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>shortcuts and icons on the desktop load a few seconds after login

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>icons on the desktop

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> VLC changes its icon to Santa's hat.

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> using a GUI

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>shortcuns and icons load on the desktop
>i'm using dwm window manager

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I have an SSD and my chipset supports SATA3, so I don't have this problem.

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that's some spooky shit right there

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Get a load of this guy who still uses desktop shortcuts.
IN 2018!

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>shortcuts and icons on the desktop

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I just like nice pictures on the desktop. No bully pls.

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>mfw I do the same thing as op

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I use windows ME booting from an IDE drive and I don't have this problem either.

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>desktop icons are arranged in vertical columns
>clicking and then shift-clicking to select files does so in horizontal rows

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The botnet is strong with this one.

I can't be bothered to clean up my desktop icons so I just go right click - view - hide desktop icons.

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> He is in 2018.

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No, that's shit. Now THAT'S creepy.

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>in normiefriend house
>do hide desktop icons
>next day get a call, computer not working
>"nothing I can do here, bro"
>gives me money to build him a new one
>also gives me old "broken" build
>buy dream build
>put it in the "broken" pc case
>put "broken" guts inside new pc case
>keep dream build and give him his old "broken" build inside a new computer case with desktop icons showing
>"woah anon, it even has the icons I had before and all"
>"well, yeah, I told you I'm good with computers"
>"thanks bro"

Should I feel bad?

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> default gender

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What's wrong with doing this? People too ignorant to learn getting fucked? Who cares? Doesn't that happens all the time?
And no, you should not.

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Wael is that you?

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This is why jews are prosecuted.

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I'm somewhat doubtful that this actually happened
if true, miring your sociopathic ability to "befriend" normies and take advantage of their stupidity

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>things that never happened: the post

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> dynamic window manager window manager

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I think icons on the desktop would look better if it wasn't if it wasn't for that ugly arrow on every icon

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There are people actually this stupid, but they are probably all old, I doubt someone your age can be this retarded (unless you are over 40)

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>Cheat friend out of a free computer
You're a swell friend, OP.

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should you feel bad that you robbed your friend? idk if you're a sociopath i guess not.

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