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>The i7-2600K paired up with a GTX 1070 proved to be a very, very potent combination particularly at higher resolutions where it matched up evenly against the i7-8700K. I’ll even go out on a limb and recommend avoiding Coffee Lake unless you absolutely need the additional connectivity offered on the Z370 platform. The framerate uplift just isn’t there and the money you save could easily be put towards a better GPU….and an all inclusive vacation.
do i dare say, intel btfo themselves out in 2011 with sandy bridge? i guess sandy, ivy, haswell, and broadwell users will never, ever upgrade.

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>tfw still using 2500k

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whew lad

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Main reason I wanna upgrade from my 3570k is for an m.2 SSD.

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nice to see you didn't bother reading the article.

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for gaming it isn't worth it and that was the point of the article. productivity stems from the increase core and thread count. buy a ryzen 1600(x) if you need a budget increase in multi-threaded scenerio.

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Holy shit why would I want that pos 1600?
So you have a 2700k?

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for gaming isn't worth getting a GPU above a 970 so whats your point.

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there is no point in buying covfefe lake if you're on anything made since 2011 from intel, and 2017 from amd. and you only buy a 1070 or above from nvidia, and only a vega 56 from amd if you're going to run 1440p and above. if on 1080 just buy a rx 580 or 1060 6gb.

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intel = wine
AMD = poo

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>at.. at least i have my ~15% increase in gaming performance!

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You figure there's an improvement going from a 2500 to a 2600? I recently picked up a used box with a 2600 and am thinking about swapping it over to my outdated gaming rig

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Look, I play @4k, so I could use a fucking brick as a processor.
What's your point?

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power usage doesn't matter on desktops

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that at cpu bound 1080p it isn't so bad as people make it out to be. if you own any intel processor from 2011, or any amd processor from 2017 you don't need to upgrade for 1080p or higher gaming.

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>t. intlel fag in 2017

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But I have a 2600K and I'm upgrading to a i5-8400. Also that benchmark is GPU bottle necked and its done by a literal Poo

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>amd is the housefire
POWER USAGE MATTERS BIG TIME FOR DESKTOPS. I'd rather have a SLOWER processor or gpu that a high electral bill and a house fire! stupid americans stop thinking the world revolves around america and your cheap power!
>intel is the housefire
power usage doesn't matter for desktops. all that matters if performance as i would never want a slower product for less power consumption. computers are pricey and its the price you have to pay for performance. if you can't afford high power bill then maybe you should switch to a console.
>nvidia is the housefire
its the way its meant to be played.

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you miss his entire 1080 ti section didn't you?

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Sure, It's more about missing out on usb3 and shit, that those motherboards don't support.
I had a 3770k that kindof died. I mean, it still works, but only with 1 stick of ram, and without turbo.
So now I'm on a 1600X.
But both would be the exact same shit under 4K.
Unless you're aiming for 144Fps gaming, a more powerful cpu is fucking useless.
And 144 hz gaming is useless for me.

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I'm surprised how high the 8500's power consumption is at only 3.8GHz.

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>10% better gaming performance over 6 years

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guru3d did a power efficeny breakdown article awhile ago after covfefe lake launched and concluded ryzen's arcitecure is actually more power efficent than intel's latest and greatest. not huge, but pretty decent. intel just doesn't scale well when they add in more cores. i can see why they held back mainstream 6 core and higher parts as long as they had.

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All of these low level API's for a CPU benchmark, like I said that guy is retarded

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>all these next gen api's are stupid
>this guy is an idiot for using next gen api's.
>meanwhile i'm still ignoring the older dx11 api's that show similar to next gen api's.
>like overwatch, witcher 3, and wildlands, and call of duty
enjoy you're 1% - 10% increase in gaming for 500% increase in cost.

