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We shit our pants today

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Can you sum it up, i don't have time to lurk this board.

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what did Nvidia do

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Nothing but autistic anons keep putting nvidia in the same place as intel because nvidia hurt their feels with their GPUs being better than vegapoo.

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>autistic screeching

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Intel fucked up with security.
Security patch was released.
Security patch massively downgrades performance.
Security patch affects all syscalls.
nGreddia GPUs heavily rely on syscalls because they don't have their own integrated pipeline to do this, while Radeon has it since GCN 1.1 and up.
Basically all noVideo GayPoos will have performance downgrade alongside with Intel CPUs if they'll be combo'ed on patched systems.
There will be no performance downgrade only if GayForce will be paired with Zen CPUs.
Performance downgrade is anywhere from 30% to 61%. Yes. Really.
Intel just now cancelled future gen of CPUs.
Brian Krzhanich sold a lot of stock and ran away before Intel's shares started falling hard.

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not him but thanks

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Just you wait.
Not long now.
When stock finds out that Intel's fuck up also affects Nvidia's products...the shitstorm will be massive, considering that right now Nvidia's stock hovers at 200$ per share. This is way too funny, because AMD has low prices per share, so if they lose something - the lose small by percentage. If nVidia loses even just a 1% now, it'll be hundreds of thousands.

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The drop will be immense, lol. Literally greenassed monkeys on suicide watch everywhere.

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>he doesn't know that nvidia don't have their own scheduler and rely on the cpu

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nvidia handles their scheduling cpu side right? Does that mean we'll see a more pronounced effect from the patch on nvidia gpus compared to amd? I'm stuck on a 650ti, so I don't exactly have performance to spare.

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>Does that mean we'll see a more pronounced effect from the patch on nvidia gpus compared to amd?
See >>64127406.

>compared to AMD
AMD was freed. It's over. There will be no performance hit on AMD at all, and it's not vulnerable in any way either. It's literally fucking over. Completely unironically and abso-fucking-lutely. Over.

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Nvidia schedulers have always been on the GPU, it does not use the CPU

You fags are so retarded you don't even understand shit about GPUs

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How about Intel with AMD GPU?

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>Nvidia schedulers have always been on the GPU, it does not use the CPU

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AMD does syscalls internally, so only Inturd's garbage of a CPU will be affected.

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Incorrect Pajeet.

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How do you know the patch is in that insider preview? Are there official release notes?

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I meant amd gpus in comparison to nvidia gpus, but yeah I know amd cpus aren't susceptible, though that doesn't mean ms can't apply the changes universally.

Pretty sure they're on cpu, that's why there was that whole thing a while back about nvidia gpus being slower on zen.

Patch is coming Tuesday.

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Not so fast. Nvidia are /ourguys/ now.

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I should've known better than to trust a Jewish company. Fucking hell!

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Can you make a post with the childish novidya crap? Are you 13?

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GET REKT GREENS <------ lmao that was a dank meme i r89 r9001 390/3.5gb of v for vendetta ram, novidiots be like do a 1080 and walk awayy lmao, 144 wayy sly novideo grillforce gtx 480 clocked at 3.5hz 1080p 3.5 fps gimpworks edition, human eye can see only 3/5 ram anyways, nivea water boiler titanal FE(fanboy edition) at 3.5p, envidia fryforce shitan rascal 1080shiTi at 87.5% GTX(GetTheXtinguisher) (ngreedia pisscal thermi "malware experience" burning sillayy bridges edition with ngrillia GreedSync support) + krappy fake $hilltel gore i$emen at 8700K (Kelvin) maybelake i911 delidlake cancer core at 30% jewtel 2066 killowatt "cooler not included in a box" coffin lake "end of life" edition at 0.90 GHz (a.k.a. Inferno Bridge) inteLELite "another late edition" <------ i0 r8 dat meme 2400/3200 of dance dance revolution ram. 8GiB? What do you need 4GiB for? I'm giving you 3.5GiB! mumble mumble 3.5!?!?!? mumble mumble mumble 390?!?!?! Should buy Raja 420 Blaze it Edition.

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nice false flag

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>I meant amd gpus in comparison to nvidia gpus
I already told you - nGreedia GayPoos will be affected if combined with Inturd CPoos after """""patch""""", AMD is not affected in any way whatsoever on any of sides. If there will be performance drops, it will be on Inturd's side and on noVideo's as it doesn't have internal syscall module. AMD is absolutely problem-free platform now. In other words - best combo is AMD CPU with AMD GPU.

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They really, REALLY are now. The only way that an nVidia card doesn't get gimped is if it's used with an AMD chip.

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Apparently most Intel CPUs have a hardware bug that may allow userspace to probe kernel memory by exploiting the fact the CPU is executing instructions speculatively before it even knows they're allowed. On AMD's implementation this attempt fails earlier, but on Intel it proceeds far enough to at least interact with the CPU cache, allowing userspace code to exploit cache timing to figure out the kernel's "randomized" memory layout and maybe open the door to further unpublished exploits.

The only way to reliably stop this is to clear the kernel's memory mapping from the page tables when entering userspace execution (and restoring them when needed). This adds overhead to context changes, e.g. on calling the kernel or handling hardware interrupts.

Worst case (~30% slowdown) seems to be code that does tons of small I/O requests expecting that most of them would hit the I/O cache and complete pretty much instantly. The extra overhead really shows there.

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Basically every database ever. Intel is fucked so hard in the fucking server space. It's going to be goddamned glorious.

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>On AMD's implementation this attempt fails earlier
Not "earlier", but entirely right away.
See http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qgiUuTmXyGs

It's absolutely secure, literally 0 flaws. Very structure of Zen architecture doesn't allow such inane holes in security. It's literally flawless. Unlike pooducts of those blue FUCKWITs. And as for Radeons - internal syscall module was in them since GCN 1.1, making AMD the only actual smart guy on the market.

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>Worst case (~30% slowdown)
It's already been proven that it goes way beyond that. Up to 67% so far.

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Okay so I fell for the memes and bought a laptop with an intel processor and an integrated nvidia card. I clearly need a linux friendly laptop with an amd processor, I will dump this laptop on some normie in my dorms and take a small cash loss. What's a good ayymd laptop with good GNU/Linux driver support?

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modern dbs don't work like that
this isn't Sybase in the year 2000 or MySQL dogshit edition

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>I clearly need a linux friendly laptop with an amd processor
They're already making them. Lenovo, HP, Dell, Asus, Acer...look them up after CES.

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Definitely need to buy amd stock then. Might pay for the laptop itself.

