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If requesting purchasing advice, please provide your country and what carrier you will be using it with, along with wanted features, budget and size.

Old: >>63245179

Good resources:
>Reviews, specs, comparisons

>Frequency checker

>Chinkphone news

>Recommended Chinkphones $80-$300 as of a long time ago (outdated - blame /csg/)

>Post a mini-review of your phone
>Discuss upcoming and current models
>Ask for help related to phones
>Tell us how much shekels you spent on good/bad phone
>PRAISE THE CHINKPHONES unless you live in America you shits

The HTC U11 Plus was originally intended to be the Google Pixel 2 XL

A OnePlus 5T appears in the wild: small bezels! (photo)

Review: Moto X4 revives the customizable brand with less options and more features [Video]

HTC will make a 'noteworthy' return to dual-camera phones in 2018

Razer Phone hands-on review

Sony Xperia XZ1 currently going for $590 in US ($110 discount)

OPPO officially announces the R11s with 6-inch FHD+ display

Android 8.1 update brings "perfectly smooth" scrolling

Old thread: >>63245179

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What's a non-botnet keyboard to use on Android?

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>OPPO officially announces the R11s with 6-inch FHD+ display
I swear if the R11s gets Lineage before the R11 does, I'm cutting someone. It's gotten to the point where I'm contemplating building the ROM myself

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Literally any keyboard behind a firewall

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What's the veredict?

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Femanon here

Any news on the Redmi Note 5? I heard it was going to be released in early November but we're nearly halfway through the month and still no sign

Might have to pull the trigger on a OnePlus 5t if it doesn't show up soon

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I think the one getting released in November was the redmi 5, not the note one. I might be wrong

This >>63264860 seems like the best buy right now

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it's best budget phone atm, unless you're a burger, in which case you'll have to settle for Moto G5+ or G5S+

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tits or gtfo

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anyone with a xz1c here? my brother got me one for my birthday, and want to know how it is. How well do mobages run on it?

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everything is botnet

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I have one, don't play games on it but they should run fine as it uses Snapdragon 835.

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RN3P users, what rom are ya runnin'?

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My Pixel 2's notification shade turned black and I have no idea why? I actually prefer it to the white but it weirds me out cause I didn't do it, and was pretty certain you can't anyway.

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Just got a Lenovo P2

im coming from being an IOS user

what are your favorite apps? im going to go on a download spree.

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What are some phones that have a quad dac and headphone jack?

The friggin v30 won't ever release in europe at this rate and I need a new phone.

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Orbot is a must if you care about privacy.

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I've freed myself from the botnet and it's never been this comfy. Almost all open source apps. It just werkz.

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Thanks but that isn't a huge concern of mine on this phone

genuinely anything you guys enjoy, could be games, podcast apps, custom launchers wallpaper apps whatever



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Then "Search by Image" is a great way to perform botnet image searches from the phone.
Yes, I'm not shitting you, that's unironically the name of the app.

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damn........... mnakes you think

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How are people prisoners of their phones?

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If price is no obstacle, should I get the Note 8 over the S+?

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hacker's keyboard on f-droid is what I use, if you mean soft keyboard

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Hey boys,

Is there a good phone with a screen under 5 inches?

I want to replace my Z5 compact, really loved this little guy

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How do I move over apps to my SD card?

Using an old Moto G (3rd gen). Don't have many apps, but my 4.5GB of internal storage is used uip and I can't seem to move or install any apps to my 30GB SD card. Pls halp

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xz1 compact if you wanna stick with sony

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I switched from an iPhone 6s Plus to a Nokia 6. It's a bit slower, particularly with Snapchat, but the stock Android experience is great

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You need to format the MicroSD card as internal storage, but that option isn't available for all phones. If the option isn't there you're SOL pretty much.

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hypothetically anon buys pixel xl 2
hypothetically anon bought the extra coverage for two years
now since google is offering a two year warranty, anon wants to know if the extra coverage is required


pro-tip: not hypothetically

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I see "format as portable". I'm assuming I'm SOL? What's portable?

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Anyone? Is it worth the extra $100 for a pen?

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Is the Ulefone Power 2 a good phone? Anything better in this price range?

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Sadly it doesn't support dual language input. Not the other anon but is there a best alternative? I use swiftkey but I don't trust them.

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where to buy the xiaomi mix 2

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Thoughts on the Blackberry Keyone Black?

Fuck, I hate how much I want that keyboard

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Hope your screen doesn't pop out like they're known to do

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does this help?

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There's no "format as internal" option unfortunately. There's "Rename", "Eject", and "Format as portable".

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are you on a different version of Android or something?

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Says Android version 6.0. Checked for a software update but it says up to date.

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Maybe try the invert colors button?

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never used android, how customizable is it

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strange. the option should be there. maybe the card needs to be formatted / empty for the option to be available?

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An android with a unlocked bootloader is customizable down to the OS processes and kernel.

>> No.63279560

i mean just vanilla android, no jailbreaks or unlocked shit.

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You can set different animations, launchers, automated task functions, etc.

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>reviewers complaining about 720p display on the xz1 compact
I really don't mind the resolution. I think 321 ppi is enough for that size, 1080p would rain too much battery.
>tfw still waiting for a decent offer on the xz1 compact

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Mi max 2 user here
Extremely happy with the phone

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Just buy the pixel 2 poorfag


>fucking 720p near Thanksgiving 2017

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every single non-Plus iPhone from the iPhone 4 to iPhone 8, has a pixel density of 326 to 330ppi, yet you never see reviewers complain about that. But somehow 321ppi on the XZ1c is a issue?

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Anon, its a new feature in android 8.1 but its already built into the pixel 2. When you have a dark wallpaper it switches to a dark theme, light wallpaper it goes to a light theme.

