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Ask your stupid questions that don't deserve their own thread here. Don't be lazy and try to google it as well.

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I'm considering to take Udemy courses, now that there's a Black Friday sale that makes them cheaper.

What precautions should I take, besides excluding any course with "basic", "hacking", "kali", "pentest", and "deep web" out of my list?

I could find many many courses that seems interesting, but I already did this before: took many courses, but could add non of them to my curriculum/resume when needed a job. How to not fall on this trap?

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how to block videos in firefox?
without them loading at all

is it doable per site or domain?
mostly want to forbid yt because of os player instead

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You want to block the videos for yourself only, of for all users of your computer?

Which OS?

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Is this a good collection of addons? Anything I need to remove because another addon makes it unnecessary?

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So I'm going to be installing windows 7 on my new ryzen.
My AM4 mobo needs a patch to get it going since 7 doesn't recognize usb 3.0

I already have it, but was wondering the order of when to use it.

Do I mount the iso with rufus and keep the patch in the root?
Do I apply the patch and then mount with rufus?
Or does the patch also mount the iso?

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are slower drives more reliable?

for example if i got a 5400rpm drive instead of a 7200rpm (or higher), would it last longer?

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What am I supposed to lookout for when buying an SD card when I want one that transfers files as fast as possible? Tired of buying an SD and then it taking an hour to move less than 1GB.

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Why not use TOR?

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are you sure it isnt your computer's card reader? any modern sd card should be atleast class 6 (6mb/second) which would only take like 2 minutes to transfer a 1gb file

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I use a USB SD card reader that was given to me years ago.

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linux ofc, we use the firefox binaries from mozilla though
i want - when click a video link (say from yt search) to open the video page (as normal) but to not start downloading (buffering) the video at all

for example this one
just want to load the page but not the video stream

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Is there any way to use gnu parallel to share a resource between processes or have I completely missed the point of the tool?

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Blocked on 4chan

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If you use Linux, try the FGLT, because there you will get better answers.

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Is &autoplay=0 what you want?

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linux, we use the firefox binaries from mozilla though
i want - when click a video link (say from yt search) to open the video page (as normal) but to not start downloading (buffering) the video at all

for example this one
just want to load the page but not the video stream

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and how old is the sd card?

unless you buy some weird ghetto chinese one from ebay, any card you bought in the past 5~ years will be atleast class 6 (or even class 10 if you bought a nice one) which like i said are very fast.

it's probably your card reader or your hard drive itself (if youre not using an ssd)

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You use TOR for anything besides 4chan?

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Need something to carry my XPS 13 in, any recommendations?

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You could write a greasemonkey/tampermonkey script to simply set source to null inside all <video> tags

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I am trying to change my IP address (dynamic) via command prompt with ipconfig release/renew, but I'm getting a media disconnected error.

I'm on PC (Windows 10) and I'm using a Wi-Fi card connected to a router if that helps.

plz anonz sum1 halp

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Are sonics arms blue or white

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Cyberfox fag here. I've heard the newest FF is pretty good, but I'm afraid of losing my addons. Would there be a way to just dump my entire profile onto the new Firefox just to see what breaks and what don't?

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just log in to your router page and do it

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you cant change your ip address via ipconfig lmao. ipconfig only affects your computer, you need to release and renew the dhcp lease on your router (which will temporarily take down everyones internet in your house)

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>router page

Anon I don't know what that is I'm retarded.

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Backup your profile(make a copy of it in your profile directory) and just use that copy with the new firefox.Though alot of shit will break and you'd be better off starting with a blank profile and building upon it

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type in your address bar (as if it was a website)

thats the most common address for your router, but yours might be different if it doesnt bring up anything.

then you login and do what this guy says

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How do you start up a pirated Origin game?

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with zlorigin

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I've had a 4770k for about 3 years. Stuck it at [email protected] and just called it a day.

If I try to push any higher at anything under ~1.27V it will just crash, but if I push above 1.3V I can go fairly high. At 1.37V I can hit 4.6ghz, and it's stable and maxes out at 75c.

I'm wondering what kind of lifespan the CPU would have at this voltage. Is it stupid to leave it there?

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beige, anon

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What should I do when I can't stop crying because I've been standing in front of the fridge for hours only to finally realize that I'm not even hungry?

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So I've logged onto the Frontier router page, but I can't figure out how to release and renew the "DHCP" lease or whatever. I don't even know what that is.

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what motherboard drivers should i install when new pc with a gpu(not graphics integrated)?

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do you have any links, i've never used monkeys before

it buffers

its a ff question really

seems to be a bit more complicated
some addons exist but not really fool proof and not working any more

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All of them

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Greasemonkey is an addon for firefox that allows you to write custom javascripts for any given site. Just install it and see some example scripts, you'll figure it out.

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Are the SP packs that come on the win 7 iso's worth grabbing? Or just the standard win 7 iso?

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Create a Facebook account, to do the same thing, but on a Web 2.0 way.

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If I have two nvidia GPUs
and I want to run program X on GPU1 and program Y on GPU2
on Windows 10


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If a lion could speak, could we understand him?

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Is this PCB fucked? Drive won't read and these contacts look fucked but I don't know enough about this stuff to say for certain.

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whoa... who was in the wrong

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those contacts are not connected to anything. if you have isoprpyl alcohol try cleaning the whole pcb with it and let it dry .

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what's the cheapest m68k platform I can program m68k assembly on?

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What is the best terminal program for Windows 10?

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they are the ones that make contact with the drive itself, I'll try 90%, thanks

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That's probably unrelated.
>Drive won't read
Is the drive detected but won't read, or isn't detected at all?

You might try the oven trick to reflow the solder, but it has best results when the drive isn't detected at all meaning a critical board failure. If it isn't detect, it might still work if there is something kinda wrong with it. If it's not that, and especially if you hear clicking, then it is likely mechanical and you are probably fucked unless you want to shell out for a data recovery service.

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Do those cd laser cleaning discs with brushes work? Can they be harmful?

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>Do those cd laser cleaning discs with brushes work?
Not really
>Can they be harmful?

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An emulator is probably you best bet. Qemu can do m68k. Free and convenient. If you are really married to the idea of real hardware, IDK check ebay?

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what was the name of that french movie about the internet again?

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oh, didn't know that .
i still suggest trying iso, if that doesn't work you might be out of luck friend.

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Ah, I thought we were looking at the other side of the board. Yeah 90% should do the trick.

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Service Packs fixes most of glaring flaws of Windows 7. They are worth.

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umatrix can do https
check the three dot menu on the pop up menu from the icon

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if you can't figure it out, unplug the modem for ten or thirty minutes, isp drops the lease, pick up a new one when you reconenct
the modem is the box with the coaxial (thick, black, screws on) cable form the wall going in to it's butt

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does anyone know if an imac will turn on without a cpu fan?

