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>I can use VPN
No you can not.

Made simple:
Every computer has a IP address like a telephone address.
So if your VPNs IP is 25 and wikipedias is 10 your ISP can block all traffic to 25.

There are 2 scenarios:
1) White list = no VPN forever
all connections to anything other then IP 10 AKA wikipedia are blocked.

2) Black list = the ISP plays whack a mole
How many VPNs are there? 20 ? 30?
Simply have a list of them and update it daily.

You might get a VPN who is not blocked however the next day its blocked.
Enjoy shit internet.

Literally everything you connect to must first go from you to 1 (ONE) physical wire that the ISP controls before your ISP allows connections to anything else.
NN prevented them from blocking connections to anything, now they can have fun!

Any questions?

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Yeah nah I'm using my own VPS as a VPN server

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Oh boy another google/netflix FUD thread

>dontcha know goyim, ISPs hate money. you might have heard that they love money, but they hate money.
>that's why they're going to enact a sudden paradigm shift that nobody wants
>and only the government can stop them!
>that's why you have to tell the government that they can't charge google and netflix themselves more for their bandwidth usage (them greedy bastids!)
>because that will lead to website packages

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We are sorry sir you must pay premium package to have a 25K+ connection to your server provider.

Did you think about buying a premium business package?
its only $666 a day.

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You only need to pay to unlock one IP address.

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Oy gevalt, I have a business to attend to, I'm switching ISPs

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fuck off redditor

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That's ok sir.
All of them charge the same.
Feel free to switch to pay the same under a different name.

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Will never happen

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What your retarded jpeg depicts is illegal. A business cannot forcibly prevent customers from accessing another business' products or services.

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>ISPs won't make secret deals
Of course not. Why would they do that.

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>dontcha know goyim, ISPs hate money. you might have heard that they love money, but they hate money.
Yes upgrading equipment costs money.
If you don't upgrade you save money.
If you start providing only the same service you save money.
If you decrease the capacity of the network and demand people pay you more(buy premium ultra gold business package to get the "I'm a literal nazi and want to access 4chan" option) you get more money.

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Just change your DNS to google or FreeDNS.

My ISP blocks streaming and piracy sites, i changed my DNS and i can access them

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I have a better illustration.

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> is illegal
you get it it was, under NN.
Now NN is going away.
> is illegal
>A business cannot forcibly prevent customers from accessing another business' products or services.
What the libertarians want more government regulation? I'm simply curious.

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Too bad this IP address is only available in the "I want the whole complete fucking internet god damn it" package, which is the most expensive one

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Not good.
You need to show that there is 1 (one) physical wire to the ISP.

Also you are not demonstrating that VPNs will be blocked and this is about explaining to the retards who spam
>Use VPN problem solved

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Don't let pro NN shills fool you.

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>You only need to pay to unlock one IP address.
And the ISP can literally throttle the IP you pay for to lets say 1K.
Have fun.
I don't think you even understand what the difference between IP and DNS is.

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No, you dumbfuck. No business in America can legally operate a business that DIRECTLY prevents another business from operating in a normal capactiy. Restricting access to websites/domains that are not owned by the ISP, and then charging people to access them, is illegal.

It's like two fruit stores operating side by side, the operator of fruit store A stands out the front of fruit store B and prevents anyone from entering or using fruit store B unless the customer pays fruit store A for access. This is illegal, and it has been illegal for fucking years.

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You connect to your ISP's DNS and traffic runs through that. thats is where they have their white/black lists of IP's

If you change the DNS to googles, traffic is routed through there and the ISP's lists have no effect

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Seriously you are linking to pro corporate propaganda.

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>A business cannot forcibly prevent customers from accessing another business' products or services.

Oh, they don't have to forcibly prevent it.
ISPs just literally have to fuck themselves over.
Right now, peering agreements between groups like AT&T/Level 3/Comcast/Etc. have no provisions for limiting connectivity based on what the requesting party wants. But without NN, When you, on AT&T, send a request that must traverse a comcast controlled part of the internet, they can track this information, since it would relate to their ability to determine if this connection "requires priority or not", to see what information you are getting/sending, and they can choose to slow this connection down to the point of timing out, while still technically allowing the connection. And there will be nothing you can do about it, as it's not YOUR ISP who is at fault. It's the fault of a group they have a peering agreement with, that they nullified when NN was abolished, in order to take advantage of new regulations, and to charge YOUR ISP extra money to prioritize traffic going to their network, versus their "standard" rate. Of 100 bytes per second.

Anyone who opposes Net Neutrality, has never had to setup or work on an Autonomous System. They don't understand the havok losing NN can cause to things behind the scenes.

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>DNS don't have IP addresses they are magical

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VPS on amazon would fix it. Because there is no goddamn way they would block Amazon.

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>implying comcast/verizon would risk the PR disaster and boycotts nationwide if they pulled this shit.


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>There is no way they block Netflix
Lets see about this.
You think why all the internet giants are going crazy over this?

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Amazon = CIA

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Top is with google DNS.

bottom is with my ISP default DNS.

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Real World =/= Virtual World.

Your example is flawed, heavily.

Think of it more like:
You have an agreement with Fruit Store A, to purchase a set amount of products, for a set price, monthly. It would be illegal for Fruit Store A, to include in this agreement, a clause preventing you from purchasing from Fruit Store B, while under the agreement.
You have an agreement with Transport Company A, to bring you your monthly goods from Fruit Store A. You tell them you want them to bring you goods from Fruit Store B, next week. They decline, telling you, that the agreement you signed only allows for pick ups from a certain block of stores (Which excludes Fruit Store B), but they'd be willing to expand your agreement for $XXX.XX more a month. This is legal. This is what your ISP can do, as part the agreement you have to sign to use their service.

By your logic, I could Sue any Taxi company that would refuse to drive me to the next city over, if they were legally allowed to, as they'd be denying me access to a business in that city.

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What part of using a VPN on a CDN didnt't you get? Amazon and google basically host most of the internet by now. ISP's can't block them without fucking up their "packages"

Normies will be the ones suffering and actually OK with that.

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1)Serious question are you a libertarian/ancap?
Because you are literally praising the government and government regulations.

> then charging people to access them, is illegal.
They can now in the internet.

>Restricting access to websites/domains
>It's like two fruit stores
I give you the official corporate propaganda
>That's outdated man.
>Its the internet man
>Things are different
>We can not let outdated regulations from the old times sniffle innovation
>Its like everything is different on the internet man!
>We need to change this old red tape form the stone age man!
>We need to get innovation man!
>GO innovation!
>Free markets!
>GO! internet!

ISP says internet =/= physical space.

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Nice try shill

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What is the IP address of the DNS you needed to configure your router to?

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>My ISP blocks streaming and piracy sites, i changed my DNS and i can access them
Wow the future is now

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I didnt touch my router.

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>not getting the point
there's nothing to illustrate as there are no problems there

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If you impliment website packages you piss off customers and lose money, whether the government allows you to or not
But you also lose money if your service is slow because your equipment can't keep up with demand
Most of this demand is coming from certain services
Well, you can't put that cost on customers without causing an outrage, so who do you put the cost on? The webhosts.

the webhosts are currently staging a massive astroturf uprising, spreading FUD about website packages and comcast banning you from 4chan for being a nazi/banning you from reddit for being BLM because they don't want five grand tacked on to their bill or face rate limiting, even though it would actually benefit customers if net neutrality were not present (as it used to be)

without it, ISPs just raise bills for EVERYONE to cover the the cost and the rich kikes at big website inc. sleep soundly since the layer of cash lining their ferrari's interior is slightly thicker than it would be otherwise

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Not when the consumer has no choice but to pony up. Then you win, content providers lose, and so does the dumb idiot consumer who let this whole thing happen.

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Anon. Please understand how the internet works.

The Internet is a number of networks assigned ASNs and IP address blocks by groups like ARIN, which are advertised via BGP protocol to directly connected Peers that accept the passed along information. This is how the Internet works, though a series of connected networks, all agreeing to talk to each other in a common lingo with common protocols.

ISPs are just networks with IP blocks, ASNs, and BGP routers along the "perimeter" of their networks, that at some point, physically link up to a BGP router from another autonomous system, such as one from another ISP, or transport company like Level3. This connection was physically run when the company, literally or figuratively, shook hands on an agreement to connect their networks, and share BGP information with each other, which are basically table of contents to the network, along with road-maps of how to get to each point, which propagates through the networks.

With no NN, Networks and ISPs can alter agreements with each other, inspect traffic for content, to be tolled accordingly by the other party, which your ISP either passes to cost to you for, or decides it costs too much, and doesn't agree to peer with that group anymore, or removes certain connections, to reduce what they have to pay.

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>he doesn't know what a monopoly is
they aren't retards, you're just bending over for the fat cocc of corporate agenda

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Speak english, cowboy. I don't know what the fuck you mean by pony up, but I can only assume that you're saying ISPs will force content packages and we'll have to like it, because it could happen, sorta.

>FTC steps in and says no, you're obstructing business
>consumers say wtf, give us the internet back
>FCC declaring the internet a utility not necessary
Oh well so much for that doomsday scenario

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>no more 4ching
If it can get the incels out I'm all fine

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Do you children need another picture.
Exit node from your ISP to the rest

if user has premium package give full speed for package while exiting your network
if not then throttle it down.

Same for blocking simply don't process requests for blocked IPs if the users send them.

>Different speeds for internet you buy from your ISP are a myth!
>Them changing speeds on the same physical connection is a myth!
>Data caps are a myth and impossible!
I have no idea if you are this level of stupid or if you are shilling.

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None of that changes what I said smart-ass. No self-respecting ISP will fuck up their agreements with the likes of Google or Amazon.

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A monopoly would imply there is only 1 ISP in the entire country.

