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Is the internet a right?

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yes, but it doesn't pay for itself

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Rule of thumb, if someone has to pay for it it's not a right.

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I would argue internet access is absolutely necessary to live in the current year.

But we don't have a guaranteed right to eat or drink.
And those are necessary in life.
Hard to say mang.

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Since you need the internet to pay bills, interact with the federal government and achieve gainful employment, I'd say yes.

Only retards would argue otherwise.

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not everywhere

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No. You have only three rights.
1. You have the right to have property.
2. You have the right to protect your property.
3. You have the right to own yourself.>>63804277

Anything else is either a privilege, or a derivation of these three rights.

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You have a right to be free from censorship and invasions of privacy. You don't have a right to demand that someone run a cable to your door.

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they are pretty much like books (knowledge) and telephones (communications) combined in the sense of:
"Do you need them to actually live?"

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water is a human right but that shit aint free

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If we can assume the internet is a merit good, and assuming public libraries have internet provided free of charge and libraries are funded by taxes, does that mean that as a citizen, you have the right to internet? Or is it like >>63804366
or >>63804315

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>1. You have the right to have property.
Which can be taken by the state whenever they deem fit.
>2. You have the right to protect your property.
In Europe it is illegal to use effective means of self-defense in your own home no matter if the intruders are raping your family, also, no firearms.
>3. You have the right to own yourself.
Suicide is illegal and a crime.

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It's not a right then, it's a privilege provided by people coerced by the government either directly or with taxes.

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No one asked about your cucked super state currently invaded by mudslims.
Enjoy the "social democracy" dream.

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Water is internationally recognised as a human right.

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By who, the UN? don't make me laugh kid.
I'll tell you what, housing is a right in NK, give it some though.

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>>Which can be taken by the state whenever they deem fit.
>it is illegal to use effective means of self-defense
>Suicide is illegal and a crime.
Why do people merely accept slavery like this?

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Actually, the UN deems the internet as a human right:

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>I would argue internet access is absolutely necessary to live in the current year.
If you live in Scandinavia, or Japan, yes (or maybe some other countries where you NEED internet for even the most basic stuff like buying a bus ticket).
Otherwise it's not really necessary.

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You are retarded aren't you

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>I'm fucking starving, my wife died from childbirth and my kid died from all those fucking infections, but hey, at least i have "property" (which is actually a cube in the sky) and i have the right to protect it!
>Also, the day my wife got pregnant was not because some niggers kidnapped her and raped her, but because she owned herself and let them do so to defend her own life. I'm so proud of this system.

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If you want it to be. You can make free candy cane striped buttplugs a constitutional right if you want to.

Defining something as a "right" like it's an objective moral thing dictated by GOD is fucking stupid.

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As opposed to your cucked multiracial nightmare state currently invaded by africans and mexicans in which non-whites are the majority and women are brainwashed by media into fucking negros? I see, duly noted.

Literally the only thing america has right is guns, you should be ashamed of everything else.

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>low test
>emasculating ideologies
>surrogate activities
>bread and circus

All of these lead to prefering safety over freedom, or rather, perceived safety since muhammad will stab you no matter the law.

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everyone point at the conservatard and laugh

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Somebody hit too close huh?

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>brings up one of his random cuckold fantasies as a "supposed" argument
>doesn't work anyways because it's the false dichotomy fallacy


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>brainwashed amerilards actually unironically believe this

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You should only talk shit about people who are worse off than you, otherwise you get btfo as you can see. Nothing personnel.

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you should not talk shit about people worse off than you for the simple fact you are not in control of every variable and you never know when the situation will reverse itself

i.e. dont talk shit about anyone

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You started, now don't take attention away form the fact you got your ass whipped.

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spot the american is a boring game when people like you play

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You have no rights, you never did. WIth abortion and the laws of nature beside you don't even have the right to live.

Rights are a spook.

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No. That does not mean net neutrality isn't a good thing.

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Exactly where?
Here in Italy you can pay all your bills safely without the internet. Just go to your local post office.

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not that anon anon

idgaf about your dick waving competition

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Why can't normies distinguish morals and law?

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I'm from Spain and everything I said is true. Look it up. The suicide bit might seem funny, but it's real, no one got ever caught alive though.

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Internet is a right but that doesn't mean it's free.

Plus, you do not *need* the internet to live. But you surely are at extreme disadvantage

Hell I never use the internet and I'm look at me!

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where did the right to property come from? when we split from the feudal era where kings owned royals that owned servants who lived where they were told? In the new age without internet, you are basically a servant or less, as it is the last connection to outer society for many. That puts it as high or higher than "property". And a small minority of people "own" themselves.

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The internet is NOT a right, I don't care what the (((UN))) says.
That said, ISPs have no right to fuck with PAYING customers. Right or not, if they aren't offering the service quality I'm paying them for, they are in the wrong.

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>he said as he waved his dick in support of the other guy

Not you guys by the by.

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>Suicide is illegal and a crime.
>tfw when getting hanged after failed hanging attempt

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Attempting it (not sucessful) isn't illegal. I know it sounds crazy, but that's that.

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I think that really comes down to who is making the rules.
Rights are typically just gold plated rules that are more respected.
This generation thinks women's rights are different from human rights.

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>you have no right to an internet connection but you have a right to have any of your subjective demands met by ISPs

wew lad

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What is a right? And who decides what becomes a right or doesn't?

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>pay isp for x
>contract says x
>isp gives me y
How do I not have a right to at least complain?

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Only more minorities. Fuck whitey.

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How do you derive the right to free speech from that?

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Owning yourself, you own your actions, your body, your thoughts and beliefs.

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It's not a right because there is infrastructure behind it. Rights have to be natural.

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Is my Playstation a right ?
Is my TV a right ?
Is the paper I write on a right ?

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Depends if your local SJW lobby declares it so.

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No, but the world would be a better place if the internet was considered a (((human right))) instead of (((education))), (((healthcare))), or (((birth control))).

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