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>TFW you hold out upgrading until after shit like Meltdown has happened
Who else choosing their build today?
What should I get for a quiet build, underclocked Ryzen?

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What is this video?

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K, might as well
Arent new chipsets always being released though?

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I don't rush to upgrade all the time because I'm not a retarded consumerist pig that only reads benchmarks and muh games

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But you're a retarded consumerist pig who gleefully continues to use the unsafe, crippled products of an explodingly bullshit spewing company like Intel?

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I bought an i5 right before the meltdow shit and im too poor to switch to amd now. the fuck do i do?

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>using intel
Why would you if you're not a sperglord gaymer? Especially i7 tier
I just buy what is cheap and has some specs that allow me to do daily activities

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Adjust to living with gimped hardware.

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return it and buy ryzen

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arite which ep of Cheap Czech Hos is this one, looks barely leg^W^Wpromising

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Thing is i dont have a graphics card and i wont be able to buy one for my occasional gaymer needs untill this summer. Shit im stuck with intel

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casting couch

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>Who else choosing their build today?

Still waiting for Zen 2 next year.

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im still waiting for sauce

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>return Intel
>buy Ryzen
>use the saved money to get a second hand shitty GPU that doesn't even need to be cooled
>buy the new GPU whenever you have money
Seems like a better idea than literally throwing your money in that sinking ship

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I don't like pc. I just use notebooks. What do?

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Fuggg help

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>mfw she got creampied

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Wait until Ryzen 2 because Ryzen is still afflicted by Spctre

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Pls gib sauce kind stranger

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The next generation is the same otherwise but can get higher clocks, at least that's what people here said and I believe anything. It can use the same motherboards and everything so why not wait if you aren't in a rush? Or get the cheapest one now and upgrade it later while keeping all the other components.

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she reminded me of moot at :11

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post it ya fuckin noontz

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>not buying the new AMD chips as soon as they came out

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so there's no source
it appears to be a sfw tv program (british channel logo)
several threads asking for source in different boards since at least two years ago, not a sole source given
lots of anons trolling though

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>mfw love amd
>mfw love arma
>mfw amd is still much more shittier in this game

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Do you know anything about the context though? Why is she away from her parents?

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why does everyone there have sleepless eyes

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kys kid

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Please op

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OP sauce

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OP, I beg of you
Provide origin

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I'm still waiting for Nividia's next batch of GPUs before upgrading to a high quality mITX build which will be shoved inside the smallest case possible.

btw, does Nvidia still spy on you through their GPUs in order to sell information to ad companies even though you've bought their product and deserve better?

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They still do if you let them. Gotta disable scripts overall to prevent it.

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So it's a bitch to circumvent it, and you can't use GeForce Experience or whatever it's called?

Does AMD do the same btw?

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>more shittier

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don't pull an EA, give us the real origin
>inb4 >>>/v/ fagget

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>be op
>find some random webbum from /gif/ or /lit/ or maybe just /g/
>thirsty kids keep bumping your thread

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>What should I get for a quiet build
>pic related
>other noctua fans
>silenced case like corsair 550d
>forget hdd's, even 5400rpm drives will be your loudest part if you're going for quiet.
>get a NAS in the other room for big storage, or buy big ssd's if you're rich af

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mum and dad came to watch her do porn?

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A separate room to store your beast in, then just route a bunch of thuderbolt cables.

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Thanks man, a fellow peace lover I see.
Actually a damn good idea. But then I might as well buy some shitty prebuilt and use that.

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>just route a bunch of thuderbolt cables
The hell is this supposed to do?

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With this build my case is so silent, I could notice an ethereum miner is using my vga because of a really quiet coil whine @ 10% gpu performance.

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also this

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This is a bit extreme. Plus I feel the correct way to silent build is to avoid fans and rely on heatsinks and possibly water.

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Where the fuck is the sauce on OP video?

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Water is louder than really big fans.

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I'm waiting for this to become an even more realistic option:

Only with an ultraconvertible, which I know is silly because the obvious bottleneck will be CPU. I dunno, maybe external CPU is also an option?

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op pls

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>Advocating the purchase and use of spyware

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I don't believe it's extreme.
Even expensive motherboards have shit fan control, like you usually cannot increase case fan speed based on cpu temperature, etc.
Manual fan controls are a joke, it's not 1990 anymore.
It's pretty cheap, and it's using machine learning, so it learns over time what is the quietest possible way to keep your pc quiet.
I think of it like a small gnome who listens and watches temps and controls the fans to get the best possible balance between cooling performance and quiet.

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If you aren't passively cooling everything you're not quiet.

The next step after that is to get the biggest fans running at the lowest RPMs while isolating rotation vibrations with silicone bushings and washers.

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OP once again a faggot for not posting sauce

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The webm has the logo for the British TV channel 'Channel 4' in the top left, it isn't going to be pornography you horndogs.

