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B-but Apple is best for productivity!
>the absolute state of iSoyboys

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ill soy you iykwim

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They will release the iPhone X S ($1399, pre-order now.) in a few months which will solve this problem.

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Joke one him, he gave apple $1200 for this, not even counting the overpriced apple computer.

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>professional video producers use mobile phones to record videos
LMAO what a fag

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>up to date

It doesn't seem like it. Everyone loves complaining about Apple to look edgy. Yet they all continue to use and love the products in secret. I think its a strategy to deter plebs from joining the ecosystem, because everyone's complaining, yet they're selling more Macs and iPhones than ever.

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that price is XS-ive.

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Sheep will buy it. People will take another loan to secure social acceptance.

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>Female coworker had a 4s
>iphone 5 came out
>ios update pushed onto her phone slowed it to such a crawl it might as well have been bricked
>she asks me why her phone is suddenly so slow
>yells out a string of expletives about apple after explaining it to her
>she showed up to work with Nexus not a week later, vowing never to buy another apple product

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>who are the slow-mo guys?

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b-b-but m-muh IT JUST WERKZ™

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That's probably his point.

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Final cut is known to have shitty filetype support. Besides, he should have been using resolve which is the best video editor atm

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Use phones for cheap shots. But they use a fucking $50,000 camera for the slow mo,

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i member when fcp was actually good and used by people in the industry, now apple doesn't even use fcpx internally

times have changed...........

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didn't happen, girls dont like green bubbles

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Similar story when OS 10.6

>worked for an ad agency
>all designers had their macs
>"wow, can't wait until Snow Leopard comes out"
>day after the update
>"why are our macs are so slow"

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Nice anecdote
In my experience it usually works more like this
>Female coworker has an iPhone 7
>iPhone 8 comes out
>iOS update pushed to her phone slows it down to a crawl and makes it crash
>I suggest resetting and restoring it as it is known to fix most problems with iOS upgrades
> "lolno I don't know how to do that, I'm not a techie. I'll just get the new one"
> Comes to work the next day with an iPhone 8

Happens every year

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girls love bubble tea though

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I don't see any films shot entirely with Android phones.

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This makes me wonder why there's no Android port for iPhones.
You should be able to pick up last year's model cheap. Install LineageOS. Done.

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Pixel 2 XL videos are plenty professional. OIS + EIS and fucking deep learning predictive simulated motion to smooth it out makes it look like you are using a fucking gimble.

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>apple ad news

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Can it do 60 fps 8K video?

Because last I checked 8K video is 4K video due to chroma sub sampling and most people have 4K TVs by now.

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you wouldn't use a fucking phone to shot film

also you are just retarded

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iPhone bootloaders are pretty strict with the shit it's booting.
Everything must be signed, no downgrades.
There was an attempt to port Android on the old 2G/3G era devices but that was ages ago.

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Wish they would focus more on theft prevention. Webm related can unlock any iPhone on 11.1.

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>most people have 4K TVs by now
I highly doubt that.

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They were like $200 last black friday. This one will probably have them for $100.

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I still doubt that most people have one.

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Well most of my family live in 1 story houses with no basements and own civics from WW1 yet all of them have 4K tvs. I was assuming the average american is the same.

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That's because you're not supposed to you dumb cunt

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Because Android users have more than two neurons and knows there is a reason cameras exist.

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>most people have 4K TVs by now
lol no. I bet most of them are still on 720p plasmas.

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Does the S stand for Soy edition?

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>Sundance film festival
Yes a bunch of soyboy "directors" jerking each other off over their avant-garde hippie bullshit. Fuck off

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>t. watches Deadpool and Cpt. America unironically

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>Webm related can unlock any iPhone on 11.1 presuming the passcode is 000080.

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nope, turns out it's legit. look again

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Nope turns out it isn't legit. First time he types 000888, second he types 000080.

Basically you're an absolute fool for believing this, especially as he says "just type all zeros" the entire time and then fails to do that himself, and it's not like it was done in a single recording, it was cut and edited. There's no way he wouldn't have caught the fact he wasn't hitting 0 all the time and he doesn't even comment on it.

It's absolute baloney.

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LOOK AGIAN, both passcodes are wrong. The screen glitches and he presses the home button. The iPhone is then completely unlocked.

How do I know this is legit? Because that's exactly how I unlocked a lost iPhone I found at a starbucks.

>inb4 faggot
Nope, I only go there because of the frappe and that doesn't make me gay.

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>retards still believe this bullshit actually works
It isn't even available if the device has been erased and requires touch ID and an account with two-factor authentication to be linked to it, in other words you'd need to be lucky enough to find a huge dipshit who can't even read the screen and then just sells their shit outright without even erasing it first.

Even if you've waltzed into that situation (or you just nigged it) and successfully bypassed it that way, the phone is still going to be linked to someone else's Apple ID that you can't remove without their password, and if you nigged it they can just throw it into lost mode or remote erase it at any time and totally fuck you over.

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>"tl;dr I suck BBCs on an hourly basis"
It was only partially fixed in 11.2. Shame, most people lost trust in apple after the iCloud celebrity leaks but this is pretty much the last nail in the coffin.

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>How do I know this is legit? Because that's exactly how I unlocked a lost iPhone I found at a starbucks.
No you didn't. Why would you lie like this when you don't even know what activation lock is or does?

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Of course a non-whites is stupid enough to use Apple.

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>"tl;dr I'm a dipshit trying to look informed about shit I know fuck all about"
I worked for AppleCare for a while and spent basically 80% of my time there helping retards attempt to get in to their own activation locked devices. Bypassing it with a bug like that isn't going to do shit because Apple stores all of that data server-side and bringing something out of activation lock doesn't remove the ID it's tied to. You don't get a free phone if it has anything related to FMiP on it, that shit's lodged so deep in their botnet you'd need a jackhammer to pull it out.