>> No.63279908

>But somehow 321ppi on the XZ1c is a issue?
for the price, yes. Also some reviewers started complaining about the low ppi on the iphone too. But not that much I think.

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LG V30 or S8? Both would cost me the same, both have pros and cons I can't really weight against each other.

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Black is better anyways because it saves battery life on OLED

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Apple high gamut screens are different from your shang long ding dong sony/xiaomi screens

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idk, mang. I'd say yes, but I've never owned the device, so I don't think my advice would be useful.
Go to a local store to try it out if you can.
Just use afwall+ and Swiftkey
Would you swap it for a redmi note 5 based on current leaks?
I guess screen quality should make the difference

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S8 screen has better colors while V30 has a better sounding DAC

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here's another reason why 720p really isn't that bad

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How do I get my Android phone to recognize my bigger battery? When the battery drains to 1% it stays there for hours.

>> No.63280068

>>63279965 no but
If the note5 was out I would have bought that one instead

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If makes sense to lower screen resolution for games
No reason not to include such feature

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So my sister just gave me this HTC One M8. I currently have a Moto E 2nd Gen. Is it worth the effort to setup this new phone?

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yeah, absolutely, as long as the battery still holds a charge.

>> No.63280181

Thanks for the info, I have my doubts about that, so I will test it first. I notice it has twice the RAM and apparently a better CPU, but it's older than my Moto E. Was this a flagship phone?

>> No.63280194

Is the battery as great as they say? How long did you adjust to the large screen size? Also, is the split screen mode legit?

>> No.63280197

yeah, HTC's flagship phone for 2014

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Haven't tried spilt screen yet
I can somewhat use it with one hand but my short cuts are all on the right hand side of the screen
It is definitely a 2 hands phone so you have to adapt
I think you either go small factor or massive, in-between is just awkward
Used a lgg3 and a Samsung note 3 previously, and I never got used to use these phones in a specific way, whereas the iPhone 4 i used to have was a clear one hand manipulation phone, and now this max2 is a clear 2 hand manipulation phone

>> No.63280364

And the battery is the reason I bought this on the first place
It is fantastic


>> No.63280483

Any other option besides rooting? Swiftkey can't be the only good keyboard for android.

>> No.63280509

>I guess screen quality should make the difference
Yeah, but I dislike the rounded edges

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Need help with choosing a phone. Reposting from last thread, only got one reply (thanks to that person tho). I just want a nice screen, reliable and smooth performance for browsing the web/4chan, watching YT and twitch, playing some games. Don't need the best of camera/audio/design but I want it to be respectable.

Narrowed it down to the following phones:
1. Xiaomi Mi A1 for 210e
2. Moto Z (32GB) for 270e
3. HTC U Ultra for 290e
4. Nokia 8 for 460e

Please, if you can, provide reasoning if you do answer. Thanks!

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Thank you very much

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I'd disregard Moto Z and U Ultra, both have below average battery life and no headphone jack.

>> No.63280849

Nokia 8 is a nice phone all around, the only one to pack the SD835 of your list, making it the most powerful and efficient, Build quality should be nice, although I don't know how the screen compares.

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So I was getting the Pixel 2, but my sister just picked up a Note 8 and I messed around with it a bit earlier today. Didn't anticipate loving the pen feature this much honestly. Like wow I actually really love being able to draw and write on a smartphone. Didn't expect enjoying it that much honestly.

Guys think I should pick up the Note 8 or stick with getting the Pixel 2? I'm not too sure myself anymore.

>> No.63281083

literally the same as redmi note x4

>> No.63281107

Why did you want a Pixel 2 in the first place?

>> No.63281132

>he let himself fall for the Pixel 2 meme
Only the Essential phone is a bigger meme

>> No.63281138

Just a fan of its mostly stock android experience, minimal bloat and camera. I have last year's Pixel so getting Pixel 2 seemed like a no brainer since I really liked the first one.

>> No.63281234

Nice but where should I get it from?
I'm french.
Chinese sites like geekbuying or Aliexpress really scare me, for a 15€ product it's ok, but to spend 200€ on it...

>> No.63281253


You should probably wait another year for next year's flagship lineup. I have an s8 myself and it's comfy but I just wish it didn't have the bloat. Maybe next year manufactures will actually put headphone jacks in high end devices.

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What are your opinions on case prints? Gaudy or aesthetic? I'm thinking of getting something like this and was wondering if it's over the top (always used bland one colour cases in the past).

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do what makes you happy anon

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SQT is where questions go to die so I'll try here.

Anyone else having Smart Lock location trouble, or just me?
So I've set my phone to stay unlocked at home with Smart Lock. Location setting is High Accuracy. But over the past few months, I leave the house and quite a while later (sometimes a few minutes, sometimes over an hour later) I go to use my phone and it unlocks with just a swipe, no pattern needed. Even though it's been a long time and I'm nowhere near home. I'm quite worried about the security aspect of this, obviously.
If I change the Location setting to Device (GPS) Only, it improves things quite a lot. But it never stays that way. After a few days the problem is bad again, and when I go to Location settings, it appears to have switched back to High Accuracy all by itself. This has happened multiple times.
My sister has the same phone model, on the same update, and is having the exact same problem. Moto X Play, SIM-free, 6.0.1. UK. Anyone else experiencing this?

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Download netguard from f-droid

>> No.63281586

A good yet affordable alternative to the Moto G5+ in Canada?
I often travel to Europe and USA, so I might need many LTE bands.

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Oy goy, are you implying you want to get free performance? That's antisemitism.

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If price is not a problema go for the nokia 8, otherwise the mi a1 is incredibly premium for its price.

>> No.63281668

Like, is that thing legit?
It feels fishy as fuck.

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The Xiaomi Mi Mix 2s is going to have a notch too.
Thanks Apple. You motherfuckers.

