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classic Intel jew propaganda, based AMD wouldn't lie and say they weren't affected if they really were

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He said if you have skylake or later you shouldnt experience slow downs from the updates :)

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> These vulnerabilities affect many CPUs, including those from AMD, ARM, and Intel, as well as the devices and operating systems running them.

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Amd users on win10 are getting the patch today if they like it or not :)

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It sounds like AMD has a different problem with security on spec branches so they should get the patch anyway, the original KAISER paper says it affected all x86 systems

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It pleases me the amd shills will suffer with us

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The patches for Android should appear on AOSP in the next day or two and we now have CVEs

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it's because AMD also makes ARM processors and ARM is affected, AMD's x64 processors aren't affected

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Well, can't you simply exclude the patch? Either you patch or not, your choice anyway.

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Google confirmed amd is effected

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>Senior Editor at The Verge
dude doesn't even know jack shit about consumer tech and he's suddenly an expert on kernel vulnerabilities? topkek.

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>These vulnerabilities affect many CPUs, including those from AMD, ARM, and Intel, as well as the devices and operating systems running them.



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good thing that android phones dont get updates so i will never get this

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>he trusted a verge editor over a kernel engineer

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Kek, what a Bozo

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>ryzen not listed as vulnerable

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Which systems are affected by Meltdown?

Desktop, Laptop, and Cloud computers may be affected by Meltdown. More technically, every Intel processor which implements out-of-order execution is potentially affected, which is effectively every processor since 1995 (except Intel Itanium and Intel Atom before 2013). We successfully tested Meltdown on Intel processor generations released as early as 2011. Currently, we have only verified Meltdown on Intel processors. At the moment, it is unclear whether ARM and AMD processors are also affected by Meltdown.

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> Trusts the verge jewrnalist over engineers


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Disregard this autist. Thinks putting "lol big funny amd angry man meme" is making his argument less retarded.

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Windows and directX likely btfo.

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Google confirmed amd is effects by the bug. Truth hurts

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He has a source and its legit.

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There are 3 bugs, AMD is "only" affected by 2

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What a win for amd

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>google confirmed amd is effects by the bug
Raza is that you?

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AMD is at least not affected by the slowdown patch

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You've been lied to.

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AMD have twice the cores/threads for the same or less cash you little threadlet.

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Amd is wrong and has been proven wrong by google

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you need to learn how to english, pablo, before starting to make assumptions based on <the verge> """news"""

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Are you gonna cry?

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Now, enough with the shitposting. As a intel processor owner (like me), you blueshills should be mad at intel.

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Youre gonna cry when you get the intel patch performance hit and i will laugh

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who cares, it's all about Spectre

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Ryzen not affected buddy, cry more. No amount of google shilling with change that

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Hahaha yes everyone is lying and amd is the only one telling the truth right

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AMD hasn't said a single thing, so far it's only intel saying AMD is affected too trying to save face

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Nope. AMD is secure against all three.

Even the team who revealed them said AMD aren't vulnerable.


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Your move, chuckles.

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Is it fair to say that we're about to see some brakes applied to the fast-paced modern sensibilities and lifestyle of the internet age?

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Lie more hahahaha denial

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All the sources you need are in this thread, everyone who isn't Intel agrees AMD aren't impacted.

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The specific hack is tailored to Intel chip timing and there may be a similar leak that isn't discovered yet in AMD. Now people will begin to look for it.

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>It's there you just haven't found it yet
Do you also look for bigfoot in the woods with your friends

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Google said amd is effected

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Checkm8 poozen shills

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AMD Pro CPUs aren't able to be affected.

Where are the fucking Ryzen pro laptops, AMD?

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>Senior Editor at The Verge
AMD's statement:
To be clear, the security research team identified three variants targeting speculative execution. The threat and the response to the three variants differ by microprocessor company, and AMD is not susceptible to all three variants. Due to differences in AMD's architecture, we believe there is a near zero risk to AMD processors at this time.

Nice try Brian.

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>not being based macOS master race

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>master race

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pablo, please learn english before starting to mess with kernel level code, or you might hurt intel even more

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https://twitter.com/rhhackett/status/948676213505232897 and >>64131655

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im ready for the 40% slow down patch
shit fuck my shit up famalam

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>we believe there is a near zero risk to AMD processors at this time.

They believe there isn't, doesn't mean their isn't.

I believe I can fly, but it doesn't mean I can.