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if it did boot it would not be very long before it shuts down because of temperature

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try googling [your router] + release dhcp/renew dhcp

also how do you know you have a dynamic ip if you cant even figure this out? dynamic ips are pretty rare unless you specifically request one from your ISP. most likely you have a static IP in which case you still need to do the same thing but you need to set your dhcp lease time manually to something low (i think the lowest is 30 minutes?)

if you actually have a dynamic ip, this will work

but if you don't then your dhcp lease time will probably be defaulted to like 6 hours which means youd need to leave your router/modem unplugged for 6 hours and then hope you get a new ip (which may take even more time depending on congestion)

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that isnt necessarily true if he has an open-air setup, imacs are basically laptop internals and plenty of laptops dont have fans at all (ambient cooling)

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I'm installing a PCI NIC. The pins don't totally match the slot. Will it explode when I power it up?

It will turn on once.

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Thank you.

en_windows_7_ultimate_with_sp1_x64_dvd_u_677332.iso is the choice for me then.

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How Linux LiveCD works?

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I recorded some tv shows on a Magnavox HDD & DVD recorder and then burned them onto dvds. I then ripped the dvds creating .cdr files on my Mac laptop. When I tried to move the 4gb files one at a time to an external drive and I get the following message:

"The Finder can't complete the operation because some data can't be read or written. (Error code -36)"

I can move the files around to different folders on my hard drive just fine so I put them in my Public folder and then opened the folder on my Windows laptop and tried to move the files to the Windows laptop. I got the following error:

"Error 0x8007045D"

Is there any way I can fix these files? I really don't want to lose them. I have no idea what might be wrong. I always used fresh clean dvds and nothing weird happened during the burning or ripping process. I was able to move most of the .cdr files just fine it is only a handful that are giving me trouble. The error pops up at different times during the transfer process for different files, sometimes near the beginning and sometimes when the transfer is just about finished. Has anyone else experienced this problem before? Is there anything I can do to salvage the files?

If I can successfully burn a dvd from the .cdr file and then rip it on my Windows laptop creating an .iso file am I degrading the quality? Is there any hope or is this just a lost cause? Is there possibly a program that I can get that will fix the bad data in the file?

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stop it get some help

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how English works??

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I have a coaxle cable in my living room connected to my modem.
I have another cable in my room but I don't use it anymore since I stopped using a DVR.
Can I use that cable for internet instead? What do I need exactly?
I'm using spectrum if that matters

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I've never smashed a phone screen, but it leaves me wondering. Why not just make them all plastic screens and let us use a glass screen protector to counter the scratching? I thought maybe it would reduce visual quality a good bit, but the Switch screen looks pretty good to me in plastic.

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So if I just enable "strict HTTPS" and it'll do the same thing as HTTPS Everywhere then?

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I'm considering switching my WM to Openbox. Does anyone here recommend it or should I just stick to WM with batteries included.

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Openbox doesn't do gtk 3

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so i just updated fire fox and this piece of fucking garbage appears when i go too google.com, does anyone know how to remove this.

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switch to duckduckgo

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swtich screen probably has glass underneath i'm just guessing though

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switch to a searx.me based engine

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Any alternatives then? I'd like something lightweight and configurable. I've used i3 but I've found I only find the tiling really useful when working with terminal windows, which could easily be replaced by tmux.

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>Can I use that cable for internet instead?
Does your computer have a coaxial jack?

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The CD has all the files required to run linux and they're loaded off the CD when they're required. It works exactly like having linux on your hard drive except it's on your CD. It's better to have it on a hard drive since the read speed is much faster and you can also write to it and change system files.

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I'm looking for a 144hz lowest input lag and response time 1080p monitor. Any suggestions?

>> No.63474309

What's a good program that lets you quickly trim and edit out parts of videos? I have Sony Vegas, but I don't want to spend ages re-r-endering stuff.

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>purposefully misleading part about nginx
>showing you data you send to every website you visit = somehow bad?

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What's the cheapest (around $600) pre-built desktop that could run WoW?

>build your own!
I only play WoW and don't give a shit to do that.I literally only need it for word processing, internet, and WoW.

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build your own!

>> No.63474580

this >>63474565
get to the pc building general for help and while you learn about building a pc you could maybe save up a bit more for even better parts. or build a cheap pc and slowly upgrade it.

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I've been having problems with the fedora 27 netinstall. I keep on getting a non-fatal scriptlet error for the vim-common package but Anaconda consoders it a fatal error and terminates the installation. Anyone kmow a way to get around this?

>> No.63474826

If you're not picky about running on high settings, any off the shelf one in that price range from an electronics store will probably be fine.

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Would the Intel ME vulnerabilities/exploits help develop coreboot in some way? Or are those things completely unrelated?

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Maybe that retard that was asking how to print all Hex strings from 0 to 0xFFFFFF
will see this...I doubt it but I wrote a quick script to do it for you since you were to brain dead to do it

but I guess if you were to stupid to write something like this then you wouldn't
have the brains to post such a stupid question in /sqt/

#!/usr/bin/env python3


def main():
u"""Prints all hex strings from 0 to UPPER"""
with open("Output.txt", mode="w") as text_file:
i = 0
while i <= UPPER:
i = i + 1

if __name__ == "__main__": main()

was a fun 20 seconds.

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What is an irc client that supports bandwidth limiting for dcc transfers? I only know of kvirc but that has some sort of flawed implementation that is really cpu intensive

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You could go for Arduino and Raspberry Pi in case you haven't already and make some robots.

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>So I'm going to be installing windows 7 on my new ryzen.
do you understand that Windows 7 will lack the proper drivers to take full advantage of your new processor? whatever your reason is is probably not worth it. Just install Windows 10 and like Microsoft rape you up the ass or install Gentoo.

Actually, install Gentoo and don't look back. run run Windows 7 in a VM for whatever for whatever use case keeps you tied to Windows in the first place.

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How do I check md5 and SHA-1 values?
I have to download a program for this, right?

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if im trying to get a shitty min wage retail job (walmart, bestbuy, etc) do i just apply online or is there something else i can do by going in-store?

im a CS grad but my employment starts in the summer and i need money so i have no idea what im doing in terms of applying for shitty starter jobs. i know a lot of places are hiring seasonal right now though

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How come video downloader extensions can't detect chaturbate?

>> No.63475234

http://www.7-zip.org/ (via the Windows context menu)

>> No.63475257

they're probably encrypted streams, lot of shitty sites do that to protect their bandwidth

>> No.63475278

I thought chaturbate was a stream

If you go in store they'll point you to a computer to apply

>> No.63475296

It is, but I assumed there'd be like a start recording, then stop recording type deal. I *GUESS* I can record my screen though, but then that means I have to leave it on, unless thre's some way to record specific tabs.

