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>Google Maps introduces a new feature that shows you how many calories you'd burn if you were to walk to your destination
>social-media feminazis claim this is "lowkey aimed at women" and it would "shame" and "trigger" those with eating disorders
>Google ditches the feature

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>People care more about being being 'shamed' and 'triggered' than being constantly geolocated.
What went wrong?

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Nobody is gonna waste 13 minutes to burn 59 calories.

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This is nothing.

in the UK, people are literally writhing with rage because obese people and smokers, the 2 groups with the most costly and preventable causes of death will be barred from taking on surgery until they lose weight or stay off cigs for 2 months.
We need to literally shame fat people until they stop existing.

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>thinking people still take you seriously when you use the word feminazi

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>Lorenz also claimed that using pink cupcakes as the unit of measurement was "lowkey aimed at women."

so only women eat pink cupcakes?
what a fucking sexist

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>losing useful software features to "political correctness"
is this better?

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Seems pretty accurate to me

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I'm all for walking, but I'm not gonna walk 10 city blocks to burn 100 calories, the only motivation for me to do that would be if I was stuck without a car.
What they don't tell you is how long you'll have to wait at crosswalks, those 10 city blocks is easily an hour and a half.

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It's win/win for the developers of the feature.

They needed to get something done and released to the public in order to make the promotion committee happy.

Taking it down for non-technical reasons just means that they don't have to maintain it.

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I would have used the fuck out of this feature since I walk way too much. Maybe they'll let you turn in on in settings or something once this dies down.

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>59 calories for 13 minutes of walking
That's like a single potato chip, or half a sip of soda. Just fucking eat less. I feel like this would only discourage excrsize.

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Uhm this triggers me. I want 4chan to be shut down immediately for not removing this comment made by an obvious rapist. I'm also starting a gofundme to raise awareness and to help me recover from this FUCKING shit comment. I suggest you donate you absolute racist mysoginistic white FUCKING male.

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As a transwoman, I'm contacting buzzfeed as we speak. Hang in there my friend, justice will be done. For every minute they don't respond I will add an extra paragraph on my blog about the different ways their lack of response severely offended all women.

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>59 cal
Hopefully this makes people realize that diet is how you lose weight, not exercise.

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People do. Only subhuman filth complains.

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>walking 10 blocks takes over an hour
How much do you weigh, anon? Even getting stopped at every single crosswalk (you won't be), there's no excuse for that to be a 40+ minute walk.

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This is a feature that would have been nice to have

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I think this is a cool feature I would use but I guess I'm wrong since I'm a dude

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Humans are among the most energy efficient land animals on earth. Walking is the opposite of exercise unless you're an autist (mildly retarded) and have an uneven, inefficient gait.

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It is pretty ridiculous to ban citizens from medical treatment.

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She's half right. The chain of shit included the fact that the burn estimates do not take into account your own height and weight; 13 minutes of walking would do a lot more for an obese person.

But then she said counting calories doesn't work and leads to "toxic diet culture". Yeah I guess I stopped being fat by fucking magic. Yeah nah fuck off

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It's because surgery is potentially dangerous. Being obese or a smoker can cause complications that increase recovery time, will require further surgery or potentially cause death on the table.

In an emergency situation they will operate on an obese person or smoker, but if you read more than just the article title,
>But the new rules, drawn up by clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) in Hertfordshire, say that obese patients “will not get non-urgent surgery until they reduce their weight” at all, unless the circumstances are exceptional.

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I'm with her on that. Counting calories does lead to a toxic diet culture.

But you still have to acknowledge that calories in needs to be calories out unless you want to store them as fat, so if you are fat then realize you can use some of those calories by walking instead of getting in your car you fat fuck.

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exercise has never been a good way to burn calories, only ignorant non exercisers believe that, it does a ton of good things for your body but the calories burned while actually exercising is mostly irrelevant

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true. its mostly diet and NEAT non-exercise activity thermogenesis. exercise will help balance hormones, boost metabolism, mood, alertness, etc.

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yeah, exercise is great but you get people thinking "hey, i'ma eat this whole cake and i'll just go for a walk after dinner and "burn it off!""

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The walk is worth it if you have a sedentary job.

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We are approaching the end times.

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They're not citizens. They're degenerates.

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It will show how little calories you actually burn by walking and make people to drive/take Uber instead.

This is what you get with "socialized healthcare" lel. The government owns your body, not you.

By your logic we should ban from healthcare people who practice extreme sports as well.

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What is the word for indirectly profiting from something but deep down you know that is not right? conflicted?

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> walking from 21st to 30th
> 9 blocks
> in downtown manhattan
> total walking distance well under 1 mile
> no hills
> lights change every 30-60 seconds
> nobody cares about the lights because everyone jaywalks constantly

either you are hopelessly ignorant of times and distances in new york, or it takes you an hour and a half to walk 7/10ths of a mile

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Why is American culture so anti-exercise?

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Does it take into account the afterburner effect?

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A can of coke is 120 Calories; so 13 minutes of walking is half a can of coke.