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we won faggots

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I love how you 21 year old college kids try to sound smarter than you are

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That's a far cry from "our processors are vulnerable to these three exploits", which is Intel's statement. This is covering their ass just in case, but "near zero" is pretty fucking clear that they don't think it's happening.

You've still got Intel CPUs.

t. retard who can't read the Google team report

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MacOS is going to need a patch too retard.

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Apple uses Intel chips.

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Yes, and as of a few days ago everyone thought intel was secure.

/g/ is too full of fanboys for a seriosu discussion, /pol/ is better.

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Speak for yourself peasant. Who else /6502/ here?

LMAOing @ ur life

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>doesn't even know what a kernel is
>can confirm exploit Y it work on platform X because journalist Z said it so
don't kill yourself pablo, learn english instead

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macOS is affected as 100% of them run Intel chips. Knowing Apple nowadays, though, they'll take their sweet time patching this if at all.

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Phonefags BTFO. Why does this effect ARM, too?

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It was patched already "retard"
go look it up

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if this was real, AMD stock would be down 50000000000000000000% because AMD stock tanks easily, even when they revealed EPyc and Ryzen, their stock took a hit

kys Brian

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Im not installing the patch :^)

>> No.64132099

It's patched already
>the state of linuxcucks

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Why would I click on Twitter, retard?

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>obscure AMD FX Pro product line that 20 people use today

kys sleazy intel shill

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this. it's literally a clown pretending to be a tech journalist

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And? The patch deployment isn't the issue, the issue is the patch causes a severe performance hit in certain applications

>> No.64132133


this! Time to throw away my flagship phone that I bought last year and buy a new one that comes with the update at launch

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Hahahaha pajeet listen you dont even program for a living. Ryzen is effected by spector, sorry google had to burst yoir bubble

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The second exploit that effects all CPUs including ARM is unfixable as of yet besides a hardware swap

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He linked to Google's fucking blog.

He didn't say anything in his own words. He quoted GOOGLE'S TECH PERSONNEL.

>> No.64132186


>trusting Google to be objective when they just bought Intel server processors worth billions of dollars to expand Google Cloud Platform just last year


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Apple won just accept it. Where is the performance drop then? Patched before anyone and no noticeable changes. Rekt fag

>> No.64132198

>the issue is the patch causes a severe performance hit in certain applications
That's not an issue as of yet. Security mitigations are more important

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So we basically calculated trash the last decades?

>> No.64132212

What is the second bug that affects all

>> No.64132218

Like a true fanboy, only trust amd when theu have been proved to be liers time after time like the rest of them

>> No.64132219

So if they know the patch will fuck everyone, why even roll it out?

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Friendly reminder that DX9 is still actually broken on ayymd

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And half the IPC Pajet

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You probably dont notice on an Apple Facebook machine

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why are you this butthurt, pablo, is it because you might have to go back to your country now that your h-b1 visa is going to expire and trump isn't allowing it to be renewed? learn english and read news from a reputable source instead of spamming broken english and links to fake news from """journalists""", you might be able to enter again

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quads have spoken
ayymd bankrupt and finished

>> No.64132264

Denials from the ayys

>> No.64132274

>zero documented cases about any performance hits
top story is still "30% performance kill on intel"

>> No.64132276

>Rekt fag
you're making it too obvious that you're just baiting

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why the fuck do all you fags act like AMD is some non-Jewish company? they have facilities here in Israel just like every major tech company because we're smart as fuck

>> No.64132299


Meltdown is a Intel bug only
Spectre is on pretty much every modern processor that has speculative execution (Intel, AMD, ARM, PPC, Spark)

look shit up before talking you retards

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Have you not noticed amdshills are cancer?

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>vulnerabilities that aren't even entirely understood yet have been patched

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Here's your blog kid. Basically only Intel is affected in actual use. AMD doesn't enable BPF JIT on default while Intel does, meaning Sceptre hardly affects AMD or ARM. Google and Intel are working closely on the damage control.

>> No.64132318

That's what I was saying last night when this came out, people are trying to short sell stock and exaggerating to the naive. There's no reason the performance hits won't be fixed. This is about the processor bug and once you understand it you see that while this is a major flaw, it isn't like intel made some dumb mistake.


also, checked

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>Apple is so good they bent time

>> No.64132320

intel is more jewish

>> No.64132322

it's just fucking annoying
they have location in Israel and multiple facilities in India, they're the same as any big fucking tech company

>> No.64132330

Go look it up loonixfag

>> No.64132331

From what I read through yesterday, Intel CPUs with PCID support should see a significantly lower performance impact, but from what I could tell that was introduced with Sandy Bridge back in 2011. Does Skylake offer some additional performance improvement here beyond just being a newer architecture?