The backlash in the media and social media would make ISP's lose a lot of customers and money. Stock price would fall.

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>tfw Polish
>tfw unlimited, unrestricted access to literally everything ever at 100 Mbps for 15$ a month
All because of muh evil Jewish user-abusing Net Neutrality

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>can't connect to 4chan

Wouldn't be so bad to be honest.

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I don't think YOU understand how this works. Networks are CONGESTED and need to be DECONGESTED. Thank GOD for Comast for making my internet FAST and CHEAP by charging big boy internet companies like GOOGLE and AMZON that make me use THEIR services via COMCAST'S internet.

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bot post argument

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couldn't you circumvent this with a Tor-based or similar distributed DNS though.

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>He thinks users will be saddled with the additional charges
>Not ISPs, by other ISPs
>he thinks ISPs will suddenly start censoring and blocking everything as a great american firewall
>because the government wouldn't allow that to happen either

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TOR or opera VPN could bypass any blocks they implement

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Anon, you don't understand.

Your ISP may not have that agreement. They may go through a transport company, which may "fuck up" that agreement, which you suffer indirectly for. And they don't care what ISPs they piss off, because they NEED them to exist, or they have to physically connect up to a BGP router that connects to the data center Google/Amazon uses.

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Let me say it outright.
After NN Amazon will be blocked.
Or massively limited in speeds like they did with other big corporations.

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ofr idiots yb idiots.


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How did you change your DNS?

>> No.63699586


How would this even be possible with the sheer amount of hosting AWS now entails?

>> No.63699595


You can just change the DNS used by your local machine. You only need to change the router's DNS if your local machines are using it as a DNS.

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I fixed your reddit propaganda.

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Internet companies generally have localized monopolies. If consumers want access to the internet they're going to need to pay for whatever service is available their area.

Consumers saying 'wtf' is not a magic way to make things happen. Despite the overwhelming negative response to the Title to declassification, it still was freight-trained trough. Even in the likely case that we don't hit the channel-based doomsday scenario, the damage that ISPs can do is still very serious. Also I find it ironic that so many people are complaining that every pro NN argument is a doomsday scenario, and support their own argument with a doomsday scenario Ala the gubbment is going to ruin the internet! when there's been zero evidence to support that claim whereas there has been plenty support ISPs abusing their position as dumb pipes.
>inb4 "but the fcc's public comment system had bots that said they hated net neutrality!"

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Insane rambling.
Simply ignore the retarded libertarian.

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This would actually be funny if it made sense. Or if it were funny.

>> No.63699622

Yeah you're right, I can't for the life of me remember silicon valley actively attacking DNS domains, Cloudflare accounts and social med--


>> No.63699623

while NN may fall, there would still be anti collusion laws

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nobody's shilling for shit but you cock gobbling faggots covering /g/ in your crybaby white knighting for internet megacorps that are scared of losing ad revenue and user data for resale

>> No.63699643

There's no need for secret deals, all of them will profit from restricting access. Besides, that's assuming you live in a big city and have more than one ISP in the first place.

>> No.63699644

wouldn't be in the whitelist

>> No.63699652

Tor ips won't be in the whitelist.

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Reddit was told by their blue hair colored dykes to get the "right winged nazis" on board with NN so that they can continue censoring everyone by labeling them names once they get what they want.

Just fucking say no.

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Wow, there was zero substance in this post. Just like this post your brain, too, has zero substance. You are an empty shell of a person who has no idea what they're talking about.

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>or they have to physically connect up to a BGP router that connects to the data center Google/Amazon uses.
99% of all ISP's on the world are connected directly to Google and Amazon.

>> No.63699676

Would you please just fuck off back to pleddit already? You fuckers sound like fucking Mormons.

>> No.63699680

>Muh free market myths

>The backlash in the media and social media
And its not now?
People are complaining over this everywhere.
However you shills will continue to shill.
Because you have libertarianism and
libertarianism = retardation + autism + corporate propaganda

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>if the government prevents ISPs from double dipping on their network then the internet will be full of trans trash and gays
>anyone who is against Ajit Pai listened to some blue haired dyke on reddit
Critical thinking is not your strong suit is it? Good for the companies.

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Are you 12?

>> No.63699703

TOR will be blocked like every other VPN.

>> No.63699705

And guess why are they congested? Because they're false advertising. They physically can't provide speeds they're selling, not for everyone. Instead of forcing them to actually improve infrastructure removing nn just gives them a way to quickly grab cash and basically legalizes this kind of false advertisement.

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>Fuck you leddit lol Mormons, etc
You did it. You defeated the liberals. Somebody get trump in here.

>> No.63699722

hook image

>> No.63699732

>People are complaining over this everywhere.
In the internet maybe, most people just wake up and go to work they don't really care, to be honest I am one of them, don't care about this garbage nor trump bullshit

>> No.63699735


But you could use a similar peer-to-peer tech like DHT, and distributed, encrypted technologies like cryptocurrencies are too big now to block.

I'm for net neutrality on principle, but I strongly doubt that it would realistically be all that difficult to circumvent. Even the Great Firewall isn't that tough to defeat; the real danger is that the Chinese government can suddenly decide to care when people they don't like do it.

>> No.63699744

How exactly did you do it on the local machine?

>> No.63699747

All those ips won't be in the whitelist. Do you even I understand what the word "whitelist" means?

>> No.63699753

what substance is there in your hysterical rambling, propagandizing and shitty jew meme edits

what substance even is there in your post I'm quoting that's just a grammatically correct three-sentence primal screech

at least I have a message: fuck off and stop spamming /g/ with your brainlet facebook tier political slacktivism

go sign some more petitions, spam some more websites and enjoy having Pai's dick up your ass when it gets repealed anyway, you'll roll over like the rest of the plebbit dipshits who don't know how to do anything but cry and whine in hopes that someone high up enough gets annoyed suitably to make a change in some direction or another

>> No.63699757

>Le typo pointing out MEME.

>> No.63699769

>Reddit invasion
>Reddit languages
>HURRRR Are you 12
>Critical thinking is not your strong suit is it?
>Reddit smarm
>And guess why are they congested?
>Reddit smarm

No one is buying it. You spammed the FCC with 440,000 comments for NN and you really think we will believe you're not a PSYOP?

I'll take the 2015 internet over the religion you're selling.

>> No.63699776

man oh man, are you sold

>> No.63699783

This dose not even make sense.
>reddit propaganda.
Did you know reddit wants you to drink water?
Stop drinking water or you are trusting reddit propaganda!

>> No.63699785

>muh reddit

Shut the fuck up retards NN has nothing to do with reddit.

>> No.63699796

Enjoy destroying the internet because of some blind belief in a political echo chamber that facilitates zero critical thinking skills of your own.

>> No.63699797

And ISPs spammed 14 million against NN(it was literally the same text with a few words replaced by synonyms). Your point?

>> No.63699838

There have been countless studies that reduce the number of unique comments down to something like %17 posted. Both proponents and challengers of NN have posted comments in bulk, but the 17% has a common theme of being overwhelmingly in support of NN across almost all studies. Not that that matters because I'm sure you're too interested because you're throwing a hissy fit on a technology board against some invisible reddit boogeyman.

>> No.63699849

And you think magically after their websites will be turned off they will be more?

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File: 143 KB, 951x972, 25d.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I am fucking sick and tired of the NN-pushers from pleddit invading /g/ after they got their shit kicked in at /pol/.

To echo the talking points you used to silence millions for years, the ISPs are private companies so go shove a stick up your ass and get over it shitlibs.

ISPs have a right to throttle traffic using QoS, I'm sick of having a slow connection because some Netflix-consuming redditard is watching his favorite establishment-brainwashing series while I'm trying to download books to read and conversing with other gentlemen.

Why not kill yourselves already? Why do you even live if all you can do is shill for content providers to have a monopoly position over content delivery networks? Both are private companies (they're not by the way, they're PUBLICLY traded companies, but I'm using your reddit-retard terminology so it goes through your tiny skulls) why do you prefer one over the other?

Could it be because they pursue your liberal agenda with their censorship and you're afraid that the shoe is about to go on the other foot?

>> No.63699857

>pleddit, slacktivism, brainless
Holy shit the buzzwords. Isn't this more leddit than anything on here?

>> No.63699863

>countless studies
>Reddit can't help using nonsensical adjectives
>Can't actually link information
>Actually trusts "studies"
Wow reddit really is a nightmare to browse why is it leaking into /g/?

>> No.63699881

>Great Firewall
>Chinese government
Try The peoples Democratic Republic of Korea.
No one ever escapes outside.
They have internet and you can visit their websites.

>> No.63699884

Republicans are against everything democrats want by default for some reason. He's probably one from /pol/. There is no read argument against NN so he resorts to namecalling and >reddit because they are trying to do something about this shit.

I'm not even from the US btw. US politics are hilarious to me.

>> No.63699889


>Do you even understand what the word "whitelist" means?

I was arguing against the plausibility of such a whitelist, on the basis that you'd have to pretty much not allow direct connections between end users, ever, in order for such a restriction to be effective, and that's not feasible any more. As I mentioned, Bitcoin exists, it's now so valuable that large numbers of normies and oldfag entities are starting to invest, and it relies upon a distributed network of connections to work. Also, Europe still has net neutrality; are we just going to not allow connections to Europe, or what?

If you're going to be a dick, at least try not to be wrong.

>> No.63699892

Do you have any Idea how QoS works? Do you think the number of Netflix packets on your local node is going to change just because ISPs are now double-dipping?

Your network is going to remain just as congested as before, with the exception that now Netflix won't lag as much and you're paying slightly more for it.
I've heard many decent free-market arguments for why NN is bad; this is the opposite of those arguments.You are actually fucking retarded, and are the exact reason why people think conservatives are stupid.