>> No.63282288

Many thanks for the replies!

For context, my phones up until now have been HTC Desire X and Microsoft Lumia 535... Even the Mi A1 will be a huge step-up. The U Ultra's SD821 may not be the SD835, but it's still good (just like the LG G6).

Here is the thing, the Mi A1 is a great offer on a budget but I do want the Nokia 8... Just not sure if I really need such an expensive phone. On one hand Nokia 8 is much better but on the other I'd probably just be fine with the Mi A1.

That is why the U Ultra looks like such a great offer, one that kinda came out of nowhere, appearing as a good "balanced middle" choice... For that Price, on the cheaper end, it's fantastic and I like the look of the phone. I really don't care about the lack of a headphone jack. Is the battery life really an issue?

>> No.63282304

Americunt Verizon user here.

I want android and the most comparable in terms of specs to the iphone 7 that will cost $500 or less.

Any recommendations for an android watch? I love my apple watch but i'm so tired of the fisher price OS that is ios.

>> No.63282309

What's with the sudden hate on bezels? Why are normalfags like this?

>> No.63282347

what did your post have to do with you being female?

>> No.63282351

Because they're retarded, just like people who don't realize that curved screens distort the image.

>> No.63282357

i asked csg for a phone im trying to find and they redirected me here, but can someone help me find this phone online its really rare and hard to find.

>inb4 gay pink phone
it comes in blue,black,pink, and white by the way.

>> No.63282373

Have 1 for like 2 days now.
so far i'm impressed by what i got for that money. Camera is worst thing on that phone, didn't try to fix it yet.

got 1 weird screen lock, restarted, works fine.

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File: 354 KB, 567x790, 6b4713eeaf61fc270be98f6ccc6666b948bcb0563e8f292df84857e120562ea2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>buying the mi mix 2 after they announced no 3.5mm

>> No.63282375

Give me the chinese and I'll see what I can do

>> No.63282383

what? "Kyocera Digno Rafre" is what its called if your asking that.

>> No.63282449

>will actually put headphone jacks in high end devices.
HA, as much as I like having a headphone jack, I've accepted the fuckers at Apple have made it an industry standard to NOT have it since that's what most consumers expect now.

>> No.63282452

Blackberry keyone would be the perfect phone if the dac wasn't shit

>> No.63282470

Anon, Can I get a sauce for that Isla?

>> No.63282479

im getting a new phone and i'm willing to put in the cash.

i'm considering an S8. i like samsung but hate touch wiz (i know you can use another launcher). will there be an s9 anytime soon?

i've been using an apple now, and i don't mind getting an iphone 8. (since i'm using an iphone 5, the upgrade will be worth it).

i was considering a google pixel, but pixel 2 seems apple-tier, and i rather get an apple.

and don't you dare suggest chinkshit to me.

>> No.63282493

Don't they release shit around Q2 of every year? If you're willing to wait 6 months or so you could get whatever the S9 will be

>> No.63282498

what about sony?

>> No.63282520

I could always wait 6 months. Do you have any speculations on what they can possibly upgrade from S8 to S9. Was there a considerable jump between the S7 and S8? (sorry the last samsung phone I had was an S4 and lost track).

I mean, are there any really good sony phones? I don't mind

>> No.63282533

There are rumors they will remove the headphone jack

>> No.63282537

idk where you'd get it though

>> No.63282539

HTC U11 is basically a perfect phone, if you can deal with the removal of the headphone jack

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I am in the same boat as you and I might just settle for S8

It is currently on a discount in my local mall and it is selling for equivalent of 600 USD. Samsung phones don't lose their value easily, so I am thinking I could probably sell it off before s9 release.

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Maybe it's already formatted as internal storage?
If I remember correctly, when you first insert a card, it makes you decide whether to use it as internal or portable.

Portable = just like an SD card or USB drive plugged into your computer
Internal = treats it as a continguous part of the phone storage. Meaning you can't take it out and put it back in casually, you can't dleiberately save stuff there. But as long as you keep it in, it's combines its space with the phone's space as one continuous space.

I use mine as external/portable, which is why it doesn't show portable as an option. It's already portable. So the only option I have is to change it by 'format as internal'.

So maybe yours is already internal so your only option is chnaging it to external.

>> No.63282931

Anybody knows when will the Oneplus 5t be released?

>> No.63283221


Typing this from a V30. It's really nice, I like the size a lot. It feels like it's inbetween the S8 and S8+ in terms of size to me. Audio is great, screen is great, camera is pretty good but LG's optimizations are kinda fucky so it's just pretty good, I believe Samsung's cameras are better.

Battery wasn't what I expected on the first day of usage, but that's likely because I waa fussing over it and playing with all the camera features and shit. Today has been better, it's still at 26% right now after 12 hours of on time with fairly regular usage, and some heavier usage towards the end of the day (Native 2:1 content looks amazing on the screen).

I only finally jumped on the V30 because my carrier had it for $400 off. I'm still undecided on the camera and battery, but otherwise I'm very happy with it so far.

>> No.63283508

After going AMOLED, I don't know how people can deal with LCD. Deep contrast ratio and improved battery life is too good.

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File: 471 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171108-211417.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Cheeky cunt

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File: 1.95 MB, 1815x1265, 86.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does anyone else not like the "bubble"-like quality of the S8 screen? I find the iphones more aesthetically appealing...more solid and flat looking, but have wanted to give Android a try

>> No.63283818

The S8 looks much better in person. It's looks like the future of the smartphones. The iPhone is outdated compared to the Galaxy.

>> No.63283821

The curved screen causes distortion, the galaxy s8 active has those same qualities as the iphone that you're interested in

>> No.63283829

Are you a tech journalist?

