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>dude let us build a image editing program but let us separate it into a million different small windows LMAO

yea fuck that.

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>torrents photoshop

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its free what did you expect

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>windows > single-window mode
That was very hard

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its comfy when i can put all the tool windows on third screen

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>can't even draw a circle

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any good gimp tutorials? i more or less just need it to replace mspaint for light shitposting

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Yeah it's good

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just get paint.net anon

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I use krita for doodling, it seems like a better program than gimp, though not exactly the same use case

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in paint 3d you have to render a 3D sphere then turn it into a 2D circle if you want one

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>doesn't take the time to actually use the program and find the single window mode
>instead goes online and complains about free software baka
Honestly, this is a perfect example of the state of /g/

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To be fair, I couldn't find that option on my own, but the difference is I did some research instead of complaining. Why single-window mode isn't the default, I'll never know.

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I've never seen a single artist on picarto using Gimp.

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Um, you can change that in preferences if you want.

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GIMP is my go-to exemplar for the idea of "design by programmer", or more generally "bottom-up GUI design."

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Nothing wrong with gimp
for me its faster than a dove

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1. it's had a single window mode since 2.7
2. photoshop and many other image editors did the same thing

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I've never heard of picarto, what's your point?

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>ugly as fuck jagged edges

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yup sure looks multiwindow to me

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Just install both and have full coverage.
It should be, I always turn it on.

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>everything has to be aliased
well aren't you entitled?

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>he doesnt strictly install 64 bit programs

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Whatever nigger you can make gay as fuck memes with it, it's not like you're doing anything productive with your faggot waicom tablet. Take a moment from drawing gay hentai and appreciate FREE software.

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what does that have to do with anything?

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They're called dockers and every single application for any sort of productivity has them.
You can tile them inside a window or you can float them as their own windows. Name a productivity program that doesn't do this.

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MS Paint on the streets, Krita in the sheets.

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>he doesn't use inkscape....


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>he uses the wrong tool for the job

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I use Inkscape for fanart of /co/ shows that are not for my age audience but I still watch anyway. It's pretty good.

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Name a better trio than
You can't

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I think having the option of several windows is a good thing and all applications that use multiple windows should offer this.
I don't personally care about gimp.
I use it from time to time, but I would not claim to be a professional artist.
I do use another type of applications that desperately needs this feature: IDE's.

An IDE have a ton of windows / panes / whatever you call it.
They are usually tiled inside a single window.
A lot of the windows do not require any interaction.
My window manager is much better to handle windows than the IDE.
It have concepts like different monitors, desktops etc that can be used.
A good example would be the build output of an application. There is no reason why you wouldn't want the build output to be fullscreen.
The editor should also be full screen.
The debugging, show variable window thing should be full screen or at least be larger.
I know it is a lot harder to program things like that and that is why they don't do it.
A lot of people use a single monitor anyway so it is not that big a deal, but it is still a bad design to not have the option of a multi window setup

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>in paint 3d you have to render a 3D sphere then turn it into a 2D circle if you want one

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Has anyone ever tried making a YouTube Poop using only Free software? I've kind of tried doing it using GIMP and other programs, but no where close to finished results.

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then blur it by 0.2

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>gaussian blur is aliasing

the intelleckt of these GIMP users


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>Pro Tools First

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i tried once
hand edited each frame using gimp
imported frames as an image sequence
into kdenlive
the results worked, but it was too much
time to hand edit all of those frames

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To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand GIMP. The interface is extremely subtle, and without a solid grasp of theoretical computing most of the widgets will go over a typical user’s head. There’s also GIMP’s nihilistic outlook, which is deftly woven into its interface- the developers' personal philosophy draws heavily from Stallman literature, for instance. The fans understand this stuff; they have the intellectual capacity to truly appreciate the depths of these design decisions, to realise that they’re not just superior- they say something deep about LIFE. As a consequence people who dislike GIMP truly ARE idiots- of course they wouldn’t appreciate, for instance, the genious in GNU's recursive acronym “GNU's Not Unix!” which itself is a cryptic reference to Stallman's autism. I’m smirking right now just imagining one of those addlepated simpletons scratching their heads in confusion as Richards’s genius wit unfolds itself on their computer screens. What fools.. how I pity them.

And yes, by the way, i DO have a GIMP tattoo. And no, you cannot see it. It’s for the ladies’ eyes only- and even then they have to demonstrate that they’re within 5 IQ points of my own (preferably lower) beforehand. Nothin personnel kid

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>That was very hard
that's not a circle desu

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Single window mode should be hard default. Mandatory. People who think separate windows are better should suffer through and enable that option instead of the opposite way.