>> No.63699900

lurk more

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>If you don't like plebbit then you're plebbit!!!!!!!!!!!!!111
We've got a textbook liberal over here.

>> No.63699907

A) your isp is retarded
B) they implemented this half ass solution just to "obey" the federal court order.

I bet it's B.

>> No.63699916


Same thing. It's not so much that you can't visit whatever websites you want in Best Korea, as it is that Jong-un will fucking murder your entire goddamn family if you do something he dislikes, and that includes on the internet, and that would probably include making posts like this one.

>> No.63699920

>talks about reddit invading /g/
>doesn't realize /pol/ is just as unwanted here
get the fuck out and take your retarded memes with you

>> No.63699924

Literally RTFM retard. Your operating system has documentation.

>> No.63699928

>Do you have any Idea how QoS works
I do, I'm a fucking network engineer you imbecile. Do you have any idea what total bandwidth is? Do you know how Title II works? Do you have the ability to take a low level protocol and abstract it into a general principle?

No you can't, because you're mongrel.

>This is why conservatives are stupid
I'm not a conservative you shit eating dickhead.

>> No.63699939

Say it.
Or did you realize how retarded you are and how wrong your argument is?

>> No.63699943

>Trust studies, or trust pol
1. I don't get my information from online message boards, anime or otherwise
2. What kind of fucked up retard trusts a political circle jerk to produce accurate information
3. Why would I need to cite information if you just claimed that you don't trust studies?
The real nightmare is actual dumb people

>> No.63699950

>/pol/ is unwanted here
This is how I know you're an outsider. Everyone on here cross-posts. We don't associate with the boards we post on unlike you faggots on reddit.
>doesn't recognize /g/ meme
It just keeps happening!

>> No.63699953


As long as muh 4chan works, they dont throttle netflix or shit like that, and if all that happens then that means i can still do my productive things then im chill, to bad that prolly wont happen though

>> No.63699963

Thy do not.
Everyone who is anti-NN
1) literal shill
see Ajit
2) Libertarians
>All corporations = good
3) people who don't understand technology
>I can VPN around this!

>> No.63699969

I'm not the guy you're originally replying to, but he's saying that ISPs block shit at the DNS level. Looking back at his posts, I don't think he's very good at english and fucked up his explanation a few times. His original point is still valid.

>> No.63699980

>Network engineer tries to challenge my point by raising total bandwidth
>Obviously either not an actual engineer or some Microsoft certified glorified wire monkey
Also in what way is total bandwidth a low level concept? Do you even know what low level is? Holy shit this is funny.

Never claimed conservatives are stupid. Just claimed you were and you're proving my point. Good boy.

>> No.63699993

It literally illustrates how internet works and how ISPs can block VPNs.
Its so in your face and simplified(its really simple to begin with) while still 100% true that no idiot can even argue with it.
>what substance is there in your hysterical rambling, propagandizing and shitty jew meme edits
Literally the libertarian will not talk about it.
WEW maximal liberterianism there bro.

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>Never claimed conservatives are stupid. Just claimed you were and you're proving my point. Good boy.
>Falls into a non-sequitur
You can't even do basic logic and you want to argue with me about networks? What a joke.

>> No.63700022

>This is how I know you're an outsider. Everyone on here cross-posts. We don't associate with the boards we post on unlike you faggots on reddit.
Everyone on here "cross-posts", but not all types of "cross-posters" are welcome. This is not a new concept. Lurk more.

>> No.63700033

enjoy pretending to be an enlightened, critically thinking individual while mindlessly screeching at people who call you out on an anonymous imageboard nobody with any actual political clout takes seriously
"I know, I'll attempt to invalidate what I've been described as by calling it all a buzzword! It's fool proof!" said the critically thinking Anonymous individual
man you retards are fucking hilarious sometimes
>republicans vs democrats false dichotomy
>muh /pol/
>appeal to (((them)))
>weak attempt to disassociate yourself from the hysteria by pretending to be a european "laughing" at americans while vehemently defending the position as if you have personal stake in the game
consider the rope
>b-but I was just dumbing it down for the masses! it's so true that you can't argue with it! trust me! it has the jew meme on it and I heard 4Chan(sic) really likes that bro!
literally kill yourself

>> No.63700043


Honestly this, im sorry republicans, most of you are too ignorant to get this i guess, but the other day i met a right wing man who was claiming removing net neutrality will remove government from the internet... as far as i can tell, republicans ( or at least the ones ive met) all just belive the crap there fed on there TV screen, no logical reasoning in there species.

>> No.63700048

>I want to be a slave to corporations
>Muh private property
>Muh capitalism

They literally deserve to be enslaved.

>> No.63700055
File: 271 KB, 507x507, 1511926984236.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>but not all types of "cross-posters" are welcome
You're not a moderator on here you disgusting scumbag, go shill your homosexual philosophies elsewhere.

Every single reddit poster on here has one thing in common by the way. It doesn't take long to figure out what it is (but don't give them a hint or they'll try even harder to fit in).

>> No.63700058

>NN Illustraed by propoganda
No ISP is going to waste the resources required or the PR backlash to arbitrarily block sites TV-style until you pay up.
Stop listening to reddit.

>> No.63700066

>I want to be a slave to corporations
We know you do, that's why you're supporting large companies like Facebook et. al. who are ramming NN down everyone's throats so that their monopolistic business model cannot be held to ransom in the future by political power plays.

And they're the ones who started the political coup attempts for the record so they have it coming.

>> No.63700073
File: 129 KB, 724x611, 0a4.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>calls a literal oldfag an outsider

That shit you're posting is just uninspired garbage from /pol/. And how would you know how plebbit works if you claim you don't use it.

There's a reason /new/ was removed. Re-introducing it as /pol/ was done to keep niggers like you contained in your board because goddamn not even strayans shitpost this much. It's obviously failing at containing you so I just hope chinkmoot just deletes it again so ya'll retards leave for bl*at or 2*4chan.

>> No.63700076

Of course they are gonna put resources to this sort of thing. You have to spend money to make money.

>> No.63700078


This guy seems to actually know what he is talking about.

>> No.63700090

this post made me cringe out loud
who the fuck do these retards think they're fooling trying to act like they're actually from here?

>> No.63700091

Is this the part were you ask a question that barely makes any sense compare to what I said?

>> No.63700092

With riots in the streets, thats how

>> No.63700095

Pro-tip redditor, oldfags don't call themselves old fags. And oldfags have image folders and don't search Google for a reaction image.

>> No.63700109

>Unironically supporting the removal of /new/
Thanks for confirming your shill status. JIDF confirmed supporting NN.

>> No.63700112

oldfag seems like a pretty objective term

>> No.63700115

>You're not a moderator on here you disgusting scumbag
I'm not moderating. I'm telling you to get the fuck out.

>> No.63700120


Lmao i love seeing someone try to tell someone else there from reddit, its funny when its true, but when your actually not from reddit at all you just sorta look at that and laugh

>> No.63700126

>even though it would actually benefit customers if net neutrality were not present (as it used to be)
oh sure, I want every small site to be snuffed out like a candle under bandwith fees
Centralisation of the internet is a good thing
Censure is happening, not by banning you from big platforms, but by killing small ones.

>> No.63700127
File: 41 KB, 540x521, 1511993722257.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what's up plebbit, did you "lose" your folder or does Know Your Meme really just have the dankest wojaks these days?

>> No.63700140

Just because you are clearly not an engineer, are incapable of reading, and don't know what a non-sequitur is, I'll reiterate what I said.
>You are actually fucking retarded, and are the exact reason why people think conservatives are stupid.
You are indeed stupid, and continue to be a reason why people THINK conservatives are stupid. You have made no rebuttal to my point about how you don't understand something as basic as QoS despite claiming to be a network engineer, and continue to instead post the same trite about some imaginary reddit feud happening in this board.
I actually think you are either an unintelligent person, underage, seriously delusional, or trolling really hard. Or some combination of all four.

>> No.63700142

A question for the Net-Neutrality faggots who crawled out of a sewer to preach to us in the dead of night (obliviously shills posting from Norway and Tel Aviv).

Would you support net neutrality for tweets? Or DNS entries? How about for hosting? How about DoS protection?

Of course you wouldn't. You only support neutrality at the packet level so that it empowers the monopolies that support your ideology. Thanks for playing.

>> No.63700147
File: 696 KB, 1053x1070, 1f1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>implying there are a set of rules that define oldfag
>implying storing reaction images is a productive use of my SSD

How does it feel to be the cancer?

When you know the images by name there's no need to store them.

>> No.63700152

I haven't seen someone BTFO of themselves this hard in quite some time.

>> No.63700168
File: 23 KB, 640x559, 1484399022478.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>When you know the images by name there's no need to store them.
>posts another kym filename
holy christ I can't breathe

>> No.63700174
File: 595 KB, 1118x1576, 1299048058065.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i'm and oldfag and deleted my shitposter folder too many times to count, now i only have what could be scrapped up from backups when every other jpeg got corruoted (nothing good basically)

also i only post on 4chan when drinking now because its just not fun anymore

i recommedn the "glenlivet". shits good.

>> No.63700189

it's really funny when newfags try to act like they've been here longer than election season while double-enter spacing short posts, typing like they're on fucking snapchat and phoneposting with reckless abandon

>> No.63700199

i've been double enter spacing posts since before you were born kid

>> No.63700207
File: 1.35 MB, 1342x982, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Those 2 images are first results from google images. Anon is literally googling them by name. How do you guys know where the filename is from again?

>> No.63700209
File: 67 KB, 416x502, 4a2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Damage control
>Shills now posts images constantly now that I pointed out their mistake on here >>63700055
>You can hear the panic rising in the shilling rooms

>> No.63700214
File: 55 KB, 1000x320, 1254633944360.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What's so bad about googling for shitty reaction images?

