by an industry-wide issue, but to date no concrete vulnerabilities have been found.

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AMD claims only one of the two strands of Spectre affects their chips and will be patched in OSs along with the Intel fixes. The other one "might" affect their CPUs but it hasn't been demonstrated yet.

Meltdown, which is the more serious flaw, doesn't affect their CPUs.

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I'll only watch the vid if down under steve explicitly said that he had to enable the patch in regedit.

I like him but he's not the brightest.

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>What pisses me off the most is the fact that they dumped all those shares right around the time they found out about this
sauce on this?

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linus please impregnate my boipucci

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Am I the only one who thinks this stems from intel (and tech companies in general really) releasing 7 new cpus last year? Why do companies feel they need to bombard us with mediocre products instead of semi-regularly making good ones? There's obviously going to be oversights with a new release every month

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There's this big boogie man
>he has a fetish for intel, and only intel. He enjoys raping intel exclusively, he's a monogamist in that sense. And he's real big and bad.

there's also shadow lurking
>everyone most likely have always known about it, but they never felt the need to adress that because of it's obscurity and peculiarities. Like someone who builds a security system and calls it good enough to catch rats but not cockroaches, in a world where cockroaches are rare and far inbetween. Those insects also need well guarded insider info to navigate the cracks in the wall and attack the pantry, and even when there might a dozen or two of this very special cockroaches, it's safe to simply ignore them, for reasons.

and intel goalshifted the entire discussions towards that shadow.
funny isn't it? especially while the big bad boogie man has a raging boner.

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kys redditard

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Somebody is going to jail.

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inb4 the jail uses intel and the guy just overrides everything and walks out of the door in the middle of the night

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Gotta hand it to intel they are cross compatible with all bugs. Can't beat that kind of reliability.

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It almost sounds similar to the equifax trade thingy, what ever happened to that? Probably nothing. Usually stuff like this ends companies, but in the United States it makes you stronger, equifax stocks going back to what they were, nobody has gone to jail.

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theyll get a slap on the wrist, probably not even that desu

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>Intel is committed to product and customer security and is working closely with many other technology companies, including AMD, ARM Holdings and several operating system vendors, to develop an industry-wide approach to resolve this issue promptly and constructively. Intel has begun providing software and firmware updates to mitigate these exploits. Contrary to some reports, any performance impacts are workload-dependent, and, for the average computer user, should not be significant and will be mitigated over time.
>Translation: Just fucking leave us alone.

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fuck off you filthy communist

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>Somebody is going to jail.
Somebody should, but the thought just raised an Out Of Optimism exception.

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The design flaw has been there since 1995, though Intel knew since June and still released flawed chips.

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>intel is in a public square giving it real good to anon from /g/
>other anons come by and start gawking at them fooling around in public
>intel says: look there's a ghost behind yall
>everybody looks
>intel and anon run to an alleyway where he bends over and keep gettin it real rough, but anon loves it.
>6 years later everybody is still talking the ghost, with a severe case of blue balls.

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What are you even saying retard? The laws against trading with insider information are the epitome of capitalism. This site is 18+ kid.

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Yea I’m surprised no one has actually mentioned this. Insider trading is ILLEGAL.

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>Intel believes these exploits do not have the potential to corrupt, modify or delete data.

Bitch please its 25 instructions in executable memory to make a computer wipe itself.

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I don't believe Intel "Just found out" about this, even if it were months ago, I bet you anything it will be found out later that they were aware of this shit for years, an engineer or someone in the loop had to have known this.shit.

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If they knew about for "years" as you say then why didn't they fix it?

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inconvenience? they probably shoved it under the carpet? who knows. there are endless reasons as to why they wouldn't have fixed it. yes this is speculation but as past history has shown, time and time again, there have been employees of companies who at the time knew of something critical but nobody else would listen to them or wanted to remedy it. Even the jobs I have worked for management does that a lot of the time, they let shit go through until it bites them.

