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Why fuck is people even buying Ryzen?

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8 cores

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>.1fps increase with a 1ghz+ OC


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>In most multi-threaded tests, such as video encoding, the i5-8600K performs in the league of the 8-core/16-thread Ryzen 7 1700 (non-X) and is consistently faster than the similarly priced Ryzen 5 1600X 6-core/12-thread chip. Thanks to its higher IPC and high clock speeds, it also stays ahead of the bulk of AMD's lineup in single-threaded tests.


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Because they're testing with a 1080 Founders Edition and are clearly GPU bottlenecked.

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pentium look really good....

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Blame something else anon, just like you always do.

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Wow you get 7 fps more than me for 200$ more. What a killer deal!

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G4560 is awesome, it have the perfomance of a i3 and is like 60 bucks

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Cheapest 8600K on PCPP: $279.89
Cheapest 1600X on PCPP: $224.49
Cheapest 1700 on PCPP: $289.78

On what planet is the 8600K more similarly-priced to the 1600X than the 1700?

Go away, dumb faggot.

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>200$ more

>The single-threaded performance of the i5-8600K also makes it one of the fastest processors in our bench for gaming, where it trades blows with the more expensive i7-8700K and is significantly ahead of AMD's top-dog Ryzen 7 1800X.

>Ryzen 7 1800X.
>400 bucks
>this i5
>260 bucks

Pls ryzen cuck

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now stream while gaming or run video encode

>where's all the performance gone lol

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>muh gaming performance for 20fps
>games are the only thing I do because I'm a manchild
Please leave.

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They go to the store, they don't find the coffee lake there, then they buy the next best thing.

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get a job

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>1.2GHz overclock
>0.1FPS gain

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>Why fuck is people even buying Ryzen?

Nice sentence you indian shill POS

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>Ryzen 7 1800
Implying anyone buys that thing.
Everyone with two brain cells gets either the 1600 or the 1700.
1600 is like 240 and 1700 is 300 bucks.

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It's available in store, cheap, stock cooler is great, you can OC it on stock cooler as well, you don't have to void your warranty to have reasonable temperatures or OC it.
These are just from the top of my head.

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>let me only bitch about games when the processor outperform le 16 threads meme with 6 cores and no HT

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Also everyone that have an AM4 machine with a piece of shit bulldozer is most likely just rushing in to not have a crappy machine anymore.

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Generally better for CPU mining for those inclined to do it

that's about all I can think of

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AMD was the way to go for budget builds but ryzen is not even cheap, I loved my X4 but ryzen is FUCKING SHIT

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I do. I get paid by Youtube, Amazon and my viewers to play games

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>desperate to the point of spewing profanities

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How is it not cheap? Only expensive Ryzens are the R7s, with the 1800 and 1800X being the only ones unreasonably priced. The 1700 is in a very nice pricing spot.
Not to speak for the 1600 and 1400. And don't forget that with a Ryzen CPU you don't have to overpay for a Z370 motherboard if you want to buy a lower end chip.
>inb4 muh unicorn ram
The pricing differences between 2466 and 3200 are barely 10-20 bucks most of the time, which you can afford to buy if you're not overpaying for a Z370 motherboard.

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>muh coars muh multitasking

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Getting 15 bucks/month is not a work
Every proper streamer have a i7 and nvidia anyways

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>this chart is used to show an invalid test procedure

btfo by your own image

delete your 4chan account

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There are people out there who do thing other than memefield 3 you fucking /v/igger.

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>The 1700 is in a very nice pricing spot.
>300 bucks

Do you have fucking brain issues?
Are AMD fanboys literally braindead people?

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>$15 a month
hahahaha he thinks I'm some smalltime hobbyist.

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Yeah now kill yourself retarded subhuman and find a job to leave your moms basement

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I have a job.

I am self-employed as a content creator.
What it says on my self-tax assessment.

Sorry buddy.

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Show me the Intel CPU with 8 cores and 16 threads for 300$ or under.
I'll be waiting.

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so how much does Intel 8 core cost

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You have right here a 260 bucks CPU that rape the 300 bucks ryzen on everything multi core related literal braindead trash

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its the same when 1800x launched

amd->its a 6900k competitor that can also play games
shills->7700k DESTROYS 1800x on GAMES

yeah that pretty much it

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Where is the proofs, though?

