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>windows tells me to please activate it
>i still have not activated it a year later
what are some devilish /g/ related things you've done?

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Shitposted on /g/

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>Classmate gives me his flash drive so I can transfer one of my documents
>After i am done, unplug flash drive without safely eject it

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>alieexpress sends me 50 2b thumbsticks instead of the 1 ordered
>fill them with smug anime girls
>write $$ on every stick with a marker
>leave the thumbsticks all around town
>normies plug it in expecting to find banking info and get greeted with smug animu instead

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thanks for the pepe m8

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>Linux error where they didn't include license key activation script with their install
>I give my Linux install disk to my friends so they can install it too
>none of them activate it either

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set friends startup sound to 10m silence and then 10m of lip smacking that gradually increased in volume

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>winrar informs me it is not free software
>just close the popup

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Didn't read the terms of service, click 'agree' anyway


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>downloaded winrar
>continued using it after 30 day trial without paying


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I hope Satan makes a Winrar dildo out of rusty chainsaw blades and rams it in and out of your ass for eternity you demented fuck.

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Sit outside local coffe shop without buying (got lukewarm cup once) to use wifi. Shop out of business now and Starbucks.

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>install Macro$hit Bangblows 7
>install Daz
>run M$ accessibility upgrade to Windoze 10
>free legitimate Binbows 10

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>sister tells me to clean virus from her laptop
>Transfer her nudes to my phone instead
>Let her catch me fapping to them later
>Impregnate her

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>commercial says to ask my parents permission before going online
>don't ask permission

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>Cashier tells me to have a good day
>I don't

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bought a new phone
>it wasn't an iphone

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How much anime can you fit on a 2 byte flash drive?

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he said 2b so in reality it only holds 2 bits

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You can fit 2B in there

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>program asks for admin privileges
>select no
>program runs perfectly
>select yes
>program gives error messages and then runs perfectly

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>laptop has windows sticker
>wiped and install grub/linux
>leave sticker

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>Shit talks Windows on a chinese telemarketing forum
>still uses it daily because he is incapable of learning a different OS

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>Please do not turn off your computer while windows is installing updates
>Turn it off anyways

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>download Winrar
>popup bitches about expired free trial
>modify .exe to disable popup

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>giving normies a free flashdrive
I fail to see how this is devilish

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>anon asks for advice on /g/
>recommend him Apple products

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That's so diabolic it almost hurts.
The pure chaotic evil.

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He forgot to mention the rootkits.

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install kmspico does that little notice in the corner not annoy you? also does it not turn off every half hour i remember in win 8 it would shut down every half hour if it hadn't been activated

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I did that once. Recommended pic related. It was fun, so I'll do it again when I get the opportunity.

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>"breaking this seal constitutes accepting our terms of service"
>keep the seal intact and open a slit somewhere else to open it

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sometimes i pirate illegal GNU/Warez

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I used kmspico to activate my copy of office professional for free instead of paying 400$

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