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Are you going to get it before time runs out?

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But all versions of Windows have been free as in free beer since forever. Currently running activated 10 LTSB for $0 as well.

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Is it still possible to upgrade a pirated 8.1 pro? or 7 Ultimate?

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very possible

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Nobody should give a shit because you can just pirate 10 and have it for free

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I've already rolled back to 7 twice, odds are with how inept MS is in this day & age if I simply keep the upgrader tool on my PC I can still use it post deadline.

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>>64032856 Currently running activated 10 LTSB for $0 as well.
Can you teach me how?

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Meanwhile Arch has been free for 15 years and will continue to be :^)

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>no one wanted it even through MS approved loophole.

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Nah I fucked around with it for a week and its trash, buggy and all around confusing, especially the meme ui. Went back to comfy 7

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You could have just said 'Linux', but no. You had to sperg about your own preference in distro.

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Unfortunately my new computer parts are not going to arrive until after the new year. Guess it's 100 bux for win10 or be wild and live the linux life for a little while.

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>implying nonfree as in beer distros don't exist

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>Are you going to get it before time runs out?
anyone who does and did should pack his shit and get the fuck out of /g/

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hell fucking no
I use it at work and every day i encounter some new bugs and glitches. Some recents that i remember:
>Fonts, UI elements and window size scaling is incoherent when moving between monitors and each can change independently from another
>Unable to connect to wifi after unpluggin from docking station, need to restart or plug back in
>Desktop symbols gets shuffled whenever you cough
>Mouse not working on the primary monitor but all is fine on secondary monitors
>OS freezes when trying to connect to a firewalled address, just the OS, all applications keep working (until you do OS-level stuff like moving/minimizing the window or a rightclick)
>Desktop icons change randomly and rapidly while copying files

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Are 50 GB enough for a win10 install?

I will only use it for excel/ppt creation, acestream videos, and other shits that require windows, i use a real OS as my main OS.

I could use virtualbox but i have a spare xbox360 hard drive hanging around so i might simply dual boot it...

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>100$ for windows
can u paypal me 100$ and download pic related instead?

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forgot pic

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I tried it already thanks M/S. I didn't want a Windows 10 partition on my HD so I reinstalled from the disc.

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>tfw too lazy to install and activate win7 and upgrade to get a licensed win10 pro so just use the MDL kms tool

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i just installed win10 for the first time, and it now says "windows is activated with a digital license linked to your microsft account"

does this mean that i have a permanent license for win10?
i have never bought a win10 license, in fact the last legit windows that i bought was win 98....

how is this possible?

btw, is avira free a placebo or is windows 10 integrated protection enough?

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Haven't had an original windows key since my university days where MSDNAA shit was given like candy.

generation2 fella has served me ever since on my VMs.

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I upgraded a few VMs so I have keys to normies who are scared of pirating.
I did it just to make sure MS gets less money.

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>btw, is avira free a placebo or is windows 10 integrated protection enough?
both avira and integrated protection are shite

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>using the smiley with the carat nose

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Just download it and use the Microsoft Toolkit.

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This, but because I didn't want to be running newer hardware (Ryzen/GTX 10) on an older OS that was beginning to show its age.

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Well, with a Threadripper build I'm kind of stuck with 10 but so far I've liked it. I've managed to not pay for it and legally acquire it, using Win 7 OEM keys and one upgrade.

I'm probably going to add a 3rd Nvme for a Linux Fedora 27 boot in the future with the TR4 build.

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Can't wait for win7 retarded pieces of shit to go extinct just like XPfags.

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the only thing I miss about window 7 is playing deadlock 2: shrine wars

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What's better for old craptop with first gen mobile i3 win 7 or win 10? Just installed win 7 on fresh SSD but I'm not certain whether I should stay with it or go with 10.

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I regret "upgrading" on my dual boot. I eventually trashed all of it and did a clean install of W10 but it still sucks.

