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nope, amd niggers wont shut up because the score is 2-1 in fuckups

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Intel said the problem was broader than its chips alone and that it was working with Advanced Micro Devices Inc (AMD.O), ARM Holdings and others to fix the problem. Intel also denied that the patches would bog down computers based on Intel chips.

“Intel has begun providing software and firmware updates to mitigate these exploits,” Intel said in a statement. “Contrary to some reports, any performance impacts are workload-dependent, and, for the average computer user, should not be significant and will be mitigated over time.”

ARM spokesman Phil Hughes confirmed that ARM was working with AMD and Intel to fix a security hole found by researchers but said it was “not an architectural flaw” and that patches had already been shared with the companies’ partners, which include most smartphone manufacturers.

“This method only works if a certain type of malicious code is already running on a device and could at worst result in small pieces of data being accessed from privileged memory,” Hughes said in an email.

AMD chips are also affected by variants of a security flaw also discovered in Intel chips, a person familiar with the matter told Reuters. The earlier report in The Register suggested that AMD chips were not affected, which appeared to boost shares.

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Wait so. Meltdown was the original kernel thing? Now this new spectre one suppose to be worse because we don't know anything about it/

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>2 horrible exploits
>Intel affected by both
>or affected by one with massive performance penalty

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meltdown is what requires the hotfix that fucks a bit with performance by creating two seperate page tables. There is no fix for spectre yet it seems

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Benchmarks with new Intel Security patch show no performance penalty at all:


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Source even says this

"The KPTI patch seems to have no influence on performance in games. However, even in high resolutions, the graphics card limits, so that the influence of the processor is lower. But even in 1080p we could find no deviations from the results presented above."

When translated.

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So should I buy AMD stocks now or is AMD definitely affected by this?

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Nice try you kike.

Up to 80% in some FS tests.
This literally makes Intel worthless for servers.

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Welp! Back to magnetic tape, NVME is dead

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AMD isn't affected by the Intel bug. The newly-revealed second bug will need to be looked at more thoroughly, but so far it's supposed to affect everyone.

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the article says
>AMD chips are also affected by variants of a security flaw also discovered in Intel chips, a person familiar with the matter told Reuters
but it's unclear whether those are ARM chips made by AMD or x86-64

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irrelevant unofficial marketing shit
kill yourself, you're the problem of this board

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Calm down favela monkey.

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hi brian

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go fish for a better fud on AMD, OP.

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yours is better. I'll save it.
keep on doing gods work anon.

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they're talking about Spectre not meltdown retard, learn to read fatty

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if i were intel, i would be dedicating an entire team to search for this exploit or any other shit on AMD processors right fucking now

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Oh yes this makes things much better, either lose performance(massively in some cases) or get raped.
At least we know Spectre isn't getting patched by anyone, Meltdown is literally putting Intel on meltdown

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Everything is affected by Spectre.

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Back to the favela

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>fuck up
>try to pull your competitor down with you instead of using your resources to fix your broken product
But stuff like that is Intel's primary business practise.

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keep fishing.

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This why we need open hardwares

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Spectre seems to be a process to process exploit rather than kernel exploit. Still dangerous, but seems to be harder or in some cases impossible to patch against. In either case there won't be a blanket slowdown of all syscalls like there is for Meltdown.

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>database performance is marketing shit
come on now

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AMD_ARM isn't all of AMD processors, you disgusting shill.

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N o p e,
look into AMD SME.

That is all.

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post photo of your server

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Do AMD niggers glow in the dark?

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Who cares about games?

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>a person familiar with the matter
Kikes get out

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>should not be significant and will be mitigated over time.”

They basically admit there will be a performance hit. What jewefied english though.

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Not 30% dumbass.

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Meltdown is worse.

There are two variants of Spectre, the worst one can be patched, the second is much harder to exploit and overall less of a concern.

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>affects all CPU's made in the last 10 years
>tfw you have a comfy 11 year old thinkpad with libreboot and GNU+linux

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A phone can be a server

>> No.64134953

New Fappening when?

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Intel x86 is vulnerable to Meldown, only x86 is vulnerable and only Intel's chips.

All modern chips with speculative prediction are susceptible to Spectre (although AMD is claiming that Zen isn't - this is yet to be proven one way or another, Excavator and below are confirmed for vulnerable though)

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It affects your Thinkpad too idiot...
>bbbut 10 years
trash article is trash.

It affects everything going back to Pentium Pro.

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>"Negligible performance impact expected."
Variants 1 and 2 are part of the Spectre exploit, variant 3 is Meltdown.

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Meltdown affects Intel exclusively and will cause significant performance degradation depending on the workload.
Spectre affects AMD in one case, but it can be patched with no impact on performance.

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No it doesn't. The Intel website doesn't list core 2 duo as being affected.

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Lets ask a guy who has been building computer before most of you was born about this.


Hmm... well /g/ time to pick up your tendies and put you spaghetti back in your pocket and start worrying about your depending diabetes and colon cancer.

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(((reuters))) is fake news.
Repeat with me:
>1 vuln out of 3
Intel niggers BTFO.

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>and will be mitigated over time
How? Is M$ going to release an optimized patch later on? What a bunch of fucking liars. There is no mitigation possible other than buying AMD.

>> No.64135132

ctrl-f javascript https://spectreattack.com/spectre.pdf
shit is absolutely fubar m8s

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I actually came here cause my PC started to run like shit and found this, can someone explain to a brainlet what is going on and if it's related to my pc running like shit?

>> No.64135166

>"AMD IS VULNERABLE!", screams the Intel shill!
Yeah, they're vulnerable to Spectre's in process out of order memory read.
It's not vulnerable to escalation or escaping the process.
Scroll down to vulnerabilities and see that the only ones that are real vulnerabilities are all Intel CPUs getting gaped.
Here's your (you) because you posted techretard news 'journalism' instead of reading any CVEs, PoC, or white papers.

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fake news

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Unfortunately for you though, it is.

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>Core 2
>No jewish speculation
>No rowhammer
>No ME
tfw moar secure than buyfags

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No, it's not listed


>> No.64135289

Do you trust Intel to remember they made a product called Core2Duo at this point?

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my cpu is at 100% right now, what's going on?

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That's not even related.

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le 100% face

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it 3-1 intel is fuked

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What's the difference between meltdown and spectre?

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this whole scenario is zionist propaganda orchestrated by intel israel

>> No.64135813

Meltdown does not affect AMD CPUs. The only Spectre implementation that is reasonably easy enough to exploit has been patched in software with minimal performance impact.

>> No.64135904

Soo AMD is Safe already? or is it another PR thing like intel saying "its not that bad"?

>> No.64135964

From these exploits, yes.

>> No.64136050

For NSA?

>> No.64138027

>implying they aren't already doing that all the time anyway

>> No.64138241

>a person familiar with the matter told Reuters.
That person being an Intel shill

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That is meltdown.
Spectre is still a problem.

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