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>Everything has systemd

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It just werks

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The NSA have to earn their paychecks

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>Debian with sysv

No they don't. Only the normie desktop OSes have.

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Linux itself is a NSA botnet

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>Have strange model laptop
>BSD has no drivers
I won't make this mistake again

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replace it with whatever you like brainlet

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Cuck license

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any truly free license is cuck

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Nothing is stopping you from removing systemd and replacing it with some other init.

That's the point of Linux.

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Install gentoo

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If you write BSD software, you're a cuck
If you run proprietary software, you're a cuck

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>All the companies already give you back doors willingly
>Just hire the leftover coding autist OS hobbyists to do security projects for big checks to back door the rest.

To be free you have to program your own OS, Terry was right about that, and glow in the dark niggers.

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except his own "intelligence"

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to be free you need to unplug and live in a monastery or some shit
even homelessness

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i honestly bet less than 5% of this board is capable of that without a step-by-step guide

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>Lennart? It's me, Bill.
>Activate the systemd backdoor.

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How is that a bad thing?

Most people will need a step-by-step guide to do something for the first time. Knowing what you can do is half the step, being familiar with the tools that will be required is another part.
Probably about 20% of this board would look at that step-by-step guide and not understand the steps.

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Why do you care? Unless you are going to contribute to it I don't see a reason to hate it.

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BSD is used to promote proprietary software and hardware backdoors. I hate it by principle.

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And they put him in jail

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>not using OpenRC

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So what do you suggest using?

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If you write GPL software, you're a cuck.
Use Affero.

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gentoo dont have systemd by default.
I think parabola and slackware also dont force you to have systemd
obviously, deviuan is systemd free

I have gentoo on my main machine. Im not very familiar yet, but openrc is pretty shitty at handling keyboard layouts. I have a JIS keyboard and my fix was to let the DE handle the keyboard.

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Absolute pure disinfo

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This is the only Assange approved BSD

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systemd fucked all wacom tablet drivers. all the solutions to this are not working because some another shit systems md update.

this was supposed to be the year of linux and i cant even draw out of the box.

fuck systemd

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>systemd infects Linux
>Linux becomes Windows
>systemd starts failing like all software does
>nobody can replace it because it's too deeply ingrained
>Linux now suffers from cancer just like Windows, with the cancer not removable
>Microsoft claps while laughing


Move to MacOS kiddies.

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MacOS is already infected with opaque non-UNIX design

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Affero is ideal for multiuser applications but unnecessary otherwise

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terry didn'do nuffin

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>letting facebook make profit of your code without giving back

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Who cares what they use internally, it doesn't affect you unless it's widely available. How would anyone experiment?

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Isn't systemd open source?
It literally can't have a backdoor

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Yes you can.

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it is but it's also huge and monolythic, to hide a backdoor in a project this big would be very hard
systemd is not confirrmed botnet, but it raises many concerns

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>would be very hard
was supposed to say wouldn't

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ew no thanks. babby desktop that forces you to pay a premium for 'built to fail' hardware. Unless you use hackintosh which is 6 months work for a shit copy.

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Install Slackware.

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Linux is a kernel and independent of systemd.

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You all do realize that systemd is free software, right?
It does have some issues from a technical point of view, no one is denying that, but the botnet claims are ridiculous.

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They'll never hold him.

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came here to say that, thanks fellow slacker

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So is chromium.

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what is BSD

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linux that is not really linux.

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Consider the following: let's say the NSA wants a backdoor into Linux/Unix-like systems. Let's say they want this backdoor in as many places as possible, including the init system. Let's also say that they don't necessarily want to use force to get these backdoors.

With the above conditions, which is more likely:
1) The NSA successfully implemented a backdoor by using their past connections with Red Hat to get their software in. So far, no one has noticed, and the NSA are just sitting by the sidelines, trying their hardest to make sure systemd becomes widely used.


2) The NSA wanted a different init system, potentially one that included more binary blobs (note: systemd does not include them). As is, implementing a backdoor is next to impossible; Red Hat isn't giving up an inch, either. Without directly killing Poettering and co. themselves, all the NSA can do is throw lots of FUD at the problem (which, if it doesn't shut down systemd, might convince some lone weirdo to do the dirty work of killing Poettering without the NSA needing to lift a finger).

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>a commie autist calling a free license cucked
the gnu license is literally communist

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MIT license is the only truly free license.

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Use a non-systemd distro like Artix, Void, Gentoo, etc.

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use busybox you moron...