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Because it's a great shortcut for performance, especially in server context?

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to fix it properly they would have given performance?
no one knew about it, it was a viable calculated risk while they secured some extra performance.

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nah m8
Buy intel while it's in the gutter and watch it climb as cloud providers and enterprise clients scale up to compensate for the performance hit. Intel is way too big to fail. CPU flamers forget this in the throes of their cuckery.

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Will I be fucked if my OEM won't release updates for my motherboard? Using server 2016 with VMs.

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It's an OS fix.

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They knew, something was definitely up.







Greed and negligence anon

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reuters piece
reads like it came directly from an intel mkting cubicle, especially with look at amd, they're doomed too.
at least they had the nerve to flag it as sponsored.

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>In addition to installing the January security update, a processor microcode update is required. This should be available through your OEM.
And the validate tool shows all false for me even after the installation and enabling.

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Because this was probably the massive NSA backdoor that everyone has been talking about the past several years.

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>2018 will be the year of the linux desktop with ARM


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So, where is the CIAnigger backdoor?

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impying implications!?

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Linus is married, with a child, heterosexual, educated and alt-right. He won't fall to degenerate commie shit.

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I don't think anyone is willing to sacrifice x86 software compatibility. And emulation layers are not near fast enough to actually use for the majority of that software.

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>Let's replace this proprietary crap with even more proprietary shit.

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We're gonna have full blown RISC-V desktops before ARM.

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Lel no, I'm ok that Linus has to be conservative and a little paranoïac for his work,
but certainly not a bigot with a persecution-instinct.

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was worth watching.

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what is risk management ?

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This. Intel figured no one would ever discover the vulnerability. Just like AMD would never produce a competitive arch and continue re-releasing Bulldozer forever.
As you can see, Brian is bad at betting.

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this guy is right
same thing happened to equifax
stock plummeted, but it's currently +20% from where it was after the plunge
people don't actually give a shit

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based year of the arm linux desktop

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competition for Intel and AMD with 3D- layered chips when?

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>Oh hey guys, intel here with the a new line of CPU's coming right at ya! Oh, how's the performance? Well, we found this loop hole in the architecture and had to completely write out that thing that makes our CPUs fast, so enjoy a 30% performance hit. Have fun!

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Lmao, really?
Greed, it's jewtel we are talking about here.

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oops, wrong pic

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When you get to Mechonis for the first time and this starts playing during your first battle

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Memristors when

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>369 calendar
>13.66 days per week

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crossposter leave and stay leave

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Same with Equifax.

Are you retarded?

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>thregister tore a new asshole on intel.
>implying this is something to be proud and happy
theregister and many other news sites will just rip a new asshole to anyone and put it as a news just to get more clicks. They would've done the same if AMD got on the same problems

I'm not weak enough to give free kisses to those shitty websites just because they said something bad about the company i dislike

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Capitalism always worked like this from its conception, get the most money to forge laws, evade them, be exempt from them, shield them against them or simply be powerful enough to break them without consequences

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I am a Knower of 4 corner
simultaneous 24 hour Days
that occur within a single
4 corner rotation of Earth.
If you would acknowledge
simple existing math proof
that 4 harmonic corner days
rotate simultaneously around
squared equator and cubed
Earth, proving 4 Days, Not
1Day,1Self,1Earth or 1God
that exists only as anti-side.
This page you see - cannot
exist without its anti-side
existence, as +0- antipodes.
Add +0- as One = nothing.

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>If you or I do it, we go to jail
That's not true for fucks sake. Selling or buying stocks with secret knowledge is illegal, but they waited until the issue was public to sell

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>A requirement of 10b5-1 plans is that the insider must not be in possession of material non-public information at the time they are entered into. The issue here is that the CEO was, in fact, aware of the defect when he made the plan.


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The CEO is getting his ass reamed on twitter right now. Kind of hard to deny it, I mean, you don't even have to know how these things work and you can see the shenanigans that went on.