>> No.64132340

What the fuck happened, exactly?

>> No.64132350

Why is this even a big deal? Tiny vulnerability that noone is smart enough to exploit effectively. Ten years and noone noticed or did anything.

It's fucking nothing.

>> No.64132352


DX9 games work fine on WINE/Linux. Windorks BTFO!

>> No.64132355

Reminder that most of the security researchers cited in that article have kike names so it's almost certain that it's worse for Intel than they say

>> No.64132358

They hire indians too

>> No.64132363

oh fuck

>> No.64132367

There isn't anything to look up. No patching has been done.

>> No.64132372

I think the only ones not affected are SPARC and POWER, right?

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I like how this thread is just obvious fucking corporate shills shilling shills.

>> No.64132409

AMD chips are still affected lmao

>> No.64132420


>> No.64132423

[citation needed]

>> No.64132425


Intel fucked up again.

>> No.64132430



Did you miss the NVME SSD getting it's speed halved?

>> No.64132450

>why do you need full-speed NVMe goy?

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another glorious nope.

>> No.64132464

Because it was patched a month ago you dumb pajeet

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>t-those independent researchers are a-all wrong g-goyim, t-trust us

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>implying I will install the intel patch

>> No.64132474

>we believe

>> No.64132485

>completely unrelated issue
At least you tried.

>> No.64132501

The fucking Google team agrees.


>> No.64132516


>> No.64132534

>google, a major tech firm that relies heavily on the effected intel processors to exist as a company
trust us goy

>> No.64132542

Except that is it. How can you be so fucking retarded?

>> No.64132550

And finally, you anons realize this. By this rate, security flaws are inevitable and it will be impossible to escape the botnet. Software and firmware have become to complex to minimize risks, much less work smoothly. Moreover, the increasing dominance of proprietary hardware with hidden components only further worsens this issue. In fact, the American intelligence agencies probably have thousands of zero days ready for all of us simple sheeps.

>> No.64132573

So they pay their buddies back by saying only Intel is fucked? You're getting mixed up.

>> No.64132575

Except that it isn't. How can you expect anyone capable of reading English to believe your lies?

>> No.64132586

AMD and arm is susceptible to one, but is easily patched with no difference. Intel is vulnerable to all 3 and needs a massive overhaul.

Everyone needs a patch, but only intel will be getting screwed over.

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both of the things you just linked are from AMD people. from https://spectreattack.com/spectre.pdf is my picture, note this document is not made by anyone affiliated to AMD, Intel or Google

>> No.64132604

IDK it just seems like fanboys.

I've got no idea why someone would be so fanatic about a CPU these days. Back when they were pushing clock speeds I could understand, but now it's pretty boring. GPU and HPC are exciting these days.

>> No.64132616

I see.
And how is this news again?

>> No.64132646

This one is from the Google report, not AMD. They only managed to find vulnerabilities in FX, according to their article.

>> No.64132652

>I'll just keep lying and hope everyone is pretending I'm retarded
get back to shitting on the street

>> No.64132659

Why does the patch decrease performance?
Is there no way to buy a new intel chip with the problem fixed and still retain performance?

>> No.64132662

the people who publicly reported its existence first demonstrated it on Ryzen, gonna trust that over all this corporate jewry

>> No.64132665

holy shit it is not looks like 30%, its fucking 150%

>> No.64132698

Holy shit.

>> No.64132712

Poo in the fucking loo Sanjay

>> No.64132720

150 lol, when 100% slowdown mean its completely stopped

>> No.64132722

Ok well fuck applying the patch.
I'll take my security risks. I'm not about to effectively ruin my CPU over this.

>> No.64132730

Specifically, on APU processors, with a non-default setting, "eBPF JIT is on". Not quite equivalent to the "all processors" nightmare Intel has to deal with.

>> No.64132733

Whoever said 30% was full of shit.

>> No.64132737

It saod skylake and onward wouldnt slow down less

>> No.64132743

if its so bad then why didnt anyone use the exploit even though they had years of time to do it

>> No.64132745

Yes dumb shit like multithread http servers are gonna be the worst.

Something like vidya might not feel anything at all. Wait until benchmarks.

