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Start arguing.

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rei >>>>>> asuka

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There's nothing to argue about tho

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I don't even know how to enable it :DDd

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Currently trying to set up stateless DHCP with the ISC client and it feels like it's not even finished.

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totally agree

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IPV6 is the public version of IPV5.
IPV6 has so much surveilance backdoors patched onto IPV5, so agencies can widen it's surveilance future proof.
Oh, and IPV4 is ofc insecure too.

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>enough IPs to support a universe of nanobots
They went a bit overboard.

Then again, IP blocking is pretty much a thing of the past. Unless you want to categorize that as a negative too.

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I like IPv4 better :3

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There's no backdoors built into IPv6, it's a just a protocol.

But you actually do have a semi-valid point, every device get's it's own globally routable IP address (you can firewall incoming connections to a subnet but few to none are going to do this). This can make it easier to exploit existing backdoors and hack things like cellphones and fridges.

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IPv6 makes tracking easier.

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ipv4 is deprecated

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Yeah, it totally does, specially if you don't use the IPv6 privacy extension(s) and the last digits of your IP's the same as your mac address. Kind of hard to deny that you did something (shady) when your computers (or phones) IP is in them logs..

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IPv10 >IPv6

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its true

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Vpn exists.
hint: it works with IPv6 too

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VPNs are for idiots. I use Tor.

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Do you work for the NSA?

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why not just make it like 511.511.511.511.511 instead? at least it's still pretty easy to read and remember

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Irrelevant. tor can be made to work with IPv6 too.

Because dns already exist.
Why settle for shit when you are going through so much trouble already. You wouldn't want to do it again for atleast 100 years

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You got me, damn..

And..? Is that supposed to make IPv6 any better than IPv4?? Lol, no..

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I don't want to argue anymore.

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IPv6 is already 100 times better than IPv4 by removing the need for NAT
Any autistic shit you are doing with IPv4 can be done with IPv6. There is no keep using IPv4

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I don't think giving public IP to every device is a good idea. Being behind NAT is brainlets' firewall. But I also want public IP for free.

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I have it disabled, other than that a router can spoof mac adresses so the last 4 do not really matter

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>You wouldn't want to do it again for atleast 100 years
I think the approach was 'ever'. There are more IPv6 addresses than atoms on earth. Probably the galaxy.

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NAT has security benefits chaim

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Enjoy being tracked by glow-in-the-dark niggers, cuck.

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You migjt be right but we cant really predict the future.
There might be other reasons to create a new protocol than addressing

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Do normal people even need to worry about a firewall? I legitimately don't know what services are running and listening by default on say Windows and Mac OS that would be a problem if people banged on them.

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>muh security
Fuck off. Your kind is exactly why IPv6 adoption rate is so slow.
There is literally zero reason to use NAT as a security measure when you can have a fucking firewall
Why should I deal with shitty NAT internet because there are some retards out there who cant configure a firewall?
Just use sane defaults for retard os and devices like windows and we will be ok

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I'm not sure neither. But chinese bots are quick. When you expose ssh server, you get bot logins in a day. There are people running older versions of Windows without updates for years and installed so much shit that if there is any service running, they wouldn't even notice. And if there is some Windows service with security flaw, they wouldn't update. With public IP it would be automatically broken in matter of days.

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It's next to impossible to guess IPv6 addresses randomly like you can with IPv4. This is a non issue, really

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Actually I completely forgot at least Windows ships with a firewall by default anyway. Not sure about Mac OS.

I wonder what problems will actually come up with the loss of NAT. Could ISPs still just NAT people even though it's not needed?

While that's probably true, it's still an issue if they do get a valid address.

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The lack of packet fragmentation looks good, but I'm not sure how the MTU discovery works and how it reacts to route path shutdowns.
It overall also looks like simplification of protocol. That's good.

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>NAT has security benefits chaim
No. Every router has a statefull firewall.

>But chinese bots are quick.
Runa tor node.

>With public IP it would be automatically broken in matter of days.
Minutes. Hours at most.

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I work at a ISP. IPV6 will take another 5 fucking years to be running as expected.

We even had to disable it because DNS root servers for some fucking reason suck at update new ipv6 address making sites that already use ipv6 looks offline...

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rei <> asuka

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what's your stance on Net Neutrality

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Stop posting this bitch. I can't stand her since I found out she got blacked.

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jealus withe boi?

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Don't fall for it.
This bill allow the government to to put their dirty hands over the Internet. Let the free market take care of the problem.
Also, this bull shit all start because Netflix. Even we (a third world small provider) has a CDN of netflix in out datacenter to "cache" their catalog of movies and series. Transport of data has never being so cheap in history, i don't know why those big companies in America are going backwards.

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How so?

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They are both awful choices. A literal doll or a bitch with severe mental issues.

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He is a retard samefagg.

There is no difference about tracking in both ipv6 and ipv4 (except that now we can afford handle a fixed ipv6 to customers instead of recycle ipv4 and pray to our pool don't extinguish)

Also, it's pretty neat be able to customize your address (sysadmins must love when they read shit written in hexadecimal in their web server logs).

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No one is perfect.

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Tor is basically a vpn retard

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How am I supposed to remember my IP address with IPv6?

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Whoa whoa hold up

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get a pencil and a piece of paper?

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That's not remembering.

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Even Shinji would be a better option if he cut his penor.

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just remember to write it down lmao

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>"Start arguing."
>anime something
>51 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.

Why does this place even exist?

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Fair enough.

Become an autistic savant.

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Don't, we developed systems like DNS specifically for this purpose, use them or something else.

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Lol, no

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The ultimate redpill on ipv6.

Since you will receive a pool of ipv6, you will be able to customize your address.

Tell me it's not worth...

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Is this shit going to roll out in my lifetime? Is there anything I can do to speed this up?

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what am i supposed to be looking at here?

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mad boy

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That's not what that's for.

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I really think he is just making fun of you. (may be wrong. i am 27, don't know kids meme anymore)

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>doesn't know how to use crossboard search

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I'm just fucking with him for taking this post >>63863457 seriously.

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I don't know how the internet works or what IPV6 or IPV4 is.

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misato is the true patrician choice

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