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I'm sure he is so sad about twitter. And those new and fresh 11 millions are not happy enough for him.

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here is the updated version

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The fact that he's selling kinda indicates he doesn't expect it to go back up.

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I agree, they should be lined up against a wall instead.

>> No.64150709


not to mention 250,000 is the bare minimum an employee his level has to have. so he went all out.

>> No.64150901

>I agree, they should be lined up against a wall instead.

>Lined up because he was trying to make more money.

Do you people just hate rich people because they are rich?

>> No.64150916

Did you accidentally a cube your routine?

>> No.64151013

>Intel is way too big to fail

you want that carved on your tombstone?

>> No.64151028

>Do you people just hate rich people because they are rich?
No, because of the way they get rich. Which is exploiting others.

This is a prime example. CEO was using the cluelessness of investors to rake in maximum profit when he knew the stock would fall. He fucked them all over. Instead of addressing and fixing the security issue in the first place. It was known since middle of last year. Google gave them till 9th January to fix their stuff before they'd release their findings. But instead of doing anything, intel just kept on selling and releasing new hardware with the same issues to make as much cash as possible while this issue is still unknown.

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IBM shill

>> No.64151203

You've got to be dump if you think shareholders will not sue him, he'll be left with -11M$

>> No.64151210

freescale a shit

>> No.64151364

Intel has been shit ever since they started forcing ME, basically Core2 was the last Intel that wasnt evil. AMD said years ago they will officially start supporting coreboot on all their processors So, in conclusion, anyone on /g/ who bought any Intel CPU newer than Core2 deserves everything bad that happens to them

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This. fuck these guys. Enough is enough already, the line has to be drawn at some point. They are just literally proving that without the fear of death that they will continue on their little scheme of fucking people over. Even sometimes the risk of death for your actions are not enough. There should be riots on the streets and everyone is more worried about their cpu's rather than these clowns making a getaway with their loot.

captcha: bank road

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>Enough is enough already, the line has to be drawn at some point.
You're a dumbass if you didn't realize this kind of evil has been around for centuries if not millenia. Yet only now are you getting hyped up about rioting.
If you're in the EU you're never going to get that 1 billion euros from Intel's 2009 lawsuit for example. They were found guilty and supposed to pay up but all this time they never have.

>> No.64152247

>fucking people over
The same people that keep asking for more ?
Where there is demand, there will be supply. And people just can't get enough of getting fucked over.

Brian did nothing wrong.

>> No.64152332

wait, so he didn't enable it?

>> No.64152365

>and the Atom before 2013
Hey, I got a few of those
A netbook, a thin client and an ITX mobo
But I'm guessing they'll be slow and horrible to try to use for net browsing and I don't want to give up my cozy macbook

>> No.64152464

I watched it, but he didn't say specifically that he applied through the registry; but that "applied the patch" fwiw.

Don't know, I kinda think he would've mentioned it, since it's a strange quirk, so I'm tending to think that he didn't.

>> No.64152477

macOS was patched in early December last year

>> No.64152512

I heard it was only on 10.13, and I'm on 10.12

>> No.64152519

go short intel
go long amd

>> No.64152536

Unfortunately for you, AMD also has a GIGANTIC boner for 3D stacking.
They created HBM ffs.

>> No.64152557

Why though, unless you're using something that can't be upgraded

>> No.64152570

then you're plain dumb.

>> No.64152585

That was surprisingly tame. I'm disappoint.

>> No.64152628

No wait, you seem to be right

There are a bunch of kernel related updates dealing with 'reading protected memory' for 10.12.6 and even El Capitan

I'm happy again

no reason to upgrade so far, and some people have been saying High Sierra doesn't work so well

>> No.64152909

Brian Krzanich: “We think of ourselves as an Israeli company as much as a U.S. company,”

>> No.64153007

>all doise data centers
>all doise hypervisors

Hory shit, were they distributing patches in secret or something? I can't imagine how large data centers are supposed to manage a problem of this scale

>> No.64154006

Say all the doomsayers are right, and there is a sudden exodus to AMD. Can AMD even produce enough chips to meet the demands of every major corporation switching to their CPUs?