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Thinkpad A-series

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And they're not putting subpar shit-tier CPUs there, too. It's all high grade Zen APU stuff. Raven Ridge and etc.

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>he thinks every database is a nosql database
Basically any SQL database from mysql to mssql is going to take a huge performance hit.

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Just in case this isn't bait, I had seen a video earlier in 2017 and found it again just for (You) detailing some information related to GPU schedulers.

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Who cares, does effect my vidya games?

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>does effect my vidya games?
It does and it will if you'll be on "Inturd + noVideo" combo after the patch. I will also affect you on CPU side if you'll be on "Inturd CPU + Radeon" combo. It can also potentially affect you on GPU side if you'll be making a "Zen CPU + GayForce" combo. Basically the only 100% safe option is going AMD CPU + Radeon GPU combination. Every other option is compromised.

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> Intel just now cancelled future gen of CPUs

wait what? I can't find any info about this.

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>It can also potentially affect you on GPU side if you'll be making a "Zen CPU + GayForce" combo
No, it can not. It's an issue with Intel's CPUs. Not with AMD's. Intel + nVidia is just hit harder than Intel + AMD because nVidia is more reliant on the features that the patch will slow down.

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I wish people would stop saying gaming rigs aren't affected.

You're forgetting the amount of socket I/O system calls for multiplayer games.

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>AMD was freed. It's over.
File commited 5 days ago, the AMD patch was reviwed 28 dec:

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>No, it can not.
We still don't know 100% sure, as """""(((patch)))""""" directly affects syscalls and GayForce cards don't have internal syscall module, relying only on external draws from OS. So, potentially, this still might gimp noVideo the fuck out even if Inturd CPU is not present. The only side that's not going to be affected any at any given time is AMD's side of hardware, but nGreedia's GayPoos may still be affected potentially as they don't have internal measures against syscall gimpage. Radeons had internal syscall module as far back as GCN 1.1 at the very least (probably even farther than that), while GayForce does not even today. So it won't matter if it's AMD CPU there or not, as crippling patch is being applied to OS and not hardware, and noVideo's GayPoo will be requesting syscalls from OS.

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I never said Zen's being affected in any way, learn to read. I was talking about GTX being the weakest link in that combination.

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Hahaha I knew it would be FUD. They're cancelling some niche high end chip, not an entire fucking generation.

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Source you fucking liar.

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>niche high end

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No ones seen the WIndows patch results yet so we dont know how badly those machines will be affected.

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nice funny maymay gif. you really got me there, 9gag.

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literally holocaust

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It's pretty much going to be same exact shit. Like they have any other options, lol. Even Linus had to resort to such crap, and he's way smarter than entire R&D of Micro$hit's, so...

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>These vulnerabilities affect many CPUs, including those from AMD, ARM, and Intel, as well as the devices and operating systems running them.



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Nice try, but no cigar. What's next - CNN?

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Does this mean my thinkpad is going to take a performance hit?
I don't know of any good AMD Lenovo Laptops.

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>I don't read thread before shitposting
Well bad for you, then.
See here - >>64128497.

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Amd cpus are not affected HOWEVER the patch will probably be used with ALL x86_64 machines and performance will be affected of all machines including the ones running on AMD cpus

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>my thinkpad is going to take a performance hit?
If it's on AMD - no.
>I don't know of any good AMD Lenovo Laptops
See here >>64128564 and here >>64128641.

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AMD CPU + nVidia GPU


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lol you thought you had something.

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AMD was already freed by Linus. It's not going to be affected in any way whatsoever at all. Inturd, however, is fucked royally.

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>Leatherette jacket

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>Meltdown wasn't the only problem uncovered by the researchers, however. They detailed a related issue dubbed Spectre, which they believe is harder to address than Meltdown and for which there aren't yet patches available. As noted in a whitepaper, which contains the full technical details, Spectre attacks induce a victim application to carry out the speculative execution "that would not occur during correct program execution and which leak the victim’s confidential information via a side channel to the adversary." Worryingly, it's not just Intel systems that are affected, but computers running AMD and ARM too, the researchers claimed. That would amount to not millions, but billions of machines.


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That's why nVidia still can't do real Async Compute... and they rely so much on driver optimization.

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I expect linux to selectively patch different machines but WINDOWS
*inhales deeply*
They will just release one patch for all because this is so major otherwise it will literally split windows into amd version and intel and that simply wont happen

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>speculative execution
>computers running AMD
Literal fake news/misinformed shitposting, as Zen completely invulnerable to speculative execution attacks/intrusions. There is absolutely no way to infiltrate ring 0 on Zen from outside.

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>nvidya/intel corner cutting performance.

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fuck off Su

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Windows will have exactly same shit as there's basically no other way, and they're not as stupid as to make same mistake Linus did initially by adding AMD to the black list. Even if they do, backlash will be just as big as for them to free up AMD immediately.

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You forgot to enter tripcode and log in, Brian.

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>He doesn't know

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seems like older Intel CPUs like the i7 4770k and the 5820k could to get off cheaply because they support INVPCID

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No, everything is affected, down to gen1 "Core i" series. Core i xxx, Sandy, everything.

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STFU, you retarded POS.

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thats true but the performance loss should not be so huge with these cpus that are supporting INVPCID

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>9 years of having a shitty pc
>upgrade to a 8700k and 1080 in november
>this shit happens

>> No.64131370

>27% instead of 30~67%
>not so huge
Mmkay, whatever you say...

>> No.64131378

>he fell for the inturd meme

>> No.64131379

Fuck you, retarded Jim. Your push for "muh ipc" caused this security fuckup in the first place.

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>"""""(((upgrade)))""""" to a 8700K

>> No.64131470

>ARM is affected
>AMDs PSP is powered by ARM cores


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--> >>64131166 ~ >>64131257.

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>Huang dares to call someone retarded
O RLY, now:

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thank you based jim

>> No.64131763

They are already shit. It's like a fart for someone that's already shat themselves.

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. On an i5 6600k with a GTX 660 on Win7. I probably won't update windows as I haven't updated it in ages anyway.
I was thinking of upgrading to a 1070, but with this news I might go with an RX480

>> No.64131870

What nvidia have to do with that????

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Microsoft said the update was 1 hour 20 mins ago. Do I have it?

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Intel CPU = Bad
Intel CPU + Nvidia GPU = very bad
Intel CPU + AMD GPU = bad
How simple do I have to make it?

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So is Nvidia affected? I have a 1600 and a 1060 am I safe?

>> No.64132063

But what the hell NVIDIA have to do with that?

>> No.64132082

>So is Nvidia affected?
>I have a 1600 and a 1060 am I safe?

