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How is this possible?

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>It appears Macs may not be hit as heavily, as no noticeable performance slowdowns have been reported since the launch of macOS 10.13.2.
Facebook didn't have any slowdowns on muh machine so we're fine!!!

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>Facebook didn't have any slowdowns on muh machine so we're fine!!!

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>the people that left their backdoor open was able to easily close it

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My concern is that if the Core 2 Duo is affected, and they don't backport the patch to El Capitan, a lot of old Macs are still going to be susceptible.

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Microsoft already fixed it in early November... https://twitter.com/aionescu/status/930412525111296000

Funny to see "muh gaymen" kids crying about losing performance when they already lost it 2 months ago and didn't notice.

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>owning macshit
What a loser.

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Time to buy Intel and wait for the recovery.

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The patch was on only a Windows 10 Preview Build you retard. All stable Windows are still unpatched.

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>what a loser

Mac users have the highest income on average.

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Mac users take it up the ass.

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The current panic is about a new flaw.

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how would you know?

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>charge $1200 for laptops
>"look! our users have higher income!"

No shit sherlock. That's like saying people who buy American flags are the most American compared to other flags' customers.

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>replying to bait on points instead of ridiculing or reverse baiting
Spotted the gullible 12 year old.

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>$1200 for a macbook

how cute

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Look at the post I was replying to, retard.

I was refuting his claim that macs are for losers.

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No it isn't. Read the article.

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He didn't make a claim, he baited you and you took the bait.

>>64128907 knows what's up.

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You’re the one who’s butthurt

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>mac user takes it up the ass
>claim someone else's ass hurts

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>OP being a retarded faggot unironically posting m*crumors
and this

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>mactoddler banned

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> apple
> not bsd dev team

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>bsd dev team
>not the unix consortum

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Install Linux already faggot

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I doubt that ”my gaymen” kids use Windows insider builds.

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>anonhq article
it's almost like anjeets love spreading disinformation--sad!

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Microsoft fixed it... half an hour ago, on live. Not sure when it was fixed on Insider, but it was on there prior.

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>apple already artificially slowing down devices
>30% slowdown taken off artificial slowing
>replaced with real slowing
mactoddlers btfo

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Literally updating to Sierra as we speak because of this. I was pretty comfy with El Capitan and didn't feel the need to update until today.

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Apple has a fix for those older models too: throw them away and buy a new mac.

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/g/ BTFO

Are you ever right about anything
>muh thunkpod

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Apple didn't even use those memory tables in the first place, that's why their OS is so slow

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>Install Linux already faggot
We have enough problems without that.

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ITT: a bunch of assholes who drummed up this whole panic finding out that only one OS has a fix for it and it's Apple's.

How does it feel to be even more retarded than /pol/?

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The state of apple

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bump for /g/ btfo

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What's funny is that iAd has since been discontinued.

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Simple, the patch is PCID aware which mitigates the overall performance impact quite a bit.
This is possible on any OS though and a function of the CPU. Check if your CPU can into PCID and wait for the patch-patch.

Seriously, it's like you guys can't even read.

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apple shills back at it again

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And this is why I bought a Mac.

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If you can't afford a Macbook then why are you here?

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To laugh at all the mac fags shilling an inferior system, duh. Why else would I be here?

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BOOM, dude !!!!!!!! rite? Mac mac mac ~chamt~ MAC MAC . mac changed my life mac set me strait. mac unto infinity, amen. littlerly not kidding tho

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I wonder why nobody is commenting on this performance change. Here, we have a verifiable performance change caused by patching this vulnerability. Most importantly, it is data that was conducted by a user and not some corporate shill

tl;dr, it is about a 15% performance change.

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they obviously have better engineers. not even intel could patch theyre shit correctly

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There's no additional slowdowns since Macbooks are already a joke and throttle so hard they're only using 10% of the CPU.

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Any news if this is being sent out to Sierra and older?
Because only High Sierra has been confirmed.

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Bumping for more info on this.

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Found your problem.

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>Not running certified UNIX.

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>taking a huge shit on top of mach and buying a piece of toilet paper

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Isn't 10.13.2 like two months old?

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They just had to undo their hardcoded 30% performance reduction and replace it with the intel fix.

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Does Mavericks get it?

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Well shit, it doesn't look like Apple's rolled out a patch yet for 10.12 and older.

I really don't want to have to update to High Sierra.

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No shit sherlock, the difference is Steve has always been anti-big brother and implemented encryption and security measures very early on to prevent the government from even being able to force apple to hand data over. All they can do is hand over logs about icloud access or customer name/address pertaining to a phone/account.

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Because they already use it daily to funnel everything you type to the NSA and are very familiar with how it works.

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It's a shame they gutted the Pro. The Mac lines are all so fucked up now: the MacBook is thinner than the MacBook air, the MacBook costs the same as the more powerful MacBook pro that's almost the same thickness, and the iMac pro is faster than the Mac Pro. Apple send determined to alienate their core users and turn all of their laptops into Facebook machines

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And the dropped every useful port for USB-C, and are trying to kill the headphone jack.

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It's a shame really. I'm all for pushing boundaries and disrupting the status quo but the lack of any usable ports is retarded. WTF Apple?

You need to go with the calle sometimes.

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Why users of inferior operating systems get so insecure with the superiority of Macs?

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Vendors knew about this vulnerability for at least 6 months already and patches were all supposed to land these days. Note how Apple, Microsoft, Linux and Xen all released their fixes already or within a week (the original scheduled unembargo date)

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