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File: 2.98 MB, 853x480, Russia (2).webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Of course not nor would they be able willing to just replace their inventory like that unless Intel pays for a big chunk of it.

>> No.64154265

won't happen overnight, if at all, and I imagine AMD are currently thinking pretty hard about what they're going to do if they *do* suddenly have that kind of "problem"

>> No.64154295

>and I imagine AMD are currently thinking pretty hard about what they're going to do if they *do* suddenly have that kind of "problem"
The solution is baked into 2016 WSA amendment.
If GloFo is not able to provide enough 14LPP capacity, AMD goes Samsung (or any other foundry) without any penalties.

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File: 2.77 MB, 450x360, pc.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If Intel tanks (won't happen) who will chime in?


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>tfw AMD crosslicense Ryzen+ production to intel (to make ryzen+) because not even all fabs in the world working together in overdrive can meet demand

>> No.64154416

>dumped all those shares right around the time they found out about this


>> No.64154418

An unholy Samsung-AMD alliance?

>> No.64154448

>then intel stops making their own cpus
>cpu innovation stagnate
>intel breaks away from AMD with their own new cpu
>it's amazing
>AMD contrarevenue the shit out of that new intel chip, bribing every oem in the world to not sell intel new chip
>but intel keep doing gods work and won't just die
>/g/ fights for intel
>fuck amd jews

>> No.64154453

But there has to be competition or do those monopoly courts do jack shit in the US

>> No.64154464

Yeah, it's this. They are already licking each other asses.

>> No.64154468

What do you think? America is all about monopolies.

>> No.64154486

and ya lost me
(well, plus you somehow typo'd it)

>> No.64154542

There are PAID intel shills in this forum and on every other one across the net. Intel payolla outlets Anandtech, Tom's Hardware and Arstechnica have all consulted their Intel contacts and VERY late published FAKE NEWS articles letting Intel off the hook. But not every tech site takes large cheques from Intel...

If anyone here mentions 'SPECTRE', they are an Intel shill. Spectre is an 'exploit' that has no proven attack vector on AMD Ryzen parts, and the THEORETICAL vectors are simply patched on AMD with no performance hit. On Intel, Spectre CANNOT be patched, however. Either way, spectre is another TRIVIAL and insignificant bug- of which many thousands have already been dealt with on both AMD and Intel.

It is MELTDOWN that is the only issue that matters. Meltdown describes the NSA backdoor built into every Intel CPU designed to allow user code ring-0 access. This is an ARCHITECTURAL design of intel's CPU's, and cannot be fixed except by flushing and state resetting before EVERY virtual memory/IO operation- a massive slowdown of key functionality.

AMD's memory architecture is completely different, and does NOT allow this NSA requested attcak vector- not now, not ever.

Linux has gone crazy cos the exploit is a clear NSA backdoor, which Linux types will not accept. Microsoft, as an OS, is riddled with NSA exploits by Microsoft, so doesn't need a CPU hardware vector. Thus MS can happily patch the hole (on Intel only) at the cost of significant performance degradation on all mutli-core mulit-app use cases (which excludes most current games).

Intel cannot have a 'fixed' CPU til the end of 2019 at the earliest. Roadmapped Intel parts (like icelake) all have this NSA backdoor.

There is ZERO AMD issue - indeed AMD Ryzen is the future, just as the original AMD64 was the future when intel was shilling for the broken hopeless netburst design.

>> No.64154575

What if they are trying to hint that AMD has similar flaws but van't legally outright say it?

>> No.64154588

This is why the stock market is a scam that is perpetually projected to the massed as way to save for retirement. By the time any information trickles down, any gains are evaporated. Anybody who invested in Intel did no better than putting their money under their mattress.

