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I invoke haasn!

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Is it possible to use occivink's gallery script alongside the delete-file script?

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When will homebrew update to latest stable?

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>still using a macshit
Time to evolve, dude.

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To each his own.

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I think so, thanks for the plug by the way.

Still looking for windows/macos testers; the lua5.1/sha bug should be fixed now


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They should call it Hebrew instead since its entire userbase is getting jew'd.

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never tried it
are there benefits over vlc?

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Isn't it just a package manager? Regardless, this isn't really an mpv question.

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Custom right-click menu which reads entries and the respective commands they need to execute from a .conf file when?

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p good idea dude

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This perhaps?

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The tcl/tk dependency is kinda gross, a custom ass context menu would be nicer.

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Windows wins yet again, loonix btfo

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All you need to do is edit the python script at line 286, where layout is defined.

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Dead project

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Is anybody else getting regular crashes when switching workspaces/toggling fullscreen? mpv 0.27, archlinux, intel gpu.

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Linux mpv question. Please answer.
Is there a way to make videos with mpv on linux look like mpc-hc+ madvr does on windows?

My linux setup just looks dull, and I've tried many configs.

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oh wow 90% of the loser that use mpv watch anime

color me suprise

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How to limit streaming/drag and drop video resolution on mpv? I have shitty internet, and sometimes I want to breeze through the video rather than watching it at highest quality. Is there a way to limit resolution for streaming?

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>oh wow 90% of the loser that use mpv watch anime
It's almost a sentence.

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in mpv.conf

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Or change 1080 to 720

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How to get kawaii popup when seeking like that ?

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can I get Vapoursynth for windblows?

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madPlayer to destroy this unmaintained player when?

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Shinchiros build comes with it

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I remember reading on /mpv/ a while back that someone wrote a lua script that could help you encode a section of the video as VP8/VP9 in webm and save it somewhere.

Anyone know where to find this script?

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and with shinchiros mpv build installed in addition to vapoursynth and python 3.6, how do I make my 30 fps porn 60 fps

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I forgot an s in losers big whoop. are you a r*dditor by chance?

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Advanced interpolation when?

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Never, haasn left the project and I doubt he is going to add this kind of algo into libplacebo.
Doom9 seems to be a better place to ask it, especially the madVR thread.

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>I forgot an s in losers big whoop.
You also "forgot" to capitalize the first letter of your "sentence", and failed to end the sentence with a punctuation mark. Also the entire flow of what you wrote was off putting, and you should put more effort in to expressing your thoughts.
>are you a r*dditor by any chance?
No, but I donate my time tutoring retards for charity, and it's very hard for me to not correct a retard when I see one.

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I'll help you, what specific things you want to test? I am allowed to break it with other scripts?

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Sure yeah, please try the basics (opening gallery, resizing, multiple generator scripts...) and report any bugs / missing doc. You can also test weird scenarios, I'll fix stuff to the best of my ability.

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I also want to know.

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I think the author lurks these threads too

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Why not still using the old but stable stack -
potplayer, lavfilters and madvr?

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Proprietary, not cross-platform to start with.

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mpv is lighter on resources. I can use higher quality settings than I could with mpc-* + madvr + xysubfilter. Plus I like the customizability.

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never used potplayer. was always a vlc/mpc-hc kiddie until i started mainlining loonix and the rest is history.
thanks for that, gonna check it out

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r*ddit post downvoted

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>mpc-hc + madVR
>screenshots with mpv have weaker black lines
>no madVR

I see no reason to switch.

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>madvr and mpv
>still no advanced motion interpolation
Please haasn or madshi, save us!

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What keybind are you using for screenshots? Whats your config? jpg or png?

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>Never, haasn left the project
RIP mpv

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Why are you samefagging this fucking hard?

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>haasn left the project
did i miss some kind of drama?
mpv is the best media player i've used in many years and i hope it sticks around

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He's just memeing hardcore, haasn is still around

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Tried all sorts of configs with barebones settings and others with some shaders and scaling options. It's not always present but most of the times, some shadows and black lines are shifted ever so slightly in some direction with some black lines not being as vibrant.

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B-but that's not about the new motion interpolation. Make my anime great again.

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Motion interpolation is cancer.

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s doesnt show scaling or other filters. Use ctrl+s (doesnt work with vulkan atm)
Also make sure your config is actually being loaded.

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Is there a way I can make global media keys work when MPV doesn't have focus?

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When? We have to beat the madshi's NGU.

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Time for another hour of comparisons. Thanks for that.

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I don't think hanna would be working on it if it wasn't worth it.

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I didn't think libplacebo was going to have any interpolation stuff to go with it.