>> No.63284343

What are some Android phones that unlock the screen when you put your finger on the fingerprint reader even if the screen is off?

>> No.63284412


Any more helpful thoughts from anyone? :S

>> No.63284419

moto z

>> No.63284494

Can you elaborate?
The Moto Z is the outsider, not really keen on it.
With 32GB of internal only, there needs to be a REALLY good reason for me to buy it.

>> No.63284557

Only an issue on the first gen supposedly
Their first batch didn't use enough glue. If he's buying new then he is probably fine.

>> No.63284572

My favorite part of using a Palm Pad pda was the stylus and being able to just screw around on photos.

>> No.63284592

Need help deciding, Moto G5, G5s or G5 plus? What are the differences in the G5 and the G5s anyway?

>> No.63284632

Don't quote me but, 16 November iirc. It'll be officially unveiled in a few days.

>> No.63284658

Heard that the Mi A1 supports band 4 after an OTA update. Can anyone confirm? That's the one that's used in the US, right?

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>order panda pixel 2 during keynote
>it won't ship until next week
>haven't been charged
>google just sent me this


>> No.63285784

How is the Essential Phone? Next "upgrade" I'm finally just going to buy my own unlocked phone. I'm looking at that and Pixel 2 Xl, but the latter is a bit more than I'm willing to pay for a phone, I might just buy the OG Nexus 6 again cause I loved that phone. Yes I want a heug phablet

>> No.63285823

im being dumb here. I have a nexus 5 with pure nexus rom. i dont use this phone, but occasionally pull it out, and power it on.

its running 7.1.1. i cant find the menu upgrade option, to check for updates. where is it?

will it even upgrade, or do I need to load up a new rom?

>> No.63286070

Just tried this on my S5 and holy shit it works lmao

>> No.63286181

Loving my Moto G5 Plus. To the Anons that recommended it, it is a worthy successor to my Nexus 5. Thanks!

>> No.63286250

Just got my HTC 10. Loving it so far.

>> No.63286365

What will be the Android equivalent of the Animojis?

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Is there a reasonably priced phone with camera at least around the level of the OP5? Would be best if it was smaller also since it's for my gf.

>> No.63286483
File: 283 KB, 200x200, 1509602880239.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Like, all of them with a fingerprint reader? I haven't seen one that didn't do that.

>> No.63286840

NewPipe if you want to watch YouTube videos without ads.

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File: 2.13 MB, 300x300, 1510126555693.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So I'm on US Cellular and it's time I get an upgrade from my s6
What would you say is better, s8 or note 8?
I wouldn't mind paying the extra for note 8, the s pen seems really cool, but I wanna hear what others have to say
Also anyone with a note 8,is the vr good with a screen that big? I worry the ppi would make it suck

>> No.63286877

Android 6.0 appears to lack certain formatting features for SD cards...

>> No.63286899


I bought my Mi Note 2 from AliExpress and everything went smoothly.

Our local (Polish) DHL was a hassle, though.

>> No.63286918

My Mi Note 2 does this after tweaking some settings.

>> No.63287291

What's a mediocre budget phone with a screen no larger than 5.2 inches and Android Oreo?

>> No.63287301

How much battery does it drain per hour to browse the internet with a 4G connection?

>> No.63287328

Is there a newer chinkphone comparable to redmi pro? (or one that's under $250 with a 1080p OLED screen)

>> No.63287632

What do you consider as "budget"??

>> No.63287652

Something around about or less than 150 USD.

>> No.63287826

This is a good choice:

>> No.63287854

But it works as a vpn probably fucking my battery.
I heard that I can get root access if I install the global developer rom on my xiaomi. Is it true?

>> No.63287886

You can get root access by unlocking the bootloader and installing Magisk.

>> No.63287889

Have you checked magisk root?

>> No.63287983
File: 128 KB, 630x472, Vu4FP1rc7G.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

But if I unlock my bootloader I lose things like fingerprint recognition

>> No.63288214

Lenovo P2

>> No.63288225

Attention manlets, Sony XZ1 Compact is selling for almost $100 off on Amazon ($504.99)

>> No.63288309

It looks to be scan so it really shouldn't be hard to just search using the official_art tag on gelbooru.

>> No.63288414

It's over $350 here, got anything cheaper?

>> No.63288549

3 years of shit, work and non-work related shit. fuck.

>> No.63288566

Fingerprint recognition? How would bootloader unlock affect it? The only had thing it does is formatting the phone.

>> No.63288638

Are custom roms like Linage or Remix worth using? Besides no DRM app support and a shittier camera what else is bad? Thinking of buying a Redmi Note 3.

>> No.63289221

It says something about that when you're trying to unlock the bootloader with xiaomis tool
"fingerprint recognition will no longer work" or something like that

>> No.63289223

It's a chinkphone, buy it from the chinks

coupon 11.11GB085 makes it $198.11 from Gearbest

>> No.63289488

That's weird. I unlocked my redmi note 3 pro almost a year ago (usine the normal request on the site, not xiaomi tool) and I'm happly using lineage os ever since. The fingerprint works like a charm.

>> No.63289628

Is the HUAWEI Y7 good?

>> No.63289658

Take out SD card if there is one, put phone in bag of rice for 2 days. Pray the phone turns back on or you kept cloud backups.

>> No.63289702

Stop this fucking meme, rice isn't all that hygroscopic. For all that matters he might just submerge it in salt and bake everything in the hoven: it would be more effective to dry it out.

>> No.63289714

Not sure, I haven't done a lot of browsing on it. Lots of music and photography so far. I'll test it tho

>> No.63289805
File: 58 KB, 841x475, IMG_20171109_143905.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wow....so this....this is the power of Apple™

>> No.63290081

Vernee Mix 2 looks good, bezelless 6" display for 140 euros and 4200mAh battery.