>> No.64132751

>mac perfectly fine
theres no better time to switch :^)

>> No.64132764



>> No.64132777

Who cares about fucking video games. This concerns real devs that deal with real problems

>> No.64132783

I don't care about gaming though. I do care about datacenters.

>> No.64132788

>multithread http servers are gonna be the worst
So nodejs will finally kill php, python and other forking shit?

>> No.64132797

>tfw still running Intel Core 2 Duo™

>> No.64132823

Nobody runs a game alone without other programs. You have your browser open you already need protection because javascript might fuck arround. If the other programs take more ressources because of this your game slows down. Not to mention the servers for online-games will be affected especially since they mentioned databases getting hit.

>> No.64132863



bulldozer mobile; I doubt there's even one laptop out there with it. Intel must've dug real hard to find this one.

>> No.64132865

>mac perfectly fine
To a single variation of a bug with at least three variations.

>> No.64132882


>> No.64132915

so this patch is going to send us back to like 2008?

>> No.64132920

>bulldozer mobile
Jesus Christ, this conjures up some horrible images.

>> No.64132921


Even then the eBPF JIT isn't enabled by default.

>> No.64132933

>except Intel Itanium and Intel Atom
Is Itanium actually ourchips?

>> No.64132952

Nope, they are within 5%, try harder 30%

>> No.64132955

No, just the poor fools that fell for the Intel meme.

>> No.64132956

>pajeets are more effective at security and performance than American clean room engineers that learned at college for 4-6 years

>> No.64132969


For once maybe we did trust experts over corporate shills, there is incentive for both companies to lie, there is no incentive for unaffiliated security experts to do so, if the ones who actually brought these exploits to light say Ryzen is affected I trust that analysis.

So trusting fucking corporations.

>> No.64132972

Because it was only discovered very recently, due to the extremely particular conditions it must set up to trick the cpu into revealing memory contents.


If that's the concern, you should understand that there will be optimizations like batching kernel calls, both from the OS and within scripting languages. They haven't had time to do this, their primary concern is security.
I don't know for sure, but I suspect some languages will be hit MUCH harder than others, but they'll roll out optimizations soon.

>> No.64132975

Both companies are pajeet central.

>> No.64133043

>I don't know for sure, but I suspect some languages will be hit MUCH harder than others, but they'll roll out optimizations soon.
Php/python/ruby etc creates new process to serve new connection. Node creates only 1 process for all incoming connections. So it looks like nodejs will shine now.

>> No.64133109

>we shan't believe corparate lies goys, guise.
>exorts us to blindly believe intel throwing shit in the fan

how about no.

>> No.64133153

With JS it's tough to say, there might be a way, but the hack has to do with specific sequences of operations people write in assembly (+ kernel call), and JS is another layer above that. From what I understand this relies on reading the high resolution clock to detect cache flushing, which JS doesn't even have access to.

>> No.64133162
File: 118 KB, 928x294, nope.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Don't believe them. AMD has their own version of the requisite backdoor embeded in all chip designs in the past decade.

>> No.64133196
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I'm fucking pissed this is about predictive execution

>> No.64133261
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I'll wait for the patch. if my shit gets turtled I will buy a ryzen and motherboard combo I've had my eye on the very next day

Fucking hell its like intel just keeps trying to give me reasons to jump ship

also the thought of re installing all this shit at this point in my life is kind of horrifying.

>> No.64133309

Then you're right. I believe multithreaded apps can be optimized by the OS, but multi processes may be harder or impossible.

Do python apps really fork like that? I know they have threading, but forking is expensive to begin with, it's hard to believe anyone would still do that.

>> No.64133406

AMD official statement posted now:

Intel-aviv kikes btfo

>> No.64133422

The performance loss isn't really noticeable in non-server tasks, but it's there.
It's there, and forever will be.

>> No.64133442
File: 2.53 MB, 500x315, 1508714919764.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Since Intel was infected that means EVERYONE was infected
lmao stay fucked

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>> No.64133517

This and only this.

>> No.64133533

I'm in position to install the Windows 10 patch right now, and I was smart enough to disable auto updates so they aren't forced on me. (and yes, I know I welcome a bunch of /g/ users coming in and saying "you weren't smart enough to avoid winblows 10." I accept that)

The question is this: should I update, or should I wait? I go to alot of websites, so not updating isn't an option.

>> No.64133556

>should I update
Yes, you should update by removing that hardware backdoor in the CPU slot.

>> No.64133577

I'm low on money right now, so I can't even afford a decade old AMD card. So buying a new card is out of the question.

