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I for one welcome our new AMD overlords

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nice try kiddo

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Not meltdown.

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Go back to >>>/pol/ you racist! This is an Intel board.

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intel cucks in full on damage control overdrive

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That's not true.

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erroneous, fallacious, false, inaccurate, incorrect, mistaken, off, unsound, untrue,counterfactual, false, specious, spurious, truthless, untrue, untruthful.

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Already on 1950x. Step up.

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I had a Ryzen before it was cool, as an early adopter of this product I would leave to be rewarded in some way.

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How's the 1700 for gaming? I'm seriously considering getting one, but then again, the 2000 series is right around the corner.

How's it for general usage? Is it snappy?

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Well, it's finally over for Intel now. Gotta hand it to the shills, their willpower was outstanding.

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right now for gaming the 1600/x is best value, using one myself and more than happy. But if you're more productivity focused go for the 7 series. But since Zen 2/+ is right around the corner I would unironically advise you to JustWait(tm)

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It's talking about is Spectre 1 which has already been patched, AMD isn't affected by Spectre 2 and Meltdown which is the only relevant one.

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>he doesn't know the unicode for ™
>he buys into the "upgrade path" but doesn't recommend anyone actually attempt to use it

amd in a nutshell

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More or less a sidegrade for most other quad cores. I had a 4690 myself. Didn't notice any gains or losses for games. But I guess that's true for anything made during the past 4-5 years. Made a huge difference for gentoo performance. Compiling and installing applications is a lot quicker with a Ryzen 7.

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If only intel could be like
>wow we apologize and are doing our best to get the fix out to all our customers as soon as possible
Instead they're lying and saying everyone else is just as bad. It's like a women managed the pr

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it's pretty good, it would be much better if you oc your ram to 3200 mhz and you will gain a considerable fps boost

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There are 3 bugs.
Only one is Intel exclusive, which is the one that will have massive performance penalties.

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