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Install CloverOS

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Just like universal healthcare right?

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Fuck systemd

Pottering deserves to be shot

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Slackware doesn't.

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hurrr durrrrr

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The eventual hope is that we can replace enough parts of the system to cut Linus and his ilk out.

The kernel group's methods and unwillingness to compromise and accept improvements is something we need to move past.

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>linux users trash windows
>linux users also trash other types of linux users

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communist or not, universal healthcare is a dumb fucking idea. The genes that lead to poor self control in regards to maintaining a person's health should be removed from the gene pool. I don't want my tax dollars to go towards inflated healthcare costs for fat fucks who can't stop themselves from eating too much food. 20% of medicare goes towards type 2 diabetes treatment and a significant amount goes towards atherosclerosis related illness as well. Fuck that shit. Let the retards kill themselves.

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Also came here to say this. Slackware was my first Linux distro, despite the learning curve, it was intuitive and there is a method behind the madness.

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Unhealthy people are already removing themselves from the genepool by being unattractive. And they die by diabetes at age 50 or 60 which is way after reproduction anyway.

Healthcare costs are out of control even for conditions that have nothing to do with life choices. Anyone can get cancer. It's obscene you have to spend your life savings to get basic medical care that would have cost nothing a few decades ago. Or in a different country.

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>And they die by diabetes at age 50 or 60 which is way after reproduction anyway

It would be a lot sooner if they had to fend for themselves.

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> ignores your dns requests

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Keep in mind that it used to be cheaper because the treatment was different

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From what animu is this pic?

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>you do realize
I smell the reddit right off you.

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These, + Gentoo and OpenBSD are all options. Personally, I enjoy Void.

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What distro do you use?

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So what? Life expectancy was not that much higher in 1970. Why can't I buy 1970 level healthcare and save a shit ton of money?

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OpenRC is abysmally slow, runit is literally 5x faster

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Do you use void?

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PCLinuxOS too, nigger.

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True, that one slipped my mind.

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I can also verify that runit is extremely fast, although I don't know exact stats and I've never used OpenRC. I just know that my non-ssd Void install boots in a couple seconds. It's not something that matters that much, but it's exciting and I like to talk about it.

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I have been contemplating on installing void but I'm not sure. It seems hipster and unstable. As much as i like debian, i don't like systemd.

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It's extremely stable. Hipster might be accurate. I say give it a try. It's not a derivative, so you're learning some new things, like a new package manager. It's pretty nice as a daily driver, though. I was running it on a machine I wasn't using for anything super important, and later on I made that machine my main machine. No real complaints now that I use Void every day instead of Arch.

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dont kid yourselves. hipsters use macbooks and drink craft beer. they don't know shit about linux. whatever /g/ considers "hipster" is just a style of autist they don't approve of for a pathetic attempt to make themselves feel better for being such a loser. "s-sure he uses linux b-but he only gets laid because h-he is a total hipster. r-real hackers are incels and its badass."

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Interesting but it seems complicated in a way, i couldn't find a good wiki page on void on how to install wireless drivers. Unlike void, on debian i could find the wiki page easily.


>> No.63278437

Don't get worked up. I think we were both just agreeing that it's a somewhat obscure distro.

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Wireless drivers? Do you have weird hardware or something? The kernel should have the support built-in. It should work out of the box.

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He'll escape again.

>> No.63278498

Has wireless drivers worked out of the box for you on your void installation?

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We've already established that GNU is the true cuck license. Go away, Chinese shill!

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Don't let the sustained and pernicious fud campaign put you off, systemd just werks bro.

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Doesn't void remove nonfree-opensource software from the kernel by default?

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Fourth post, best post

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>muh gommunism
BSD is literal slave labor, except with a smile

>> No.63278577

In the same tread where people are dissing systemd, they're also recommending the absolute and utter garbage that is BSD.
Really makes you think.

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>a communist can't tell the difference between slave labor and volunteering
no wonder its so easy for you pinkos to pretend the end justifies the means. kys

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GNU shills are slaves to China. Zhang pls go.

>> No.63278640

Senki Zesshou Symphogear

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Isn't volunteering communist too since you're helping your community? Those filthy communist should be taking an unpaid internship, that'll really help some people.

BSDcucks are slaves to corporations. Intel pls go

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Red Hat IS the US Gov you moron.

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imagine being such an autistic cunt that you have an emotional attachment to an OS kernel and feeling threatened by other OS'es. wew lad. what a sad life.

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Posting from systemd free linux.