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In general I'd say whichever OS your craptop was supplied with since it's most likely the only one for which your manufacturer provided working drivers.. That said, Win10 will install all the drivers it can find for your craptop, which is always the most tedious and annoying thing to do on craptops due to how manufacturers conveniently forget to update or to just keep the fucking drivers online; nevermind going to the Device Manager and figuring out which component is installed and whatnot. Win10 will either find the right drivers or install the generic ones; on Win7 you're on your own.

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muh nigga
it just works

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Can you even diseable the bloatwares on this?

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Its like offering gonorrhea for free.

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>paying for windows
what's with all those scared tech illiterate 12 year olds who shit their pants when they hear the word crack/activator?

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So is it possible to run the installer so that it generates the key and not install right away?

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AutoKMS.exe expires never

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>Microsoft Toolkit

Not that guy you replied to, but do you know a safe place to download MS toolkit? I recall looking for a download for kmspico a few years ago, but it was impossible to find one that wasn't loaded with malicious shit.

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what will happen if I don't?

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Download it using a Linux distro (linux live is ezpz to install just need a usb key), and use md5 to verify that it isn't malware. Then copy it over to your hdd and you are good to go

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Don't waste your time with this crap.

MS basically allows unlimited re-use of Windows 10 keys. Find a computer with a legit CoA sticker for Windows 10 Pro and use that key to install Windows 10 on your computer. It will fail at first, but you can call a phone number and the automated system will ask you to enter in a very long string of numbers which generate another string of numbers which then activates Windows 10.

I've done this about 6 times so far with the same key. It also asks you how many times you've tried to use this key before, just answer 0.

MS wants everyone to use Windows 10 so they're basically giving it away if you're willing to jump through a couple hoops.

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Your process is like 10x longer

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I remember that thread

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but I want win 10 ltsb, where does one find enterprise keys?

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>Wanting an old build

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No. Even if I wanted I could just activate it.

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what's wrong with the ltsb build? You still get all security updates...

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I'll pirate it as always.
>tfw too brainlet to understand how to legally activate Windows

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Are you required to use accessibility options after you upgrade?

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No. I already have a legit Windows 10 Education license from before I graduated, but I hate Windows 10.

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Give it to me. I'll make good use of it.

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That's still not free

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I'll install it on a gaymen computer some time in the future, but I'll never use it as a main OS.

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Sure, buddy. Sure.

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is that the latest version?

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I installed windows 7 today changed from windows 10 enterprise, windows 10 is giant piece of shit.

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>figured I'd install the Winshit 10 Failed Abortion update in a VM to see how it is
>checking out the installed programs when I see some weird paint app
>open it and it's like one of those really shitty paint apps for kids from the 90s
>play around in it for a few minutes, then realize that the brown looks like poo smears
>power off the machine and then drag the folder to the trash and delet it
Never again. I'm glad I switched to Leenucks a long time ago.

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>implying I didn't already pirate every version of Windows 10 during the first free upgrade year

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>don't waste your time
>proceeds to explain how to do something that takes 20x longer and gives microshit your phone number

use Microsoft Toolkit

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Can anyone explain the LTSB meme to me? I only use windows 10 because of video games. I do find 10 pro a bit bloated. Is LTSB for me?

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No store, no cortana, not candy crush. There's not even media pack shit installed, so you'll have to install a bunch of stuff yourself. It only gets security updates, not bullshit "feature" updates like new paint apps and whatever.

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No store might be a deal breaker for me since I do a some cross play titles

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Maybe you should grow up and stop play a billion video games like a giant child.

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Of course it will be if you tend to it like the needs you mentioned.

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With games? haha nope.

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I'm not adverse to piracy but when it's my whole OS I get a bit nervy.

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LMAO, I love you man, you gave me a good laugh, I've been there.

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LMAO this thread is on a roll for comedy.

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Dude I got 3 kids and work 70hrs a week. I get maybe 5hrs a month to play video games to relax. Cut me some slack

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He didn't read your post.
Enterprise and Enterprise LTSB don't use activation "keys".

