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itt: best and reliable software

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>Security flaws
>In September 2017, CCleaner v5.33 (32-bit Windows) was compromised with the Floxif trojan that could install a backdoor enabling remote access of 2.27 million[23] infected machines.[24][25] Of these 2.27 million PCs, 40 received a second-stage payload that appears to have targeted technology companies such as Samsung, Intel and VMWare.[26] On 13 September Piriform released CCleaner 5.34 and CCleaner Cloud 1.07.3191 that do not contain the malicious code.

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>Garbage since forever

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>Deprecated Firefox fork

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Not since Avast acquired Piriform.

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isn't there like a fucking name of a fallacy or something that describes shocking content that rouses fear to sell itself

unironically this looks like malware and nothing else were it not for the filename

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gj mr gimp - o

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I'm sorry what?
I love AMD for keeping their older cards relevant much longer than nvidia but their newer drivers still break games at times.
Pic related still isn't fixed and has been broken in every driver since late August

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It's not "deprecated". It just jumped ship in time. Calling pale moon a deprecated FF fork is like saying humans are a deprecated Hominid fork.

It's also a lot more reliable the FF which completely changes its layout, add-on system and telemetry every other week.

Unironically Palemoon is a better browser by multiple orders of magnitude. It respects your privacy and doesn't collaborate with hostile parties that sneak DRM into fukken web standards.

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>pic not related

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Corrupted, the main dev censors extensions.

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yes, it's not outdated and insecure and using a version of firefox with proven security holes it just "jumped ship in time".

jesus, it's nice knowing that there are retards like you in programming and IT, who would choose an insecure version of a software because it looks better lol and because the new version has a scary word you learned on an anime board

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Opposite day!

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Not him but can you give context to "It just jumped ship in time"?

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Use BleachBit instead.

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You do realize the whole idea of forking is not just calling a revision your product and call it a day, right? The whole fucking point of the fork is to fix those security holes without being force fed all the other bullshit Mozilla has come up with.

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Well, FF once was comfy.
FF now is complete shit (telemetry/DRM/fuckmyshitup GUI/broken add-ons).

Palemoon is still comfy because it's a fork from somewhere in between these two moments in time.

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