>> No.64133604

So all we need now are some Russians/chinks/whatever to exploit this and we hit the reset button, correct?

>> No.64133619
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>> No.64133671

>/pol/ is right again

>> No.64133729

don't consoles have APUs in them and aren't based on the Zen architecture? I wonder if this effect those?

>> No.64133825

>After all this years bulldozer will finally be faster than Sandy Bridge
Is this the ultimate fine wine™?

>> No.64133856

There's gonna be some lawsuits flying around every company now. I think they will fix it, but fuck this is gonna get ugly. Maybe this will be a change for smaller alternatives to get a better foothold in the market. I hope so.

>> No.64133976

Predictive execution is shit IMO. It's CPU manufacturers pushing the limits of single threading using an overly complicated design when they reached physical limits. It meant better benchmarks, but it also meant bigger cpus.

>> No.64133986

it will still get patched. its' ridiculous, I know, but that's how things are.

>> No.64134003

no it didn't, stop talking out of your ass

>> No.64134032

yes, because AMD will also get patched.
tl;dr timeline:
- bug discovered
- patch that enables it on ALL hw comes
- amd says not affected
- patch proposal that removes AMD
- patch never gets merged, it's enabled on ALL

>> No.64134048

dude there is a fucking proof of concept up on github right now why doesn't anyone care


>> No.64134140

Used Itanium price skyrockets.

>> No.64134169



>> No.64134183

You're saying all this branch prediction didn't lead to bigger cpus? You could argue the tradeoff is worth it, but it's not arguable that it didn't make cpus more complex and bigger.

>> No.64134190

is this sarcasm

>> No.64134454

>These vulnerabilities
This is the key word. He is addressing many vulnerabilities, not this specific one in order to lump everyone in there.

>> No.64135159
File: 21 KB, 642x472, meltdown.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've been following this for the last day or two, mainly because I just recently upgraded my desktop, and I'd hate for those upgrades to go to waste.


A couple of things that are certain so far :
- Databases that manage large amounts of files/information will have the largest dips in performance. This includes servers/cloud services, and we could potentially be impacted heavily from a consumer POV

- Personal rigs and non-powerusers will "not" noticeably be affected by performance dips when patches go around. This is mainly a result of there not being enough interaction with the CPU.


Several benchmarks have been published so far documenting performance hits.
Here is the affect on a Linux system: https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=article&item=linux-415-x86pti&num=2
Several benchmarks, in particular FS Mark, show massive hits.

This, however, stands at odds with a windows benchmark conducted by ComputerBase: https://www.computerbase.de/2018-01/intel-cpu-pti-sicherheitsluecke/#update2
This benchmark shows little to no performance dip for a windows computer post-patch, which leads many people on /g/ to speculate that the tested computer does not have the patch installed.
Other users have pointed out that the version the testers used (17063) has had the fix since November (https://twitter.com/aionescu/status/948427734845239298 (embed)). Nevertheless, users are unconvinced by the benchmarks because
1) they are clearly different from what's reported by Phoronix for linux systems,
and 2) They do not use similar benchmarks as those used by Phoronix.

Lastly, one macOS user compared his pre and post patch scores for GeekBench. It also seems that Apple had already rolled out a Meltdown fix before news hit.
>>64130643 (Cross-thread)
Anon's score goes from 4500 single core to 3868 single core, which is a reduction of about 15%. Multi-core score barely changes.

Hopefully more users will provide their benchmarks.

>> No.64135186

Spectre is not Meltdown. Spectrev1 has been patched in software, and Spectrev2 has not been replicated on any AMD hardware and is likely to complex for anyone to reliably exploit.

>> No.64135324

A month from now:
AMD patch included in mainline
AMD performance no longer affected

>> No.64135373

It's already in mainline.

>> No.64135418

AMD's exclusion got merged on Linux, don't know about Windows, probably not since that is Intlelshill central and will gimp AMD CPUs on purpose.

>> No.64135448

Oh. Then why do I keep seeing retards saying it's been rejected or hasn't been included?

>> No.64135460
File: 1.03 MB, 268x274, 1466162607618.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

why are people spazzing over this? doesn't intel cpus basically have an NSA backdoor in every chip?

>> No.64135461

intel shills

>> No.64135474

there is a big difference between rumor and fact.

>> No.64135505
File: 52 KB, 1027x649, DHamBltWAAE0gOJ.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I wonder if he's ok?