Any opinions on it? I know it's a mtk processor but it's probably fast enough for casual shit

>> No.63290158 [DELETED] 

the $5 KZ ZS3's shipped out

>> No.63290239

Annon's just jealous cause he can't afford the new improved aPhone.

>> No.63290255

Every android phone with a fingerprint scanner does this. Only iPhones have to be woken up before from what I know.

>> No.63290280

Mi6, maybe a little worse in low light. Huawei P9 or P10 too. Galaxy S7 as well. LG G6? Actually several choices, depends on the brand and other features you like.

>> No.63290314


For older phones like the Redmi Note 3 it's better to use custom ROMs.

Also, Open Camera helps a bit with the camera issues.

>> No.63290315

I have to wake up my S6 first for the fingerprint scanner to work

>> No.63290339

seriously? I also ordered the same day as the keynote.. still haven't gotten my speaker. I did get my phone though (just black) like 2 weeks ago. Guessing you fell for le Panda® meme

>> No.63290460

Hmm... maybe not the G6 exactly, but something fly like a G6.

>> No.63290529

Would it be better to get a Moto G5+ or a used Galaxy S6? Anything better for less?

>> No.63290653

Moto G5+ unless you really care about the camera

>> No.63290685

That's surprising. I would have though a recent flagship would be harder to beat

>> No.63290764

the S6 has terrible battery life and as typical with Samsung phones, the performance degrades a lot once it gets older. No MicroSD slot either. So overall the G5+ is going to be a better experience to use.

What's exactly is your budget?

>> No.63290824

Would love to do $150, but I expect I'll have to go higher. I want something that works smoothly and lasts a long time, ideally with good future support for custom roms. I don't really need to run any heavy shit or have a crazy ass camera, I just want it to do basics well. Thanks

>> No.63290861


>> No.63290865

lineage. battery life went to shit after the install tho 4.5 hrs SoT

>> No.63290917

I need help finding a newer Android phone.
I'm in the US, currently with a Galaxy S5 on Cricket. I am searching for a phone that meets my needs, and I am disgusted by the current anti-user trend.

I require an unlocked bootloader and a microSD card slot. I do not want the phone to be huge (not appreciably larger than my Galaxy S5).
I strongly prefer that the battery be removeable.

So... what paltry choices does that leave me with?

>> No.63291101

>I strongly prefer that the battery be removeable
LG G5 and LG V20 is pretty much all there is

>> No.63291124

i dont think ive used and android phone that needs to WOKE to read a fingerprint

>> No.63291216

How does the V20 hold up against a Moto g5+ ?

>> No.63291584

I'll give it a try then
Fucking chinks

>> No.63291734
File: 75 KB, 720x960, 1508191345192.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I currently have a Galaxy S4 mini. I want to upgrade to something more modern with a larger screen.
An SD slot and an easily removable battery are 100% required.
I don't need the latest and greatest, just something significantly better than my current phone.
My budget is $200. I don't mind buying used.

Any suggestions?
Butt unrelated.

>> No.63291880

How much will the Pixel 2 XL's price decline by this time next year? Will it go <1000?

>> No.63291981

is there no good budget phone that doesn't have sd 625?

>> No.63292274

Is there a good used previous gen flagship for under $250 with good battery life?

>> No.63292346

Moto G5 is literally your only option.

>> No.63292416

The battery life of the S6 is shit but it's not slow at all.

>> No.63292434


>> No.63292446

See that doesn't bode well. A used battery is only going to get worse, and you can't replace it.

>> No.63292604

You mean LG G5

>> No.63292617

the only thing that actually sucks about the xz1 compact is the choice to use 32GB internal over the 64 like in the XZ1/XZ Premium

>> No.63292631

tbqh the essential phone is a pretty good buy at $500

>> No.63292706

>only the black one is on sale
this is fucking stupid

>> No.63292838
File: 148 KB, 960x960, thumb_88682_default_big.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Should i get the doogee mix or the elephone s8? I really like the bezel less design.
Pic related, it's the s8

>> No.63292978

Do I need a new sim card to use LTE?

>> No.63293003

Not a flagship but the Xiaomi Mi Max 2 has a 5300 mAH battery...

>> No.63293016

Does your current carrier support LTE?

You shouldn't need a new SIM card for LTE support.

>> No.63293074

Because it's powering a small tablet. Aren't the Xiaomi's missing some US bands?

>> No.63293078

I'm in the LTE range (including range inside house), my "plan" inlcudes LTE and phone also supports LTE.
I get only HSPA+.

>> No.63293106

Which one would you say is better?
Why the fuck are removable batteries becoming a rarity?

>> No.63293114

I'm considering buying Redmi 4X to replace my current dying phone.

I'm after a phone with an SD slot, good battery, 5" screen, and under £150, and it seems to fit the bill. I pretty much just use a browser, music player and discord; mobage aren't really my thing.

I also have a choice between 2GB+16GB or 3GB+32GB. I have a 64GB SD though, so I'm not too fussed about internal ROM. How much of a difference does 2GB->3GB RAM make?

>> No.63293128

The moto G5 does not have a removable battery. Planned obsolescence and waterproofing mostly.

>> No.63293178

Ah, so is it the LG or nothing then?

>> No.63293195


Planned obsolescence first.
Contempt for consumers second.
Waterproofing in some cases, sure.
Also the perceived consumer demand for skinny designs, which precludes a cost-effective way to make the battery removable.

>> No.63293198

The newer ones aren't.

>> No.63293209

Use LTE Discovery to see if you are actually picking up the LTE bands...

>> No.63293211

Isn't the mi a1 supposed to be the newest?

>> No.63293224


Are you sure the G5 doesn't have a removable battery? I noticed before you said that that the spec sheet on gsmarena says it does.

