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Oldy goldy edition

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current computer

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Swapped the 550Ti with a 980 but it's back at home so I can't update it

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nice xeons

lice nappy

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good old Core 2 Duo PC, built from what other people had thrown out

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Buying a Switch on Friday. I'll upgrade my gpu when Volta comes out.

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How hard is it to overclock ram? It's 2 sticks of HyperX FURY (PC4 17000)(Timing 14-14-14
CAS Latency 14,Voltage 1.2V)

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I want more ram but those prices.

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I might get more ram but not anytime soon.

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that have so much porn.

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Wish ram prices weren't so high.

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How do you find the RX580? How well does it handle gaming or video rendering? I've been thinking about upgrading my GPU recently, but everything is so damn pricey. Any suggestions for cards under $400?

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I'm jealous but...
why? with a fucking 1070?

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if i where you i would buy on the new year sales or Easter sales they are usually really good bargins.

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Cold sucks.

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>why? with a fucking 1070?
need VGA support for my 2 other laptops duh
they only support native VGA

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? I meant why would you be using such a low resolution with a PC that has a 1070? Surely you could afford at least 1080p

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>I meant why would you be using such a low resolution with a PC that has a 1070? Surely you could afford at least 1080p
>Ignores what i said

I can aford 1080p I just don't care enough for meme resolutions

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>I just don't care enough for meme resolutions
>buys a meme graphics card
It's like buying a Ferrari and using it to only get groceries. Also, I did not understand what you meant by your post. You only have one monitor?

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my friend, what happened to your cpu ?

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ffmpeg off the hizzle

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h-Here I go

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but isn't that way too fucking hot regardless of load

nice compo

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Facebook machine

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Just upgraded to the R7 1700, seems really good so far. Much better than my 8350.

The memory is 3000MHz stock but it's stuck at 2133MHz right now, still need to update the BIOS so it can boot at 3000.

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>using a 1070 on a monitor that only supports resolutions below 2560x1440

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is buddy there going to ride a bike ?

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I have a 32" TV i can plug in if i want a meme 1080p res But I don't care about it because it doesn't support a VGA connection.

>I did not understand what you meant by your post.
I have 2 laptops that share my desktops monitor they both need a soild VGA direct connection.
buying a meme adapter for say hdmi to vga is not worth the coin or time.
I do have a direct vga to hdmi but it doesn't work on the laptops i have.

that's why i didn't upgrade my desktop monitor.
I'm problery going to have it for a long time IDK.
Thing is the 1070 was just a future investment incase i upgrade

why are you having a hard time understanding that?

there is zero reason to keep up with technology for monitors unless its a problem for you FYI

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well that's fucking dumb, isn't it
you bought a 1070 as a future investment but won't upgrade your monitor for a long time
also you use two laptops with one monitor
IDK man, your life, but boy is it stupid

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