>> No.63475307

ive never used chaturbate aside from Ice's stream, but there seems to be a lot of methods online



so maybe just google and there might be something that still works?

>> No.63475309

Anything can run wow

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I'm currently looking at using pass as my password manager. I am quite new to using GPG, however, and I'm unsure of the best scheme to use for managing my keys (that is to say, something that is a reasonable mix of being secure and convenient).

Should I create a separate pair of keys specifically for use with pass (that is kept entirely private), and another for use for communications/identification? This seems logical to me given that, should the password manager keys be compromised, your proof of identity/communication keys wouldn't also be compromised.

Next, if I do create a key pair specifically for pass, would it make sense to use non-identifying information for the user/email/comment fields? After all, if an attacker got hold of your pass-specific, private key pair, but it contained identifying information like your real name and email address, could that be used against you somehow, i.e. posing as you in some way, or does it not matter?

And lastly, is there any point in using subkeys if the key pair isn't intended for personal identification/communication? I know you could generate a new set of subkeys and reencrypt your password files, but would it be better to just make a new keypair altogether?

I guess it boils down to if it's worth it to use your main key pair for pass, since that seems to be what a lot of people do. I'm probably overthinking this.

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Oh shit it fucking works. I wonder if this can dodge private show bullshit.

>> No.63475445

I'm trying to help my poo-n-loo cousin find a laptop in singapore, but those fuckers don't have amazon over there.

anyone know if there are better options than these shit-tier laptops?

shit display, slightly outdated cpu, inferior gpu
shit display, 4gb of ram in 2017 what the fuck, superior cpu and gpu

>> No.63475450

i just ejaculated and it looked like piss + semen (mostly piss though)

should i go to the doctor?

>> No.63475463

I got the contacts all spotless and still no dice, there's no critical data I need, just fucking around really. Drive doesn't spin at all, oven or freezer next?

>> No.63475489

What about Ali express? Xiaomi shit?

>> No.63475491

Can anyone confirm if this add-on works with xfce? I need to be able to hide title bar before upgrading to Quantum.

>> No.63475505

is it possible for me to replace the Repos CloverOS grabs from to the regular Gentoo repos so I can have regular Gentoo just with ez install?

>> No.63475532

i know nothing of the singapore market. is aliexpress going to rob the man?

>> No.63475562


>> No.63475565

I would be more worried about a postal worker robbing him than Ali express. Their buyer protection is pretty good.

>> No.63475604

Do I need a personal statement in my CV?

>> No.63475631

you mean your resume? no, just give them references if they ask

linkedin also has a section for personal statements, i think its called endorsements. so if they use linkedin just tell them to add a comment on your page

>> No.63475668

what is the best way to get win10 right now?

>> No.63475722

For free from microsoft.

>> No.63475821

Is there a way to sort youtube comments by most liked instead of the system they enforced?

In a body bag

>> No.63475855

I've never seriously coded/programmed. What's the first step to becoming competent in one? When you master one language, what's the next step? What should I learn first?

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Brainlet here. Can someone explain this shit, are these clock speeds a meme? How can they differ so wildly and still sit around the same price?

>> No.63475945


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and how do I get a body bag

>> No.63475985

It should be the first search result on microsoft.com. When it asks for your reg key, say skip.

>> No.63476004

Can you forward to MEM in MIPS?
add $t5, $s0, $s1
sw $t5, 0($s0)

Just as an example. Would there be a hazard that the $t5 isn't available at the ID stage of sw? Or can it forward from the end of EX of add into sw?

>> No.63476024 [DELETED] 


>> No.63476062

download it from microsaft.com

>> No.63476067

Looking for a 1TB portable eHDD, is this one any good?
I've nevered owned an eHDD

>> No.63476074

Anything from WD or ADATA is good.
Remember this is a external HDD dont trust it that much.

>> No.63476077


>> No.63476095

I was going to use it to store pictures, movies and shit.
Is it good enough to watch 1080p movies off of by the way?

>> No.63476100

I was talking about reliability.

>> No.63476107

>Remember this is a external HDD dont trust it that much.

are you referring to it failing or just not running shit from it?

>> No.63476114

As long its USB 3.0 it will run at 70MB/s + which is enough for pretty much anything.

>> No.63476118

What's a good monitor? Currently using the Asus MX279H, 1080p 27". Want something around the same size but better.
Is 4K a meme? Is 1440p less of a meme? I want something over 60hz. Going to be used mostly for games/anime. GTX 1070.
What's a good monitor? No specific budget but not something like $1,000.

>> No.63476119

Sweet, thanks.

>> No.63476129

For games, yes unless you have money to waste around ($2000 for Monitor+GPU)
For anime, no since most anime is 720p.
For everything else no, its great.
Its good.


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I use Google Chrome. Ever since a recent update, flash will no longer play in separate tabs. It always asks to download instead, despite me adding websites to the "allow" list in settings/content. How do I make flash play in new tabs again?

>> No.63476240

are you insane? Gentoo is way to much work. Windows 10 won't rape anyone in the @$$. Gentoo can't install normal programs people use every day too.

>> No.63476298

I'm so confused about why this isn't working. I know showing the video will make people avoid helping but I'll show everything I've done /and how it still fails.

So first I found this horribly cropped literally gay porn webm:*

I downloaded "Shotcut": a video editing program for Windows mentioned in the /g/ wiki. Then I cropped the vid from "Filters" > Add a filter (the plus sign) > Show video filters (the monitor icon) > "Crop". I removed 104 pixels from the "Top", and 436 pixels from the "Left" and "Right".

The problem is" File" > "Export Video" doesn't calculate the cropped resolution and aspect ratio for you, so I do it myself (844 width x 616 height; 211:154 aspect ratio) but it always does it horribly, with black bars. I feel I'm missing something important, since the video tutorial I saw for cropping in Shotcut mentions dragging the video in the "Timeline" first, but the "Master" part of the timeline is literally missing the "Crop" function so I don't think editing from the timeline or the video itself makes a difference. I failed this so many times, will someone please just explain to me what I'm doing wrong, thanks. I'm gonna take a shower since I've been at this for over an hour.

*Idk why this post is seen as spam, lemme try removing the link and posting in a sec.

>> No.63476301

If any of you are using 4chanx, is there a way to always mute webs when you load them, for some stupid reason the sound is saved from the last webm you watch. I'd rather not go from wsg to gif and blare some fucking porn in my room. Thanks.

>> No.63476313

The link was seen as spam for some reason. But it's here: https://gfyc4t.com/WanImmenseHarvestmouse

Replace the "4" with an "a"...