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>t. sucks off his wife's bull unironically

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Not him but it's not uncommon to see lost iPhones in places like that. The hack works for the passcode itself, doesn't have to be factory reset btw.

Tell that to the chinks and russians making bank unlocking them.

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is soyboy the new /pol/eddit buzzword of the month?

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they're trying to push it as the new "cuck"

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It seems to trigger soyboy libtard cucks like you, so I guess it'll finna stick.

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I don't think you really understand what I'm saying. Lost devices aren't uncommon at all, but you're not going to find one in activation lock. You'll find it either in FMiP lost mode or remote-erased, neither will give you a passcode unlock option.
>doesn't have to be factory reset btw.
No shit, retard. That pulls the passcode off entirely.

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>No shit, retard. That pulls the passcode off entirely.
Apple finally got rid of that dogshit 2-fact authen gay shit?

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Nah, it's still around, and it's a requirement for the passcode option to show up in the first place. That doesn't have anything to do with the device passcode anyway.

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Who is pushing this? I just saw it on /v/, and now it's here on /g/. I have not noticed anyone use this word before on 4chan.

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Im Italian Dipshit

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How does that contradict me?

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That's what he said mario. The castle is in another princess.

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Why are apple devices always just a tad snappier than android devices.

always just a tad. just a bit quicker

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lol final cut pro is a joke and adobe has been the industry standard in video editing for years. generally speaking apple dropped the ball on pro shit a long time ago, the only good thing they have in terms of software is logic pro. the mac pro making a come back with a pro display may be a sign they're stepping it up soon but i wouldn't count on it

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t. soy bugman

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t. pol bugman

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t. lefty redditpol bugman

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Android is based around java. You notice android phones have better specs but shittier performance due to Java virtualization, which takes time to render so it lags with better software than something like apple which uses C.

That's why we all love C, it's superior. Java is for pajeets.

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How do I de-soy myself?

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t. subhuman trying to hide himself behind other subhumans

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t. self-hating lefty redditor with predictable tactics and same set of pics.

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while i'm not a leftist you're still as subhuman as they are reddit boy

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>pic related

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>"I'm not a leftist" cries the butthurt SJW

No one believes you.

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i don't care what you believe reddit boy
go be a subhuman somewhere else, maybe kill yourself and and some antifa niggers in the process too

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>butthurt lefty redditor gets triggered

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you keep hiding behind other subhumans
you still can't accept you're one of them as well

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It must be nice to blame a company for all your tech problems

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Says the lefty subhuman that keeps hiding behind his fellow leftist Kekistani subhumans.

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What were we talking about again?

btw I'm in love with my cousin guys

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now trying to hide by using the same argument
you're constantly trying to hide, you scared of the sun or something

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Dude, he beat you, it's time to stop

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Send her a dick pic
Bitches love dic picks

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>samefagging this hard

Nice try, redditor.

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Samefag kys

>Inb4 shit Photoshop/inspected "proof"

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What were you even talking about? i'm over hear touching myself at the thought of my cousin.

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Yall niggaz is gay. Wipepo SMDH.

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Im not an apple fan by any stretch, but it wouldnt surprise me if he just hasn't updated final cut or added the codec or something, and is now blaming apple for his own ignorance

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I fucking hate niggers

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Same. I love black people though, most are pretty friendly and willing to help you in a time of need. Shame the loudest of their group constantly show up in media making them all look bad.

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>he thinks I'm samefagging
KYS yourselves please

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Methinks the samefag REDDIT SJW doth protest too much...

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I would fuck you up in real life, so no

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>Internet tough guy

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They use phantom cameras. He is likely just using it for a vlog.

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Sure thing, leftypoz.

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>Figt me irl
How much soylent do you drink per day?

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>Censored screenshot
Why the fuck is everything from reddit?

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Here is that faggots fix. Does FCP not support H.265?

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the soyim and their shekels are so easily parted

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Who is this Jew lover?

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Anon, I can't breathe. Everything's going dark.

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You mean the ones which have mostly fake pixels? kek

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Apple doesn't use C, it uses the abomination known as Objective-C, which is just about as "C" as Microsoft monstrosity known as C#. They are both garbage collected and just as slow as Java. Literally designed to compete with Java's OOP+GC. Just that Java was Sun's ecosystem (now Oracle, rip Sun) versus the cancerous ecosystems of Microsoft and Applel. Apple has since moved on to Swift which is also GC nonsense just as slow as Java.

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>everyone is an amerifag

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Sorry for posting this here but I'm out of options.

Anyone know why when I save an image from here it saves as a .webp?

Is this happening for others? Instead of saving as a .jpg, I click the pic and it opens up in a browser instead.

It also converted some images I had saved earlier into .webp

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Also to note, it's only when I drag it.

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>>ios update pushed onto her phone slowed it to such a crawl it might as well have been bricked

Major iOS updates are never "pushed", you always have to install them manually.

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>How do I know this is legit? Because that's exactly how I unlocked a lost iPhone I found at a starbucks.
And I totally believe you because there's no reason you would lie to me.

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Avid and Smoke are amongst royalty in the industry

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Witty repartee, Androidboi.

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this is more realistic

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I don't know but I heard my brother say it once about a year ago. I just thought he was quoting Adam Sandler or something cause he was sort of doing that voice he does.

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because both the trump lovers and trump haters are from reddit

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>Thinking this would ever work even if not same fagging on 4chan

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