>> No.63700223
File: 45 KB, 316x256, 1275433251891.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I blame /a/ for this autism

>you don't live on 4chan like me....
*draws katana*

>> No.63700228

it makes you less autistic

>> No.63700238

You literally just did what you accused him of doing. It's people like you who made /pol/ hated lepers around here, fuck off back to your containment.

You don't even know how 4chan works let alone the internet, you don't deserve to be part of this conversation.

>> No.63700239

fucking this. Half of this website is made up by retarded dicklet highschoolers who watched mr. Robot and now believe to be 1337 H4ckerz.

How can you ever be so retarded to think that it'd be a good idea to allow your electricity provider to detect your home appliances and give more energy to your shitposting machine and less - to your toaster?

But then, again, I'm a yuro and I honestly give a very small amount of fucks about what happens to the amerifag shitposters. Probably that Theresa May whore will attempt to sodomize the britbongs shortly after, who knows.

>> No.63700257

t. someone who understands the slipper slope of no NN but not the reality

>your toaster and shitpost machine are halfway across the world and owned by other people
>your electricity company charges the owner of your shitpost machine more because it uses more power
>but all electrons are equal! that's evil! they're going to block toasters because...that makes it sound scarier!
>t. shitpost machine owner

Oh wait that's already how electricity works

>> No.63700259

lol derailed the thread within 2 posts
wojakposters couldn't do it in more than 100s

>> No.63700276

They just can't help it. Take a closer look at the image retard, maybe try reverse image searching it and see if you find anything. I knew one of you idiots would take the bait and expose yourselves for the shills that you are.

>> No.63700285

that's like a fucking 2013 meme oyu fucking newfag

>> No.63700287

That's a very well known meme on memecenter/knowyourmeme, faggot.

>> No.63700290

same but kill yourself anyway
anyone who's been on here for more than a month or so will accrue images they like from a fucking image board, is this really an alien concept to redditors? people don't save shit because they're le newfags who don't remember the names of their epic dank memes like us oldfags right, they save them because it's a quicker and better way than fucking google image searching low quality normaltard-grade shit for every little post

>> No.63700307

Without google, you need to name the image and memorize the name. With google, you can just google a description and it will probably be the first result.

>implying google isn't the #1 source for instantly finding the largest version of an image on the entire internet

>> No.63700308
File: 39 KB, 250x250, all-in-one-kitchen-sink-attribute-4-250x250.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>anyone who's been on here for more than a month or so will accrue images they like from a fucking image board,
Did you personally inspect every single anons computer you fucking faggot? I never saved images.

>> No.63700309

not to mention most hosting you'll find on Google kills image quality
tineye returns nothing. you better not be gas lighting, I honestly havent seen this one before

>> No.63700320

>He drew a retarded face in the to bait a bunch of losers from reddit
I'm trying to figure out who is the bigger loser here. Get a fucking job.

>> No.63700323
File: 285 KB, 1024x768, 1248586302472.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>anyone who's been on here for more than a month or so will accrue images they like from a fucking image board
I search for normalfag memes on google because they're memorable but I don't think they're worth saving. Also it's kinda faster to find them that way if you have a big image folder lol. What was the point again?

>> No.63700329

I'm one of the guys he responded to and I've never seen that image.

>> No.63700346

A quarter of my SSD is shit I've saved from 4chan, I just drag and drop whatever I like and scroll through the thumbnails faster than sifting through Google results. Keeps the images fresh as well so you don't end up with stale normie shit from Google image search.

You also realize the results are filtered right? Type in "back to raddit" and see what result you get, it isn't what you expect.

>> No.63700350

This is what you don't understand. The moment you upload your MLP fanfiction on youtube it goes on the google's servers, which means "on someone else's computer". Same with the sites you visit, the accounts on (((the social media))), and so on - they do not belong to you. They belong to the respective site owners, who can do whatever the fuck they want with your data - it's in those terms and conditions no one of you ever reads.

This means that your first point is entirely invalid. What you don't understand is that those letters you amerifags get from the ISP about torrenting too much are not even legal in EU - the ISP would get sued because he's not allowed to inspect your traffic. And, what will happen in case the NN gets dropped is exactly this - every single website, which is already burdened with thousands of metrics on average, will get even slower because the ISP will control your traffic as well.

Hell, they will probably require a license to use SSH, lol

>> No.63700366
File: 137 KB, 717x880, 6vScT.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is the one I expected.

>> No.63700370

>No you can not.
of course you can. just disguise your VPN traffic as HTTPS. thanks to banking jews and SJW shilling HTTPS is now everywhere and they can't look into the packets.
well they can but they won't give up the fact that they have access to the root certs just for some basement dwelling faggot wanting to visit a bulgarian folk dancing forum

>> No.63700379
File: 46 KB, 500x600, kuroneko-cute-pose-bored.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Bullshit speculation from a paid for shill
>license to use SSH
>lol in post
A fucking trifecta right here

>> No.63700381
File: 27 KB, 499x499, 1484701140948.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Without google, you need to name the image and memorize the name. With google, you can just google a description and it will probably be the first result.
incredibly enough in the last 17 or so years we've invented incredible things like hierarchical file systems and thumbnail previews that make such things no longer a problem
take a look at this rare front-facing condescending toad I found in about 3 seconds
make friends with people who post here and also pay slight attention to filenames and you'll notice that your lot is the only bunch of dipshits who do this unironically
>I-I'm not a newfag, I just have good taste in reaction images!

the state of /g/ right now is hilarious and saddening at the same time, /pol/ was a fucking mistake

>> No.63700391

No, they won't. This level of filtering would be millions upon millions of dollars of expense to get a few hundred thousand back. Stop buying into literal propaganda.

>> No.63700394
File: 322 KB, 546x700, 14gjFRK.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Strange, image related used to be the first result, the image you posted used to be filtered out of the results.

>> No.63700408
File: 122 KB, 726x747, 1438887932783.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

found this

thank you 4chan archives

>> No.63700422

I'm going to sleep but I just wanted to say I love you guys. Seeing old memes like this reminds me of all the fun we've had over the years.

And fuck NN, can't wait to taste reddet's delicious tears this week.

>> No.63700425
File: 45 KB, 468x461, Sinks_1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>make friends with people who post here and also pay slight attention to filenames and you'll notice that your lot is the only bunch of dipshits who do this unironically
>make friends on here
Goddamn newfriend you're so far up your own ass that you don't even realize the stupidity

>> No.63700431


That's not even a year old

I still remember pantsu samus, inanecomments, pawl, madeline, and in elite.

>> No.63700440
File: 16 KB, 386x401, 1249501385029.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I dunno what to tell you guys. I've got too many pictures and googling is faster and more effective. Do you expect me to have a folder of popular meme reaction images at the ready for you guys? Surely you jest.

Tee hee

>> No.63700441

it's not really hard to meet people who post on 4chan in 2017 either through 4chan directly or through other sources especially in the age of services like discord and telegram that can create circlejerks at the click of a button
now stop deflecting

>> No.63700448
File: 414 KB, 625x589, hitler water.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>why do you prefer one over the other
I do not.

With NN my ISP can not block the all websites I visit.
If google or YouTube or reddit or facebook are pushing SJW shit I can always go to a different website super easy.

These giants only have the power to control and censor their own websites not 100% of the internet.

No NN = your ISP can censor 100% of the internet.

>> No.63700453
File: 20 KB, 494x324, Fancy_3f23cf_5553400.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Keep going champ
Jezus christ I can't believe I even responded to some candyass newfag

>> No.63700468
File: 16 KB, 218x161, 1485748283677.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

if you're using basic bitch shit that you can pick up more quickly with a google search than a filesystem search then it's still faster just to dump a few pepes and wojaks and whatever into a folder and click on what speaks to you at the given moment, is this really how retarded the new /g/ userbase has become where they can't even navigate a folder anymore?
nigger you're just fucking boring now

>> No.63700480

After NN ISPs can block all other DNS.
See the problem?

>> No.63700498
File: 92 KB, 1032x580, desu.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Exactly, this is /g/. We aren't stuck in the past. Why the fuck would I maintain a folder of images when the internet is doing it for me? That shit was a huge timesink.

>> No.63700507
File: 305 KB, 1280x960, 1258663408613.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've got nearly 100k pics in a semi-organized mess. Classic reaction images are all in there, but spread across god-knows-what. I'm going to choose the solution that is fastest for me to get things done. Shocking right?

Anyway, it's pretty funny how all your pics are timestamped from 2017 lol. I remember my first year on 4chan too

>> No.63700511

>is an oldfag
>never met anyone here
Poor guy

>> No.63700528
File: 255 KB, 1280x720, Souleater45steinlg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>We aren't stuck in the past.
MFW I'm a data Hoarder.
MFW NN is dead and you lost all your "internet images"
MFW I wish the intern dies so you can rot in your own shit.

>We aren't stuck in the past.
to bad you don't have a future.

>> No.63700529

>reddit cant do anything right
i know theyre a group of fuck ups but come on anon
youre really dense arent you

>> No.63700554
File: 23 KB, 550x412, the-fancy-sink.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm in yuropoor though

>> No.63700576

What's with the sinks?

>> No.63700587


>> No.63700602

There's no way they can white list the internet.
Every little business would complain about their website being down.
We're talking literally millions. It would be chaos.