>> No.63476317

I got a portable monitor but I'm afraid of dropping it and breaking it just because it's so light... I was trying to remember, wasn't there some kind of putty made for electronics so you could put some on four corners so if you dropped it, it would absorb some impact?

>> No.63476350

When can I get a 10-bit 27" 4K 144hz monitor for less than $500?
What's something close to this? Gaming and anime.

>> No.63476389

which IT certificates are the best bang for my buck?

>> No.63476397

a AS in computer science from your community college

Welcome to /g/, enjoy your stay

>> No.63476399
File: 33 KB, 660x525, help.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>pick up a used Vaio vpcf136fm from a garage sale for my dad
>wipe it and install windows 10, install drivers, updates, etc
>feels a little hot
>see this
Any suggestions? This is at idle with nothing running besides Firefox. Is there anything I can do short of ripping it apart and reapplying thermal paste?

>> No.63476400

what scaling percentage do you guys use with your resolution?

1080p at 150% is gross, but 125% is hard on the eyes.

>> No.63476409

i have a BS in computer science from a university and the IT jobs i apply to all want MS certificates and shit?

>> No.63476417

You cant, only embed in the same tab it thanks to google way with dealing with a 2 year old exploit.

Buy a tube of MX-4 or NT-H1.
Canned air, one can.
Isopropyl alcohol and cotton.
A phillips Screwdriver.
Repaste and clean insides, done, 40-50°C temperature decrease.

>> No.63476500

For a build with a case that has no space for an opotical drive you just get an external optical drive right?

>> No.63476527

Yeah, but why would you need one

>> No.63476538

Depends on the physical size. All my 1080p monitors are sensibly sized for using 100% scaling.

>> No.63476621

>searx.me based engine
Not him, but any recommendations?
I just use searx.me but it shits it's pants often, and all of the public instances on the github page look suspicious.

>> No.63476633
File: 174 KB, 301x358, 1459470308650.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

2 questions, please help me out /g/.

In Windows 10 for some reason everytime I boot Chrome opens itself automatically in a crashed state saying that it didn't shut down properly and I have to click Restore to get my tabs back. Any idea why this is happening?

Also, could someone please recommend some suitable tablets? I want to buy my mother one for Christmas, which is a good popular tablet that isn't shit?

I'm also interested in a tablet for myself, are most tablets capable of handling 1080p anime/movies by now?

>> No.63476638

that makes no sense
you can use gtk3 programs in openbox, and openbox doesn't use any toolkit

>> No.63476670

Dammit, I just got out of the shower, was hoping for a reply but I guess I'll check back later.

>> No.63476738
File: 13 KB, 640x400, a.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

use ffmpeg
-vf "crop=width:height:hoffset:voffset"
as in pic related

>> No.63476742
File: 1.51 MB, 2390x2342, GPU not working.png.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tl;dr: GPU not registering

After a fresh Windows 10 Pro install my Nvidia GeForce 740M isn't being recognised.

I can't find it in the device manager. I installed the latest version of the driver, when it still didn't recognise it I removed the driver and installed the previous version and after that version before that.

Could someone help?
In return I can give health and fitness advice.

>> No.63476752

When searching in my Windows search bar it doesn't find my installed programs, only files. Why is this?

>> No.63476764

Is there a decent android app for DNS change with dnscrypt and maybe even dnssec?

Which works on a non rooted phone btw.

>> No.63476774

Getting a Galaxy S8 for Yule. How rootable and shit is it? Should I get another OS on it as well?

>> No.63476847

i went to an apple store earlier today and asked the "genius" 2 questions and he got both of them wrong.

what can i do to get him in trouble with his boss? because i consider that unacceptable

>can i use an imac with an external monitor as the main/default screen (imac having no physical screen of its own

he told me no, and that i needed to have a screen on the imac so i could select the default screen in settings. which is entirely wrong, the imac will detect any screen it can and default it.

>i replaced my hard drive with an ssd and now my fans are loud as fuck, how can i buy a sensor to fix that? (the default hdd has a built in sensor that non-apple harddrives dont have)

he told me that if the fans were loud it means something is wrong and that i need to watch activity monitor to see what software is making them act up. another entirely wrong answer.

i went home and researched on my own and fuckers on REDDIT /r/applehelp had the right answers but this faggot who works there was about to tell me that my computer was SOL because his dumbass doesnt know an apple computer from his own asshole

>> No.63476907

>what can i do to get him in trouble with his boss?
Accuse him of sexual harrasment or discrimination. Make sure to inform them that you have already forwarded your complaints to every press outlet ever.

>> No.63476927

Has google gotten fucking stupid for anyone else? My coworker and I are finding more and more of what we google to be completely off the point of what we are looking for. I feel as if it has changed recently, yahoo answers don't really exist anymore which may have something to do with it.

>> No.63476943

Thanks for the help, but I kept going at it and realized I forgot to account for removing space from both the left and right side, so I had to double the amount of width I removed. Then the output was correct. I do want to use ffmpeg for this purpose anyway though since watching random user-created Shotcut tutorials on the internet for this plus trying it myself gave me a few grey hairs. Thanks. Also quoting my first post >>63476298 to say never mind I figured it out.

>> No.63476948

Gtk3 is garbage

>w-we improved the file picker
>no, thumbnails are dumb, if you need to see your images to know what they're of you're using your computer wrong. ahem, there's this thing called a FILENAME....
>we made the search function better!

>> No.63476972

i also like how it forgets that i set to sort folders first and to sort by mod time every time i open it
it also forget the size it was and is fuck heug, taking up 2/3's of my screen

>> No.63477014

This anymore recommendations?

>> No.63477034

Yeah, a couple years ago it starting thinking in knew what to search for better than you did. And they started remove ways to correct its behavor.

>> No.63477049
File: 112 KB, 850x947, 1511189521559.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What application do you use to open PDF files on Android?

>> No.63477056

myEEDI3 = core.eedi3m.EEDI3
File "src/cython/vapoursynth.pyx", line 1390, in vapoursynth.Core.__getattr__
AttributeError: No attribute with the name eedi3m exists. Did you mistype a plug
in namespace?

is there, and it worked a moment ago, what else can i check?

>> No.63477060

please respond

>> No.63477062

Yes and no. If he had half a brain ask him to go sim lim square.

>> No.63477063

mupdf (f-droid)

>> No.63477088

look for a basic python tutorial

>> No.63477096

slim jim aint no square

>> No.63477107


>> No.63477126

i'm not sure what to look for, otherwise i would
also, this is not my own python script, this is coming from havsfunc for vapoursynth
also, i can still run the same script from another computer fine. i've checked they have the same set of vapoursynth plugins installed

>> No.63477132

I checked it out.
And it has very basic features.
Most of the books I read are scanned PDFs.