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>recently upgraded my 1155 socket to an i7 for 60 bucks
Why do people buy brand new parts again

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Why aren't you killing yourself already?

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I went ryzen because its better for the littke 4k gaming I do, is better for video editing (I'm not using Adobe software), has an upgrade path longer than 6 months, and I was able to pick up a 1600 and asrock taichi with 8gb of 3200mhz ram for less than the going price of a 8700k as per pcpartpicker. The extra 8 pcie lanes over Intel when I got it also matter, since I use more than just a gpu. And the fact that a 40 dollar cooler is keeping that 1600 at under 73c oc to 3.95 is something Intel chips just can't match
Not to mention the compression and encryption performance is excellent, which both matter to me since I do a lot of both
I know this is bait but I thought I'd share

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>best Ryzen oc is 3.6
>most can do 3.8 or more

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>>most can do 3.8

Wew, 200mhz how is intel still alive

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>OC'd CPUs against stock clocks Ryzen, no OC'd Ryzen in sight, who can go to 4.0GHz
l o l

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If the GPU was the bottleneck then the results would be identical.

So Fuck off.

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I can't be down with ((( Intel )))

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>94583409549075 cores
>ryzen is useless for VMs

What the fuck do you even a ryzen for outside looking at benchmarks and being slower than a pentium for single threaded stuff aka 99% of your computer use

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Show me where I can buy a i5-8600k :^)

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bulldozer doesn't w ork with am4

>> No.63108652

https://www.newegg.com/ in a week

Now kill yourself, subhuman

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Do Intel cucks nor understand how bad this chart looks for Intel cpus?

G4560 is 14fps behind the 8700k.

That means the 8700k is dogshit hurr durr.

>> No.63108660

>avg. FPS
>not avg+st.dev.

do even basic statistics?
and yet you people are cheeky enough to cry about microstuttering and stuff

for the love of fuck

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Any modern CPU is overkill for games and yet the pentium have better single thread perfomance than 200% more expensive ryzun

>> No.63108665

only high binned chips like 1800x can reach it

>> No.63108667

just waitâ„¢

>> No.63108668

>in a week
They've been saying that shit for the past month, and it's still nowhere to be seen.
Intel is fucking finished. A 113B company with 100k employees can't even make enough chips and has to do a paper launch.

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because new games full load 4cores now. have fun running shit in the background, it's year 2004 again

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classic tpu benches

uses blender 2.7(released back in 2014) instead of the 2.79
uses euler3d which is compiled using fortran intel suite tools literally an intel benchmark
uses carefully crafted zip benches with small kernels to fit into the l1/l2 caches of intel instead of using a solid 2gb file kek

tpu literally thinks we are idiots

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Was not sure which one it is, but i'm pretty sure there is a pre ryzen piece of shit CPU that can be upgraded to ryzen.

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1950x costs 850$

Nothing Intel has comes close to it.

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>my only argument about it is that is going to be released in a week so I can't buy it yet

Your life is so fucking worthless

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Hilariously, TPU is the only place where the 8-series even gets close to Ryzen, and it still loses on most benchmarks.
Don't tell that to the shill though, he might get touchy.

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i5 have 6 cores now you muh cores piece of shit

And no fucking game can max 4 cores of anything released in the past 5 years

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>defending paper launch products

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>is that is going to be released in a week
It's already released, Pajeet. It's been "released" for a month now, and it can't be bought anywhere.
Who the fuck do you think you're fooling, you retard?

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are you retarded? i just posted one

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This is why I hate techpowerup
Reusing old benchmarks vs new cpus.

Check the same test done recently with both overclocked.

Please end yourself today. We already have enough retards on this planet.

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I forgot about bristol ridge

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its 0 to 18 at the worst case scenario and you choose 20? HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA

no sorry but either they are deliberately misleading consumers or they are plain clueless

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Ryzen cucks trying so hard to justify their shit

This is worse than apple fanboys

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this chart is pointless without a 1600(x) in there

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My 1600 and 1600x both do 4.0 and 4.1 in stock voltage. The 1600 does 4ghz with the stock cooler.