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>have windows 10
>never had problems
>see everyone crying about having problems

geez i thought u guys knew computers also if your not in a pedophile network you can't use the argument of muh spying and besides they already added those futures too all windows version secretly

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Windows is shit. Even mac fags know this. Linux distros like ubuntu and mint are 1000x better than windows.

most games work natively in linux too.

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>most games work natively in linux too.

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games that mean something m8.


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>most games work natively in linux too.
That includes maybe 1/4 of your steam or other library or maybe 2/10 of games you usually play.

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I play csgo all the time so it works out for me.

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but its playable through linux.

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2.6.3 installs a rootkit that 2.6.2 does not, and 2.6.2 still works fine.
both .exes i've tested this with are from the MDL forums and the md5 checks out.

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>muh games

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If only there was a way to port code easily.

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You can literally use any vista/7/8 key to activate 10, if anyone tries to go through the hassle of activating this way is an idiot.

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Isn't this because military uses 7? In which this will be changing soon since military is upgrading to 10.

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I don't like those modern profit oriented malwares are any good.
I prefer the old days when they were little pieces of shit with PC speaker music and harddrive wiping:

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No idea. It just overtakes Windows 7 today. People probably still have their older PC and there is no need to buy a new one.

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Well if I can upgrade my pirated win7

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>using desktop icons for anything

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>He doesn't know that since Windows 8 there is no more COA with key, the key is stored in UEFI

There are though. You can buy a MAK. You can also convert it to Digital License after activating with a MAK if you slmgr -ipk the oem_nonslp key. The reason for this digital license option is likely to cater for Windows 10 IoT enterprise devices which is basically LTSB with a different license on paper. Nevertheless, Kill Myself costs exactly nothing.

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if you are a university student or know someone who works in a university. Actually a large company even. Often these people get Windows 10 Pro (or Edu, its just Pro without Cortana) dirt cheap or for free.

t. employed by a University, got Win 10 Edu for $20.

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Win 10 Edu is actually shoved down like Pro.
Now Edu have cortana, but don't have ReFS and Edge virtualization sandbox unlike Enterprise.

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> doesn't take that long
> microsoft having your number is a problem
> a number that is practically public information anyway

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Boy, I cannot wait to Upgrade to the best Content Delivery Platform that shows me Products from Supporting Partners that Enhance my Windows Experience.

Best of all, I don't have to anything to Improve Customer Feedback. It does it Automatically. Praise Windows! The Best!

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> not even media pack shit installed
That's LTSB N (aka cucked EU version that not even the Europeans use). Standard LTSB has media components.

But honestly both are shit anyway.

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No feature or performance updates. The Creator's Updates actually improved performance, at least on my 10 year old Acer.

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What did Rajesh do?

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How is 2.6.3 a virus?

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Honestly I can't stop myself from wondering why the company, that has always been relying on paid proprietary software as a business model, has been so persistent in providing the widest possible reach of their newest "most refined" OS across devices for free when their business has always relied on paid software..
So persistent to the point where they went out of their way to roll out an upgrade tool for win 7 and 8 (and vista?), made it 100% free and not a demo, and let the upgrading option available for such a long time.. As if they want it everywhere first and foremost..
They have even turned their eyes on non-genuine copies and upgraded them, and they keep making sure it's as up to date as possible..

I wonder what will happen when they've finally achieved that reach..

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>where does one find enterprise keys?
in enterprises?

>> No.64045919

I have pirated windows 7 enterprise
can I upgrade now?

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Using LTSB on a Ryzen 1600, I don't need "free" performance.

I'll get it with the next LTSB.

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only a few years left

>> No.64046825

even if i was i would torrent ltsb or whatever that cuck version is instead of using their """"Free"""" upgrade

>> No.64046850

> "free" performance
wtf are you talking about?

>> No.64047065

It installs a rootkit? wtf does it do

i just fucking activated my windows with 2.6.3 fuck

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