>> No.63477146

i pretty much just use it to preview pdf's i get via email
not sure about a fancier pdf viewer

>> No.63477204

i cant get 4chan and wikipedia to open on my linux
but it works fine on windows
anyone knows what could be the cause of this?

>> No.63477270

I have to take some elective courses to finish my uni degree. I primarily studied web development and networking for my major.

I am trying to decide between classes on cryptography, algorithm design (taught in Java), and Data Science.

Anyone have any idea what will be more useful in the future?

>> No.63477315
File: 57 KB, 675x900, WHAt.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

can anyone tell me what model this is

>> No.63477323
File: 18 KB, 314x224, umax-s900.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

it says s900 right there on the top left

>> No.63477338

I'm dumb asf thanks

>> No.63477437

it's loading eedi2 and eedi3, but not eedi3m, and i have no idea why
$ ls /usr/lib/vapoursynth/libeedi*
/usr/lib/vapoursynth/libeedi2.so /usr/lib/vapoursynth/libeedi3.so

>>> core.

>> No.63477442

Data science. Crypto is fairly easy to pick up in industry, algorithm design is barely useful for jobs that make most use of web dev and networking.

>> No.63477554

>-vf "crop=width:height:hoffset:voffset"

Where does the "-vf" come from in this? I didn't see it in the documentation https://ffmpeg.org/ffmpeg-all.html#crop

Either way I tried this a bunch and I sweat it didn't work, with or without quotes, even with just that and the bare input/ output commands. The "-vf" makes the command not fail, but it produces the same output resolution as the input for me. Also sorry but I'm going to bed so I won't see any replies in time but thanks if anyone helps me here anyway.

>> No.63477592

it goes after a video/image input
an example of a complete command:
ffmpeg -i input.mkv -vf "crop=600:500:20:50" -c copy -c:v libx264 -crf 18 output.mkv

>> No.63477610

try killing yourself. that's the best way to own apple store employees who don't have the answers the everything.

>> No.63477623

It's true, they hate that.

>> No.63477808

Where is the best/cheapest place to buy a 1060 or 1070/1070ti in the UK for black Friday?

>> No.63477857
File: 7 KB, 271x438, tw.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is there any way to export/import/sync/backup thread watcher? I want to make new profile and trying new browsers.

>> No.63477859

i want to buy online server and make it proxy
is it hard?

>> No.63477862

is not

>> No.63478012

Can anyone suggest a valid video editing program for windows? I need to put two synchronized videos side by side, nothing special

>> No.63478121

you can do that with ffmpeg

>> No.63478220
File: 698 KB, 1280x360, a.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

ffmpeg -i \[20071014\]\ Clannad\ Opening\ \(P-zhIImKP5k\).mp4 -i \[20071014\]\ Clannad\ Opening\ \(P-zhIImKP5k\).mp4 -filter_complex "[0:v]pad=iw*2:ih[left];[left][1:v]overlay=W/2:0[out]" -map "[out]" -c:v libvpx -pix_fmt yuv420p -auto-alt-ref 1 -lag-in-frames 25 -deadline good -cpu-used 1 -g 7200 -threads 8 -qmin 20 -qmax 40 -fs 3M -y /tmp/a.webm

>> No.63478241

Let me guess. Windows 10?

>> No.63478331

Anyone ever worked at geek squad? I got hired as an "advanced service technician" last Monday and my manager added me to a group text with all the other employees and they're just talking about football, eating at Buffalo wild wings, and flirting with eachother. What the fuck have I gotten into? Is this normal?

I have to do 20 hours of paid "e-learning" things before I actually start, but I'm terrified that these people are all normies

>> No.63478433

i'm just a simple balkan fag. i just want to know what I need to upgrade to play vidya better. i have no knowledge of this shit, help me virgins
my processor is AMD Athlon II X2 260 3.20 GHz
ram is 4gb DDR3
graphics card is an NVIDIA GeForce GT 220
also can i still upgrade to windows 10 for free?

im not even baiting

>> No.63478459

>also can i still upgrade to windows 10 for free?
nvm, found >>63477483

still though, what should i upgrade?

>> No.63478470

you should probably consider;
- a new cpu
- more ram
- a new gpu

most critically, you'll want at least 8GB ram, and a new gpu
some games you can get away with 4GB ram, but that GT220 has to go, it's absolutely not suited for anything but 10+ year old games or low end stuff like VNs and some indie games

>> No.63478474

You'd pretty much have to upgrade everything to play modern video games

That cpu is super old. Which means you'll need a new motherboard for a new cpu. That gpu is old and super low end, which mean you'll need a new psu for a new gpu. You could save the case and hard drive, but I think you'd be better off keeping that computer together as a secondary computer and then buying a second hand "gaming" computer off Craigslist or whatever your country has. You can get good deals on second hand stuff if you inform yourself about tech prices.

>> No.63478513

also, if you can only afford to upgrade one thing, make it the gpu
that will make the most difference
some games still won't run with 4GB, but many will if you turn some stuff down

there's no use upgrading the cpu without also upgrading the mobo (am2+ is a deadend), and then you'd need to also replace the ram, since we ddr4 now

>> No.63478527

Should I use my microsoft academic convention to switch from windows 10 to windows 10 education?

>> No.63478544

>also can i still upgrade to windows 10 for free?
No, don't, don't do that, not recommended, bad choice, fuck you if you upgrade.

>> No.63478680

techspot has an article saying basically the same thing. So does it still work?

>> No.63478685

what do i upgrade to? i dont ask for much. i play mostly dota and that works good for me rn but i play it on lowest settings. i also dont have much money, as i said, balkan fag

>> No.63478701

look on ebay or equivalent and find the best thing you can afford

>> No.63478722

I never understood the monitor meme. I have a cheap one I bought like 7 years ago. It displays what it needs to display with no defects or bad colors or anything. What exactly would I experience if I bought a meme monitor?

>> No.63478738

still doesnt help, what exactly should i be looking for?

>> No.63478746

I also don't understand 30 vs 60 fps shit. The eye can only pick up like 30 fps any way?

Correct me if I'm wrong.

Curious if I'm missing out on something.

>> No.63478752

How much is your budget

The issue is really that you're going to be dumping money into a sinking ship, your mobo is am2/+ which means it can't handle use a modern cpu. And it's so old that it will bottleneck any modern graphic card.

