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This is the end of the fucking world

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Basically every modern processor is vulnerable to this, right?

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Yes but it is also really hard to exploit and basically requires knowledge of other vulnerable software running on the victim system.

Meltdown is the bigger issue that only seems to affect Intel chips due to how they do Out-of-Order execution.


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Lol this poojeet damage control.

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>said the Poojeet running damage control

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>It affects poozen but look this Jewtell bug is worse! Even though the only fix for spectre is replacing your hardware entirely!

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>We have also verified the attack's applicability to AMD Ryzen CPUs.
fucking lmao all those amdfags sayin FEELS GOOD BROS
serves you right

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Spectre is fixable on AMD

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from google itself

technically vulnerable but very close to zero risk

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>we believe
Call me when its proven

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