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>software licenses =/ kernels
The former being the rights you give others regarding your intellectual property. You are a retard incapable of following a conversation, but you still have to opine with your misinformed opinion anyways.

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i bet you are as ugly as RMS himself you autistic loser. now go write a gpl program and force anyone who uses the code to give wittle baby boy his cwedits

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Oh wow, a vague personal attack. I feel so offended, looks like I lost the argument, curse you anonymous poster!

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I use void/runit on my x220, and gentoo/OpenRC on my desktop at home. Both have HDDs, average time for void is like 3 seconds to boot, gentoo takes about 20, generally. They are both great.

yes it does you have to xbps-install -S void-nonfree-repo if you want to use the proprietary drivers, but if you have a common wireless card void has semi-okay coverage for FOSS drivers.

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Rem sure got hurt

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>You're a cuck for not giving me permission to steal your code.

BSDtards at it again

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Are you retarded ? systemd has nothing to do with Wacom drivers, and they run perfectly 'out of the box' on systemd systems.

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You keep using that word.

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ITT idiot defends his short-term greed; will 100% need government dole later in life for his own healthcare and will 100% expect and demand it all be covered.

Hypocrite, you are.

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what is systemd?

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In my experience there are about the same speed, runit was maybe a second faster. When you used OpenRC did you enable parallel startup? The config file says it can cause problems but I haven't encountered any on my 3 Gentoo machines.

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It'll be ok, bby, it'll go away eventually.

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>What is Void, Deuvan and Gentoo

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>tfw using Gentoo unironically because of the current state of loonix

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You literally can't implement universal healthcare without increasing tax rates on the productive classes and/or cutting massive amounts of bureaucracy in today's gov't in order to free up funds for said healthcare. The problem with the progressives is that they're eager to do the former and not even willing to do the latter, meaning that the benefit of universal healthcare will be offset by the massive slump in actual economic growth. You can't have your cake and eat it.

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post gentoo desktop

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it works literally everywhere else

>> No.63285433

Except in economies that are actually growing at a sustainable rate.

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It's just bogstandard mate, m8.

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it's sad that almost no one mentions PCLinuxOS when they talk about non-systemd distros. Even the dev seems to be a cool dude

>> No.63285617

It's a init system that has divided opinions because some people think it's too complex to audit it's code and has too much functions for a init system. It's also criticized because it's developer doesn't follow the Unix principles and because he works for red hat

>> No.63285737


some of the design decisions were shit but for the most part they've been getting addressed, albeit in unusual ways, like service generators.

unlike other shitty init's, systemd actually works at knowing what pid is doing what, not juggling autistic /run garbage that might be horribly wrong, it integrates all of the timesharing benefits of cgroups in one place on a per user/service or slice/scope level.

it also has functioning dependency management, unlike "semantic comments" LSB header bullshit and meaninglessly numbered "run levels"

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I kinda want to install OpenBSD on a Librebooted X200 now.

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>it works literally everywhere else
white or east asian countries only, generally racially homogeneous (>90%) and with very small populations

tl;dr: go fuck yourself

>> No.63285934

Just write a new operating system and replace the shitty interface we put up with because no one has actually created anything novel since jobs and woz gave us a shit heap gui
Oh but wait you can't because you're a god damned CIA nigger that can't even wrote a fucking compiler

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Yes, obviously. Distro doesn't matter for this.

>> No.63286082

No, I wish. The kernel has blobs. There's a separate non-free repo, but I don't think it's Debian-tier.

>> No.63286177

Thats not correct. Some distros do not include some drivers

>> No.63286189

The only reason that should be the case is if it was non-free and you were using something like Debian or a distro from the FSF approved distros list.

>> No.63286220

Even non freetard distros are often missing broadcom drivers

t.broadcom wlan card

>> No.63286269

mApple stole the gui from Micro$hat, who bought it from xerox, so not original.

>> No.63286275

You don't add malicious code, you just write shitty code with exploitable vulnerabilities. Systemd has many of those.

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>He doesn't use Debian/kFreeBSD

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while gentoo can run with systemd (doesn't by default), funtoo is specifically incompatible with systemd.
I run funtoo.

>> No.63286807

what is the difference for a debian-based pleb like myself

>> No.63286873

not my macos and bsd systems :^)

>> No.63286896

henry george mofugga
socialism is for brainlets
income tax is theft
a generous welfare state is entirely fundable by one tax policy
read a book

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The repositories use git instead of rsync and you can mix stable/unstable packages at will without them blocking or breaking each other.

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