Kys fag.

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Meanwhile my 2500k is perfectly fine for everything

CPU perfomance is a meme

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True the 8600k is a good cpu. But so is the 1600x.

Also pic related. 4cores is dead Jim.

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>it's only a valid argument when it's amd

>> No.63108738


just like with GPUs everything have become expensive as hell
I suspect most people here built their first computer in the 2010s so the current price points feel normal for them

>> No.63108762

>6 core
>hit the silicon lottery
8700k can do 5Ghz at worst
kys poojet

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It's cheap in what it offers, you mongoloid.
Before Ryzen, the cheapest 4c/8t CPU you could find would be at least 250-300$. Now you can get them at 140$ starting, that's half the price.
The cheapest 4core would be at least around 160-170$. Now, it's 110$.

You gotta be a special kind of retard to think that Ryzen is expensive. It's fucking not, and it's lowering the bar on CPU prices. Intel price gouged the shit out of everyone for over a decade, and now that AMD finally has competition to bring down the price, somehow, Ryzen is the expensive one.
Fucking morons.

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try doing 5ghz on that housefire with a air cooler

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Fucking this, GPU prices increased by 50-70% and now not even AMD do cheap CPUs, actually the pentium is the closest thing we have to former AMD
Also the ram/SSD prices went up too, you don't have good 60 bucks MOBOs anymore and HDDs are stuck for half a decade
Consumerist whores and fanboys bitch about their shit while the happy jew stay happy

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For only the small cost of a nuclear reactor, you too could run your i7 8700k at 5.0GHz! Don't forget to delid!

>> No.63108779

>poojet with stale memes
It hits 5Ghz without deliding and on air.

>> No.63108792

Damn, you must have the most golden of golden chips while also being the best OCer in the world. What a pro.

>> No.63108800

>Ryzen is the expensive one.
Not once you factor in motherboard prices

>> No.63108803

314watts on 4.7ghz with mce on with a watercooler
ask them why they havent showed temps at all

>> No.63108879

Because some of us are adults and don't choose our hardware based on what gives us an extra 3 FPS in video games

>> No.63108934

>system power draw

>> No.63108992

>moar cores
>cheaper mobos
And also because it makes you mad.

>> No.63108995

it's a chart with benchmarks, how is it pointless? post a chart with 1600 if it troubles you

>> No.63109000

You are fine with just 4.8 anyways

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implying good air cooling isn't on par with mainstream gaymur aio shit

>> No.63109034

and the obligatory aio cooler

>> No.63109044

Say it with me

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>> No.63109060

Cheap, fast, good platform longevity.
What's not to like?

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1600 has been sub 200$ since forever though

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Comparable performance at a fraction of the cost
> B-B-But I'm not a poorfag!
You don't need to be poor to realise that paying twice as much to increase your fps from 142 to 144 is fucking retarded.

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>a fraction of the cost

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>ryzen cucks still think AMD shit is cheap

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At least with Ryzen you get superior smooth gaming experience compared to Intel's inferior stuttery ancient architecture. AMD is alwas right.

>> No.63110151

>in a week

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That's a very good question OP. Maybe people who like good frametimes and fluid gameplay?

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>Intlel CPU 1Ghz higher
>faster ram
>still less performance

lmao intlel on suicide watch

>> No.63110208

You forgot to note that Intel CPU has 50% less cores.

>> No.63110233

But I thought number of cores didn't matter? I thought gaming was all about single core performance on 4 cores? That's what intel shills have been telling me.

>> No.63110240

Things that matter depend on the use scenario.

>> No.63110334

>Everyone with two brain cells gets either the 1600 or the 1700.
1800X has better clocks, XFR, etc. than the two lower models because it tested better, which means it was binned higher. Which is like winning at the slot machines for the 'silicon lottery' right off the production line. In short, these chips are better all the way around than their lower-binned brothers.Is this the most cost effective of the group? Depends on how you define value.

>> No.63110466

>>ryzen is useless for VMs

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>Oy vey! Why is everyone not buying my superior products?