>> No.64132101

nvidia is also in competition with amd, so the amd fanbois are going nuts

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>Nvidia GPU is suddenly bad
In what sense, that the performance is way better for the price compared to AMD?
Fuck off Pajet

You people are idiots

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File: 21 KB, 658x555, 2018-01-03 18_29_15-nvidia stock - Google Search.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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Post more tweets.

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Nvidia cards rely on the CPU for a certain task that is affected by this patch, AMD cards can do this task on the GPU itself, therefore only the Nvidia cards are affected, how are you not getting this?

>> No.64132533

but what if the CPU is AMD?

>> No.64132538

>Nvidia having foresight
Wew. My next GPU will be a Nvidia. My next CPU won't be an Intel.

>> No.64132576

Then it's obviously not affected, but given that I have an Intel CPU it does affect my Nvidia GPU

>> No.64132679

Anon, if updating will fuck me over, what do I do to survive until I can replace this garbage? Is blocking javascript enough?

>> No.64132700

Shut the fuck up and go make me more car batteries.

>> No.64132713

That and common sense yeah.

>> No.64132744

What task?

>> No.64132747

Thanks anon, you're a lifesaver.

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File: 1005 KB, 2236x2910, elon-musk-says-trumps-immigration-order-is-not-the-best-way-to-address-the-countrys-challenges.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Forgot my picture because I was too busy sending a CAR to mars paid in full by redditor bitches who gave me all their life savings.

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Lads I'm on a pirated Win7 SP2 that I never updated. Is there a way to just get the patch that Microsoft are releasing without having to install a load of updates? I wanna avoid those telemetry updates they added a while back.

>> No.64133123

>Is there a way to just get the patch that Microsoft are releasing without having to install a load of updates?

>> No.64133184

>Nvidia has banned the use of its GeForce and Titan gaming graphics cards in data centers – forcing organizations to fork out for more expensive gear, like its latest Tesla V100 chips.

>The chip-design giant updated its GeForce and Titan software licensing in the past few days, adding a new clause that reads: “No Datacenter Deployment. The SOFTWARE is not licensed for datacenter deployment, except that blockchain processing in a datacenter is permitted.”

Why is this allowed?

>> No.64133206

>tfw i3 6100 + GTX 1060

>> No.64133232

Ok where do I start? And how do I avoid the telemetry updates?

>> No.64133308

Use Linux.

>> No.64133320

>buy a GPU
>not allowed to compute things with it

>> No.64133375

>buy a car
>not allowed to drive it to grocery stores

>> No.64133386

>i7 4770k + gtx 1080
>>I hurt myself today

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>> No.64133449


yeah right, nvidia stock is up over 6 percent. please dont die nvidia, i love you.

>> No.64133567

>i5 6600 and GTX 1060 6GB


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How does nVidia profit from this if any system combination of Intel + nVidia gets buttfucked as well?

>> No.64133746



>> No.64133793


It has meltdown and spectre.
AMD just has spectre.

>> No.64133828

a. Get the patch and have slower performance
b. Ignore the patch and stay vulnerable
Which one, /g/?

>> No.64133843

Will the prices drop?

Is this the best time to buy merch?

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>There will be no performance downgrade only if GayForce will be paired with Zen CPUs.
>mfw 1600+1080

>> No.64133966

How the fuck did NVDA get a 1000% increase in a couple of years? What, do millennials game on PC or something? Did green team have a belated y2k bash?

Or did some company secretly invest in Nvidia (such as SoftBank?)... Where's the answe?.

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>mfw literally had a Coffin Lake build in shopping cart yesterday
didn't pull the trigger, would have had plenty of time to cancel but still, too close for comfort
now we get to see if Intel really is sitting on a bunch of super advanced star trek CPU tech because they're gonna need something big to make people forget this anytime soon

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There is still hope for Intel or they are irredeemably fucked?

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This is the best time to buy Ryzen, before the prices go up.

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already invested my life savings in Threadrippers, gonna make a fortune on eBay

>> No.64134160

whats a good AMD cpu for desktop? not much into gaymen

>> No.64134232

What are you using it for and how much are you willing to spend on it?
>R3 1200 if in a budget
>R5 1600 is the sweet spot
>R7 1700 if you're using it to 3D and multithread

>> No.64134302

Mostly dumb shit, but some Photoshop and video editing as well

>> No.64134314

My work/entertainment laptop uses both. Should I kill myself just in case?

>> No.64134367


They got their info before AMD debunked it. Intel attempted to push through a patch that would slow down ALL CPUs and AMD came in after and told them to GTFO.

>> No.64134491

It is an upgrade from a core2duo.

>> No.64134562

i have money and have been thinking about upgrading to a new build, is there any reason at all for me to buy a threadripper when the most intensive thing i do is play games?

>> No.64134586

There doesn't seem to be any work around right now, unfortunately. I might be wrong, but your options at this point are to either take the performance hit, don't patch and live with the exploit, or get a new CPU that isn't affected.

>> No.64134624


>> No.64134648

If you have the means, just buy it. Although I wouldn't go higher than a R7 1700 for just gaming.

>> No.64134674

>buy a Tesla V100
>allowed to drive it to grocery stores

>> No.64134698

On Win10Pro ver 1709 build 16299.125

I just tried to compare to older benchmark results and I have yet to receive this "performance drop" maybe ms hasn't dropped a patch yet?

>> No.64134707

>nGreddia GPUs heavily rely on syscalls because they don't have their own integrated pipeline to do this, while Radeon has it since GCN 1.1 and up.
>Basically all noVideo GayPoos will have performance downgrade alongside with Intel CPUs if they'll be combo'ed on patched systems.
Source for this please, out of curiousity

>> No.64134771

Now it's time to release Nvidia CPUs!

>> No.64134803

Maybe it doesn't affect you.

>> No.64134867

How will nvidia be affected if you have amd? Is this only an intel issue?

>> No.64134888

It's only an intel issue.

>> No.64135119

>nGreddia GPUs heavily rely on syscalls
Why do you lie on the Internet about things you have no clue about?

The "lack of scheduler" on noVidya cards refers to lack of dynamic instruction scheduling, which does not imply that it works "in conjunction" with the CPU in some way to massage the dynamic instruction stream, it only means that the shader compiler does more work to schedule instructions carefully *when compiling* the shaders. Once compiled, they're off the CPU's hands. And neither compiling nor running the shaders have anything with syscalls to do.

>> No.64135229

Because he's a clueless 12yo amdrone retard. Search the archive for his bullshit.

