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>i-it affects AMD t-too goy!
Shills are in maximum overshill tonight

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Your Arm chip also effected, intel goin full shill now

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It does though.

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Show me a non-jewish source

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take it to pol, tks.

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Look at "Spectre"

It affects AMD but is no where near as severe as intel though.

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only in linux

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t.schlomo intelstein

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nice "source", moron

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Also only fx pro and Apu line is affected by specter 1

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Go Blue Team!

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So if I notice a (((coincidence))) I must be a Nazi? Great mental gymnastics you got there bro.

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>Shills are in maximum overshill tonight
haha yeah they are, it's definitely entertaining.

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are you a Nazi?

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No I'm Hitler

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LOL this. seeing it in every thread, its probably one butthurt intel shill

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That's not good

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Really? I've heard Ryzen was affected, but I can't confirm that source.

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the source is from intel, what expected

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I'm seeing the exact same fake news pics and sentences being posted in every single thread, intlel shills aren't even trying to be subtle anymore.

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But yet everyone shills about it in the threads about Meltdown (the one that doesn't affect AMD)

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Oh yea, they must paying out big bucks to lump all these exploits together. That way they can make it out that they're being picked on. "We're all affected guys."

Mind you, AMD hasn't come out and straight up said "We're safe" yet which makes me wonder if they're still looking into it.

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>Mind you, AMD hasn't come out and straight up said "We're safe" yet which makes me wonder if they're still looking into it.

Spectre V1 and Meltdown are 100% safe.
Spectre V1 requires a patch, no impact on performance.
Meltdown can't touch them at all, no fix needed.

Spectre V2 is <1% chance of being a thing, but they're looking into it.

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If you read what they say its "near zero" and "absolutely zero". By all accounts the performance-robbing one is the one they are completely safe from, though.

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>Almost every system is affected by Spectre: Desktops, Laptops, Cloud Servers, as well as Smartphones. More specifically, all modern processors capable of keeping many instructions in flight are potentially vulnerable. In particular, we have verified Spectre on Intel, AMD, and ARM processors.


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Spectre is insanely difficult to exploit, and impossible to patch; so no performance drops.

Meltdown (which only affects Intel) is easy to exploit, incredibly dangerous, and patching it means a 30% performance hit.

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It's compiled from project zero paper

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>tfw the botnet doesn't want me to fly

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Spectre and Meltdown are both needed to exploit.
Meltdown can only read data while Spectre can inject data.

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So AMD is also safe from Spectre?

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You don't need to write data to steal information.

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Spectre by itself is not a major threat, it's software patchable with little perf penalty, and difficult to exploit.

Meltdown is a huge problem. AMD doesn't have the Meltdown problem. That quoted sentence seems like they want to imply that AMD is as fucked as Intel, but if AMD is free from Meltdown, then it should be in the clear.

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Sure, if you want to steal and nothing else, then Meltdown is perfect tool for that, but if you want to inject something, then both of the exploits are necessary
so far, nobody has provided any proof that you can inject data to AMD, if it's safe or not is to be seen.

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>huge problem
Do you run servers or virtual machine? Exploits are always been found and patched dude. You do you care now?

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Why do you*

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This isn't specific to either of those though. The flaw is with virtual memory not virtual machines

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Used to be only on linux
Not anymore

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doesnt this count as insider trading?

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is my 3570k gonna be okay?

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Are you imbecile or what? What part you cannot understand? EVERY Intel processor from the past 10 year is effected. C2D, i series, most of the Atoms. Would you need to worry? Yes, you would, because a browser with enabled javashit can steal data from kernel space (crypto keys, passwords, everything). Will the os patch correct this? Yes it would, but with performance penalty. AMD effected? Yes, and no. It can be if programmers don't exclude AMD processors from the patched code.

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Wouldn't that require the browsers to allow for that?
I mean, wasn't this what rust is supposed to mitigate? (Not allow overflows and not have undefined behavior)

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>under non-default kernel setting

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The exploit was demonstrated with javascript. No sandbox or a VM can protect you from hardware design flaws.

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what u be sayin is, is that I have the freedom to fuck my shit up? wooooooow free software wins again

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for you

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So hypervisors are vulnerable or just guests OS?

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i'm not sure if i can trust that nose.

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I'm new to the party what's the uproar about?

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>Affected by meltdown
>Performance degrading software

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yup suck to be intel

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is this the reason Intel's processors are faster than AMD's?

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Yes it does, because he sold shares before secret information that can affect share price went public. It's the same thing as if he dumped his stack before a negative quarterly report.

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Oy vey! Oy gevalt! The Chutzpah of these Goyim! This is anudda shoah! By the Protocols! Alert the Elders! Get Mossad! The Goyim Know! Shut it Down!

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>software gimping
i think so

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