You really should replace everything or you're going to end up wasting more money in the long run, which would cost like 600-1000 on average for a good system

If you're super poor and desperate your system could use a phenom II x4 which is a decent processor, and you could pair it with any cheap high end gpu you can find second hand. You will probably need a new power supply to do this

>> No.63478792

at least midrange cards, and as new a generation as you can
typical graphics card model numbers have the generation as the first digit, and the model as the second digit
for the second digit, typically;
0-4 = low end
5-7 = mid end
8-9 = high end
for example, a "220" is a low end (2) card of the 200 series, with "290" being the highest end 200 series card
keep in mind newer generation doesn't always mean faster, there is significant overlap.
for example, a "480" is faster than a "610", as despite being older, is a much higher end model, and makes up for the overlap between generations

>> No.63478840

also note that this applied to ati/amd cards, with say, a "7850" being a high end (8) card of the 4000 series, and "50" is a sub-model (denotes some minor difference, such as memory speed, from other 48XX cards)

>> No.63478846

Been gaming (very) casually since the 90s and never knew this. Thanks.

>> No.63478862

7000 series*
other 78XX cards*

yea, i've seen plenty of people confused over gpu naming, accidentally getting low end cards because the numbers are higher overall, like upgrading from a 480 to a 610, then wondering why it's slower

>> No.63478894

ty, much love

>> No.63478932

when building a pc, should i install the rear fan on the motherboard or psu? the same for the fans in the front, motherboard or psu?

>> No.63478944

np, also watch out for generation number resets
typically when the generation reaches "9", they reset to a lower number and change the letters to differentiate it from previous generations

nvidia also recently decided not to do this with their current generation, instead opting to make the generation "10", so keep in mind that this make the model the 3rd digit (1080 for example is a generation 1000, high end (8) card)

>> No.63479014

What r som /g/ approved animu

>> No.63479198
File: 180 KB, 392x309, 1511232467701.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can someone explain pic related meme to me please? I'm well aware of "imagine being at computers", but I keep seeing this variation popping up and I still have no clue what it's supposed to mean.

>> No.63479236

"And you don't seem to understand" is from the opening song of serial experiments lain.
As is the character whose head is placed over the original. And the logos on the monitors.

>> No.63479239
File: 52 KB, 512x512, Google-Drive-icon.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If I have folder on my pc that's syncing to google drive with one of the files being img.png, turn google drive off, edit the image on my pc, edit the image on cloud using my phone and then turn google drive on again on my pc how does it decide which img.png will replace the other one?

>> No.63479243

Isn't WoW so old now that any toaster you could grab for fifty bucks at a garage sale should be able to run it? Or have the requirements scaled up with each expansion or something? Honestly haven't touched it in years.

>> No.63479263

Honestly I don't know much about the subject myself but I'm gonna assume it's an error on Amazon's end.

>> No.63479268

newer file stays

>> No.63479279

the requirements jump a bit with some expansions, but most of the enhancements can be turned off
for example, there is a higher poly version of actors introduced in legion, but there's an option to use the old models
even with all that it's still not a terribly heavy game, i can run it comfortably maxed out on a mid-end 5 year old gpu

>> No.63479286

How come 144hz monitors are so big now? Used to be everybody was all up about 120hz which made more sense to me since it could do 24fps or 60fps natively without any judder or anything, but won't 144hz run into problems trying to display 60hz content? Or is it just a purely for gaming thing?

Even a lot of games seem like they're locked at 30/60fps so you might not get so good eh?

>> No.63479294

>11 GHz
Yeah no.

Never trust amazon's compare feature anyway, it sucks absolute dick. Look at the card that has 11 ram. Or just look at the "built-in media" column - to start with, that the fuck does "built-in media" even mean?

Just look at the product pages and parse out the relevant information yourself

>> No.63479301
File: 3 KB, 217x68, rHnot6x.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

which date and time is used to determine which one is newer?

>> No.63479305

i want to store my music and anime in external HDDs. Should i go for 2TB - 4TB HDDs or 1TB?
is there difference in reliability between them?
and which brand would you guys suggest?

>> No.63479307

Why aren't their any cheap 10 or 13 inch e-ink tablets/e-readers?

I want to read textbooks on a decent display but the only one I found is $500+

>> No.63479311

Probably last modified.

>> No.63479337

I got a Nook HD+ a few years ago for $150, I think it's a 9 or 10 inch screen with pretty good resolution, though most of the other specs are pretty bare bones (since it was marketed as an e-reader), especially the RAM is pretty low and you must flash custom firmware onto it for its full potential.

Not sure if they still sell those but you could look into the "tablet e-reader" market and find something you can reflash you can often get a deal.

>> No.63479344


>> No.63479363

I'm looking for e-ink specifically.

>> No.63479366

anon told me that 4chan blocks VPNs. is that true? my university static IP is banned so I can't post when I'm there (for half a day)

>> No.63479395

Where/How can I check what new monitors are going to be released in the near future? Specifically I'm looking for a 144Hz G-Sync 24" monitor at <350 but the only real current option, the Acer Predator, looks stupid as fuck.

>> No.63479444

probably public ones. If you purchase a private VPN you should be fine. They are pretty cheap iirc

>> No.63479450

So I installed uMatrix on firefox on android months ago, and it never worked (it would just show up as disabled). I assume android just wasn't supported properly.

Last week suddenly like half of everything stopped working properly, turns out it somehow got enabled and started blocking shit. Only problem is, I can't seem to configure it, so it either breaks everything or I have to turn it off completely.

Why did it suddenly start working? And more importantly, how can I configure the matrix to use it properly?

>> No.63479491

Any ideas where I can find a replacement WUXGA (1080p) Display for a Lifebook E736? Only place with one in stock was Ebay, but the price of 799€ is a joke.

>> No.63479536

Why do games have low fps on cinnamon(no it's not rendering in software mode), but with lxde they are butter smooth?
OS is Linux mint 17. Graphics HD 6570. Driver fglrx-updates.

Shouldn't the difference be only in RAM consumed?

>> No.63479589

>HD 6570. Driver fglrx-updates.
why? the free radeonsi driver is faster than fglrx these days

>> No.63479763

how do I troubleshoot ethernet connection on linux lads fucking thing says cable unplugged

>> No.63479777

plug in a cable (on both ends)

>> No.63479794

very funny lad I'd laugh if I wasn't so tired I walked like 10 fucking kms to buy this cable I live in a remote place

>> No.63479810

1060 3gb or 6gb?
expecting to use it for 3-4 years

>> No.63479980
File: 1.51 MB, 1840x3264, IMG_20171121_150348_1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anybody know which font this is?

>> No.63479982

Fractal Design Define R5 is on sale for only 80€, is it actually good? my current case is some random cheapshit with no USB3s or such

>> No.63480011

How do I make so that the term ''soy boy'' or ''soyboy'' get turned into the word ''faggot''? I'm on Chrome.

>> No.63480051

The new drivers run on GCN cards (High end HD 7000s and beyond)

>> No.63480054

Which would probably be why they included the link. The techspot also doesn't mention Daz, which is where the actual free part comes in. Also the pastebin specifically says it works until the last day of the year. Hopefully this post is within your reading comprehension. Sorry, I mean your know-know of words.