>> No.64135385

>video editing

If that's the case, I'd recommend a 1700. If you can afford it.

>> No.64135413

Wait for the ryzen variants

>> No.64135436

A475 is Ryzen

>> No.64135464

R5 1600x baby woooooooh

>> No.64135539

16299.125 is the December rollup.
16299.192 is the January hotfix


>> No.64135697

How long until Intel makes new CPUs without the back door? I bet they'll be cheap as fuck to win back customers.

>> No.64135729

2+ years. They'll be expensive as fuck because Intel will need to cover losses.

>> No.64135808
File: 341 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20180103-215210.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Use your eyes.

>> No.64135921
File: 482 KB, 1000x1926, 14394454445526.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>30% to 61%
this just keeps getting better and better

>> No.64136085

Too bad. Would love to have this with a Ryzen 2700u.

Any ETA on Ryzen thinkpads?

>> No.64136095

What you have to remmeber if you are someone who is not a programmer or an EE is that intel has made a fuck ton of mistakes like this. I've heard about like one or two every single year for the last 10 years.

The media hypes it up but it is really not such a serious thing. Or at least it is really not such an unusual thing.

If it were a piece of software you could simply apply a patch. But since it's hardware some people are stuck with the hardware and are maybe so dumb that they don't realize it's happened to them.

Another thing you can keep in mind is that some of the 12 year olds at defcon can just stick a teeny usb boi into your computer and fuck your shit from their rooted cellphones. Hardware has never been secure and never will be. If someone has physical access to the machine it's over, in theory. In practice they might not have the skills to hack you, but if they do and they have physical access nothing can stop them but bad luck.

>> No.64136151


Graz University of Technology's website

>> No.64136209


>> No.64136216

Does anyone know which one of Windows 7's update patches this gigantic hole?

>> No.64136313

They already said 7 won't get one so good luck with that.

>> No.64136461


>> No.64136539


W7 patch landed in WSUS tonight.

>> No.64136570

they use more syscalls than AMD does, so intel/nvidia users are more affected than intel/amd or intel/intel users.

>> No.64136598

Is this in any way related to all the debate about intel processors having backdoors implemented in them during manufacturing?

I seem to recall there being a debate or complaints over intel chips earlier this year/last year about them being manufactured with backdoors intended to allow access for governments or something like that.

>> No.64136600

Will this affect phone CPUs?

>> No.64136623

Yes. (not as bad as Intel)

>> No.64137059


what about amd/nvidia users?

>> No.64137279

Unaffected since it's only in relation to the intel cpu

>> No.64137679

>I seem to recall there being a debate or complaints over intel chips earlier this year/last year about them being manufactured with backdoors intended to allow access for governments or something like that.
That was a completely different total fuckup.

>> No.64137745

Is physical access necessary to execute Meltdown and Spectre or just Spectre?

>> No.64137911

just google what patches added telemetry. You'll find all this readily in google. After that just kys for being a moronic retard

>> No.64137929

god it feels good to be AMD and ATI right now

>> No.64137989

I work for AMD

>> No.64137992

can you gimmi a free cpu to test it out

>> No.64138006

How much do you pay the 10yo drones that don't know what an exploit is and that they have always been a thing?

>> No.64138020

We are shipping from India
Please do the needful and perform pushing $249 into our bank account for international deluxe shipping

>> No.64138059

Hello we have run you through Indian cyber force proxy detector. We would like to ship(or plane) AMD CPU to test the uncategorical false accusations, however shipping to Israel is very costly

>> No.64138235

>Vulnerability could literally allow a bit of JavaScript to give full access to kernel memory
>Should I patch guiz??

>> No.64139102

>Have a i5 6500
>Just ordered a 1050ti because my R9 280 died and AMD GPU's are still fucked to death price wise because of miners
>See this

>> No.64139287
File: 53 KB, 663x668, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

am i good ?

>> No.64139333

>being this much of a brainlet
there is no tool to test whether you're vulnerable or not, faggot
that tool is for something else
just know that if you're on Intel = you're fucked

>> No.64139348
File: 1.44 MB, 300x289, 1501110609544.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

lol dummy you ran a proprietary malwared executables from Shintel just to see if you're ok?
> enjoy your botnet now.

>> No.64139351

ok i just realized this was for an older security problem
thanks anyway

>> No.64139410

No, you bought one of the gayest laptops on the market.

>> No.64139458
File: 149 KB, 775x500, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

it's been working fine
what's gay about it

>> No.64139908

>Intel CPU + AMD GPU = bad
It's "bad" only on Intel's side, though. Not on AMD's.

>> No.64139990

>So is Nvidia affected?
If you have Intel CPU and you have """""Patched""""" OS - yes. Very bad. Performance loss will be anywhere from 30% to 67%. If you have AMD CPU, then you may be not affected at all, or affected only on GPU side, it's not very clear yet if Nvidia will have a performance drop due to syscalls if there is a AMD CPU combined with it, but what is known for 100% sure is that "AMD CPU + AMD GPU" combo the only one that's not being affected at all. We still need a confirmation for "AMD CPU + Nvidia GPU" combination, so as of this very moment it's basically Schrodinger's Cat kind of a situation with that one. Intel is 100% compromised and fucked, so is Intel + Nvidia, and AMD CPU + Nvidia is MIGHT be POTENTIALLY compromised on GPU's side. AMD CPU + AMD GPU, however, is 100% clean, flawless.

>> No.64140065

i5 2500k and gtx970

Am I boned?

>> No.64140068

Syscalls are directly and very heavily affected by the "patch".
Nvidia cards don't have internal/integrated syscall module even nowadays, so they still do it externally and thus potentially might be directly affected by this massive performance degradation, making an "Intel poocessor + noVideo GayPoo" the worst hardware combination EVER (up to 67% performance loss).
Radeons, on the other hand, had internal/integrated syscall module on their board pretty much since GCN 1.1 times, and AMD Zen CPUs are completely invulnerable to VT flaw or any other potential similar external attacks, so this makes an "AMD processor + AMD video card" combination the most secure and absolutely perfect solution nowadays.

>> No.64140083

>Win7 SP2
There is no Service Pack 2 on Windows 7, you dumb fucking faglord.

>> No.64140119

They're on inertia course, nothing more or less than just that. Stock market still doesn't know. After they find out that GayForce can't (and never could so far) do syscalls internally...boy oh boy will it be a shitstorm or what. Either way, there's still a slim chance that nGreedia's GayPoos could be completely unaffected IF combined with AMD's GLORIOUS Zen CPUs, but that's not 100% certain as of right now, so...we'll just have to wait and see. If that turns out to be true and GTX actually won't lose performance when paired with AMD processor on a patched OS, then it's all fine and dandy, but it might as well be not spared...and if THAT happens...wow.