>work for amd, listen to daily screeches of amd is finished and bankrupt
>starts working for intel, one month later intel is finished and bankrupt.

>> No.64135506


only intel is affected by meltdown, which is the most serious of the exploits

>> No.64135529

He probably gives no fuck, since GPU=/=CPU.

>> No.64135559

>tfw he fronts the branching out of inteleon technology group, which will become the undisputable gpu leaders from the remains of a burned down intel cpu division.

>> No.64135577
File: 24 KB, 425x404, e37.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you also, entirely.

>> No.64135624
File: 30 KB, 536x602, 1371695755270.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

"A bug that poses a huge security risk"
TRANSLATION: A zero day backdoor exploit the FBI, CIA, & NSA have known about for 10 years.

>> No.64135932

pretty much this

>> No.64136123

nah, the agencies have always had their own lill backdoor. This was intel's alone. Guaranteed performance increase in keeping a known liability untouched whit the benefit of their won private backdoor. Thos pesky kids at google and amzon just had to meddle on their business and ruin it all.

now they lost the performance advantage, their own private backdoor and they have a PR nightmare on their hands.

>> No.64136231

And your and his reading comprehension can't see that the Spectre exploit works on non default states for the non Intel CPUs
They aren't based on Bulldozer, however they're OoO and speculative, so they probably are vulnerable to some Spectre variant

>> No.64136252

>Google confirmed amd is effected

Google only tested Faildozer chips (FX-8320 and A8-9600).

We haven't seen confirmation that Ryzen is affected or not.

>> No.64136292

>Google dock has no information on it working on v2 or v3 on AMD
How are people saying that it's 2/3 bugs that work on AMD?

>> No.64136309

More importantly, they only tested FX chips with non-default software configuration.

And more importantly than that, this is only true for one variant of the Spectre attack, which has already been patched. This is not related to Meltdown.

>> No.64136311

Which is bullshit. Phoronix tests show 8700k is very well fucked.

>> No.64136324

They recursively fucked up everything up to the Pentium Pro, only pre 2013 Atom and Itanium are spared

>> No.64136353

AMD doesn't have this problem.
enjoy being fucked INTLEL fags

>> No.64136391

An NSA backdoor is a bit less damaging than ring 0 access for any pajeet javascript.

>> No.64136711

Yep, noscript for me from now on.

>> No.64136857

For the millionth time, read the fucking blog post in its entirety before discussing what affects what, it's stated clearly.

>> No.64137102

Horse shit. Benchmarks have proven this blatantly false

>> No.64137136

I have a linux server with nothing important on it, just a minecraft server and plex. If I don't update it, what kind of damage can it do to other machines on the network, assuming all other machines are patcehd or run AMD?

>> No.64137243

If all you do is run minecraft on it what are the chances it would ever even stumble upon malicious code using this exploit? Not too high

>> No.64138338

I think they men theoretically they could work around it better, not that they already have.

>> No.64138373

There are 3 vulnerabilities.

AMD is affected by 1. Intel is affected by all 3.

So the politically correct term or rather Intel shilling term is "all CPUs are vulnerable and thus all are same"

>> No.64138409
File: 495 KB, 1070x601, 1514989572614.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

b---b---but our big daddy Intel said that _all_ x86 are affected!

>> No.64138454


>Researchers from Google's Project Zero Team, Cyberus Technology, Graz University of Technology, University of Pennsylvania and the University of Maryland, Rambus, and University of Adelaide and Data61, discovered critical flaws in a method used by most modern processors for performance optimization that could allow an attacker to read sensitive system memory, which could contain passwords, encryption keys, and emails, for example. The vulnerabilities affect CPUs from Intel, AMD, and ARM, according to Google.


>> No.64138812

> This is what appletards believe

God this planet is fucked

>> No.64138844

>literally only intel cpus
if by "winning" you mean "most affected line of computers", then sure, i guess

>> No.64139336

wtf time to throw my thinkpad out the window

>> No.64139397

Should we all be panicking? How easy are these vulnerabilities to exploit?

>> No.64139522

Panicking is something you should never do.

>> No.64139552

>Guy continues to get replies citing new information or git commits that AMD is not impacted by this
>Keeps stomping his feet and linking blogspot posts or some stupid shit

This guy seems like a complete retard, where do I pick up my "security expert" badge means I clearly know as much as this shit eater

>> No.64139874

>we did it reddit

>> No.64140026
File: 78 KB, 1688x1049, fucked.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.64140049

Still gonna buy intel just to piss amd users since i have money. Thank you based Intel.