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if a is a directory, `mplayer a` does nothing, but `mpv a` plays the media files in a. i prefer mplayer's behavior, because i've been using some command for years to shuffle a lot of videos that's something like `mpv 2/* 2/*/* 3/* 3/*/*`. any suggestions besides making a script. specifying extensions wouldn't be any good

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I jumped to this in a new LTSB install because it just werks but I still miss having a real UI and non autistic/time wasting way to set up options, is anything improving this shit already or what

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Just look at sample configs, most things are self-explanatory. And if you dont know it takes 30 sec to look something up in the manual. I spent 20 min on mpv.conf and input.conf and havent touched it since.

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Less of a lurk and more of an occasional read. I don't monitor, but I post more than you'd think! Or do I.

I'll have to warn that this script is nowhere near built-in efficiency/speed, but it's a neat solution to a silly problem.
(also afaik the screenshot in the OP is not of my script - not that they look much different currently [after the thumbnails have been generated])

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What is that? Is it the next big thing?

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No, next big thing will be vulkan rev3.

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How do I know what version of lua mpv is using? (shinchiro)

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mp.add_key_binding("a", function()

load this script and press a

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Or just 'print(_VERSION)' in a test.lua

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AMd or nVidia for playing video in mpv?

>> No.64098131

Thank you
This didn't work.
Please don't.

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amd if you care about wayland.

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This actually looks pretty cool

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Does anyone else gets a white screen when trying to use --vulkan-async-compute?
The audio keeps on playing but there's no video.
I'm using a RX 480 with the latest driver(17.12.2).
Windows 10 1709.
My conf:
Log file:

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I'm also using the latest shinchiro build.

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Is not happening to me with an nvidia gpu, video plays fine.


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Which Nvidia GPU?
Because if I remember correctly the only Nvidia architecture with hardware asynchronous compute is Pascal.

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I have a laptop with a gtx 1050 and it seems to be working

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My log also says that but I get the white screen regardless, it must be ayymd quality drivers.

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a shitty 750ti

>> No.64099837

Then it's using software async instead of hardware async.

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Thanks, it worked.

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What's the difference between Ravu chroma left and right?

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File: 228 KB, 850x1133, __gerudo_link_and_link_the_legend_of_zelda_and_the_legend_of_zelda_breath_of_the_wild_drawn_by_misonou_hirokichi__sample-134067ee25adec7a58b00df38cd50147.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

In mpv, Running this
Would play the playlist from the first video to the last, however if I play any other video of the playlist
like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jRWulC5TdHg&list=PLTcoRMwrX2DiQX8CxerSezZye1x7wafef&index=3
it would play that video only and exit when finished.

What I want is to be able to play the next video in the playlist when using this URL https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jRWulC5TdHg&list=PLTcoRMwrX2DiQX8CxerSezZye1x7wafef&index=3
Is it possible? mpv doesn't seem to know how to read the &index=3 part of the URL.

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>be me
>download shinchoris mpv build with vaporsynth support
>install python 3.6 and vaporsynth
>add to mpv.conf

>benchmark fps
>it still is 30 instead of 60

what did I miss?

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nvm some archive digging and

did the trick to bump it to 60 on winblows

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Read the readme...

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```profile-desc=cond:get('height', 0) <= 720```
Does anyone have any idea why this triggers on 1080p files?

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profile-desc=cond:get('height', 0) <= 720Does anyone have any idea why this triggers on 1080p files?

>> No.64101636

because 0 <= 720

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Okay I'll take a look and see if I can fix it

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Motion interpolation is a crime

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Its pretty nice with porn.

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Is this format string correct?
I'm trying to save bandwidth by using lower resolution, this should play files up to 480p, right? should I specify something else?
Also does it worth lowering the audio quality?

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Is interpolation with tscale=oversample destructive?

>> No.64101812

It's only good for Movies/Tv
Wouldn't use for any kind of animation

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My GPU died so I removed it and now I'm using integrated intel 4000 and MPV just don't play anything but a black screen, I even removed all the configs

Why fuck?

>> No.64101828

But is it a destructive effect?

>> No.64101830

In a sense that it degrades the viewing experience? I wouldn't say so

>> No.64101964

Can you elaborate on this please, even 1 <= 1 loads on 1080p files

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The porfile gets loaded as soon as get('height', 0) is less than 720. At the beginning the property does not exist yet so it defaults to 0, which enables the profile. Since there is no such thing as disabling a profile it stays on.
Try defaulting to something bigger than 720, 9999 for example

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If I watched youtube stream with mpv, does it automatically get the 60fps version or do I need to add something in the config?

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Works perfectly now, thanks so much for your help

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It's not. It's just frame blending to correct a motion mismatch caused by non exact multiple display refresh rate.