>> No.63111114

fukken this.
i remember being able to buy a $60 mobo with a ~$100 cpu, $30 8gb ddr3 and a $150 graphics and you could medium play everything. that now costs at least double and you're lucky to get it that cheap.

>> No.63111456

am4 board, r3 1200 and 1050ti are still in that price range. just the ram is expensive

>> No.63111500

>support Intel Jews and Israel
>support red-blooded AMD americans
What a tough choice

>> No.63112513

So it'll be useless faster?

>> No.63113162


You can at least obtain it and it is good enough for its price point.

Coffee Lake has massive mark-ups from etailers and brick and mortars due to sheer demand and limited supplies. It will be this way until Q1-Q2 2018.

Intel rushed Coffee Lake to the market because they want to stop from the desktop marketshare hemorrhaging from Ryzen 5 and 7.

>> No.63113576

things that matter is only things that intel wins

>> No.63113689

I went from an i5 6600k to a 1700x. I'm pretty happy with my purchase.

I was able to get a 1700x for sub $300 from Microcenter a few weeks back. I'm sitting at a 3.9 OC and my temps are pretty good, much lower than if I'd gone with Intel.

I game at 1440p, so the CPU isn't really that big of a difference for me, and it allows me to have other things running in the background where my 4 thread i5 6600k did not.

tldr to each their own, both platforms are OK.

>> No.63113886

1-3% difference is margin of error and effectively identical in computer performance benchmarks.

This would mean that just based on what we see here, the average, everything from 140-148 is effectively margin of error

but this fairly large cluster at 148 means there is an upper limit and luck put some cpus above others, see the 8600 and 8700, the game loves threads, yet 1.1ghz - 1.2 ghz advantage only gave THAT much? No, this is a gpu bottleneck.

>> No.63113939

technically people bitched about the game comparison because the ryzen loses to pentium and i3's in many benches... the 7700k does too

just looking at the numbers on this benchmark alone, its really hard to justify getting more than a i3-7100, and even then the value of the g4560 can't be overlooked.

>> No.63114223

Then the thread is pointless to begin with, retard.

>> No.63114472

that's not how gpu bottlenecks work

>> No.63114489

how do people even get ddr4 over 3200 to work at all with ryzen?

>> No.63114564

You buy a good X370 MOBO and not a dirt cheap B350.

Some B350s will still hit it though but get the great brands, speaking of that anyone know of some?

>> No.63114618

Mixed usage

>> No.63114630

performance is performance and I don't care if AMD needs help they hire huge faggots to shill

>> No.63114645

Went from an i5-6600 to a R5 1600 and I'm disappointed. This piece of shit runs very hot even at idle, can only hit 3.8 GHz at 1.4 V or higher, and stock cooler is garbage. Will be swapping it out with a Coffee Lake soon.

>> No.63114678

gaming is not the only thing people do on PCs

>> No.63114731

if you need a workstation why would you bother with consumer cpu and not get your business to buy or build a threadripper or xenon computer

>> No.63114762


>> No.63114815

Why couldn't I5 be a 4c8t CPU while an i7 be a 6c12t since the first time?

>> No.63114860


>> No.63114884

fuck you

>> No.63114914

>intel fags

>G4560 is awesome
>60 bucks

>> No.63114980

This page is autistic like few others, but I don't disagree with it.

>> No.63114983

Because I'm not a performance junkie.

>> No.63115019

>And the fact that a 40 dollar cooler is keeping that 1600 at under 73c oc to 3.95 is something Intel chips just can't match
Can't wait for the reviews of Ryzen Mobile.

>> No.63115258

My reason is cause i don t want to give more money to jewintel

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>> No.63117767

B350F Strix

>> No.63118005

isn't coffee lake like housefire tier of heat/power use

I mean I always accept that Intels are probably gonna be better in IPC at equivalent clockspeeds to amd- I don't particularly care if I could've gotten 5-15 more FPS in a game in scenarios where I'd be getting 100+ FPS with either chip

>> No.63118088

>$50+ more for 6 (SIX) FPS
Yeah ok

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Because the cheapest Ryzen processor can match or beat trash from Intel that costs twice as much


>> No.63118321

That's their argument retard.

>> No.63118376


Because Intel fucked up

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