>> No.64140064

make sure you get two to cause extra butthurt and you cover your performance loss in the process

>> No.64140074


>> No.64140095

>spectre is the same thing as meltdown!!
loling @ your purchase

>> No.64140102

>make sure you get two to cause extra butthurt
Will do. Even if Intel crippled their cpus they are still better than ayymd

>> No.64140185

so for intel they have to stop to deliever their cpus and they have to make a new cpu layout from the scratch right?

>> No.64140251

Does Microsoft's IIS fall into this? How hard will it be hit?

So is Ryzen affected by Spectre or not?

>> No.64140267

It only mentions Spectre though. Meltdown (which is severe before and after patching) are not

>> No.64140291

it gets worse...


>> No.64140503

>So is Ryzen affected by Spectre or not?
It has a slight chance of being affected by variant 2, nobody's managed to prove it though. Google researches found old FX series processors were affected by variant 1 with weird configuration settings though.

>> No.64140527

They're not affeected by meltdown, but there was 3 exploits released. AMD is affected by one of them

>> No.64140576

Demonstrated? Link?

>> No.64140611

Will open source hardware ever see it's light of day of at least being niche market?

>> No.64140790


>> No.64140809

Just tested it and confirmed myself. Is there gonna be a windows update patch?

>> No.64140813
File: 58 KB, 700x700, 1514982835108.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Dont you guys know how to fucking read?
He specified adm arm x86 only, the quotes dont specify shit
That's why u will never get out of pajeet lvl

>> No.64140829


>> No.64140869
File: 2.64 MB, 320x240, 1423698287544.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>last gen laptop CPU in a non-default configuration

>> No.64140902
File: 100 KB, 320x320, 1506460579665.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>variant 1 confirmed on AMD CPU that literally nobody used
>variant 1, 2, and 3 on literally every Intel CPU

>> No.64140996


No, amd handles loads in speculated code differently than intel by design. IIRC it was something like amd does not perform a speculative memory operation from a different execution context, whereas intel does. Intel basically zeros the results from the illegal access rather rather than not executing it. But the effect of the speculative execution remains on its caches and the actual value in ram can be inferred by measuring timing information.

Intel has a more aggressive out of order design and it has bitten them in the ass by this new attack. There is a posting by Linus where he calls intel out that this is really an engineering oversight / defect by them rather than the chip merely working as designed (which it is / does).

>> No.64141041


I watched a video where linux kernel code was read from javascript. update asap.

>> No.64141068
File: 37 KB, 1080x562, apple_shills_are_actual_cucks.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Apple shills working overtime in a thread that is about processors

My phone came out in 2015 and I've been on 8.1.0 (official) for a month and a half already and I'll get this update. :) Apple cucks btfo.

>> No.64141278

Is iPhone vulnerable? Nobody seems to know, even googling "iphone cpu exploit" from todays date just shows up a bunch of news articles not mentioning iphone, and once you ctrl+f iphone and you see the footer of the page says something like "download our iphone and android app!"

>> No.64141356

iPhones with Ax processors aren't affected and some custom Samsung processor .
Amd isn't affected.

But the snapdragon shit and intel cucks are affected.

Intel Cucks and

>> No.64141386

Intel is far more fucked than AMD and ARM

>> No.64142121

I'm pretty sure they'll be affected by Spectre, at least.

Some ARMs are affected by Meltdown, or variants of Meltdown (there's a 3a now), but I haven't seen any data of the Ax processors being tested yet (possibly the pain of actually testing the devices, though perhaps someone could make a Javascript page to test it, though that is reliant on the Javascript engine playing along as much as the CPU being vulnerable).

>> No.64142165
File: 214 KB, 600x657, IMG_1656.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Who /refuse to update/ here for the sake of performance ?

guess my password all you want. I have two factor .

>> No.64142180

Is it KB4056898 for 8.1?

>> No.64142267

>guess my password all you want
They can literally just read it out of memory, no guessing needed.

>> No.64142308

Not meltdown. Whose fix causes a 30% hit to performance.

These Intel shills in the media are a fucking disgrace.

>> No.64142321

You can't hack phone sms

>> No.64142345
File: 65 KB, 679x711, 1515046611979.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.64142391

Good luck streaming anything.

AMD is going to destroy Intel in 2018, this is fucking BRUTAL.

>> No.64142399


Not true, but it's not that easy.

