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my graphics card's fans are not spinning. i have tried afterburner and reseating the card. it keeps overheating to above 90 celsius. i am going to buy a new graphics card but i am wondering -- is there ANY possibility that the issue isn't with the gfx card? i don't want to waste my money.

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Check if something is physically blocking the fan.

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Did it stop working after any given change? Updated drivers or something?

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This is why we have warranties desu

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i have taken the card out and used compressed air on it. there's no dust buildup and the wire seems to be connected fine. there are three fans on it btw.

a relative of mine gave it to me so i don't know. they never played any graphically intensive games so i'm not sure if they would have noticed if the fans weren't working. i've tried multiple versions of radeon drivers and none of them cause the fans to spin.

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No hairs or anything wrapped around it?

What card is it?

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Nope, as far as I can tell it's in excellent, clean shape. It's a Sapphire Vapor-X R9 280X.

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Try the stuff discussed in this thread:

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Pin the fan cables directly to EIDE

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Maybe you just need to clean it.

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