It's kind of fucked up, but "calorie" actually means "kilo-calorie" when people are talking about food and exercise. At least that's how it is in North America; I've seen food packages from other places that correctly say kcal.

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It's a complete waste of health insurance money that could've gone to someone with a more seripus or preventable injury instead.

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It's pretty ridiculous to throw resources down the drain too.
But by your logic that seems perfectly a-okay.

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>Google Maps introduces a new feature that shows you how many calories you'd burn if you were to walk to your destination
oh cool that sounds awesome i might try it right now see how much my daily walk burns
>Google ditches the feature
for fucks sake

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how long until they tell fitbit not to count calories ?
I'm thinking less than a year

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fitbits will be banned by 2019 for being "lowkey aimed at womyn"

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how many calories does being raped burn

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Kinda surprised though, that 13min walk (1 mile presumably) only burns 60 calories.

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make it opt-in

like financing transitioning from obsolete fucking white male to blacked livestock

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> listeneng to landwhales
Google did bring this to itself, ok.

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that is a rather slow pace. Conversely you can burn 300 kcals by walking for an hour

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13 minutes of sprint interval training will burn twice that, just do some HIIT and drive over there
>muh joints
Drink some milk, grandma

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Hiit is not good cardio, several short intervals are worse than proper continuous and strenuous exercise

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Yes, I would have guessed that it would burn about 1000 times more calories.

Are people working for Google that retarded? Or they are just following a retarded society?

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Why do you think people say to eat less? Exercising is for fitness first, weight loss second

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see >>62960766

Americans are dumb.

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would have been genuinely useful

just another example of how politically-correct culture destroys innovation and competitiveness

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oh look, the pitfalls of socialized medicine coming to bear

bet those people wished they had an alternative option they could pay for

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>this is the timeline we live in
Oh I'm laffin

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Those people have no problem with being tracked 24/7 but complain about an estimate for burnt calories?

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doesn't the tax on cigarettes contribute far more to the NHS than smokers treatment costs?

They do, private healthcare is available of course.

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funniest one desu

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Sounds useful to be honest, if I'm going to be a part of the botnet I might as well get /fit/ before skynet starts shooting people.

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>doesn't the tax on cigarettes contribute far more to the NHS than smokers treatment costs?
Probably. But having a patient take up a bed for two weeks instead of one is more of a problem.

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guess you didn't get the memo
>Google ditches the feature

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Having this in a generic map application is kinda weird. I don't know if it's against women or anything like that but the way it talks to the user is kinda patronizing as well.
>You burned off the 4 cupcakes you ate fattie!

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I agree, there's already plenty of fitness app that calculate burned calories, no need to bloat Gmaps further with this shit

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It's just giving you something to relate the number to.

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why are american cities designed as a maze? the blocks are quite literally all the same.

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Its depressing as fuck

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how many cupcakes does getting raped burn

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Depends on how much you struggle.

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ask john o jonnivan

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the streets are numbered

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Pretty damned simple to navigate when streets are arranged in a neat grid with all streets running either N/S or E/W. I'd hate to have to navigate a European clusterfuck regularly.

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What app is that?

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>correctly say kcal.
So should that be KiC in abbrev?

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No. Ki would mean 1024cal. They mean 1000cal, which would be 1Kcal

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Women were a mistake

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>a single potato chip

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Mi Fit for those Xiaomi Mi bands.

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Fuck! Now I want to know how many calories I burned.

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protip: cal is case sensitive
cal = 1 cal
Cal = 1000 cal

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>just broke up with ex
>now back in the dating scene
>somehow 2/3 women are fucking fat or overweight
>can never seem to find any thin women anymore
Dating is fucking hard these days

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Hi which app is that? It's more aesthetic than Google Fit

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Only in America.

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also walking is a fine way to burn calories. From what I understand it burns about the same calories as running when measuring only distance (obviously it takes more time walking vs running though which is why I want to get fit enough to run)

Rate my weekly steps

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>13min walk is 59cal
fuck this shit that isn't even remotely worth it, a sip of coke kills it instantly. Not even fat or fat defender, but walking is a big fucking meme. Running up and down stairs on the other hand...

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59Cal is a little under half a can of Coke.

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Maybe people shouldn't be drinking coke.

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Walking is very nice and relaxing, try going to state parks near you and seeing what trails they have on offer.

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>Running up and down stairs on the other hand...
This will kill your heart if you won't maintain your heart rate.

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You need to move around to trick your body into burning off its shit though. I'm an expert weight loser and I still eat poorly, just a lot less. Like last night I had sonic chicken tendies for dinner to go with my newest hot sauce but it was no big deal because I just only eat once a day outside small snacks of fruit or cheese and walk a whole lot

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For reference: 59 kcal of energy are in about 140 ml / 4.7 fl.oz. of regular coke.
>Win10 calculator calculates this to be about 0.6 coffee cups

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Imagine being so fragile and reactionary that the first thought to come to you when a map app adds calorie tracking is that you're fat and the world is out to get you

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No, and that's pretty much universal.

Once UK banned smoking indoors, they've made a huge profit in cutting medical costs

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