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>literally cannot be installed on a secondary drive because it just says "fuck you" and destroys the bootloader on your main drive
how do you people deal with this shit?

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if you want to dual boot windows you gotta install it first then install your linux distro and grub

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>you have to follow some arbitrary rules made by microsoft because they are too incompetent to implement a simple feature

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i know its cancer but you dont have to use windows kek. I run it on my desktop for vidya and use mint on my laptop because thats what i use to be productive

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I think that's arrogance, not incompetence. They do it on purpose, because obviously the stupid consumer doesn't want to use anything but Windows.

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They know exactly what they are doing

99% of windows users will never use another operating system

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U can instal ur lunxi frist and then windowz and then reinstall gurb

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I don't see the problem
Unplug your primary linux drive, install windows to the secondary drove, replug the Linux drive and use grub to choose between them

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It still fucks it up, last time I had to disconnect all other drives, install windows and then let grub handle everything. Fucking windows would insist on creating his shitty boot partition on my loonix drive.

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>how do you people deal with this shit?
baremetal hypervisors

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If you use uefi it will change the default to windows everytime you boot.

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>literally can't run a single piece of industry standard productivity software
how do you people deal with this shit?

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if you'd ever worked with industry-standard productivity software you'd know what an eye-bleedingly awful pile of shit most of it is. Not that it matters much anymore, half of its web apps by now, anything with a browser can use them.

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>but muh photoshop

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By using open source alternatives

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This is wrong. Its just easier to do it that way.

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Good thing ntldr is better than grub I guess

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>implementing a feature 99.9% of people won't use so it would be easier to use something besides their own product
Brilliant logic there m8

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the problem isn't repairing it, just bootrec /fixmbr and /fixboot, it's just fucking annoying and an absolute bullshit

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works on my macbook

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are u me?

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>There are decent open source alternatives to Photoshop

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This isn't incompetence. This is just a fuck you. Windows ten is full of these.

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If you really want to sit on Adobe's dick, then use wine fucktard.

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