>> No.63293231

Did he not do device maintenance? Been using my Note 8 for a month now and haven't felt it slow down once.

>> No.63293233
File: 60 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171109-140812.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why is Microsoft edge such a good fucking browser on Android? I literally haven't used a Microsoft product on any of my machines or devices since 1994, but installed edge for Android on a whim (mostly to shit on it when it turned out to be garbage) and it's legit the best mobile browser I've ever used.

>> No.63293238


>> No.63293241

This is the version you want

You'll want 3GB RAM, especially since MIUI is pretty RAM hungry. And the "Global" version is the only version of the Redmi 4X with B20 LTE band, which is one of the bands used in the UK.

>> No.63293249

Moto G5 has a removable battery, G5 Plus doesn't. Source: I'm holding one right now

>> No.63293251

Yes it does. You're thinking of the G5 Plus. Two different phones, m8. The G5 has a removable battery, the plus does not.

>> No.63293253

Its running on the chroium engine, its nothing different from chrome on android...

>> No.63293260

Ignore that anon. It has a removable battery. It's the better version (the G5 Plus) that doesn't.

>> No.63293283


In the time it took me to grab the link to the G5, several people responded about it. No worries.

Is the Moto G5 easily unlocked and rooted? Good ROM selection?

>> No.63293287


>> No.63293312
File: 98 KB, 1093x512, Untitled.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

why is it said that sony's xperia's look dated, yet still piss them selves over the iphone 8, when apple has been using the same design since 2014.

>> No.63293339

Sort of. It uses blink rendering from the chromium engine. It also includes a bunch of other stuff like an excellent reader mode. A browser is more than just its rendering.

>> No.63293353

I'm the guy asking for unlocked bootloader, removable battery, and microSD slot. Thanks to suggestions, I'm narrowing down my choices.

So far it might be between the LG G5 and the Moto G5.
Do either offer difficulties in rooting/unlocking bootloader?
Are there other phones I should be considering that are close in specs?

>> No.63293371


How would you compare it side-by-side with Brave (also based on chrome, but with native adblocking)

>> No.63293380
File: 67 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171109-145201.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not sure. I got the plus, myself. The plus has tons of ROMs but since moto hasn't released Oreo yet, a lot of the Oreo ROMs are in alpha right now. I'm sticking with AOSP-CAF 7.1.2 personally because it is fast as fuck, and with EX kernel this is the kind of sot I get (over 7 hours with 38% battery left) and the plus comes with a turbocharge cable and wall wart in the box so 0%-100% charge takes about 45 mins.

>> No.63293409

Not sure. I'll have to give brave a try and see. I use AdAway so I haven't seen any ads at all with edge, but I'll try brave anyway because I wouldn't mind an extra level of ad blocking just in case. If I remember, I'll report back in the next spg thread

>> No.63293442

I've been ordering and returning different flagship phones to try them out for the last year, 3 so far. Is there any risks to doing this? I just like checking out all the new bells and whistles and I haven't payed a single penny because of phone company financing deals. Currently checking out the the pixel 2 but going to return it and get the oneplus 5t near the end of november.

>> No.63293445


I just went searching for browsers recently, so I've been using Brave for about a week. I also use AdAway so rarely see ads, but Brave tells me it's blocking shit. A couple of the browsers I tried managed to show me ads I hadn't been seeing in Chrome or Dolphin (which I dumped because it's gotten huge and has been crashing a lot on me)

>> No.63293446

Unless you get the rare unlocked version of the LG, it's practically impossible to even get root, let alone custom roms.

>> No.63293471


Thanks for the warning.
The RS988, right?
Doesn't seem that rare now, though I'm sure it was when new. I'm seeing them all over eBay now, but please do tell me if I'm missing something important because I'm not personally familiar with it.

>> No.63293518

Looking at the LG G5 as well. I'm also curious about this.
Just going off the specs it seems preferable to the Moto G5.

>> No.63293641

alright /g/uys, I'm looking to get a new phone with a great camera, quick updates, and fast performance. Is the pixel 2 (non xl) my best option? I know there's no headphones jack but I've heard that the dac in the dongle sounds pretty good. Could this phone last me for up to 3 years?

>> No.63293663
File: 118 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171109-081842.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anyone else having a weirdly large amount of battery drained by Google play services? Is there some weird background update going on?

>> No.63293676

Will OP5T have jelly screen

>> No.63293679

looking for a cheap 1080p fast phone that works in Canada on telus lte. something like the mi 5 but it doesn't have full lte here. budget somewhat flexible but the cheaper the better. thanks

>> No.63293696

if you want a headphone jack and microSD card, sony XZ1, if you can live without them, pixel 2,

i say the sony, as they are pretty quick with updates, and the XZ1 launched with oreo just before the pixel 2.

>> No.63293709

>asking for a verdict on chinkshit

>> No.63293732

Everything is chinkshit.

>> No.63293739

Any idea which may have better battery life? I know the pixel 2 has an amoled screen whereas the sony has an lcd, plus it's a slightly bigger screen so I'm unsure. Also how are sony cameras usually?

>> No.63293753


Xda bitches about it like crazy

>> No.63293799

sony's cameras are that good, almost every flagship device uses sony sensors, that said the IMX400 in the XZ1 isn't as good as the pixel's but you won't notice a difference in day to day use,

they also have the same 2700mah battery, which is good enough for a day of fairly heavy use.

>> No.63293819

Is the mi a1 camera that bad ? I have a Z2 now and bought the mi a1. Can't be worse than a 4 year old phone right.

>> No.63293829

Is there any hope that the oneplus 5t will have a camera that can compare with this years flagships? I'm torn because I've heard that their cameras are pretty sub par, as well as their long term software support being pretty bad as well.