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i had this same problem with the latest version of mpv listed on https://mpv.srsfckn.biz/ (windows 10) and using the version from september solved the problem

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Only thing I don't like about mpv is the control overlays instead of being fixed to the window. I don't use it but it's annoying having it pop up, obscuring subtitles. I know I can disable it but I'd rather just have it outside the video area.

>> No.64102329

How do you get the video preview in the timebar?

>> No.64102357

Answered in this thread.

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is there anyway to improve the tracking in mpv/reduce skip gap? like when you drag the current time around and it skips anywhere between less than a second to 3 seconds.

>> No.64102402

Try other layouts for the OSC, like box. They're still on top of the video, but not on the bottom.


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That's this issue: https://github.com/mpv-player/mpv/issues/5293

It's an Intel driver bug. If you have certain Intel hardware and drivers (HD Graphics 2500/4000 and 15.33?) uploading data to the GPU with buffers doesn't fucking work. It only affects D3D11 and ANGLE has its own workaround, so you can fix it by using another gpu-context, like gpu-context=angle. mpv has a fix in git, but it's not in any builds or releases yet.

>> No.64102468

Thanks, I recall messing around with that before but I'll give it another shot. Once I find a way to have the OSC, or at least a seekbar, outside the video my final petty gripe will be gone.

>> No.64102484

Well I don't think there is a way unfortunately. But what do you expect it to do in fullscreen? Displace the video to show the OSC?

>> No.64102580

You're looking for a third party GUI using mpvlib, mpv is strictly video + osc overlay. The osc isn't meant to be feature rich.

>> No.64102769

>autistic/time wasting way to set up options
but anon that's the point of mpv

>> No.64103115

It pays off if you use version control on your config.

>> No.64103466

It's mostly for screencaps/making webm's and keeping track of the seekbar without having the OSC persistently overlayed. The OSC itself is fine, I just want it outside the video. Overlaying in fullscreen is also fine. I'm just being picky and have a general dislike of overlayed controls. Displaying the info in a separate window worked for awhile, I might just do that again.

>> No.64103875

OSC/OSD isn't shown on screenshots by default though. For making webms n shit just put a toggle in your config to disable the OSC with a keystroke

>> No.64105165

Man what the fuck is that spico guy even trying to do, this is some advanced autism

>> No.64105942

What happened?

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Are you literally retarded?
You don't need vapoursynth nor python to activate interpolation in mpv.

>> No.64108048

Shitty OP.

>> No.64108090


Already beaten, madshills.

>> No.64108588

Not yet, unfortunately. :(
Don't forget to compare with latest madvr, madshi is constantly improving his algos.

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I was told I did here and so I followed instructions. Googling about it also hinted at it so I believed that until I tried some stuff in the archive.
>Are you literally retarded?
I guess

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A while ago the vlc lead dev, jbkempf, said that he thinks mpv's lgpl relicensing was done improperly. Have you ever heard of such concerns, and do you know why he would say this?

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anyone? talking about this and how to reduce the jumps

>> No.64109928

Clicks are precise, drags are not. I don't think you can change it without patching the osc.

>> No.64109950

o-okay. I used a lengthy movie in my gif example but even in shorter videos there are usually second long jumps when you drag. wished there were a solution.

>> No.64109977

Idk shit but the VLC lead dev is probably a lot more serious about licensing stuff than devs that post on 4chan (half of mpv devs)

>> No.64109988

hey, any script for this without preloading all those pics first? it's kind of annoying

>> No.64110000

Click instead of dragging? Dragging can result in lots of seeks so you don't want them to be precise(=slow).

Yeah but relicensing was mostly done by wm4, and he seemed quite thorough.

>> No.64110034

>>64110000 (incredibly nice digits)
I do usually click but I'd like drag to be smoother too. I can see that's a performance trade-off but my compooter would probably be able to handle it, at least with a bit more precision.

>> No.64110294

No, not without mpv offering built-in support for fetching thumbnails from the video stream, which is a lot of work for a niche feature. The thumbnails have to come from somewhere!
This script does the best it can; it'll do rough preliminary passes over the video to get somewhat accurate thumbnails first and then fills in the gaps.
If you have a better idea, I'm all ears.

>> No.64110342

wm4 still isn't from the kind of culture VLC is in. VLC is like, free software, enterprise.

>> No.64110371

I wasn't criticizing you buddy. Anyways what annoys me is that it informs me that it's preloading. I rather it didn't show me any progress and then the thumbnails appear after a while

>> No.64110435

why not use iina? it's built on top of mpv but looks fuckin nice

>> No.64110447

Is there any way I can control this with an Xbox 360 controller?

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>> No.64110486

But see, you had an idea.
I'll add an option to hide the progress for the next release. I prefer to display it since the generation can be a bit resource intensive.

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By the way, I once came in one of these threads asking for a script for this. I'm glad someone made it

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