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W-wait, so google knows EVERYTHING I searched and all the pages I've been on ?

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another quality thread on /g/

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A thread died for this

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>i went to a website, made an account, and entered a bunch of data into it

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No. How would they know? No cameras around. I took the wall down and there were no cameras. People are paranoid. What you do on computer cannot be tracked.

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it is in order to blackmail the next generation of politicians and powerful people.
There are full size cooperation which admit that this is the purpose of their existence and they are completely run by Jews.
Also its way worse than it sounds cause they mix threats in there.

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yes, do they care? no

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My dad works at Cisco and he said that everything on the internet is packets so it should be ok

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i find it funny how people with a google account don't even realize that every search they have ever made while logged in is on their account activity page

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Google knows everything you search for using Google. They know what links you clicked on in the search results. They know most-to-all of the websites you visit period, through Chrome and analytics. If you use Gmail they have every email sent and received, and a full record of everyone you've corresponded with. They know every video you've watched on Youtube. If you have an Android phone they have a complete record of your location, everywhere you've been, when you went there, how long you stayed. This is all tied to your real life identity and contact information and is stored indefinitely.

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Yes but if you have nothing to hide then you have nothing to fear

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until, one day, you do.

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Fuck off Mike.

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How did google get my gmail account I've only been jsimg Firefox with the Yahoo search engine

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Umm maybe because they own Gmail?

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>when people care that a corporation can see what porn you've been looking at

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Nice try cianigger

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weirdly enough

i try to talkntongoogle in the search engin
i just type " google, can you stop posting adsvertisment onto mt desktop web page" then the results are pure normie humor

i think google is already AI

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>delete location history
>disable location on phone
>turn it on months later
>the "deleted" history shows up again

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what do you mean Google OWNS Gmail???

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Got a source to back that up, faggot?

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Working at cisco as a janitor doesn't make your dad a networking engineer.

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you and a billion other people. if you ever become famous/important itll be easy to blackmail you. for now youre just a faceless loser like the rest of us.

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>tfw they also know everything you ever posted on 4chins, from tendies memes to your super rare pepes and your hatred for niggers.
>tfw no face
>tfw OP will die in his sleep if he doesn't reply to this.

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