>> No.63700711
File: 40 KB, 680x848, 1442626883546.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>trust me guys, I'm from /g/ and I know we absolutely hate being in control of things and just want to let the Cloud(TM) handle it all for us! It's 2017 newfag, stop being stuck in the past!
this is getting too rich even for me and biting shit bait is my favorite pastime
>"classic" reaction images
>b-b-b-but that image has a newer timestamp! t-true oldfags(TM) repost the same stale shit over and over again and maintain the same collection!
the mental gymnastics on this one
if all you want to use are a small pool of images then just clean up your shit, it's not hard
stop making excuses for being normalfag-tier cancer

>> No.63700743

Don’t sign your posts

>> No.63700752

don't keep living

>> No.63700759

the fruit store analogy more like this
>fruit store A and fruit store B operate anywhere
>every landlord everywhere doubles rent for food stores because people really like to buy food constantly
>hell yeah gotta capitalize on that
>fruit is a food
okay now we gotta choose:

Route 1
>A and B can't afford to keep their doors open
>walmart didn't notice

Route 2
>A and B want to keep their doors open
>A and B raise their prices
>walmart didn't notice

Route 3
>every landlord everywhere bails on the food store rent hike
>raises housing costs instead

>> No.63700834

you have no idea what the fuck you are talking about. A DNS only gives you the ip of a website. The router is he one that finds the best way to route the data through the wan.

Sure they can black it at the DNS level but that would be fucking dumb. If they were smart they would black it by ip range.

>> No.63700964

Thanks to a bill passed earlier this year it's now legal for ISPs to sell your web browsing data. They might not block a VPN entirely but I could see them throttling so as to encourage people to browse normally and maximize their revenue stream from selling data. Why wouldn't they? What are people going to do, switch ISPs? Kek

>> No.63700998

Good luck doing that, we're the only ISP serving your area. :^)

>> No.63701065

>ISPs have a right to throttle traffic (...)
NN threads are always filled with muh free market bullshit and other idiocies, but this is hands down the dumbest assumption I ever read.

How can you be so dumb despite being a network engineer? The USA has some of the most incompetent ISPs in the world. Why are you are trying to excuse their incapabilities? Throttling your speed because of a different user's usage, how could this be anyone else's fault than your ISP's? If your ISP can't provide what they owe both you and the other user, how could this be anything than the ISP's shortcoming?

>> No.63701072

This. /pol/tards constantly screech and whine about Google and Facebook censoring them, but it's /g/ that warned them about that botnet cancer and has been offering alternatives for years. In recent years we've seen the advent of open and decentralized alternatives to these services, like YaCy and Searx. Did /pol/ care? Nope. Now they want to put all of that in jeopardy, allowing any p2p network on the internet to be blocked on the whim of a cable company for any reason. Just further solidifying the grasp that corporate kikes have over how we're able to exchange information on the internet. Because libruls. These people are incredibly dense, completely incapable of considering any issue outside of the context of "well the other side says it's good and I don't like the other side so it must be bad!"

>> No.63701084

>generally have
Only in America where that is enforced by law.

>> No.63701250
File: 2.00 MB, 319x255, brushyfox.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

for once im glad Im not american

>> No.63701277
File: 58 KB, 600x673, godhatesyouop.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I was going to respond to all the plebbit shills on here but there are too many.
OP is a faggot.
Reddit shills out.
Literally fucking kill yourselves.

>> No.63701286

Botnet results are personalized. Stop using Google, cucks.

>> No.63701300
File: 631 KB, 817x3023, 1507036717995.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Agreed. The anti-NN Pai shills should go back to plebbit. Stop shitting up a technology board with your cancer.

>> No.63701311

FTC not the FCC is your friend to stop throttling

>> No.63701334
File: 52 KB, 671x473, 1511396216906.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can someone give a quick overview on net neutrality? What does each side want?

>> No.63701367

>No business in America can legally operate a business that DIRECTLY prevents another business from operating in a normal capactiy.
This is exactly what big companies do to small businesses though.
>"What's that, small companies are supplying things to our buyers?"
>"Lets just lobby in some regulations"
>"From now on, you need a newer truck every couple years to deliver items, uhhh uhhh because of smog and nature"

Making money is competitive as fuck.
And America lives by the golden rule. Those with gold make the rules.

The ISPs have monopolies over many areas and can completely screw over customers if this happens.
They wouldn't be constantly pushing it if they weren't going to make a killing off it.

>> No.63701408
File: 7 KB, 156x250, redditor.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> Hey goys how about that NN stuff huh?
> You wouldn't want that to go away would you? Of course not, 4chan would be banned then!
> I would know because I am le oldfag hehe.
> Kek amirite?
> I have a hard drive full of anime.
> Battle toads anyone?
> memes?

The amount of faggots shilling here is unreal.

>> No.63701461

>nn is repeal
>shit happens
>"the problems is the jews on isp"
>that jews was before the nn and supported the end of nn

>> No.63702366

to all anti nn shill here, can you explain why the price of bandwith has in fact gone down in europe?

>> No.63702446

quick rundown:
liberals creating higher barrier to entry to prevent something that has never happened from happening, backed by big tech because they want a monopoly on selling data

ajit pai wants to let things be the wild west to create more competition and then intervene only if someone acts badly

>> No.63702482

oh and ajit pai just wants to regulate isps so theyre forced to disclose all their actions to the public, but not banned from making certain actions

can you explain why data caps, throttling, increased prices, banning domains, etc. all happened under obama?

>> No.63702576

[citation needed]

>> No.63703146
File: 7 KB, 1125x30, Screenshot_2017-12-05_10-06-55.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This. have a you and a bump.
plebs dont realize how easy it is to filter shit.
pic related is two simple lines from my firewall.

Nothing on my second sub-network is permitted access the outside world except for one single device with the ability to only do ftp. I can just as easily specify what ip(s) the device can access.
on the same network, I also have the ability for devices to communicate with each other turned off.
I also have specific domains blocked.

if anyone thinks that they are going to out smart their isp or slip through a back door then they are going to have a very frustrating wakeup call.
what are you going to do when alternative dns is blocked, ips are blocked, and traffic is limited to only certain types and only to hosts on a white list?

>> No.63703565

>great firewall of china cant stop vpns
>but comcast will both want to and be able to block them
Retards. Its been 1 year and i am already tired of retarded liberals crying about nonsense.

>> No.63703748

>There's no way they can white list the internet.
>Every little business would complain about their website being down.
Businesses already have a "business connection" and every consumer gets a standard consumer connection.

So every consumer connection today gets a white listed internet after NN, business connection stays the same maybe -$1 discount after NN to motivate everyone to bend over more money for the 'features' they removed from the standard consumer connection and only left in businesses one.
>You like to upgrade to a full business connection anon?
>its only +$50 more with all businesses features.

Now consumer connection = white list internet.
Their business connection is already cost more and for maximal fun:
>We are sorry anon we don't offer businesses connections in your region

More money for the ISPs.

>> No.63703771

> Classic reaction images are all in there, but spread across
Ever think of copy pasting these important ones into a separate folder named
'most used'

Shill or retards you decide.

>> No.63703798

The New York Times and Chicago Tribune are liberal-leaning websites.

>> No.63703892

I'm a Nazi and I'm offended /g/ thinks we Nazis think like libertarians.
We are National SOCIALISTS.
Hitler would have nationalized the ISPs and supported NN.

The people who post this are degenerats AKA libertarians, they are brain damaged idiot who behind their whining about corporatism will literally bend over and want to be enslaved by corporations.

Ask a libertarian what 1 corporation he want so see go bankrupt.
They are unable to answer this.

There degenerates did arrive here a long time ago and they shitposted ron paul 2012 or other libertarian shit.
Libertarians are all over the place and the internet.
Libertarians are ultra republicans with internet access and brain damage.
Please don't think we Hitler loving people are like them.

Thank you.
This PSA brought to you by the
"we might be literal Nazis and fascists however even we are not this level of retarded" foundation.

>> No.63703900

The great firewall of China can stop VPNs.

The Chinese just don't care to. They are not interested in going full StaSi or worse. As long as its an arsepain and the masses mainly see the official government ideas, its apparently better than doing more and trying to get every last individual user which will affect foreign residents and some businesses and will not effectively let them flag possible dissidents, heh.

>> No.63703902
File: 74 KB, 531x731, 1417995685062.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Forgot image

>> No.63703969

Dude, hitlers party continued support for socialist winter aid, but beyond that his government was funded strongly by the old richfags and kept them and their companies as powerful as ever, with the richfags still in charge.
And the actual socialists were prosecuted. Not just communists but also social democrats and everyone

Point is in reality nazis turned into corporatist bitches immediately when they were in power. Because for power freaks its more convenient to form a small club at the top and keep it that way.

>> No.63704009

Hitler did never go full ancap
>Lets privatize all roads LEL

He build state projects.
Libertarians are beyond parody.

>> No.63704249
File: 49 KB, 394x630, 1200x630bb.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nazism = Bolshevism - globalism + race.
Marxists have a unhealthy fixation on having a world revolution and the "Nations are obsolete" MEME.

What you get in Nazism is basically worker protections in 1 nation (no world revolution Marxist shit) and race based programs.

Open Das Kapital its literally Marx rambling in 99% of it
>See all these socialist parties?
>See all their solutions?
>Stop following them!
>Only trust me!
>[no explanation given]
>muh social progress crackpot theory
>muh family irrelevant bullshit
>muh need for world revolution bullshit
>muh workers of the world unite bullshit
>muh nationalism irrelevant bullshit
Why anyone ever followed or believed what this man wrote is still a mistery.
read Das Kapital from start to finish and you never trust a Marxist.
Best Das Kapital one liner to think about (never explained)
>Q: Are Communists ageist wealth inequality?
>A: No, in communism there can be super rich they can not be capitalist however
Marx magically thought that after Capitalism is made illegal no other form of exploitation will take its place.
Good night everyone.

>> No.63704354

OK last off topic Marx post:

>Question 8: Then there have not always been proletarians?

>Answer: No. There have always been poor and working classes; and those who worked were almost always the poor. But there have not always been proletarians, just as competition has not always been free.

Is this implying that under communism everyone will be a communist and its ok for some communists to be
>There have always been poor and working classes

After all the proletariat is a recent invention.