>> No.64140130

>AMD just has spectre
No it doesn't, you FUD-spreading fuckard.
AMD Zen CPUs are 100% safe from ANY attacks.
See http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qgiUuTmXyGs

>> No.64140165

>How the fuck did NVDA get a 1000% increase in a couple of years?
Tesla, AI and servers, also riding on HYPE produced by sheeple, and Radeon /Ve/Ga/ being slightly underwhelming after it's own massively over-inflated HYPE. 60% of Nvidia's money currently comes solely from Tesla contracts.

>> No.64140167

sorry chad

>> No.64140189


>> No.64140211

>whats a good AMD cpu for desktop? not much into gaymen
1500/Zen APU.

>1200 if in a budget
1400, 1200 is homeless bum tier
>1600 is the sweet spot
>1700 if you're using it to 3D and multithread

>> No.64140227

Mmkay. Sure. I'm not even arguing on that. But still, admit that what they've been doing since Sandy (in other words - FUCKING NOTHING) is downright maximo autismo.

>> No.64140242

See >>64129991.

>> No.64140258
File: 196 KB, 660x745, Buttblasted noVideot.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.64140275
File: 971 KB, 484x682, JUST.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>How long until Intel makes new CPUs without the back door?


>> No.64140303

That's an old APU. Zen APUs are coming, and new notebooks will be GLORIOUS. Just wait for after CES.

>> No.64140308

also didn't they cancel some skylake-x bullshit

>> No.64140320

Zen is literally impenetrable. So there.

>> No.64140327


There is no performance drop on Nvidia

AYYMDPOORFAGS can kill themselves now for another failed FUD :^)

>> No.64140330


The ride won't end here friendos

>> No.64140342

>shitty youtube shilling

ok, kiddo :^)

>> No.64140346

We still yet to see what ARM/Qualcomm/Huawei/Samsung have to say on this. I highly doubt ARM will have any vulnerabilities, as they were directly working on Zen with AMD, so it's highly likely their own CPUs are completely secure too.

>> No.64140358

AMD GPUs are legit normalfag shit useless for anything that isn't AAA garbage and Mantle flopped. Direct X 12 / Vulcan features aren't available and all performance gain is placebo based on AMD shilling money to the developer to cater towards their hardware.

CPU-wise the performance gain with Intel resulted in the exploit (not a bug). Disabling the exploit negates the immediate performance gain, and switching to AMD offers placebo at best.

At the end of the day Intel + Nvidia is still the superior combo whereas AMD is the budget alternative. The only reason people use Linux is because its free and no other reason.

>> No.64140373

ATi video cards are too old, were made before GCN architecture was created, and don't have internal syscall module, so in that regard they're same as nVidia cards and thus potentially compromised too.

>> No.64140382

AMDfags have no reason for living now. Intel literally fucks it own ass in the worst way possible and they are still faster than AMD

>> No.64140385
File: 167 KB, 295x273, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>doesn't realize companies' flagship "niche high-end" products are indicative of their entire future "mainstream low-end" product lines

>> No.64140388
File: 151 KB, 128x128, 1514733607418.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

somewhat of a tech brainlet here. someone give me the redpill on what is going to happen to my i7 8700k if i just play vidya and livestream.

>> No.64140389 [DELETED] 

Stop FUDing, moron

There is no performance drop on Nvidia, your lies have been DEBUNKED HARD


>> No.64140401

Just sit on Windows 7 and DON'T update it, and you should be fine for some time for as long as you don't go online much. Like I am.

2600K-god, haven't updated my GAYMING Windows 7 SP1 since August of last year

>> No.64140402
File: 1.99 MB, 328x182, 1500282992957.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

nigga is that Alodar

>> No.64140409

Stop FUDing, moron

There is no performance drop on Nvidia, your lies have been DEBUNKED HARD


>> No.64140424

>Hardware Unboxing
What's next? JayZ? PcPoor? Tom's?

>> No.64140426

>Intel Unboxed

nice (((source))) faggot.

>> No.64140440


MMMMMMmmmm... why did this video get posted two times?

>> No.64140441

Here you go, folks. A prime clear example of absolutely buttblasted Intbecile with noVideo.
You really cannot be more of a retard than this, ladies and gentlemen.

>> No.64140470

No, best combo only swaps CPU, best gpu remains nvidia in pretty much every bracket bar maybe Vega56 if you're that poor that you can't afford 1070ti

>> No.64140477

Ranging from "nothing" to "depends on the game".

The only game that I can think of that concerns me is PoE since its an unoptimized PoS engine more bloated than WoW.

>> No.64140490

>not an argument
You can't possibly refute that statement in any shape or form.

>> No.64140523

Does this affect mobile devices? Will there be people looking through my camera when I jerk off to adult chinese cartoons on my tablet or phone?

>> No.64140529

>GTX 1080
>i7 6700k

should I just end it all?

>> No.64140564

Intel did it for you.

>> No.64140570

there already are, sonny, there already are

>> No.64140581

your livestreaming is gonna be affected a lot more than your gaming, that much we can safely deduce, but the gaming may still take a noticeable hit depending on the game.

>> No.64140589

>Will there be people looking through my camera
When even the founder of kikebook fucking puts tape over his camera, you should have known this would happen.
Also, here come the lawsuits. If you got an army of jews ready now's the time to activate.

>> No.64140651

1700 + rx580 here. wew

>> No.64140695
File: 197 KB, 1280x798, Unfinished pooduct.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.64140716


>> No.64140762

What's better - to be potentially compromised or to not be compromised at all by default? You decide.

>> No.64140911


>> No.64140963

but AMD + Nvidia IS the best setup still. even with this shitshow bug.

nvidia gpus consume less energy, create less heat and are faster.
Ryzen does literally the same thing in the CPU world when you compare to intel specially after the bug because they only lost slightly in the single thread performance department before.

>> No.64141358

Again, it's all about peace of mind. When you're on AMD+AMD setup you KNOW you're fully secure and 100% protected, but when you're on AMD+Nvidia system you're bound to question reliability and security of your station eventually.

>> No.64141537

I will continue betting on my chink due, Su + jacketman are GOAT couple.

>> No.64141607

Well, that's your choice and no one would take that away from you. But don't come running back and crying later if SOMETHING happens on nVidia's side of things.

>> No.64141698
File: 27 KB, 112x112, 1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

DIdn't tesla announce switch to intel cpus recently for their new cars?