>> No.64154591

On one end, I don't get how the free market is revered in the US from my Europoor perspective, since the result seem to be the current multinationals able to strongarm most smaller economies to bend to their will, while killing offf all competition which tries to offer an alternative. On the other hand, our regulations and worker rights seem to prohibit the rapid growth and market feedback mechanisms which would give us our own multinationals and allow us to gain independence from the US ones.

>> No.64154604

>monopoly courts
when was the last time a monopoly got busted up?
google controls 80% of the search market

>> No.64154639


They can't legally say it because it's not true. They are trying to imply that though, to trick gullible people who are stupid enough to buy intel in the first place.

>> No.64154641
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l-Linus t-to. toooor...
is that you?

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>can't legally
>intel abiding by the letetr of the law

not goalpost-shifting
not blame-shifting
we summoned yet another shill.

>> No.64154742

Has Youtube Linus said anything about this? Why didn't he upload a video yet? H-he is not in Intel's pockets, is he?

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File: 520 KB, 1462x1462, 1506879587266.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>One step below security by obscurity, there's security by belief.


>> No.64154842

This is the single biggest fuckup Intel has ever done.

I thought netburst was bad but these chipa are insecure and hot by design with thermal jizzz and now these zero day exploits are obviously built in.

Finally this backdoor shit bites them in the ass. I hope they get sued into Oblivion the i5 and i7 i9 are the worst CPUs they have ever made and they are barely faster than ryzen and after the patches they are fucked.

How about that weird spacer fiasco and motherboard incompatibility with 299

>> No.64154852

Its diabolical isn't it? The stock market is inherently flawed and stuff like this glaringly show it.
That being said, this is going to be one crazy year. Because these errors don't come in ones or twos, they always come in three's.

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Oh yeah, the religion of traders is pathetic. Like "oh man my luck is so bad, your doing great now blah blah blah. Give me a tip to make big gainz on since I leaked this or that bullshit investing advice which may or may not have worked your way months ago you gotta have something for me! I'm desperate man!" heard basically this exact exchange in line for coffee one time and had a quiet chuckle.

Pathetic. But you can see why they start making bigger and bigger risks trying to make a hail Mary investment on some 1 in a million chance stock prediction when there is some equally destitute trader who DOES actually have insider info and is playing shit the other way and is making bank so they shake each other down mercilessly. Lmao, what a clusterfuck.

>> No.64154873

>Bug. Flaw. Security shortcoming. Design oversight. Blueprint blunder. Bungled architecture. It's the same difference. Security researchers, describing Meltdown, said: "On the microarchitectural level (e.g., the actual hardware implementation), there is an exploitable security problem."
Fucking lost

>> No.64154925


>> No.64154927

why would they?
high demand and very low supply is literally jew heaven

>> No.64154949

Because they can use the temporary advantage to saturate the market, cementing them as the new default, taking Intel's place. If they don't capitalize on the opportunity, Intel can just come back.

>> No.64154953

he's either saving it to the wan show or preparing a video.
if wan show, he won't shill, he'll probably follow the likes of jayz
if a stand alone vid, probably a PR piece, directed by intel mkters

you never know with him.

>> No.64154983
File: 354 KB, 921x865, 1513181700310.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

VERY related

>> No.64154996

Fucking pricks.

>> No.64155004

even with Intel literally on the verge of bankruptcy they'd still struggle to meet even a quarter of the sudden surge if they doubled their production capacity in the next 3 months. Intel would also still have a higher production, with possibly fixed chips and even with very low confidence of the market in them, they can still sell newer chips, and/or put old ones back into production with the flaw fixed. I'd fucking LOVE to see the haswell back into production myself.

>> No.64155019

>2020+ new CPUs without the flaw
Nobody in their right mind will buy those either.

Intel are dead looks like I picked a very good time to jump on zen arch

>> No.64155069

I feel like you just posted an enciphered message with that other picture intended for another party.

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