>> No.64142453

Then I can sue the phone company for security failure

>> No.64142524

Wasn't t-mobile getting in trouble for giving out h3h3's sim card like multiple times after he told them not to?

>> No.64142594

this is how skids get access to twitter/youtube etc platforms with 2factor. they will get ahold of an eceleb's phone number, grab a sim for their carrier and call up the carrier claiming to be X person, claiming an issue with their sim. ask the carrier to port the number to the skid's temporary sim card. then they pop it in their phone, use that eceleb's recently gained phone number to bypass 2step

>> No.64142709


I can't believe all the fake news targeting AMD. There is some serious damage control by Intel cucks going on

>> No.64143054

i5 3570K owner here, I downloaded the latest update from MS catalog, I've noticed I'm getting exactly 1 less FPS on my the same spot in Fagout4 on my stare test bench save. Better sell intel stocks now, it's all fucked, we'll be all dead by tomorrow, I can hear the earth cracking and the devil laughing from the cracks.

>> No.64143330

>1 less FPS
intelfags will defend this

>> No.64143363

Now this backdoor available not only to NSA but for everyone.

>> No.64144712

Post video

>> No.64145342

>only linux
So if I'm using AMD on Windows I'm safe?

>> No.64145894

Also an i5 3570k owner. I didn't expect much performance loss in games or normal rendering. It's supposedly mostly I/O and other system/server type stuff.
At most my torrenting and archive management will be fucked. But I haven't noticed any trouble so far with those either.

>> No.64146292

4790k owner here. No visible performance drop in the games, even rpcs3 emulation doesn't seem to get hit judging by DeS. Noticing some heat increase though, but i'm not sure if it's from shy shitty ageing fan or the fix itself.

>> No.64146723

i have never owned an apple device but have multiple android devices and none of them got updates for more than a year. im not saying that its a bad thing tho because android has only got worse from what it was when i bought my devices.

>> No.64146749

not everyone wants to pay $1000 for a phone to get more than few months support.

>> No.64146792

why do the carriers do that then? must be really ignorant about security or retarded.

>> No.64146827
File: 80 KB, 1210x582, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.64147091

javascript in your browser can read your passwords and sheeeit

browser patches are reducing the accuracy of timers and stuff to make it more difficult

>> No.64147120

>inb4 for non-retards the problem can be solved on browser level
still installed the update but still have doubts about it

>> No.64147145

Torvalds removed KPTI on AMD systems lamo
the absolute state of Intel employees

>> No.64147168

>pre 2013 atom
break out those 2008 eeepc's and ideapads boys
or load up on c201's with libreboot

>> No.64147193

good thing that i dont store passwords in my browser. im not installing this shit.

>> No.64147210

What are the oldest versions of Intel's chips that are affected by this shit?

>> No.64147237

It's been broken by windows . I can't insert my old x9 games and expect them to play on win 10

>> No.64147272
File: 113 KB, 457x458, 1509715127379 - Copy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Whiter than you A(h)M(e)D

>>64130682 >>64131173 >>64142345 >>64140813 >>64138409 >>64135159 >>64133485 >>64133442 >>64132425

>> No.64147293

Reading the emails going around in my company, and they believe the vulnerability exists in both Intel and AMD. No mention of the fact that meltdown does not affect AMD.

I work in networking not server, or else I'd raise this point. Either ways the Intel jews have successfully muddied AMD's name and AMD needs to do a better job of communicating this does not affect them. E

>> No.64147321

>Noticing some heat increase though
I actually take that back, my retarded ass launched the fans on half speed.

>> No.64147387

So as I get it, Meltdown is "oh shit nigga they can flash your bios with 16MB of dolphin porn from a mud hut in Cambodia" except it's already patched and Spectre is "basically nothing".

>> No.64147394

some are fighting the good fight

while others such as reuters, bloomberg in the non-tech industry are keeping it real close to intel's script. And from what i've already read in tech specific sites, some like TH are simply being real good boys (((for awesome goodboy points))), while tpu, pcper are a bit neutral chaotic.

>> No.64147403
File: 23 KB, 606x204, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

thse people

>> No.64147462

Is the yorkfield line affected?

>> No.64147477

Everything P6-onwards is affected.

>> No.64147546

these people probably only read the intel pr article.

>> No.64147716

fuck yeah, the porn on my HTPC is secure!

>> No.64148500
File: 26 KB, 225x350, 314761.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Time to grab my Aspire One

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