>> No.63704419


yeah, some cuck and his fat ass wife. totaly reliable, retard

>> No.63704471

sounds like something only an ISP shill would say

>> No.63704491

>KYM filename


>> No.63704692

Vote with your wallet

>> No.63704822


I absolutely love that people always ignore that isp cartel basically funded the repeal and put their own guy at the FCC to guarantee it passing and then made transparent vague legal bullshit about keeping their promises but no, let's completely trust them because they're not fucking Google or Netflix.

>> No.63704835

FTC does not have the regulatory power to do that. They said it. Several times. That they can't do that after ISPs drop their definition in net neutrality. The FTC can't do shit. Ajit Pai knows they can't do shit.

>> No.63704836

Why do you niggers keep confusing NN as an FCC issue and not an FTC issue.

Rather than trying to turn ISPs into regulated utility companies, kill anticompete state laws and force companies to honor subsidy agreements already in place. This is already the FTC's job, enable them to fucking do it.

FCC should only be concerned with interstate peering agreements between backhaul operators like Level3 (now CenturyLink) anyway.

>> No.63704853

I absolutely love thay pekole always ignore that this is a battle between isps and streaming services and neither of them care about the consumer. Pick your poison, it doesnt matter

>> No.63704890

I'll pick the guys who didn't fund a repeal and put their own guy at the head of a department to guarantee their bullshit passing. The ISP Cartel cheated the system. They are the worse of two evils. This is not open for debate.

>> No.63704892

>Pick your poison, it doesnt matter
streaming services are the lesser evil because I still can shitpost in my tiny corner of the internet that they do not control.

>> No.63704919

>they are evil
>this is not up for debate
That's not how debates work

>> No.63704954

show us a precedent of something like that happening on the past. pro tip you cant

>> No.63704974

The ISP cartel cheated the system. I don't know how to word this any other way. You made this a debate because of Google and Netflix. Google and Netflix have problems. Big problems. They did not fund a repeal and put their own guy at the head of the department whose job is to regulate them, though. The ISP Cartel did. This is not us vs. them. I will keep repeating this until it makes sense to you. Google did not cheat the system. Netflix did not cheat the system. AT&T, Verizon, TimeWarner cable, and Comcast cheated the system. They funded this repeal. They put Ajit Pai, Brendan Carr, and then Ted Cruz put Mike on the board to guarantee it passing. They cheated the system. This is not representation of the country.

The ISP cartel are the worse of the two. You do not get to debate this. They cheated.

>> No.63705008

I'll just stop listening to you then. Have a nice day.

>> No.63705018

Its all because Trump is a 80 year old man who is not using the internet.
Trump is exactly like Bush.
Another typical republican.

Still better then Hillary who wanted censor internet hate speech and ban NN.

>> No.63705032

I wish Trump was like Bush. Bush wanted to improve education but was weakened by having war criminal Dick Cheney around him. What's ultimately ironic is that Trump is weakening the very platform that won him the presidency and its outstanding that he would okay that thinking that liberal money would not be enough to keep his negative reputation on the internet. He's so dumb. This is as close to shooting yourself in the foot as it gets.

>> No.63705043

americans have succesfully hijacked the definition of net neutrality and have convinced that nn is some sort of legal framework that involves pricing, monitoring, more control, distribution of costs, etc

when in reality nn just says "isps get paid to transfer bytes and thats all they should do, without involving themselves in network participants and content"

muricans are their own worst enemy, and everyone else's too

>> No.63705051

>it's not a monopoly you can just move across the country to get a different company as your one available provider!

>> No.63705070

people are too dumb
both outcomes are terrible, both NN and no NN are the same side of international Jewish coin.
we need decentralized web so no one has control over it.

>> No.63705126

No child left behind is fucking garbage bro

>> No.63705127

ISPs will have whitelists you fuckin fuck. Your server won't be on it.

>> No.63705144
File: 29 KB, 600x409, CBWX84eUgAItGhb.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

TFW the Bush years are remembered to be the good years.
Bush was a good president and this is how history will remember him.
Michael Moore on suicide watch.

>> No.63705173

good luck with the switch sir, we will be here when you realise that it's dialup or us.

>> No.63705187

there are 5 places in america with municipal internet, each one ranks within the top 5 for fastest in the world

each one has been sued and can not provide the internet for cost of upkeep, and has to spell it for as much as the cable companies would.

>> No.63705196

I think Trump is genuinely clueless:
>Whats the internet?
>I don't use it.
>other people post for me on witter

>look I got a new TV it has 100 chanels
Or actually senile to not understand where his fanbase is coming from.

I get him wanting to cut his own taxes however this anti-NN shit is suicidal for him.

>> No.63705205

not supporting NN at this point is forced contrarianism lmao get a life people

>> No.63705213

Never forget the crazy
>NN is a conspiracy to use the FCC to censor the internet
conspiracy theory.

>> No.63705215

>How many VPNs are there? 20 ? 30?
Are you fucking retarded?

>> No.63705232

List 100 VPNs
or link to a list.

>> No.63705234

>Made simple:
>Every computer has a IP address

>> No.63705239

Remimder that this: >>63700529 is the kind of retard that defends NN. If that fact alone isn't enough to convince you to stand against it, I don't know what is.

>> No.63705245

also I filtered neu trality threads so please avoid using acronyms

oh my you're fucking retarded
any server you can install a VPN server on it

is this the state of /g/

>> No.63705249

The isps are mostly, at least the ones with speeds worth useing, owned by media conglomerates.

Fuck yes these people want to stop you from cutting the cord by any means nessassary, and if they have to make the internet look like a shit value compared to tv, so be it.

I mean what's your choice? dialup, 1mbit satellite that is a 3000 ping, or 150mbit from them?

>> No.63705255

they've had bad education and nutrition for decades now, it's hard to blame them
we should consider this a warning and resist attempts to make western societies more like theirs

>> No.63705264
File: 38 KB, 717x541, FGPetarded2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

its a illustration for idiots.
I'm talking to people who think VPNs are magic.
one was posting how DNS is literal magic and beyond IPs ITT.

>> No.63705265

Someone actually made the effort to make this image. Haha fuck.

I mean sure NN bad? Now back to bed

>> No.63705277

Like every server can be a torrent tracker.
Only there are like 20 known super stars and the rest is obscurity.

>> No.63705279

fucking DNS tho, how do they work

>> No.63705283
File: 945 KB, 1154x1244, 1506637213304.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>There is no such thing as satelite internet

>> No.63705289

except it takes 2mn to set a VPN server up and running and you don't need anyone to use it besides you to be useful

why am I even bothering, again ?

>> No.63705308

>This is illegal, and it has been illegal for fucking years

The why American isp's throttled Netflix and other video platforms?

>> No.63705311

>satelite internet

>Ping : 122ms

>> No.63705321

Except no. Net neutrality is the default operation mode for all networking equipment.

>Mark Jen, the chief technical officer of a small internet provider in California named Common, which was founded last year by a group of former Square employees, said that complying with net neutrality doesn’t require any work.

>“The default configuration of all of the [networking] equipment is to [follow net neutrality],” Jen says. “While net neutrality sounds like rules and regulations, it’s actually just saying everybody has to run stuff in the default mode, which is as fast as possible and great for everybody.”

>Rudy Rucker, co-founder of another small wireless internet provider in California, named Monkeybrains, said his company hadn’t encountered any difficulties either. “Maybe there’s something I’m missing,” he said, “but it’s not bogging us down.”

>Many smaller ISPs said they saw net neutrality as an advantage for their business, too. “If you’re looking at what companies will get paid by big providers like Netflix, it’s not smaller ISPs, it’s large ISPs who already have practically a monopoly position,” Dolgenos says. “They’ll just cement their position, and it’ll just crush competition.”

>Over 40 small ISPs wrote their own letter to the FCC last month requesting that net neutrality stay in place.


Reminder that Ajit Pai is a former Verizon lawyer and wouldn't do anything that would not directly benefit Verizon to our detriment.

Libertarians BTFO

>> No.63705335
File: 222 KB, 717x541, neo-g.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fixed image.

>> No.63705337

They did it with wheeler, and even he had to put a stop to it, that should say something... now they just got a complete piece of shit to it.

>> No.63705356

Idiots who know jack shit about the technical side of things make empty arguments based on retarded economical assumptions.
There is literally no excuse to be against NN.

>> No.63705357

And payment platforms. Remember telcos blocking google wallet for years and all that?

>> No.63705360

The isp wants more money, netflix and google want more money.

how do we do this

ips, charge more for the same service

google/netflix, make a better service people want to use

really hard to see which one is more in my intrest.

>> No.63705366

>this is what reddit soybois actually believe
Moda should do something with these spam threads

>> No.63705374

Streaming services aren't hijacking my NXDOMAIN responses to serve me ads.

>> No.63705394

Google is more evil than comcast. You'll see

>> No.63705404

But I can choose not to use Google. I can't choose not to use Comcast.

>> No.63705406

no, history will remember bush as incompetent and may just call chenny the real 43rd

>> No.63705424

exaggerated scenarios that will never happen the thread but you're free to fantasize and scare monger

>> No.63705435

He probably thinks it would genuinely be better.
I mean on paper it would be amazing, if we hadn't already given tax money to the companies to put fiber everywhere, something that is estimated to cost 36 billion dollars, but we gave them 300+ billion and they did nothing.

We have a track record of them fucking the internet, I may even be on the remove regulation side if it wasn't for that track record.

>> No.63705445

You can choose to not use comcast, you just dont want to.

>> No.63705467
File: 43 KB, 346x229, gay lord retard.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I really like you to illustrate where exactly this VPN server will be located.
in like draw a picture of it.

Like get crones and draw it.