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wait for zen+
It's only a few months away and they said that ryzen was a "worst-case-scenario". Either they actually deliver or you atleast get cheaper cpus when the newer ones come out.

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>thinks anyone wants it for potential porn reasons
you realize /g/ is the new robot board, right?

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Sun servers were so fucking beautiful

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OR put the entire computer in another room and run thunderbolt hub to your monitors

my computer lives on a server rack above my NAS

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Noctua nhd 14 am4 se
Replace front fan with noctua 120 mm pm use y cable for cpu header

Get a 1700x or go all out on an 1800x for slightly more. Oc to 4.0 or higher if you want but 4.0 is very stable I've found.

Can be built in a case as small as a raidmax delta. But I'd recommend the fractal design define r6.

Mount three high pressure 120s on the front and two on top mount your top fans before you install the cooler because it's very big you won't be able to after. Use low profile ram for better compatibility.
We used Enermax magma fans for budget for our build. Worked out pretty damn well despite being cheap they push a lot more air than advertised.

Mobo I'd recommend msi or Asus. Gpu 1070 or 1080 ti. Also msi or Asus for the gpu.

Psu Seasonic or Thermaltake.

You will get a build that basically absolutely reks almost everything for less than 2k.

Alternatively you can wait for ryzen+.

There should be a refresh coming for AM4 so there will be newer and somewhat better boards available close to or not long after launch. It may be better as a result to wait until then.

But if budget is your thing I'd buy ryzen now or right after ryzen 2 launch prices should stay low.

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Not going to happen.

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I'm not a gayman, there really isn't much added latency desu

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Waiting for Ryzen+ in late Feb early march.

Hoping for announcements at ces

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>sinking ship
Literally Retarded: The Post.

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plz provide salsa

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Be smart. Buy AMD stocks right now.

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i bet we can find her and if we all chip in 200 usd she will do the porn and one of us can be the one to do it and the runner up film it

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op plZ

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I will offer myself to be the one to stick his willy in her

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Source found in, like, 2 minutes.

Get gud feggets

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>K H A Z A R
>M I L K E R S

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>finds source
>doesn't post it
>brags about it anyway
sure kid
>captcha arret post

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Calling me kid won't convince me to post it for sure. Give a man a fish, he will eat for one day,

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Do you really think even 10 meters of cable adds more than a fraction of a millisecond?

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It's not porn you fools, there's a tv channel watermark on the top right corner

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Linus gives us the answer, indirectly at least (shouldn't be much difference with thunderbolt).

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Based Tech Tips(tm)

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kek, so 3 meters then.

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dont care
i want more

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It was aired originally between 2007 and 2015 based on the logo according to wikipedia. All I got.


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Ryzen's also fucked
and ARM64 Cortex processors
I'm considering getting an odroid as a replacement. 0db noise.

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>Ryzen's also fucked
nice meme

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The more they repeat it, the more true it will become I guess.

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Because they haven't been sleeping properly.

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but it is true, spectre is in all x86 and cortex and its in hardware

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He has actually thunderbolted away his main rig though:

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it turns out she.. appeared multiple times in a pretty specific industry, yet she triggered the sauce memesters thanks to a peculiar documentary

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is it the documentary on the models from siberia

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unreported world channel 4 is what i think.

time of vid is 24:09 i cant find anything

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Come on faggot I'm randy

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thirsty niggas. keep it in your pants XD

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Found the fucking video and she's apparently 15 or 16 by now so you're all oficially on the FBI list

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Yeah it’s from that. Just checked. Nothing in the video, however we and everyone else know that these women from Russia are sent to China for nefarious purposes.

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Sorry liar.

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time to abandon thread

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Pretty sure new Ryzen line is coming out in a few months and new GPUs are coming this year too. So I don't really wanna build a new PC until later this year.

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getting bossed around by insects, fuck slavs are really subhumans

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says the guy who fights wars for his reptilian kike lords

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Good thing the age of consent is 16 in my country!

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mfw I just purchased a new build last month
mfw it was an intel i7 8700k
mfw it is too late to return it

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reminds me of neon demon, the other whores and the insects were jealous of her

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Just finished replacing my FX8320 with an i7-3970X ;_;
>What should I get for a quiet build, underclocked Ryzen?
I mean, if you're going to under-clock it you may as well just buy a lower-clocked one by default.
I think the 1700 is still considered a best-buy. Just slap an overkill cooler or an AIO on it and get a case that is focused on silence: beQuiet! or Fractal Define.

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Sell it quick, facebook sells ebay idk.
I was using P5G41TM LX3 + Q6600 but the motherboard died, I plan on getting a Ryzen 3 1200

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>tfw 6 intel-based machines you use for ..things..

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It needs to be a long time after, so whole world know so I can buy an intel processor from second hand.

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>tfw just sold a haswell xeon and bought a r5 1600 with the profit

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does your mom know she isn't getting her money back?

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I stole it from work.

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