>> No.64141727

Does this mean all the miners will stop buying up Nvidia cards?

>> No.64141765

That was a proposition only. It never came to fruition.

>> No.64141792

No, they've hired based JIM KELLER to develop their custom AI SOC.

>> No.64141797

I'm on a 6600K and wanna get a new GPU, should I get a gtx1060 or an rx580?

>> No.64141799

If it DOES affect them - naturally yes.
The question is - DOES IT when they're paired with AMD processors? It's a 100% confirmed fact it DOES when they're paired with Inturd poocessors, but we still don't know on pairing with AMD. We'll see soon.

>> No.64141818

Get a new processor. An AMD processor. A GLORIOUS PERFECTION that is AMD Zen. And never buy shit from kikes ever again.

>> No.64141837

Not an option, I got this CPU a year ago and budget wise I'm stuck with it for the moment. I know the 1060 slightly outperforms the 580 in most cases but will this performance hit offset that?

>> No.64141867

>Not an option
Then KYS. Because your poocessor is a pumpkin now.
Like, seriously, sell it to some idiot on Craigslist while you still can, and buy Zen. Don't be an idiot.

>> No.64141893
File: 23 KB, 500x344, 674474757.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>will this performance hit offset that?
>drop from 30% to 67%

>> No.64141963

don't do this
save the CPU and use it to crack DRM and Denuvo

>> No.64142000
File: 497 KB, 500x270, wonka.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Your ring 0 gets cracked by someone while you're cracking Denuvo with 30~67% performance drop after the """""(((patch)))"""""

>> No.64142013

it's called doing the work offline, you brain dead faggot, and you shouldn't have the patch to begin with otherwise you won't be able to use the vulnerability to crack it

>> No.64142038
File: 152 KB, 780x1001, 14639219979430.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.64142999
File: 117 KB, 1080x1080, Tizia chioma trump.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Speculative execution killed OoO.
If your system relies on a bunch of system calls, you are fucked if you proceed to patch the Meltdown bug.
Whilst Spectre vulerabilities have no practical fix

Am i right? If i'm right this is the apocalypse.

>> No.64143154

Spectre 1 is OS external attack, Spectre 2 and Meltdown are ring 0 internal attacks. Only patch is responsible for performance downgrade and it directly affects syscalls. Only Intel can't be fixed due to it's very structure that's monolithic as fuck, it's basically bare naked all the time. AMD doesn't have any of the said problems, as Zen is modular in structure (no single ring 0) and has SEV which makes it absolutely invulnerable to any and all attacks on ring 0, while Radeons have internal syscall modules and thus both Zen and Radeons don't get affected by performance drops & syscall issues. Intel is fucked all over, literally bukkakek'd, while nVidia's cards are compromised too because they don't have internal syscall modules and rely on OS for that.

Basically what this means is that you can go four routes:

1. Don't install patch and be openly naked to attacks from all over, but at least you won't lose performance.

Install patch and lose anywhere from 30 to 67% in performance if you're on Intel CPU with nVidia GPU.

Use AMD CPU with AMD GPU and be 100% safe on all fronts, with no performance downgrades.

Use AMD CPU and nVidia GPU, and pray that you won't get fucked over by the patch on nVidia's side of things.

Variants 1 and 2 are shit, variant 3 is the best, variant 4 is potentially good, but you might be compromised eventually with it. It's for you to decide how to be cucked over, or not cucked at all.

>> No.64143608

>trying to sell your housefire shit GPU
Oh no, you don't, pajeet.

>> No.64143766
File: 191 KB, 653x477, 4gchecggr4iy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Truth hurts, huh, noVideot?

>> No.64143795
File: 65 KB, 539x480, 1489799730019.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh no no no HAHAHHAHHAAA AMD shills.Still can't get lemming to buy their shit GPUs

>> No.64143816

How would one get attacked? I think this is actually more important than fear mongering. I feel like people would still have to go out of their way to access a malicious site.

>> No.64143877

>How would one get attacked?
If OS side - java scripts/adware/flash holes, malicious web code, direct attacks/phishing etc.
If ring 0 side - mainly VMs/server hijacking and etc.

Either way, if you're on Zen you don't have to worry about any of that crap even one slightest bit. Only kikes are gargling up in buckets of dirty nigger sperm right now.

>> No.64143897
File: 1.12 MB, 500x584, 6r7u56tg5756867.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.64143948

Software scheduler that will take a 60% perf hit with the security patch.

>vega was the good choice all along
What a twist.

>> No.64144163

Will you drink bleach when the benchmarks are out and you're wrong? Retarded faggot.

>> No.64144164
File: 46 KB, 226x268, smart.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>tfw R5 1600x + GTX 1070

>> No.64144178

imagine being this much of a nigCuck user

>> No.64144201

I'll drink you're mum's sweet vagina fluids.

>> No.64144276

Miners will just run with the flag disabled.

>> No.64144278

We don't know yet. You still might be fucked over on nVidia's side.

>> No.64144379

So they can have their precious ponzicoins stolen? lel

>> No.64144720

They are developing them but their current cars use nvidia chips which were rumored to be replaced by intel ones like few weeks ago

>> No.64144730


>> No.64144785

>Even Linus had to resort to such crap, and he's way smarter than entire R&D of Micro$hit's, so...

What? I can't see anything from linus. Link?

>> No.64144842

He literally cockblocked AMD by lumping it together with Inturd andheld AMD hostage "until further notice", after the FUCKWIT fiasco happened on Linux. Now he set AMD free as his ransom attempts failed and it was confirmed that AMD Zen as absolutely no flaws whatsoever at all.

>> No.64144915

I'll take the Nvidia + AMD route thanks. There isn't a single logical reason why anyone should buy AMD for gaming over Nvidia in 2018.

>> No.64144980

Are you okey? Aren't two budget machines better than your superior combo?

Also people may use linux, because well, they haven't inherited brain damage, just like you.

>> No.64145087

>There isn't a single reason
See >>64141358.

>> No.64145100
File: 547 KB, 853x936, terry_bogard___kof_98_ol_by_zeref_ftx-d97c70i.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Are you okey?

>> No.64145173

Why the fuck would I question the reliability of my system? Are you stupid? Nvidia isn't affected by any of this except from the performance that could potentially be lost due to the Intel problem but the same performance drops would also affect AMD. As far as we know AMD isn't affected by any of this at all so there is no security issue to worry about on the AMD platform when using it along side Nvidia.
Back to r/AMD.

>> No.64145227

>Why the fuck would I question the reliability of my system?
Because it's potentially compromised on nVidia's side? Are you stupid?

