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So basically every processor is just fucked right?

So what we do now?

>tfw the NSA backdoors wasn't a meme

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Every INTEL processor, my dear intelshill.

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Only Intel processors are vulnerable to meltdown which is the easier to exploit and more harmful and that causes perf drops with the patch. AMD and ARM are only vulnerable to spectre which is harder to exploit and, from what is know thus far at least, less harmful(but also unpatchable)

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>harder to exploit

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You are mistaken.

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>harder to exploit
>less harmful

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I can't wait for the day that the IME is completely broken

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Buy Intel®'s latest Core™ processor with an accompanying motherboard plus DDR4 RAM modules. Buy a new VGA too, just to be sure.

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>less harmful
The project zero blog post.
Can't be patched, though.

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Buy an ARM license with all /g/, fix the bug in CPU design, produce this botnet-free CPU, I will be rich.

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No. It is you who are mistaken, about a great many things.

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>So basically every processor is just fucked right?

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Variant 2 has been demonstrated on AMD hardware.

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so much for "harder to execute"

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Don't need one.

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Wrong. There are older CPUs without cache prediction. Afaik this kind of shit was introduced in Pentium 3 or so

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Yeah just everything from intel after 1999

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That prevents Meltdown, but what about spectre?

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there's always a way in anon...

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nope, spectre describes a general flaw in the way processors have been designed for decades. any cpu with branch prediction may have an exploit

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eat shit nvidiot

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Okay I'm convinced

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Someone with an amd processor run this and see if it works

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windows users BTFO this is why you use linux

enjoy your slow-down patches and exploits!

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fuck yes please. it would ruin everything and make every intel cpu for the past decade impossibly insecure when it is finally broken but hopefully it would force intel's hand, or at least their profits down below. I dream for the day that awful company is bankrupt

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>even arm wont save

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>tfw noone uses AMD

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no, unfortunately I have an intel i7. hopefully linux's new memory table fixes some things. I don't know the exact details of the meltdown hack, but I think that better virtual memory separation of processes and of kernel/userland is a good thing no matter what.

How would that even make me a nvidiot anyway saying everything is fucked? I would more likely be an inshill in that case. That's what Intel is arguing right now, or more accurately just trying to throw AMD under the bus for meltdown even though they have nothing to do with it.

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SERIOUSLY, how can I also shill for Intel here? I need money and aparently it is pretty easy, since literally 60% of this thread are shills.

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That's Spectre 1 which is easily patchable with no performance loss, Spectre 2 is the hard one which is also hard to fix and doesn't affect AMD unless you change a setting for the sole purpose of making it vulnerable.
Get your facts right retarded shills.

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Are you fucking retarded?

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Linux got the planned obsolescence patch before Windows lel
Also it's a hardware exploit and the OS doesn't matter.

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what the fuck
glibc is installed

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please don't disparage the differently abled
and no, i have Ubuntu so i'm at least smarter than every others windows cuck :-)

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forgot pic

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>but also unpatchable
Nice try Brian:
Variants 1 and 2 are part of the Spectre exploit, variant 3 is Meltdown.

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not sure what I'm supposed to be looking for here...I don't see the magic word in the output though

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you compiled this right? what compiler and options did you use?

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windows 10 patched out already, maybe yours already updated

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>willingly installing exploits

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TFW have a fully functional Pentium D sitting turned off because too much power consumption

Hyper Bipeline was the right way after all. I wonder if it was the special project Pentium M Haifa design jews that did this

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Its literally one source file and you can see what it does pretty clearly

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Says AMD

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whatever the default for visual studio 2017 is for c/c++. No optimization, x64. I get a different result with a release config (no debugging symbols)

Open to suggestions

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oh, duh

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what... what am i looking at?

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celery man

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spectre is unpatched, kpti (or whatever is the windows equivalent) protects only against meltdown


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AMD rekt

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Spectre 1 is patched and AMD isn't affected by Spectre 2.
This nomenclature is just one big PR ploy to rope AMD into this exploit fuckery even though it's not affected at all and won't have any performance loss either.

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from the github:
>In this example we're putting text "The Magic Words are Squeamish Ossifrage." in memory and then we're trying to read it using exploit. If system is vulnerable, you'll see same text in output, readed from memory.

so I am vulnerable to this attack on a Ryzen 1800x, Win 10 LTSB (ver 1607). Should also be noted I'm about 3 months behind on security updates, not sure if it's been patched since about to test.

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update and retry

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Should also write a quick program that makes lots of sys calls and see how long it takes before and after updating

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>Every INTEL processor, my dear intelshill.
hey nigger, the O.G. Pentium 1 is immune, along with Itanium and most older Atom processors.

>Afaik this kind of shit was introduced in Pentium 3 or so
It was the Pentium Pro/2 that introduced Out of Order and speculative execution.

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>#define sscanf_s sscanf

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I am glad I have some older computers lying around. I know for sure, I have at least one intel cpu that is pre-jewery.......
Definitely glad I moved my server over to an amd cpu powered tower a week before the news dropped..

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AMD doesn't have this problem.

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Linux added the nopti kernel parameter to disable it on boot idiot.

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You can't escape the botnet. Open source firmware, OSes, and software won't solve the problem. You can try using network isolation, but have fun with airgap hacks... The only solution is the wrap yourself in tinfoil and hide in a faraday cage.

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>all the cpus made to run with w7 are all fucked
>don't want to buy modern cpu nor downgrade to botnet 10
Perhaps it's time for me to unplug the Internet cable

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Try again champ.

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Yes it does
back to >>>/pol/ you

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>everything I dont like is /pol/

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garbage table, author should kill themselves immediately

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>I don't like it so its wrong REEEEEEE!!!
mmmk :^)

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Just updated windows and I'm still vulnerable, I get the same results.

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But I'm on AMD and am affected, see:


And I'm on windows so >>64136611 is wrong too.

Or the github code that was linked by >>64134604 is wrong.

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So wait, are all machines already going to feel the slowdown?
How do we tell if our machine is patched or not?
Is leaving the machine unpatched a viable option?

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1995, my dear friend

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Is spectre 1 for amd on linux fixed with the nopti boot param. ?

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Lately, yes actually

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