>> No.63480068

If I learned the nuances of C++, will I be able to pick up Java easily?

>> No.63480073


>> No.63480189

i see, yours is the one right before SI
i'm not sure how the free r600 driver currently compares to fglrx

>> No.63480192

I should have been more specific. Techspot had an article with a headline reading "windows 10 has a loophole you can exploit" which raises the question -- did Microsoft change it because of this mainstream awareness and narrative.

>> No.63480193

1700x for 270 euro yes or no ?

>> No.63480241

They're not the only ones. Ghacks and howtogeek also mentioned it. It's hard to say with microsoft, but I think they were seeing diminishing returns on leaving it open. The handful of people it converts at this point isn't worth looking like they're that desperate to get you on it.

>> No.63480243

So far bad.

As far as I have dug. Shaders are under-utilised.

>> No.63480292

if i were you i'd just get an SI or newer card, rather than dealing with fglrx
i picked up a 7850 a few years ago to get away from my nvidia card, and it's been great. while the free drivers haven't always been as fast, they always just werk
free gallium-based drivers also now have the advantage of having native d3d9 support under linux, which is much faster compared to proprietary drivers + wine's d3d9>opengl

>> No.63480346

Still haven't figured it out. anyone?

>> No.63480394

Hi /g/ anyone knows android player where if you search for a track after it is played, player continues playing random tracks from the library?

>> No.63480650

I'm interested in PC maintenance, but not robotics.
I checked all courses under the IT&Software->Hardware category, and there is just Arduino and Raspberry everywhere. That's not what I seach for.

>> No.63480656

What does /g/ think of the Domain business?

How much would you pay for your own name? A potential startup name?

Which Domain registrars do you like and why?

Is it a good idea to invest in this shit or is everyone going away from .com like the news say?

>> No.63480782

I was going through the BIOS settings and
Intel(R) Virtualization Technology is disabled
Intel(R) VT-d Feature is disabled
Should I enable these?

>> No.63480797

does anyone here know the name/ password for the /g/ FTP?

checked the IRC description already (Which normally has it) but inputting the name/password shown there gives the error "530: login incorrect" so I'm assuming it's changed again.

>> No.63480812

looking for a lightweight linux dristo that can run krita, any suggestions?

>> No.63480960


>> No.63480968

You do know krita has AppImage.

>> No.63481295

When I activate XMP in my BIOS (UEFI) it doesnt report a change on any timing. Is it that something is maxed out or the RAM runs extreme profiles by default ?

2 x Kingston KHX2400C15D4/8G running 15/15/15/35


>> No.63481360

I'm just going to drop this here.

It brings back rounded tabs in Firefox Quantum. No more cancerous flat bullshit.

>> No.63481417

In java, how do you format a string so that it does not get out of range of let's say 40 spaces?

>> No.63481580

>3,000+ items
That's probably why it's taking so long.

>> No.63481738
File: 16 KB, 640x136, Comptia-logo.svg.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is there a more recommended certification than the ones provided by CompTIA?

>> No.63481817

Is there like a "low power" mode i can run my pc in? I want to use it as a seedbox at night but dont want it racking up energy bills. I know i can just turn off 7 of my physical cores in the bios and downclock my cpu but will that even be enough

>> No.63481868

Is thee an equivalent to tab mix plus for firefox quantum?

>> No.63481959

Is there any addon for firefox that lets me use vpn?
I don't want to use a product but rather like a vpn connector.

>> No.63482013

Here's how I use a VPN. I connect through a VPN through
Network Manager. Now every connection I make from my
computer goes through the VPN.

Don't know what kind of shit setup you Windowns plebs have,
but judging from your question I imagine it being like having a
huge black guy ram his cock repeatedly in and out your tight
ass using your own blood as lubricant.

>> No.63482029

I do not wish for that, I wish only my web experience to be through VPN.
Also I am noticing you have some weird gay fetish resolving blackmen. I hope you weren't traumatized as a child. Anyhow, thanks for your input.

>> No.63482037
File: 242 KB, 1600x964, WhatsApp Image 2017-11-21 at 17.33.26.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I wanted to dual boot Windows 10 with Fedora Workstation 27.
I installed Windows 10 first and then Fedora, using the netinstall because I didn't want gnome.
Once Fedora installation was over, I rebooted and grub has 3 options
>Fedora (which gives the error in pic related)
>Fedora rescue, same error
>Windows 10 (still works)
How do I fix it? I don't know what that mean, and I cannot insert commands, just press enter for eternity.

>> No.63482043

> expecting to use it for 3-4 years
Even 8gb pobably will be too low by that time in some cases.

>> No.63482087

How the fuck do you delete scripts from violentmonkey?
It ust has edit,enable,update,homepage

>> No.63482108

If you use VMs.

>> No.63482110


If your next question is about where to get free VPN, I'll direct you to >>>/out/

>> No.63482121

No worries, I have my own host.

>> No.63482150
File: 41 KB, 480x360, 1502651733116-g.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm looking to repurpose my old gaming PC, which I built around 2008, into a general purpose server. I was going to just replace the old CPU, with a tdp too high to leave on all the time, with something like this;
It seems like a good idea but I'm wondering if I could do better. I'm new to this whole personal server thing. also, since I'm going to be backing up my shows in anime on to it, I was considering having it double as a home theater PC. would it be bad to have a desktop environment running on a machinist supposed to be a server? If so I'll probably go look for a single board computer. Something like a Raspberry Pi 3 or pine64 or something and have it run Kodi and stream media off of the server. A cheap single-board computer can do that right? I've seen people use them as cheap file servers but I'm skeptical of what a 5-watt tdp processor can do. Is my mind stuck in 2008?

>> No.63482155

Does this client support only tunneling browser stuff, 80 and 8080?

>> No.63482159

>I wish only my web experience to be through VPN.

>> No.63482184

I dunno. FoxyProxy simply came to mind. Maybe it doesn't even do VPNs.

>> No.63482213

Because I live outside my home country and I can't see shows and certain videos. I got a friend who setup a VPN tunnel for me so I connect and watch.
But problem is that I don't want everything to be tunneled, this breaks work stuff. So wanted just my browser to be.

>> No.63482216

Updated to firefox quantum.
I have the search box integrated in to the address bar. But when ever i go to search it brings me to "about:neterror" instead of going to a search engine.
How do i fix this?

>> No.63482291

What are some good tablets? I have a Nexus 7.

>> No.63482299

I totally forgot that Opera has builtin VPN but is it possible to add my own connection, seem to fail looking for information regarding it.