Besides GIMP is absolute trash just saying

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Why is this so blurry?

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This shit keeps happening when I try drawing anything with a curve.
Any ideas what might be causing it?

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what shit? the pressure shit? try changing the shit in the tool options and find the shit you need.

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I worked hard on this copy pasta, at least give me one (you) you greedy bastards.

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These straight lines, pressure is working perfectly fine but every line starts with this jaggy bullshit.

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It's your hand desu

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Who /kritaboys/ here

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Yes, I deliberately draw a perfectly straight line before doing anything.

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what version are you running?
check your brush.
is the dynamics set to 'fade tapering'?
now give me your money.

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I never said it was deliberate.

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biggest pain is running GIMP on multiple screens. windows are supposed to remember where they were closed but in reality its random as fuck.

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would be kind of hard to draw a straight line desu

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He doesn't have time for that, m8. As a member of new /g/ he's probably busy sucking off p.ajit.

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Why use gimp when Krita exists?

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It was mostly intact from the original and didn't a whole lot of sense

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just use krita. Gimp is so bass ackwards that it's nothing but an exercise in frustration.

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Krita is for making a new drawing as a digital paint program and GIMP is for editing photos as photo editing, different purposes

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krita is for content creatong and GIMP is for putting green peppers on things.

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>let's have the small pop-up windows always show up on the other monitor than the one you're using
gimp needs a popup blocker

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gimp doesn't understand "light"
you gotta be doing a full-scale perfectionist piece of work or nothin

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>bass ackwards

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just think. in another 20 years Linux will probably be almost as functional as windows 95.

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Google it, dumbass.

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Yeah, that's why windows is running on all of the top 500 supercomputers.

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He said functional, not able to be stripped to the bone to squeeze out the maximum overclocking.

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>What is single window mode
Gr8 b8 m8.

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>Windows > Single-Window Mode

>one click

fucking retard

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Hello, time traveler. You're going to drop your jaw when you try it now. It has long surpassed Windows, even the newest version. Windows is mostly used for gathering data for NSA now.

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Yes. Real scientific work isn't "functional." Have fun with your NSA-backdoored chrome-launcher.

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Never mind this, what’s up with the giant padding and spacing between the icons? Jesus Christ you lose so much fucking screen real estate that should go towards whatever “art” you’re working on

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green is my pepper

also pls dont hate GIMP, it respects your freedooms and it is the best free image editing software out there(paint.net is botnet).

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It's free for a reason, if you're not the product then you shouldn't expect anything from it as it's most likely crap.
As always commies developers can't deliver something good.

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>make file in gimp
>client requires psd file
What do?

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It's a server OS so of course it runs on servers. Your point is?

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You've never used photoshop and don't have multi-monitor capability. PS does the same thing but uses panels that you ca only pop out if they decide to let you so they always eat into your workspace.

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>to draw a circle you have to open Filters > Render > Gfig select a circle then use pixel coordinates from the ruler to guess where your circle will be rendered on the canvas using the separate Gfig preview window
Whose idea was this?

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>Wow something made by freetard engineers looks like something made by freetard engineers with zero knowledge about usability and human machine interface.

Really makes me think.

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Because most users don't want single window mode. They only included it to please a very small handful of users that requested it, and since it was an incredibly simple request, they fulfilled it.

The majority of gimp users prefer the multi window default because it's easier to arrange tools around the workspace than within the constraints of a single window. It also allows for things like resizing a single image in a project while still being able to see reference material outside of the gimp. Like if you're drawing a bird, for example, and you're looking at sample images - you can resize your current canvas to take up all but the space for the sample image but without losing canvas space to the main window

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>client requires psd file
>What do?
Export the file as a psd file?

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Good job

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Don't know why people aren't shilling kolourpaint.

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What year are you from?

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i absolutely like its design I thnk I have too much wasted space on single tab mode

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Agreed. What gimp needs is a simple method of running it in single window mode. Then it would be absolutely perfect.

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Then there's using the tab key to toggle maximised image window.

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>hey fellas let us call the program something cool, something our users can associate with

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the real problem with gimp is that it doesn't autosave

otherwise its tools are on par with photoshop

photoshop has the best noise removal and image smoothing tools though

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you got GIMP'd

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please explain how a torrented copy of photoshop which is blocked from the botnet doesnt restpect freedoms

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gimp is good enough for making memes

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i use pinta for that

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GIMP is slow as fuck to start up and close.

