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Are these any good for linux?

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Why wouldn't they be?

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cause linux has notoriously bad drivers
and since it cant play gaems then what do we need to access data quickly for
>inb4 Wojack

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give it back rasheed

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trim, raid, meme's, etc..

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You don't exactly need drivers for a SSD anon.

Supported, Supported, depends.

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abondon thrad

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>You don't exactly need drivers for a SSD anon
I guess the system is just magic and knows how to access the drive

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don't you lose a ssd raid if power failure?

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are they still overheating like crazy?
are those meme NANDs, or sasuga ones?

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hahaha i killed the thread so quickly.
go home fellas

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Not a problem with recent SSDs, even the cheap and chink ones have protection against power loss.

Only NVMe SSDs thanks to the lack of heatsinki.

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Pretty sure the controller on the boards operate at the binary level making them just a shit load of on and off signals.

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install gentoo

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Chipset, OS and SATA controller job to handle that.

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You're really shilling the hard drives tonight huh.

Please fuck off.

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all devices need drivers otherwise there wouldnt be a unique chip onboard each device

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what browser do you use?

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Which is not a problem when it comes to Storage as long everyone follows standards.

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i agree lol
the real problem is there is nothing anyone can do productive on linux besides things which dont even need an ssd

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Meanwhile 2017 SSDs.

Now that all SSDs even cheap ones have 3D NAND and proper controllers this is not a problem.

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this thread

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Really? It's a fucking SSD not a webcam.

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It's fucking AHCI holy shit how fucking dumb is this board

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how do you install the software it comes with?
how do you update the firmware?

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Its not needed.
You dont unless you have to, usually you should never upgrade firmware for multiple reasons unless you have to.

Otherwise you get the old planned obsolescence tactics, see 840 EVO and 960 EVO+PRO firmware bricking.

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It works the same as any other SATA drive. But SSDs need to be trimmed whenever you delete something, as opposed to HDDs. How would Linux know to do this?

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Supported, its not like TRIM is proprietary

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You dumb motherfucker, this is all controlled by the firmware of the drive. What are hardware abstractions?

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someone said you have to manually trim/flush from the command line.

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Then why do they call it a disk DRIVE?


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Yas. We call this standards anon.
I bet you spent houses looking for RAM drivers.

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I have this SSD. It's very good. Modern Linux will support it fine and it will be really snappy

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The only downside of samsung drives is that continuous trim is disabled by the kernel, so discard option if fstab has no effect. But you can still use fstrim timer, and it's a better approach.

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What hard drive?

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if you're looking for more speed, download more ram

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Buying SSD for games is one of the stupidest things you can do.

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well actually korean mmorpg's are only things that really need ssd on pc.

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I heard there were some bugs in Linux kernel a while ago regarding Samsung enterprise SSDs, modern kernels should be good.

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its not windows you idiot

also linux werx better with ram disk

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I did it, got something-512GB for $120, no regrets. Finally games load as fast as they could.

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Why? Load times on SSD's are really short.

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And you need to reload them so many times.
So you save heaps of time.

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The filesystem (there are many to choose from, but any you would actually use supports this) detects you're using a SSD, and trims automatically.

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what about fstrim?

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I've never seen so many stupid motherfuckers in a single thread, so let this be an explanation of what the fuck is going on.

Almost all HDDs and SSDs under Linux are handled by a common SCSI abstraction layer that uses standard SCSI/SATA commands to communicate with on-board controllers, thus not needing any drivers.
Special features particular to certain disks (such as TRIM/DISCARD) are reported by the controllers themselves. So if you have a problem with some feature (e.g. TRIM corrupting data used to be semi-common), there's a 99% chance it's the disk vendor that fucked up the firmware.

As for TRIM/DISCARD, this is a bit more complicated. There are two versions of TRIM: normal (periodic) and continuous.
Normal TRIM is a high-overhead operation that requires blocking I/O while it runs. That's why it's also called "periodic" because it's usually run from cron once a week or so.
Continuous TRIM was made as a reaction to the perceived defects of normal TRIM, and doesn't require the aggressive blocking. However, the implementations in disk firmware are frequently botched and I wouldn't recommend enabling it if you care about your data.
Currently, the best practice for SSDs on Linux is to use periodic TRIM once a week. Mainstream distros usually come with a systemd timer for this (fstrim.timer) and some even enable it by default if they detect you have an SSD. Linux kernel also has a blacklist of SSDs with known buggy firmware and doesn't send TRIM commands to them, so you should be safe.

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absolute retard you are

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Don't waste your money. SSDs still make no noticeable difference.