>> No.63482302
File: 247 KB, 300x200, 1398476803944.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm trying to make a bootable USB drive to install windows 10, but it wont boot.
I formatted it to ntfs and then loaded the win10 iso using the dd method with a debian machine.

the command I used looked like this
sudo dd bs=4M if=windows10.iso of=/dev/sdb; echo $?

I made sure the device was unmounted and the command returns 0 when finished but once it's done, gparted says it has an unrecognizable format and my old laptop wont boot with it, I can read the windows files in it though.

What could I be doing wrong?

>> No.63482444 [DELETED] 

What's the name of the SD card / Hard drive analysis tool with the anime girl GUI again?

>> No.63482528

How do I using overloaded operators see if an object is equal to a double?

>> No.63482659

Just installed ubuntu on an old laptop with broken main screen. How do I switch the main screen to the hdmi screen without anything to look at? I'm currently (supposedly) stuck at the login windows because I can only see a purple background and the mouse (as if the desktop was extended). I tried to use the fn keys but to no effect (i can turn off the main screen light, that's it)

>> No.63482746
File: 148 KB, 953x953, 1503493769727.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is graphics technology?
I want to make a transparent screenshot on my phone preserving transparency and shadows, so I could swap in any background in photoshop and still have correct shadows and shit, very much like AreoShot screenshots.
I noticed aeroshot achieves this by taking 2 screenshots, one with white and one with black background. Then it somehow stitches them together. How does it do that?

>> No.63482750

you could try logging in blind, or try to switch to a terminal using ctrl-alt-f1 (switch back to GUI with ctrl-alt-f7)
xrandr can probably set your main screen, but I there's probably a better way

>> No.63482765
File: 62 KB, 477x409, AeroShot 1.3.2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

aeroshot screenshot for reference

>> No.63482800

>you could try logging in blind, or try to switch to a terminal using ctrl-alt-f1 (switch back to GUI with ctrl-alt-f7)
Well blind login worked.. Looks like I typed the wrong password when I tried earlier!

>> No.63482805


>> No.63482808

why can't i download this through Yalp Store?
it's a banking app so i wouldn't download it from some shady sites either.
i tried with Raccoon as well

>> No.63482987

nightly wont auto update for some reason
anyone knows why
im using debian btw

>> No.63483194

There are some sites on Tor selling discounted amazon gift cards for bitcoins. Are they legit?
Obviously they're doing something illegal, but are they scamming amazon or the users?

>> No.63483239

At worst you can lose your Amazon account and all the money you had on it.
They are bought with stolen cards for money laundering.
So if you have the bad luck of getting one where the original owner of the card/service that was used to buy the gift card does a charge back your account is fucked.

>> No.63483269

Is 4chan kill?
Massive lag and connection errors on everything

>> No.63483282

The cloudfare server you are connected to is probably getting fucked, everything good on my end.

>> No.63483286

Is Cloudflare currently experiencing technically problems? 4chan and all other sites that use it, including my own, are loading extremely slowly and are throwing 503 errors constantly. It's taking me forever just to make this post. I'm in the New York area.

>> No.63483305


East cloudflare server here, everything fine.

>> No.63483376

Ah, I thought I was going crazy.

>> No.63483389
File: 72 KB, 1348x656, Screenshot_2017-11-21_13-53-07.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

From CF's status page, the problems looks to be in Philly. And everything just started working fine again for me.

>> No.63483458

eh, i was just getting generic 502 errors, is it also a CF issue, im not on the east coast

>> No.63483492
File: 29 KB, 959x335, Screenshot_2017-11-21_14-01-16.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There are also problems in San Jose apparently:

>> No.63483520

Its a East coast problem only, West coast is fine.

>> No.63483724

It has begun.

>> No.63483727

I'm building a new pc from scratch and am looking for a PCI wifi card. I'm told to get one with new AC standards but I'm not sure where to start.

Any recommendations?

>> No.63483756


Still, why not just a huge Ethernet cable?

>> No.63484171

I want to order a Wera screwdriver set from German Amazon, shipped internationally.
Half the sellers dont ship to my country. I added about 30 screwdrivers to basket, proceeded to checkout and there I eliminated those that dont ship. Part one done.
Now I want to find the one seller who doesnt ask for 20EUR to ship a 40EUR set. However, Amazon only shows total shipping costs. How can I find partial costs instead?
I have already spent many hours trying to figure this out. Help me please. I cant take it anymore.

>> No.63484206

Where are you from?

>> No.63484224

I swear this doesn't work for me anon, I even just copied that and used it adjusting for input filename and input video resolution, doesn't work. I mean it produces an output but crops nothing.

>> No.63484254

>Now I want to find the one seller who doesnt ask for 20EUR to ship a 40EUR set
I dont think you understand how shipping works.
It dsoent matter how mouch it costs retail, it matters how much it weighs and the distance its being shipped

>> No.63484274

Also I meant where did "-vf" come from as a command, I never found that in the crop section of the documentation I linked.

>> No.63484364

Czech rep, if it matters.

The rest of my order, including some other Wera products even, is all sold by Amazon and qualified for free shipping. For whatever fucking reason, this single screwdriver set is a no go. I just want to get it from someone else for as cheap as possible.

Fun fact: even though Wera is a Czech company, buying the set here costs more than the 40EUR + 20EUR shipping from Germany.

>> No.63484538

never mind i got it to work by not inputting the original video resolution in the first two sections, the image the first guy i quoted posted misled me somehow?

i thought the image was saying by -vf "crop=width:height:hoffset:voffset" you input the original video res, then you were telling it by how much to crop. I thought it was removing 100 horizontal pixels from the left if you typed "1000:height:hoffset:100". Instead to cut of that amount, the "width" amount has to be reduced by the same number.

I don't entirely get it, but the output resolution not being the exact goddamn fucking same fucking thing as the input res when the purpose of the command is to crop is a fucking start

>> No.63484569

I made a mistake here since I thought "hoffset" stood for "height offset", so the placement of my example is off but you get it still...

>> No.63484739

How is it that I have statics when lowering or increasing the volume with windows sound manager. Like a little crackling. I'm pretty sure I had that with all my computers running windows.

>> No.63484912

Answering my own question if anybody noticed this.

You got to disable higher priority to applications in exclusive mode. And voilà, no more statics when changing volume level.

>> No.63485097

Better alternative to Greasemonkey?

>> No.63485508


>> No.63485653

My phone dropped off the desk while charging.
(on my computer case, then got launched towards the wall and got pushed on the ground)

How can I check if the battery, or phone is fucked up?
From the outside, everything seems fine and the phone starts.
However I'm not sure if the battery is now damaged, or the inside parts.

The phone does get hot whilst charging, but outside of charging it I haven't noticed it getting very hot, just a little warm at most.

Please help, would greatly appreciate it.

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