>> No.63553766

Check out a site called youtube.

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>Because most users don't want single window mode.

citation needed

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>not using Krita

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>make the usable version a hidden toggle

Even if it exist the software is still shit.

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yea this pisses me off. the toolbox for a whole wouldnt open with the program. now It will open with the program but be behind the other windows.
the toolbox also constantly resizes itself to 2 wide when it should be 4 wide.
every time I do anything the toolbox gets lost behind the window im working in.

it didnt use to be like this.

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I use krita now too, but some things are just grating to do in it, even more so than in gimp.
I like some of the layout of krita alot though

>> No.63555565

If you open Gimp in a tiling WM it actually works REALLY nicely. It's like a normal program with split sections of the screen expect they behave nicely with the rest of the windows on your screen

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Unlike Photoshop, which doesn't use a multitude of small windows as in pic related?
The only difference is that Gimp lets you choose your own window manager to handle those windows in a way that is optimal for you instead of forcing one, singular, suboptimal method upon you. The fact that MS Windows only has a crappy window manager and thus can't do that is hardly Gimp's fault.

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I use the circle selection tool, then use border to whatever pixel size and fill it, EZ PZ

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Absolutely disgusting.

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Nice i never knew that was possible. If i fond time to relearn everything maybe i will switch from photoshop

>> No.63558909

Wow you are actually fairly retarded my man.
Windows's DM being shit isn't preventing photoshop from copying GIMP. It's just that GIMP is true shit UX-wise.

>> No.63559693

I'd rather have my superior WM handling those windows than leaving it to some subpar MDI interface, though.

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>want to edit the corner of a pic
>cant scroll in too far or its covered up by the UI

>> No.63559834


>850 EVO SSD

>> No.63559969

You mean like photoshop on mac?

>> No.63560177

It has many problems, but it's control is great.

>> No.63560419

You don't own the work you create with it, for one.

>> No.63560575

Paint.net is your friend.

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they only have a limited amount of time.

>> No.63562761

Why would anyone use gimp when Krita exists?

>> No.63562823

It's almost an exact copy of the Photoshop 3 (not CS3) UI. They just never moved on.

>> No.63562840

Does it have a green bell pepper brush?
Case closed.

>> No.63563004

>every blur is gaussian
end yourself

>> No.63563236

Much like GIMP, a lot of effort clearly went into it, yet it still wasn't very good in the end.

>> No.63563274

holy shit I have been using Gimp for years and never knew that was even possible

god bless

>> No.63563313

It does when you make one

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Til thank you anon

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I never understood why people bitch about GIMP's interface. Yeah, it's shit for actually drawing things (Krita is better for that). but for image edition, it has worked well for almost anything. The only feature it needs is non-destructive editing, and that's on the roadmap... but it looks like it'll still take a couple of years to achieve that.

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They had an usability lead with a degree. They just didn't design for you which is of course inconceivable to think of for your usual narcisstic nutcase.

>> No.63565858

>people actually prefer PS's UI to GIMP's

I'll never understand this

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>can't count to two
>calls others retards

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>click on "windows"
>drag mouse down to "single-window mode"
>let go of mouse button
one click

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>get big monitor
>get multi monitor setup
>fullscreen everything instead of using multiple windows and toolboxes
Why not utilize your workspace instead of wasting it?

>> No.63566888

>Open Broadcaster

Ok, I won

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>not knowing what is a circle

The absolute state of /g/

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>firealpaca for quick doodles
>Krita for serious artwork
>Pirated Photoshop for serious editing
>Green pepper for shitposting edited memes
>audacity for recording memey audio for shits n gigs
>Pirated audition for recording serious guitar shit
Life as a pirate NEET is hella SWEET

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>Started out with gimp back in the day
>Made shitty memes and burning text and shit just because it's fun
>Some stuff I wanted to do I remember being extremely difficult
>Get into pirating some time later
>Get Photoshop
>The improvement over gimp is fucking insane
>Never go back to being gimped again

I used gimp for a good 2 years. However, that was years ago and they might have improved it. But I highly doubt it's better than Photoshop in any way. Even today.

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Install Photoshop Gimped faggots, and learn to use professional software.

>> No.63567221

>not using multi-mon setup

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>not using CSP because you're not a poorfag and you got a lifetime license with a cheap wacom tablet

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I played myself

>> No.63567396

some of layers (like text) will still be uneditable in PS

>> No.63567507

>If i fond time to relearn everything maybe i will switch from photoshop
Gimp is shit, tho

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