>> No.63293837


It does that on my Galaxy S5 occasionally.
Clear its cache and reboot. That usually fixes it.

>> No.63293896

Thanks. I see quite a few unlocked ones on Ebay though, so I think I might go for it anyway.

>> No.63294195

Is this a joke?
I wanted to buy a new phone but I feel like the market is making fun of me for wanting features instead of wanting them removed

>> No.63294238

Can someone tell me the best way to change the icons in Android? I'm using open launcher (and I won't change it) but there's no way to change icons individually just to apply iconpacks but the problem is that I won't find an iconpack that will change all of my apps (fdroid ones specifically) and it looks like shit to not change all of them to the same style. Is there an app to do it? Or maybe I should make my own iconpack?

Pls respond

>> No.63294263

most launchers let you choose icons individually by long pressing on the app. if yours doesn't allow that then it's a shit launcher

>> No.63294297

I had to restart phone.
It werks now.

>> No.63294298

Any good tempered glass recommendations for mi6?

>> No.63294421

I will admit I'm new to Android, I have tried all the popular launchers from the playstore but I didn't like them. Open launcher is the one I have liked the most except for icon changing (supposedly it is in development). So what alternative do I have? I don't want to change this launcher

>> No.63294448

just put all the apps that the icon pack didn't apply to into a folder out of sight

>> No.63294469

Get a phone with quickcharge
Without this you'll be stuck charging for way more often and it will end up being an "overnight charge" every single night where as with quickcharge you could fill up your phone from 30% to 100% in like 45 minutes. The bigger the phone battery the more you have to charge, I had a k6000pro with a 6000mah battery and it took like 6+ hours to charge to full.

A reasonably new phone with way more efficient processor to what was available in 2014, your standard s8/g6 will last way longer than a big battery phone from a few years ago because they use way less power, even if you run it full brightness, AOD, 1400p etc etc on all the time you'll still end up with more battery and SOT per day than any older phone that claims to have a "big battery"

Quickcharge and a battery bank that has quickcharge will be way better than any kind of multiple battery messing around, you'll have to charge them up eventually anyway

I guarantee you any of the latest flagships with a 3000mah battery will outdo any phone from 2014 or earlier regardless of how big their battery is, whether you have 6000mah in one battery or 3000 twice with a backup one.

>> No.63294696

So my current phone is the Galaxy S7 and I kinda regret getting it. Not much to do with the phone itself it does everything I want just fine but I feel like I got on the "newest flagship therefor best phone" bandwagon and dished out more then I needed for a phone.

Any recommendation for something more 'medium range' that can last me more then 2 years. I don't do any crazy shit with my phone seeing as I want it to be reliable above all else.
I'd prefer something smaller as well, no note's or larger iphone version for example.

>> No.63294715

Is making an iconpack difficult?

>> No.63295039

I come check this thread once in a while to consider changing from my 4 years old phone.
So, is there anything worth a buy or is it a dead trash market like the past 2 years?

>> No.63295156

Why do phone glass scratch so really
The only thing touching the phone's glass has been my fingers and I see micro scratches under flash light

Granted I will use this phone until it is obsolete so outer aesthetics do not matter much as I will not try to tell it but still

>> No.63295208

Depends on how good you are with coding

>> No.63295273

nothing. you're missing out on nothing unless you want chink shit

>> No.63295280

So are you picking up any LTE bands now?

>> No.63295286

Only the left speaker of my new Pixel 1 is working. Is there a second speaker or is there a malfunction?

>> No.63295377

Yes. LTE works normally.
I changed plan to the one with LTE and apparently restarting the phone was required to get LTE to work.

>> No.63295397

Note 8 is running a newer version of touchwiz which is allegedly much smoother than the S8 version

>> No.63295595

Just got my pixel 2 and I'm loving it so far. Why do you guys say it's overpriced and shit if I got it for 649 brand new, and it rules?

>> No.63295605

Hey guys, I'm considering getting a Xiaomi Redmi Rednote 4, what webpage should I use to buy it? Thanks in advance.

>> No.63295656

Do you need to avoid import taxes or not? If not just go with the cheapest option, if yes, then Honorbuy, Ibuygou, Solution Shop, Mi Global Store or HK Goldway on Aliexpress (choose DHL)

>> No.63296150
File: 79 KB, 170x260, 1509929499865.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Assuming price isn't an object (which it clearly is - but let's just pretend here), iPhone X or Pixel 2/XL?
OS-wise the Pixel is the clear winner and its battery life is a huge deal, but the X's camera seems to be a bit better and it also has the clearer screen.

>> No.63296209
File: 461 KB, 844x827, Samsung-Galaxy-S3-Mini-gallery.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Continuing on from <<63028882. What would be a good phone to replace a Galaxy S3 Mini for those on a budget of one hundred dollars? And the phone has to be under five inches (130mm) in size and have a large, but removable battery.

>> No.63296236

Tapped the wrong key. I meant to type >>63028882.

>> No.63296279

Lenovo K5?

>> No.63296337

Galaxy S5 Mini

>> No.63296427

Are iPhones usually on sale on Black Friday or Cyber Monday?

>> No.63296810

What's the best sort of screen protector to get?

>> No.63296838
File: 8 KB, 645x773, 1283967720001.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Own moto g2 since 2014
>Try to update apps
>Phone crashes
>Phone is very slow in general
>Battery life has turned to turds

I loved this little shit but i think its own its death bed. I'll miss its stereo speakers.

>> No.63296860

pixel 1 is mono speaker.

>> No.63296886

Iphone x is only better when it comes to zoom

>> No.63297546

Is fast charging a meme? The first 50 percent charge quickly but the other half takes way longer. I had my 3T at like 70 percent and it's been charging for half an hour, only at 90 percent now

>> No.63297663

Pulled the trigger on a OP5. I like having capacitive buttons so passing on the 5T.

