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Intel 5 stage of grief

Denial - Amd shill making this shit up
Anger - Fuck off Amd shill
Bargaining - Amd/Arm also effected
Depression -
Acceptance -

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Logic ring 0 bells to intelfags.

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All jokes aside AMD is actually affected.

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and finally the sixth stage: suicide.

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with no actual performance loss, and that the second discovered bug doesn't actually do shit

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Nice try intel, ryzen is fine

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>with no actual performance loss
Wrong. AMD is going to be affected by the fix whether they like it or not.

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>says the increasingly nervous man

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whats the going rate (in shekels) for poojtel disinformation posters?

asking for a friend.

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See, you are nervous!

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I actually need money, where can I contact the Intel people so I can also shill here?
You can contact me here:
[email protected]

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no seriously, i need money. whats the shekel to gbp conversion rate?

i hear you guys use the gbp system so im hopin i can cash in

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>nervous laughing

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Intel shills switching to overdrive

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i just love seeing intelcucks doing damage control to keep their sanity in check.

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Trying this hard to bargain, intel is fucked

hope you accepted your 5 stage faster

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>Intel at this moment

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>Y-you, too

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Finally we able to get rid of intel monkey and pajeet

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But they don't have any competition...?

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All that performance will be lost, like... shitposts on /g/. Time... to ryze.

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I cannot wait for a ARM desktop CPU

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>30% performance loss
>Still stomps AMD performance

AMD fags get fucked even harder

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it's 1%
it's 2%
it's 5%
it's 23%
it's 49%
it's 63%
it's 12... it's multiplying, stop it!11!!!!

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ARM is affected by Spectre and probably is the reason why Intel is having problems with meltdown.

RISC was a mistake

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Good thing i dont have an 8700k with an nvme. Notice how the modest build is fine

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intel had single digits tick-tock-tock-tock ipc increase over the last couple of years, barely adding up to low 2 digits.
they lost it all tonite and then some.

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This is what happens when you trust Jews.

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>depression - "30% loss in marketshare isn't that bad!"
>acceptance - "Kraznich found hanged himself Q2 2018"

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not an argument

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who here stopped reading anandtech circa 2006?
tom got real bad around 2009 (-+2 years), but damn anand was painfull for an amd fanboy.

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Go back to /pol/

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inb4 I couldn't even read back in 2006.
ahh, have a

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/g/ is /pol/ now, kike!

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Read this you dumbass

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suddenly /g/ feels same as current /biz/ with all this shilling

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its not stop shilling.

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What if I disabled microcode updates am I still potentially affected?

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if you using intel, yes 100%

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You autists are so fucking dumb. Meltdown affects Intel and maybe ARM. Fixing it results in a slowdown. Spectre affects everything, including AMD. It cannot be fixed with software.

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>fix not possible
If this is true then that means some pretty bad shit for servers that use intel shit even if it is hard to do right?
Intel is guaranteed hard fucked right? Or no?

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reported to the FBI

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see >>64138275

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I've been out of the loop. What's going on with Intel?

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they just caused Y2K part deux all by themselves. throw you intel computers away before the dumps get full

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Spectre 1 affected on amd using custom bios setting. if you run default you fine. and it only fx pro and apu cpu

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maybe a little more detAil? using the search bar is hard when on 4 grams of shrooms

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