If its on the same ISP its equally blocked, use VPN to connect to white listed websites and can not get outside basically you use another ISP subscriber on the same ISP to run a VPN on, customer side.

And if its outside it can get throttled or blocked.
>We are sorry you can only allow 10 websites in your package

>> No.63705470
File: 79 KB, 540x960, don't_try_to_rewrite_history.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is a technical debate that has been politicized by ideological idiots.
Take your political arguments out of here.
Get the fuck out with your pseudo-economical arguments.
Fuck off with your ideological apriorisms.
Argue against NN only on technical grounds. Otherwise, fuck right back off to /pol/.
PROTIP: you can't justify the absence of net neutrality on technical grounds.

Those scenarios HAVE HAPPENED. Pic related. How much is Verizon paying you?

>> No.63705471

Unregulated Google might be terribly evil.

Google that can be smacked and banned by all of the worlds governments (and not just the currently crazy about deregulation USA) may consider its options.
Yea, many of these governments even look abroads. Google fucks the USA? The EU or India might immediately move to ensure it can't happen there. You can't act mad as a company and expect it will have no consequences at all.

But that doesn't make removing NN safe for customers of US ISP at all.

>> No.63705481

If we're gonna start accepting outright falsehoods into the debate, then there's no point in keep debating.
You win.

>> No.63705486

this isn't it.
Someone poorly educated can still understand shit
Someone malnutritions can still learn

Its the fact that every time they want to have a voice, they just throw their voice into an ocean of everyone else's where you no longer matter.

Shit is depressing as fuck, and I can't blame people for just not wanting to participate at all. I mean look at trump, he was the brick/thumb in the eye candidate, and he won because of it. if the left had almost fucking anyone else, even bush again pretending to be a liberal (with how far right the right went, he may be, I mean ragen is now a liberal when just looking at his positions) he would have won over trump.

>> No.63705490

Do you use Google?
Because if you do, then you're just being a hypocrite.
I can guarantee you I'm doing more against Google than you are. I haven't used Google in ages.

>> No.63705493

That is collusion and would get struck down by anti trust laws faster than a black assaulting an officer.

>> No.63705495

Dsl? Dish? Teathering? Move somewhere that has an isp you like?

>> No.63705510

>haha anon you can switch isps you just don't really wanna
>why haven't you put your house up for sale yet?
This is the level of pro-ISPers.

>> No.63705524

Why are you pretending that given a free enough market a competitor might come along and offer everyone an alternative to Google? This is such a simple concecpt, I can't believe it didn't already occur to your Marxists and make you realise your entire belief system is founded on lies.

>> No.63705525

and existing law protected consumers when nn didn't exist. isps can go after content hosts for all i care as google, facebook and the lot profited hugely from collecting our private data

>> No.63705529

>ignoring the first half of the post
the entitlement of pro-NN statists is amazing.
You have options you are ignoring because they don't fit your 'muh scary monopoly' fearmongering.

>> No.63705531

Except reddit isn't shilling against NN, they're shilling against Ajit Pai

>> No.63705537

Isn't it amazing that almost the entirety of internet users aside from absolute shills want Net Neutrality to be upheld, and yet literally nothing is stopping the FCC from killing it?

What's that about a citizen-controlled government, again?

>> No.63705539

Why did you buy a house that only has access to an isp you dont like? That's your fault. That's like buying a house an being mad it has bad school districts or you dont kike the local utilities? All bullshit aside i know you live with your mom. Move out

>> No.63705558

Its ISPs against everyone else, not just streaming services. It will make everyone using "their" internet subject to their business interests, not just streaming services.

>> No.63705561

Do you use comcast?

>> No.63705571

we never prevented it, goy
As long as you pay the premium fee for our service

>> No.63705580

First link on Google. This doesn't even begin to account for all the smaller services on websites like HF.
>inb4 not 100

Also, you do realize that each server has its own IP, right? So blacklisting is completely impractical? Plus, there's services like this: https://nordvpn.com/servers/

Not to mention anyone who has a brain, the time, and the money (which isn't a problem considering how cheap they are) can just setup their own server.

The only real issue is Whitelisting. Why even mention Blacklisting?

>> No.63705587

>he doesn't know about automatic QoS, throttling and credit based switching/routing
Raddat please leave

>> No.63705589

Facebook and Google collected your data because you gave it to them, you idiot. ISPs collect your data without your consent.

See >>63705470
You're politicizing a technical debate and you're gonna start getting ignored.

>> No.63705594

It is their company. You sign a contract with them for their services. Why do you need to goverment involved? Dont sign contracts you dont like.

>> No.63705605

More like hurr durr capitalism decides best. Earn enough to buy your congress representatives and also lawyers and astroturfers to press the best outcome for you from all directions. Or get lost, you plebe hobo.

At least such is my foreigner's impression of your system.

>> No.63705619

lol just have a vpn set up in a country with NN

Can't wait for the normie net to collapse

>> No.63705621

>argue a political legislature purely on technical merit
>faggot redditor tells people to go back to /pol/
How about you go back to whatever communist infested shithole you crawled out of?

>> No.63705626

>hurr america dumb
This is why no one cares about non-americans opinions about america

>> No.63705646

This won't happen because free market.

NN real danger is throttling customers with base packages to force them to upgrade.

>> No.63705648

basically, supporting it is fucking reddit

>> No.63705654

But in bongistan you go to jail for trolling muslims online.

>> No.63705657

New thread:


>> No.63705663

The consent to collect data was never given by the majority of people, they just don't know any better. This is where regulators should have stepped in to protect the public.

But of course "EVIL ISPs GONNA GETCHA!" .... with tactics that your content provider employees are already fucking people over with.

Face it, you don't want competition against your criminal enterprise,

>> No.63705665

Posting two sentences that invalidate an entire cornerstone of the pro-NN delusion is not 'politicizing.'

>> No.63705669

Finally someone with IQ above 2 digits

>> No.63705679

Trip fag is right, this is only a problem for poorfags. Also they cant ban vpns they are too important for work.

>> No.63705687

No, calling someone a "statist" is.

>> No.63705691

So how different from how I said it is is it actually?

Illuminate me. Because I'm frankly just seeing enormous sums of money that essentially elect governors and congress, and they then do what the providers of these sums of money were asking for.

>> No.63705698

not with magic VPN trolling!
hello bongbro

>> No.63705701

No thanks, take your discussion back to plebtown

>> No.63705706

>Face it, you don't want competition against your criminal enterprise
The ISPs are the ones mad about competition against their shitty TV broadcast services.

>> No.63705717
File: 257 KB, 684x2414, 22d6e018a84b08c4e90785d091bdecad--morning-breakfast-breakfast-cereal.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Libertarians are cancer.
If there is a law that says.
>Employers can not turn their workers into food
Why the fuck do you obsess over removing this law?
What possible harm can it do?
if the opposition can only say:
>Employers will never do this! its bad PR
Why remove the law?

>> No.63705722

>what is a bump limit?

>> No.63705748

Have fun in court.
Also this is already happening.

>> No.63705750

>money elects congress
Lol, money doesnt pay for votes. No amount of money and shilling could get a dem elected in alabama or a republican in california for congress. The people decide

>> No.63705791

Money doesn't pay for votes, but it does pay for candidates. Whoever donates the most to "campaigns" gets their voice heard loudest in the government. Lobbying essentially turns into bribes.

>> No.63705812
File: 250 KB, 1498x1500, 71S5xZaElmL._SL1500_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

congrats on giving a list.
>Best 71 VPN Provider
>71 VPN

>Also, you do realize that each server has its own IP, right?
>So blacklisting is completely impractical?
Are you retarded adding 100 IPs takes 1 hour max.
What is impractical here?

>can just setup their own server.
Draw this scenario

>> No.63705831

Trump self funded his campaigne for most the process and paid the least and won. Roy moore had less money and little support and won the ptimary in alabama. You really have no idea what you are talking about. Money helps but it wont make you win

>> No.63705844

So I can do anything on a stock market or bank if I own it, because it's my business?

What if I own property a river or water source passes over, can I hold it back and tell people relying on it to "pay a shityload or die / move to another place"?

Can I buy roads and do as I please? If I manage to buy a square of road surrounding a Walmart or by bribing the town or whatever without anyone getting proof to convict me, it's fair game to charge everyone individually for access, right? I don't have to connect to the rest of the road or offer that service, after all. [I'm not going to deny access, it's just going to be a premium road service now. Fees for walking will be pretty cheap at $10, affordable to everyone and relative to the much higher cost of utilization by car or even trucks.]

My impression is that a non-corrupt government would not give individual companies that it owns that much power over its citizens and other companies.

>> No.63705865

You seriously think other nations will not be throttled by default?
Get ready for loads of 404s trying to access them.

>> No.63705873

>Lol, money doesnt pay for votes.
Is everyone (and every company) just dumb who spends many millions on individual's campaigns?

Or do they actually manage to get favourable candidates that owe them a favour and want the same money again to stay elected...?

Why are almost only people who got crazy amounts of money poured into their campaigns (including "third party" superpaq ads and so on) in the higher offices?

>> No.63705875

Banks werent reclassified as utlities. You can regulate industry without classifying it as a utility

>> No.63705901

They support their compaigne so they will be favorable to them in the future. They may thi k thay if they are not favorable to their donors, their donors wont support them or their friends next time. Ofte they just support the party they like because they are rich and have influence. This is not the same as lobbying

>> No.63705904

And Trump is a millionaire.
And Trump cut his own taxes after he got into office.

>> No.63705907
File: 34 KB, 728x546, aid853908-v4-728px-Make-Fish-Bait-Without-Worms-Step-12.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.63705926

You are a retarded if you think that has anything to do with what i was talking about. Go back to plebbit retard

>> No.63705971
File: 34 KB, 300x224, wilber-big.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You have nothing.
You use nonsense words that are impossible to put on paper because they are impossible ideas to create in reality.