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I just fstrim my mountpoints manually every week or so

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Yeah, I have a 500GB and a 250GB one that I run Fedora on and I use XFS with them. It works well.

Who the fuck cares?

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Yes they do, poorfag retard.

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is this the new meme thread?

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how so?

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SSDs are the standard for a modern computer

>quad core
>8-16 gb ram
>6 gb+ gpu

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Yes. Pair it with a CPU and some RAM for optimal performance, preferably on a motherboard

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Were you born stupid or dropped on your head as a child?

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In the world of today, having less than 6 cores and 16GB of memory is below the standard.
AMD, Intel, and even phone manufacturers have 6-core mainstream products.

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Any recent version of Linux should should already have built in support for automatic weekly trimming via cron. Otherwise you can enter the command manually. No need to run it more than once a day at the most.

sudo fstrim -v /

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If we were living in 2013, I would agree with you.

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Why do you lie like that anon? If you bought some chink shit SSD, then yeah, it probably didn’t make much of a difference for you.

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You don't flash RAM drivers?


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lets say you do need drivers for any drive then
where exactly would you store these drivers before installing them? You couldnt install them on the drive, because the system doesnt know how to access it

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The real question is, why the fuck are SSDs NOT GOING DOWN IN PRICE?
That fucking 850 EVO was cheaper by €20 last year, over here.
Fucking flash cartel.

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You can get heatsinks for M2 SSDs.
>Now that all SSDs even cheap ones have 3D NAND and proper controllers this is not a problem.
They've actually started releasing SSDs without a RAM cache.

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because you would still buy them

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HDD is better

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linux can use ssd on around 70%
windows squeezes all the speed

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>comparing ARM cores to x86 cores

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genuinely wondering if it was, saw a thread with an equally stupid, similarly phrased question with nearly the same image last night

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Ram shortage.

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It's just another block device. It works excellent out of the box with Linux.

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>Are these any good for stick shift?

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Ive run an 850 on Ubuntu 16.04 for a year now, no troubles

There used to be problems with trim in the kernel but that's fixed now

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NAND is already decreasing in price.

So, low end SSDs without SLC cache when?

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Automatic cruise control with stop and go is the new standard.

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Yes i run Ubuntu on that very same model.

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No, due to NTFS being fragmented linear file system, recent samsung SSDs have been a lot better under windows.

Look at the WD greens instead.

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NO! If you are truly a lover of GNU/Linux stay away from flash storage and related. Hard drives are the only way to go. Flash media is a corporate scam and should be avoided and not supported!
That's the exact reason GNU/Linux prefers running on a hard drive and purposely disadvantages on SSDs.

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Then why fragmentation is a thing?

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So what about encryption? Since for better security, you should overwrite disk with random data, before creating partitions, which slows it down, and you cannot use TRIM, is it worth anything?

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dude I would open fucking Team fortress 2 on my HDD and it'd be annoyingly and very noticeably slower.

I spent 340$ on a 1TB 850 EVO and I don't regret it one bit.

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Linux is a kernel, commonly installed in operating systems such as GNU and Android.

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>So what about encryption?
If you're using a TLC drive like the Samsung EVO, you have to enable TRIM (dm-crypt "allow-discards")
or performance will degrade badly

MLC drives like the Samsung Pro are much better suited for full disk encryption
I have 2 fully encrypted Samsung 850 Pro under Linux and performance has not degraded

About to buy another 1 TB Samsung 960 Pro

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>t. poverty

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Actually, USB webcams mostly have a standard interface, too: UVC. Almost all USB webcams on Linux are handled by a single driver + v4l2 layer.

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It's kind of pointless for gaymers, you miss the hints/tips on loading screens when you die

>> No.63803825

Getting first picks in overwatch says otherwise.

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Why? From personal experience, HDD vs SSD I've got loading time differences from 45seconds with HDD to 4 seconds with SSD.
If you can afford it, why not?

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>t. hanzo main

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>cause linux has notoriously bad drivers
Why hasn't anyone responded to this bait?

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what a totally not a shill thread, I'm sure nobody realized it, great job, champ

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So I remember reading that the 850 evo Samsung now is alright to use more like an HDD since they've improved so much they'll last asking as an HDD.
This true?

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can't have the other wannabe hanzo mains grab him before I do

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I've got my first ever ssd 850 evo. Seems a bit of a meme, its faster but not life changing

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Same here. Haven't really used it as cloning my OS seems like a schlep. I've got drivers and all these .DLL to move.
Anyway to move my old is over without having to back up/move all my nonsysten data?

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It actually has better driver support... Obscure stuff like Wii Remotes are supported out of the box.

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nice meta bait, anon. Have a (you)

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