>Nvidia isn't affected by any of this
We don't know for sure yet, so don't try to jump over your head here.

>> No.64145262

Provide me a single source stating Nvidia is compromised in the desktop where I could lose 30% more performance from just simply using Nvidia. Fuck off shill.

>> No.64145267

>same performance drops would also affect AMD
No, as AMD completely secure and free of any performance drops on Radeon's side of things. If there will be a performance drop in a AMD + Nvidia system after the patch, trhat performance drop will be strictly only on Nvidia's side. AMD is not affected in any way whatsoever at all, neither the AMD CPU nor Radeon GPU.

>> No.64145347

>Provide me a single source
The mere fact that nVidia cards don't have internal syscall module (and Radeons had them since GCN 1.1) and they require syscalls from OS to work is not enough for you? Patch affects syscalls directly, hence if Nvidia cards can do syscalls only externally through OS this means that nVidia cards potentially can lose performance too just because they're doing these syscalls through OS and not internally. It's not rocket science, man.

>> No.64145377

Yeah, high-end things tend to be more niche, hence their massively higher prices to pay off for the fact there is little demand for them.
That's how money works.

>> No.64145398

>not a single source

Yeah no thanks I'll stick to the superior Nvidia product for gaming for the foreseeable future. I'm not going through the shitfest I had with my 390 ever again.

>> No.64145415
File: 48 KB, 319x553, 1510841673824.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Because it's potentially compromised on nVidia's side? Are you stupid?
How? This shit only affects CPUs you fucking brainlet anon can just slap 1080ti on a fucking ryzen and beat literally every fucking vega shit you could think of.
Stop shilling vega you don't need to run both CPU and GPU from the same manufacturer.

Ignore the retarded shill who keeps pushing vega shit. There's nothing wrong with using both nvidia and amd on the same system. It's pure faggotry and muh brand loyalty instead of going for the best product for the money.
There's nothing to regret from having a ryzen CPU with a 10 series from nvidia or even waiting for ryzen+ and the volta gaming card.
If you're not sure yet, just wait a bit longer and go read the billion charts that autist from gamers nexus will release for sure once they are out in the market so you can do your purchase after proper research.

Fucking hell, whenever there's AMD in any thread it's all memes and not even one becnhmark or link to said benchmark to prove their points.

>> No.64145459


Stay delusionally ignorant of the surrounding reality, then. I wash my hands.

>> No.64145503
File: 199 KB, 243x279, 243cb3b67279293392b1c6fcea76604c2d7dedc3555afcf1db7f4d2c7b312a8e.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.64145508

Yeah I realized he's a paid shill. Cheers.

>> No.64145538

Stay the idiot you are. Like I care.

>> No.64145551
File: 1.23 MB, 1280x720, BLOCKCHAIN PIONEERS.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>if you're not sure yet, just wait a bit longer and go read the billion charts that autist from gamers nexus

Oi m8 don't call hardware jesus an autist.

>> No.64145638
File: 24 KB, 392x411, 1484884624882.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Yeah nah Fuck off paid shill. You had your opportunity to provide external sources comprehensively detailing how my pc will crash and burn simply because I own Nvidia, and you failed. Keep crying retard.

>> No.64145669

You will download that one game from pornhub and ransomware locks up your computer.

>> No.64145673
File: 15 KB, 401x237, Buttmad Jensen.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.64145705

So you still reading that price performance comparison graphs wrong.

>> No.64145725

Intelfags on literal suicide watch. I run an i7 6700 and I am not too happy over this but would not take to bashing AMD. You Intelshills are finished here you may aswell just get off /g/ forever there is no coming back from this. My planned new build will be running an AMD processor just as soon as i can afford to move out of the garden shed. Any day now. Today is not a day for damage control. You fucked us today, Intel. You know what we say about forgiving and forgetting, right?

>> No.64145771

I mean I don’t like Intel that much but I have a 6700k. What choice did I have, AMD had jack all for competition with the older gen i7s. Now unless the perf drops are actually huge there’s still no reason to upgrade and replace mobo+cpu. Luckily I have a 290x so it won’t be too bad.

I’m happy that we finally have a happening that could completely shake up the industry.

>> No.64145817

>Now unless the perf drops are actually huge
From 30% to 67%. Basically treat 30% drop as a "Intel CPU only" scenario and 67% drop as "Intel CPU paired with nVidia card" scenario. You can either be cucked partially, or being cucked twice over, depending on your setup...or be completely free off of any cuckolding if you're using an AMD CPU paired with AMD GPU. It all depends on what you personally prefer to be: a cuck, a partial cuck, or not a cuck.

>> No.64145829

no rupees for you, poojet
>I wash my hands.
Dipping your filthy hands in the Ganges after wiping your ass isn't something humans call washing, poojet.

>> No.64145858

A virus like this will affect anyone with any configuration (maybe not macfags)

>> No.64145871

There's no pajeets at AMD. Only chinks and white people. All pajeets are at Intel now.

>> No.64145904

For gaming nothing should happen at all to your performance. General use is the same.

>> No.64145905

Nvidia dropped the GPU scheduler after the gt280 housefire fiasco while AMD kept on the card since the firs GCN this is one of the reason why AMD card run hot

The absence of a dedicated scheduler wasn't a big thing since dx12 and vulkan because nvidia cards have drivers which goes easyer on CPUs

>> No.64145908

I’m just wondering where we got these 30% and 67% numbers. Who said this would be the performance hit, journalists or people who actually know what’s happening.

>> No.64145951

>nothing should
But might. And probably will.

>> No.64145986


Are you fucking retarded?

How on earth could this affect Nvidia on an AMD CPU system?

As all the AMD fanboys in this thread are all too keen to point out, Zen & Co. aren't affected by Meltdown (the vulnerability which requires the performance reducing patches), and thus there will be no change to AMD+Nvidia systems.

Why would you say it's a slim chance unless you're just using your emotions as a likelihood gauge?

>> No.64146016

Provide us all proof that something will happen.

>> No.64146027

Retarded AMD shills like this >>64141358

>> No.64146046

>I’m just wondering where we got these 30% and 67% numbers
Phoronix, Google, Linux Foundation, several other places.
PcPer tried to heavily downplay this by baking up BS fairy tale articles saying there's not more than 5% decrease, but they're very ill-known Intel shillers so their lying garbage produced out of extreme buttmad was only to be expected. Some sources report "average of 27%" but it's not very accurate either. It's way worse than 5% and 27%.

>> No.64146074

>How on earth could this affect Nvidia on an AMD CPU system?
Read >>64145347.