Should I buy a tempered glass screen protector or will gorilla glass be good enough?

>> No.63297944

I need to buy a new phone tomorrow, old one died. Which should I go for, Moto G5 Plus, Galaxy J7, Zenfone 3 Zoom, or Zenfone 3 Max?

>> No.63298331

Not him but bump..

I’m buying a phone and can’t decide between moto g5 plus, ate axon 7 mini, or a lg v20(because it has removable battery and ir later).

>> No.63298751

what's the ideal firefox setup for android? which add-ons should i have
firefix focus has gotten annoying

>> No.63299128

XZ Premium or the S8? Is TouchWiz really as bad as people say it is?

>> No.63299312

how do i minimize botnet on my phone

>> No.63299331

Weird, my s8 is quite smooth.

>> No.63299453

I went to the site trying to find a download for my chinkmi 4x but it gives me way to many option, which one should I even choose? Will any of them work?

>> No.63299561

pixel 2 vs note 8 vs one plus 5t vs iphone 8. which one should i get

>> No.63299759

Is this a thing in burgerland?

>> No.63300169

what's the deal with the essential phone? Is it worth it now with the OTA updates to fix the camera? Should I be worried that they'll bankrupt before the 2 year lifespan of the phone?

Contract is up and deciding between paying $400 for the Pixel 2 or $0 for the Essential phone

>Canadian corporate plan w/out BYOD discounts

>> No.63300326

It looks like your device is not officially supported by lineage, so, as stated in the FAQ, "Can you add support for my device? It is not supported by LineageOS though...
No, I'm sorry." Microg doesn't have a build for it.

>> No.63300481

Cheapest one.

>> No.63300486

My xiaomi mi a1 is kind of pulsating /vibrating when charging? Is this normal? It doesn't sound normal.
Googled it, seems a lot of phones with metal cases have that situation, but Im afraid it will go full samsung in my pocket and blow my balls off

>> No.63300583
File: 4 KB, 500x500, 1509818341678.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is there any way to load an ICC profile on, or otherwise calibrate an Android phone? My Redmi Note 4's display is just wildly inaccurate compared to my monitor and laptop which I've calibrated with a colorimeter, and it irks me every time I use the phone.

>> No.63300609

Is it vibrating the whole time while charging?

>> No.63300742

Even if you did jump that bandwagon, just keep using your current phone if there's no real problems with it. Come back in a year or so when the phone's old and busted and see what's on the market then.

>> No.63300768

Depends on whether your rom supports it or not. Iirc the stock rom on my one m8 did not, but on lineageos you can calibrate the display in display settings>live display

>> No.63300781

>>>63300486 (You)
>Is it vibrating the whole time while charging?
No, first time I charged it I didn't notice that. Second time I noticed it, but only if I touch it or put it on floor or something like that.
Also, vibration isn't continuous, it's like in short pulses
I fell asleep a didn't check if it was still doing it after half an hour /hour

>> No.63300928

Maybe It's just getting notifications? Did you silence it completely?

>> No.63300961

Nah, not it. After further research I found it's common issue with xiaomi, but it's harmless
It's due to aluminum back being ground for phone, and people completing circuit by touching it or something

>> No.63300992

Yeah I'm running LineageOS. I checked out the livedisplay option which I thought was only for colour temperature, and it does have a few more options like RGB and hue, saturation. Not the most detailed but at least it's something. Thanks anoon.

>> No.63301177

No, but keep in mind most chinkphones don't have all the bands to work properly with US carriers

>> No.63301194

Is the Moto G5+ really glitch/breakage prone? There's a lot of worrisome amazon reviews

>> No.63301269


LeEco Le S3 X626, redmi note 4, or some other cheap option?

>> No.63301288

Is there a video player for Android that can play mkv? Mpv doesn't work on my tablet.

>> No.63301306
File: 39 KB, 528x696, mfw582_000.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Are there ANY "bezelless" phones with removable batteries?

>> No.63301327

The V30 is 2:1 aspect ratio, so don't get it if you like watching videos. This doesn't just hurt widescreen videos, because the screen is even wider 4:3 videos will have even bigger black bars.

>> No.63301331

Get Nova Launcher, it's literally everything you could want from a launcher

>> No.63301394

Go with the Note 4

>> No.63301415

Takes like 5 seconds to install a different launcher dumbass

>> No.63301570
File: 806 KB, 994x608, tmo.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here's a thing I meant to post a while back, this was cool insider info back when I took the picture but now everyone knows it so who cares

Oh well, posting anyway.

>> No.63301716
File: 58 KB, 645x729, 1508689652067.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Touchwizz is only a launcher

>> No.63301812

My Redmi Note 3 Pro is dying on me.
Mi A1, Note 4 or Moto G5S Plus?

This time I'd rather my phone survive longer than a year and a half.
Audio jack and micro usb are dying, headphone mode is constantly switching on and off, lock button works 20% of the time.

Other options could be taken into account. I just need battery life and good audio quality with some decent ROMs.

>> No.63301885

I need help choosing a phone,
budget is 300$ USD (flexible by about 20$)
I like the lg v20 because of the ir blaster, removable battery, but yet again I also would like something waterproof, still gets updated, and possibly can get updated to oreo.

In America, At&t, ~320$.

>> No.63301909


>> No.63301912

MX Player? VLC?

>> No.63301924

Apparently they're launching Redmi 5 this month, I'd try to get your phone to survive a bit longer and wait for that

>> No.63301936
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Elephone S8 good?

>> No.63301993

You can't bump a bump limit thread.

>> No.63302027

New Bread


>> No.63302029

is there a particular reason i should choose the note 4 over the s3 x626, the note is about $70 more expensive

>> No.63302721

Thanks, I'll try VLC.

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