Its cute you use sophistry however confusing others with language or yourself if you are retarded only shows you are idiotic.
Funny how you don't fulfill this requests.
Do you know its impossible and only say propaganda?
Start up GNU+GIMP and post the picture or your argument is worthless.

>> No.63705979

Sure, they're regulated as fiscal institutions and trustees in many situations and what not.

And stock markets have more special regulations, too.

And street owners in critical locations. And railway operators. And air lines. And actually everyone else doing some infrastructure thing people and businesses rely on. [Even medical services, because really you should be objectively willing to pay all you have and most that you WILL have to survive, but that's nuts.]

I don't really care what the ISPs are regulated as, but they should be forced to not only treat traffic neutrally but even be forced to offer interconnects under regulated conditions (cost, quality relative to the existing network lines, ...) to the competition so competition can happen.

Getting rid of their utility status gets rid of the bit of status that did a part of this, and that's all that seems to matter to me.
It's not that they relegated the same regulations to a more ISP focused set of laws that perhaps more narrowly hits what it should hit. They just essentially drop it.

It's like saying "stock markets are still widely regulated, they just now can accept payment and for insider knowledges and permit insider trading" or "hospitals still have lots of sanitary and employer regulations, they merely can charge you whatever they want for saving your life"...

>> No.63705992

Are you the retared that said thay 70 vpn proverders would only have about 100 ips? You've never used a vpn

>> No.63706011

Im not reading all that dude. Learn to get to the point. Brevity is the soul of wit.

>> No.63706035

But that means money *does* buy for votes in congress (by attitude of the person chosen, or by them owing you a favour and wanting money for their continued job security in congress regardless of what they personally think).
Same for governors, mayors and the like.

It's not necessarily something that deserves the term "lobbying", no. You can also call it putting "your" men in power with money, money "elects" congress. You can just call it vote buying because it also buys votes.

>> No.63706057

It's certainly an influence. That's why i like trump. Too rich to bribe.

>> No.63706065

It's lower than the 4ch limit.

Go back to Twitter with the other retards that hold discussions like "capitalism solves all #iwin".

>> No.63706093

>With NN they're already censoring and throttling and the courts have their backs!
>If NN is overturned, they'll censor and throttle!

It's almost like the issue isn't a law that only existed in the last 2 years, and instead, all the laws forcing monopolies in many regions of the united states.

>> No.63706135

Draw it.
>70 vpn proverders would only have about 100 ips
Estimate the numbers of IPs.
Estimate how long it takes to add all of them on a ban list.
In the mean while I will watch how fast a pear block list is updated.

Or what is using numbers also something you don't do?
Empty sophistry.
Point and laugh all.

>> No.63706147

Goverments can strip you of your rights, freedoms, property, and have the authority to legally end your life. Businesses can do none of these things without the permission of the goverment. You are an authoritarian boot licker if you hate capitalism and love big governments.

>> No.63706158
File: 125 KB, 1380x1482, MoneyWinsCongress14_C.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's not "an" influence among many. It's your government, for all I can tell.

> That's why i like trump. Too rich to bribe.
Eh? Where is the difference? The problem with the government being bought by the rich is that their interests and yours often aren't aligned. [As in, they want to sell you more expensive milk without any competition or additional cost on their end, but you don't want milk to be expensive.]

Trump does the same as far as I understand - giant tax cuts for himself and other things, tax gradual hikes on your end (assuming you're not extremely rich) to still fund the police and stuff he needs to stay safe.

>> No.63706168

You said it not me man. You should at least know most vpn serviced have 15 to 20 servers and those servers have more than one ip

>> No.63706207

His tax cuts lower my taxes, thats why i voted for him. He also banned muslims and is building a wall to keep mexicans out. He loves guns and elected a scotus to protect my gun rights. He is a cool dude. I was about 100 feet away from him at his rally in 2015.

>> No.63706236

>Goverments can strip you of your rights, freedoms, property, and have the authority to legally end your life.
In certain circumstances.
In others we hold that it is possible to wage war on your government and convict you of crimes against humanity and all that stuff.

Anyhow, it still mostly hinges on governments being sane, sure.

> Businesses can do none of these things without the permission of the goverment.
So it's ideal if we withhold permissions to do most societally detrimental things from businesses.

Ergo we withhold permission from ISP to choose and market what businesses and even hobbyist websites are better reachable on the internet, and even who can talk to who under what circumstances.

Of course we don't give them permission to kill you either. And we try to push government to not kill people or limit what businesses are easy to reach on the internet or can talk to who either.

And yea, there we got Net Neutrality in some form.

>> No.63706331

The government is holding a man in jail right now until he decrypts his encrypted harddrive. That's the entity you want regulating the internet? The police will kill you if you resist arrest. If they decided you are being arrested, there is nothing you can do about it, because they have a monopoly on force.

>> No.63706465


once again google saves the day.

>> No.63706493

>where government regulates isps
This is what you get. Comcast doesnt block tpb

>> No.63706497
File: 1.36 MB, 4376x3728, 2018.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

100 VPNs and 1 VPN has 30 IPs
100*30 = 3000 IPs
How long until you add them to the ban list?

Everything illustrated for super retards.

>> No.63706529

So you were off by about 2900 ips. Tard

>> No.63706573

This is the level of retardation I'm dealing with.
Post the actual numbers you are talking about.

Or try to draw your scenario.

>> No.63706609

No one cares about some ignorant idiots opinions on vpns when he was never used one.

>> No.63706642

>VPNs are magic
>you need to have a personal experience with a VPN to understand.

>> No.63706953

>I really like you to illustrate where exactly this VPN server will be located.
Absolutely anywhere in the world where servers/VPS are provided.
>Like get crones and draw it.
Yeah that'd help you I bet, specialneedsboy.
>We are sorry you can only allow 10 websites in your package
1. won't happen
2. VPNs don't happen on port 80 "muh websites"

Seriously dude, you're a computer illiterate, face yourself, why are you trying to debate a topic you don't even master in the slightest ?

>> No.63706976


>> No.63707070

/ ! \ VPNs ARE NOT """"""""LISTED""""""
PLEASE GO BACK TO >>>/b/ / ! \

>> No.63707101

>Yeah that'd help you I bet, specialneedsboy.
The moment you realize you are to retarded to use crayola.
>Muh self contradictory and impossible sophistry is superior

>> No.63707137

ISP say:
Every non-US IP is blocked.
What do you do?

>> No.63707192

hahaha yeah also net neutrality will deport mexicans
are you completely retarded
that'd be worse than China in terms of internet policy
no one said that'd happen EVER fagtron

>Muh self contradictory and impossible sophistry is superior
so saying VPN is a protocol and not a magic special type of server that are so rare that they can be listed is a sophism ?
everything you don't understand is a sophism ?
do you know what's a sophism or are you also a rhetorics illiterate ?

>> No.63707424

Keep wanking the
>Muh protocol VS server
Angle while avoiding the real issues.
>that'd be worse than China in terms of internet policy
If only you can put point 1 and 2 together.
Because this bad thing happening is bad for you and its going to happen.

The ISPs are 100% legal in doing it now after NN.

>> No.63707440

>VPN is a protocol
Protocols can magically exist independent of actual hardware.
Is this your position?

>> No.63707446

They are not relinquishing their monopoly to force in any way nor anything else that they care about.

Them dropping enforcement of net neutrality is about the equivalent on them giving up on enforcing food sanitation standards.

This isn't a positive thing for you. I expect you want *no one* to make or sell unsanitary things as food, and the sane mode of regulation for this would be that government restrains both itself and its departments as any other entities from selling unsanitary food.
Not that no one regulates this and that everyone does as they pleases. Hell, if anything, it also gives government departments the option to sell unsanitary food, too.

>> No.63707466

>Keep wanking the
>>Muh protocol VS server
>Angle while avoiding the real issues.
kek I did only correct you on that point, homo
and you just realized you were wrong for hours
and now you just pretend "it's NOT THE REAL ISSUE OK ?"

I was right right there >>63705289
>why am I even bothering, again ?

I shouldn't have bothered
You're legit retarded

>> No.63707468

You are talking to a libertarian they are retarded like this.

>> No.63707489

>Literally only obsesses over
>Muh protocol VS server
>ignores actual points

>> No.63707493

>Protocols can magically exist independent of actual hardware.
>Is this your position?
My position is any server can be a VPN server and your ISP wouldn't know what you're doing with said server (could be a VPN, could be a private software secure node, even a mumble server ffs)
Therefore they can't block you from using a VPN
That's been my stance all along
It's been very clear
And you're mentally challenged
And you're probably 16 and dropped high school tryna argue on the internet (and if you're not, get a grip and stop arguing on topics you don't master)

>> No.63707508

>ignores actual points
what point my dude ?

Are you a legit juggalo ?

>> No.63707550

>Therefore they can't block you from using a VPN
They legally can now.
And why not?
hey see a lot of traffic to this IP so they block it.

>> No.63707566

NEW thread:


>> No.63707581

>They legally can now.
technically can't
>And why not?
why would they ?
>hey see a lot of traffic to this IP so they block it.
why would they ?

>> No.63707615

You like big goverment because you are a democrat and dems are retarded like this. It's not an arguement

>> No.63707649

>why would they ?
1) Because they can
2) you are taking up
"precious bandwidth"
"stop slowing everyone else internet down! You monster!"
3) Non marketing speak they are suspecting you have a VPN.

>> No.63707797

Get the fuck out of here with that shit. I'd be more apt to believe some Facebook faggot, than these two wastes of skin.

>> No.63707822
File: 36 KB, 721x748, 1502148427306.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

leave it to amerilard to defend jew tactics with their lives


>> No.63707835

Greed doesn't follow party politics, anon.

>> No.63707925


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