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*blocks your upgrade*

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*uses linux*
heh nothen purrrhsonnal

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*blocks your upgrade*

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*replaces you*

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>*replaces you*
Yeah I did this but got a 6600k / z170 in between waste of money honestly Intel u better pull your socks up

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hero you want upglade?

No need adapter!

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i got el 6700k

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what is this?

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Modified LGA771 XEON that works on LGA775

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fucking wew i didn't realise intel were actually that jewish

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why do you think they make a new socket for every CPU?

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I'm gonna get the E3 - 1280.

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i expected them to a tleast add a new pin or some shit to make the kikery less obvious not just rotate the mounting cutouts. that just blatent money grabbing

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because those extra cores need more power, we had no idea CPUs would have more cores in the future, we thought there'd be less! - head intel engineers.

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they even stopped changing the socket.
it's all software locked now in the bios or chipset

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Are dual Westmere Xeons still worth?

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>i5 2400
>nothing I use make use of more than 2-4 cores
>dont care about muh gaymez
I really wish I had a reason to upgrade but at the same time my sandy vag system was probably my best tech purchase since its release.

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Must suck to use your PC for literally nothing more than web browsing and video. Might as well just get a tablet

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I earn money with my computer but thanks for playing

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fucking this

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I'm not sure that an account on backpage really counts.

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that doesn't even make sense since for the last 10 years or so 2 and 4 core cpus have been the norm.

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>more implications
Wow refreshing. Is it really so hard to grasp that not everyone needs 8+ cores or are you just mentally deficient?

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I upgraded from a 2600K to a 1600 recently, since it cost me next to nothing after selling stuff.

2600K - £82
Maximus IV Extreme - £165
16GB DDR3 2133 - £74

1600 - £136
X370 Gaming Pro - £88
16GB DDR4 3866 - £128

£31 all in for brand new stuff with warranties and such. People pay so much for decent old motherboards.

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I realised this a few months ago. Intels socket memery and AMDs lack of competition really has fucked up the used prices.

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I didn't imply that, I implied you suck cock for money. Now I know you're dumb too.

Also I'm not even that other anon. I'm just here to talk shit. >>63662469

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>board supports ivy bridge
>could upgrade to 3770k
>200 fucking britbongbucks used
>more than a 1600x and more than a 7740x
what the fug

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Wew lad you are truly of superior intellect

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kys yourself to peaces

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Yeah, used prices are totally fucked. Nobody wants to pay for DDR4 at current prices, so everybody's making the most of their old setup. The 3770K is (delidded) the best CPU that can go in that socket, so it's expensive as shit. 2600Ks aren't anywhere near as pricey.

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Sandy bridge to ivy bridge really isn't worth it at all. I bet I can hold out another couple of generations until I feel the urge. Feels good not having your purchases made obsolete in less than 3 years though.

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Maybe not superior intellect, but I'm certainly entertained by how salty you are.

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Are you serious? They have a feature for RAID (VROC), but you have to buy a physical key to use it (which is basically just a proprietary jumper to enable "premium" mode) for $$$, and THEN it only works with Intel(tm) brand SSDs, not any others.

Pick related.

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>want to make a ryzen build
>2500k still does everything good enough
>ram prices are still through the roof

Are they actually going to drop sometime in really 18 or is that just a marketing scheme

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Whoops, silly me uploaded the wrong picture. Here is the dongle.

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bought 32gb of ddr4 in april for 200$
the same kit is now 300$

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>kindof want a ryzen build
>2500k still does everything well enough
>ram prices are still through the roof

Are they actually going to drop sometime in early 2018 or is just optimism?

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Didn't they also try to introduce processors that could be unlocked or something by buying an unlock code on top of the original price?

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I bought a 3200MHz 16GB kit for £74.99 in May 2016. The best deal on the same kit is now £184.94. A markup of 147% in 18 months.

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And what a deal it was too, goy!

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Liar the ipc is the same stop being a corlet

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Frankly I'm surprised they don't have a "pay per CPU hour" model where it phones home and will only work if your subscription is paid.

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Please don't give them any ideas.

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Why do you think they wanted a full IP stack as part of UEFI?

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It would be a cloud based system if anything
>oy vey goyim looks like you haven't paid the subscription for your 4x i7 cloud cores this month
>its only 99,99 a month goy are you poor?
>in the meantime enjoy this core 2 duo to remind you what a shoah it was back in the day

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how do they get away with this?

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[email protected] here, i just want you all to know that i'm still good, and i'll keep you updated on how fantastic this CPU is. Cannon Lake will just be a die shrink rehash, so looks like i'll be comfy with my Sandy for a lot longer.
Thanks for reading my blog, remember to wait, we can all upgrade together when Star Citizen releases.

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What have I got to be salty about, anon?

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The same way they got away with a new socket every year. Lack of competition and feeling a bit too comfy.

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I actually googled that shit about the code and holy shit its real.

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when i put together my 2600k build in 2011 to play witcher 2 i seriously did not think it would get me through witcher 3. nor did i think it would wind up being my last PC.
i'm pretty much done with PC gaming. and i do all my online banking, financial statements, electronic tax filing etc on secure platforms (iOS and OSX). so i likely will not be building another PC once this one decides to go tits up.

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>secure platforms (iOS and OSX)
Is this bait?

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windows and android are keylogging botnet. and linux is only good if your time is worthless

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Why do Intel CPUs work on the shabbat?

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Replaced my i7 2600 with an 1800x. Don't know what to do with my PC now.

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Go render and encode things. Media editting and encoding is practically the only thing AMD actually objectively wins at in comparative price ranges against Intel.

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IBM literally charged per clock cycle if you leased their machines.

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It's a shame the ECC controller is stuck on the MB.
Otherwise they'd make some mean bins with the best of both worlds.
OC and ECC.

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Used Phenom II x6 prices were inflated since they were in higher demand than used FX chips.

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Nah you're just a docile goy.

It takes only half a dozen brain cells and a willingness to not be delusional to realize how stagnant computing is currently.

Outside of any rendering loads any processor from the sandy bridge line can handle very well anything you trow at it, even the i3's.

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>z77 board is dying
>all the decent used ones are $200

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im actually using this rn. added with an ssd and a 1060 oc

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I was broke and bought a new one recently, but i couldn't afford it at full price so i wrecked the packaging and "lost" I/O plate and returned it. They didn't even notice before refunding, and then they put it on the 'demoware' category for 50 bucks less.
Just enough for me to afford it.

The only way to survive the war, is to out-jew the jews.

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No it's not you fucking retard. Sandy bridge can perform the same/better because it clocks higher. Higher clocks =! Instructions Per Clock.

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A tech from Asus flat out said that there's no reason Coffee Lake can't work on intel 100/200 series boards. But they can't make it work without the microcode from Intel.

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