>> No.64146085



Nvidia has done absolutely zero to suggest that they have any sort of security or other concerns to be worried about?

What could there possibly be to worry about with an Nvidia GPU rather than an AMD one?

Y'all shills are either trying too hard or just aren't too smart.

>> No.64146131

>tfw all the amd gpu shilling just sold me a 1080

Feels good brehs. Gotta love Amazon next day delivery too. I'll be enjoying sweet 1440p gaming in no time.

>> No.64146182

So that retarded amdrone post is literally admitting that nvidia needs good CPU to perform and POOZEN isn't up to intel causing nvidia to lose performance with it. Damn, amdrone shills are really brainlets.

>> No.64146187

>not 4K gaming
Kek poorfags

>> No.64146250


That post is fucking retarded also. Let's break it down for you:

Meltdown increases syscall overhead, and meltdown is only on Intel, while AMD CPUs are unaffected. Also, AMD GPUs do all the processing that would be negatively affected natively in hardware where the patch won't touch it.


Intel CPU + Nvidia GPU: Affected
Intel CPU + AMD GPU: Unaffected
AMD CPU + AMD GPU: Unaffected
AMD CPU + Nvidia GPU: Unaffected

How hard is that to understand?

The only way to somehow get a performance degradation on AMD CPU + Nvidia GPU setups is if the Windows patch forces aggressive cache wiping on AMD CPUs as well as Intel ones, even though it's not needed at all, as this guy points out:


... And if they DO do that, then we're back to square one because both brands of CPUs are going to be fucked over, even if technically it doesn't need to be the case for AMD.

Summary: Fucking retarded people and shills galore on 4chan, and especially /g/, who would've thunk it.

>> No.64146259

Again - it's literally all in the fact that nVidia cards don't do syscalls internally, POTENTIALLY making them susceptible to patch's performance decrease as that said performance decrease directly affects syscalls. It's only in the difference between how GTX and Radeon do syscalls.

Again - I NEVER stated that it's 100% confirmed nVidia cards will have performance drops due to this. I said they MIGHT have them POTENTIALLY as it's STILL was NOT 100% confirmed that they WON'T! But stupid retarded autistic buttmad noVideotic shillers immediately jumped the gun and began shitposting with those retardations of theirs on me. Fuck off, all of greenassed pieces of shit, I say.

>> No.64146285

You're so fucking clueless and retarded, I hope it hurts you.

>> No.64146317


Again: Only Intel needs this patch. The patch is what makes syscalls expensive.

AMD does not need the patch. Therefore syscalls on Nvidia GPUs will continue as normal (no change).

If AMD CPUs get some sort of patch anyway, then their performance will degrade anyway. So you no longer get off-scot free by picking AMD, you just get fucked over as much as Intel.


>I don't have a rational argument :(

>I know, I'll call him names! That'll sway everyone over to my point of view!

No john, you are the retards.

>> No.64146318

>Meltdown increases syscall overhead, and meltdown is only on Intel
Are you an idiot? Nobody said anything about Meltdown or Spectre here, you stupid fagshit.

Performance decreases before of a PATCH, not because of a malware.

>Intel CPU + AMD GPU: Unaffected
Wrong. Intel will be affected, because PATCH DECREASES PERFORMANCE, YOU DUMB FUCK.

>AMD CPU + Nvidia GPU: Unaffected
Wrong. It's confirmed SO FAR to not be affected ONLY on AMD's side. We DON'T know YET if nVidia's side in this is affected by THE PATCH or NOT.

>> No.64146364

>Therefore syscalls on Nvidia GPUs will continue as normal
NOWHERE was it already 100% confirmed to be TRUE or UNTRUE. WE. DON'T. KNOW. YET.

>> No.64146369

Wow you really proved him wrong with all this evidence
Oh wait

>> No.64146541

>make claims and refuse to post sources on multiple occasions
>get called a retarded faggot
That's how it works, Rajeesh.

>> No.64146551


Woah boy, you sure must be autistic if you really can't put one and one together in a social context like this. Let me string it together for you:

>Are you an idiot? Nobody said anything about Meltdown or Spectre here, you stupid fagshit.
>Performance decreases before of a PATCH, not because of a malware.

Meltdown is the reason why the performance decreasing patch is REQUIRED. They're directly relevant because otherwise the patch wouldn't exist ... To spell it out so that even you can understand:

'The patch that fixes meltdown increases syscall overhead [...]'.

>Wrong. Intel will be affected, because PATCH DECREASES PERFORMANCE, YOU DUMB FUCK

Oh, I see. We're degrading to allcaps like children are we? Okay, I'll stoop to your level so you can perhaps understand a little:


(Sorry, sometimes I assume that the people I'm talking to aren't posting out of special needs classrooms, and that they understand the nuances of the topic).

>It's confirmed SO FAR to not be affected ONLY on AMD's side. We DON'T know YET if nVidia's side in this is affected by THE PATCH or NOT

What the fuck is 'Nvidia's side' ???

Does Nvidia produce x86 CPUs?

Nvidia's fucking 'side' is that their scheduler model (software vs. hardware) gets fucked performance-wise if you implement this patch, a patch for Intel CPUs. So what part of 'Nvidia's side' could possibly be relevant in an AMD system where this patch isn't required? Just don't fucking install the patch if its default is to install on an AMD system *because you don't need it you fucking retards*.


>NOWHERE was it already 100% confirmed to be TRUE or UNTRUE. WE. DON'T. KNOW. YET.

You people are really sad. I mean really? You need iron-clad evidence served to you on a silver platter because you can't put 1+1 together yourself?

>> No.64147014

Wrong: their drivers favour Intel in certain part of games.

>> No.64147260

I run Nvidia on AMD. I don't see a problem with Nvidia assuming Cpu manufacturers are actually competent.

>> No.64147305

/g/ seems to be filled to the brim with retards these days. I wonder what happened.

>> No.64147431
File: 113 KB, 900x1169, yao_ming_meme_by_lecatinga-d4kpe13.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>/g/ seems to be filled to the brim with buttmad Intbeciles and buttblasted noVideots these days. I wonder what happened.

>> No.64147591

This. I prefer AMD CPU's and GPUs and only go nvidia because of the lack of performance on AMD's side. AMD drivers are better so the second they release a GPU thats 1080ti equivalent and not a 400watt housefire like the overclocked vega im all on board to boy it because geforce drivers suck massive donkey dick.

But shitting nvidia for assuming the CPU vendors are corrupt moronic shitbags is bad form. Shit on nvidia for stuff thats actually their fault like the 3.5gb shit.

>> No.64147872

>AMD drivers are better
Wew lad

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