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>All of these low level API's for a CPU benchmark
Yeah, clearly we should only use DX11 until the end of time. Why does it seem like Intel fanboys are always trying to hold back technology?
>DX11 is all that matters!
>4 cores is all you need!
>Ringbus forever!
>I only game at 720p/1080p in CS:GO at low settings!

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Why would you even buy new CPU's, when you can get used Xeons? Literally better perfomance, better price, better specs. You guys are jew'd.

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These numbers seem kinda off for the 8700K, maybe it is throttling ?

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could be since it even throttles with chilled 20c water.

but either way, the leaf ran it at stock settings so low chance of thottling.

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Well, you know, it's on air cooling.
Who knew, all those reviews on watercooling were biased, after all.

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I just benched my i5 8400 in blender bmw27 and it completed it in 499 seconds, which is actually pretty amazing considering its not meant for these workloads

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He shows a screencap of CPUZ running it at 5.1 GHz
And I don't think he delided it either.

Well anyways, I think I'll keep my 2600K for now, until DDR4 prices drop and cheap coffee lake mobo's are available.

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I remember laughing at the people who bought the 2600K for "future proofing" in 2011, but AMD died temporarily and Intel went into complete resting-on-laurels mode for 5 years and in the meantime game engines became more multithreaded, so now the stock 2600K beats even a fully overclocked 2500K in recent reviews.

If I could get a cheap 2600K to upgrade from my 2500K, that would be great. But they are basically selling for 130+€, which I can get a used 1600 for :S

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>pic rel

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he does in the "Moving Further On With Overclocking" review part where he purposefully tested overclocking results and those results are only found on that overclocking page portion. so he didn't do the main results overclocked.

also asking people to delid is utterly moronic and shouldn't even be in our lexicon. that's the most stupidest thing intel is forcing people to do. i understand why, but its still downright stupid we have to.
i too was one of those people too who laughed at those getting 2600k's over the 2500k's. to be fair though the 2500ks lasted a very long without needing ht. its only now we do. and thats sad that is took 6 years for the ht part to be worth it.

even more sad we haven't had any gain in ipc. well, amd did but that was because bulldozer was so awful that anything was going to be a big plus. nice to see ryzen around broadwell level. refreshing with how terrible faildozer was.

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>tfw happy with my old ass ivy bridge
>suddenly mobo shits itself
>either waste 2-4 weeks and $150 on a replacement
>or spend $500+ getting a new mobo, cpu and ddr4 sticks that wont even give me a noticeable performance upgrade

I fucking hate the market. Theres almost no room for reasonable savings unless you buy used shit. Every year they dump old stock and hike the prices up.

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>8 hours

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ram is insane. like $300 for a 32gb kit right now.

i have been tempted at seeing how much i could sell my ryzen system though. i love it, don't need to switch, but if i could get a lot from the used market, it be cool to try something new.

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I have a skylake i5 6600 and was planning on buying a 7700k tomorrow. It's the biggest CPU my mobo can take. Should ibjust buyba Vega instead? Currently have a 390 in there.

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another excuse for they gayintel fags , first it waS

AND now you want to play in dx9 lmao, GO COOK SOME SOPA DE MACACACO

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DON T BUY anything cunt

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>tfw my combo
> couldn't justify buying a completely new pc when I won all that $$$$ from Trump getting elected.
I love you 2600k, you've never let me down.

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Its minutes :/

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how was that quality of image rendered so quickly is there some optimization that can be done to cycles mine renders of lower quality take much longer on better hardware, and yes ive enabled cuda

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>gpu limited
why bother?

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Idk it was a cpu benchmark i didnt use my gpu

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>tfw I will never have to upgrade from my E5-2699v3

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These are absolute memes. They're alnost always positioned to be an additional heatsink for your gpu.

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What? Most of them outright had heat problems, how could they be heatsinks?

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Because the hot air from free flow gpu's would hit the m.2 slot

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*blocks your path*

Where my LGA1336bros at?

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He didn't read the article.
He did not see.
Fucking retard.

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