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nice paper launch you got there intel

im in america btw, where these things should have been most in stock, just face it if an amerifat like me cant get on of these coffin lake cpus non of you 3rd worlders can

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>Implying people would buy jewtel
You wasted a post because you can't update your housefire, delided 1-year-old chip.

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i was never going to buy one anyways who the fuck would?

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Probably someone that wanted to heat their basement.
You know, winter is coming.

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i got a 290x and a 4790k, im good

fun fact: the 4790k runs hotter than overclocked 290x, they are in the same water cooling loop

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By the time this gets proper stock it'll be 2018 and AMD will have Pinnacle Ridge out.

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is literally anything in stock these days

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>90 Coffelake CPUs have been sold this week

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Lmao, this.

Coffee was scheduled originally to launch in February or January 2018, Intel pushed release up and naturally there's no stock and there won't be for the immediate future, it takes at least a quarter for fabs to churn out enough chips.

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>tfw Coffee Lake was supposed to compete with Zen+, but Intel just gave AMD a highlight on what to improve with their upcoming chips


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>search for 8700k on amazon
>no results

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amd is, at least their cpus are

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We already knew 15 months ago that Coffeelake is just Skylake with 2 more cores, AMD knew that already.

AMD's only real weakness is clockspeed, if they can hit 4.5GHz reliably then AMD's got another year of good sales in the bag until Zen2 desktop in early 2019 hits and they demolish Intel's Core

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and AMD will paper launch zen+. or not launch at all until q2. it'll even out in the end.

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Why would AMD paper launch Pinnacle Ridge when it's on schedule and is using a modified 14nmLP process that has extremely high yield?

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You could get ryzens immideately at launch, dumbsit, the only problem was lack of motherboards.

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>it's on schedule

yeah it'll be available in '2018', according to mark papermaster himself. im already giving them the benefit of the doubt considering vega was '1H 2016'.

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How is vega related to the ryzen launch?

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Vega has nothing to do with Zen, we already got mobo vendors saying a February release, all in all a refresh of a extremely good launch like Summit Ridge should have zero issues, Vega may as well be made on a different planet.

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wait when was vega 1H 2016? 1H 2016 was when the 480 launched. Even the earliest of roadmaps show Vega as a 2017 launch.

Even then, RTG and AMD's CPU divisions are separate within AMD. Ryzen hit all of its targets, in both release and performance.

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How high does the 290X OC on water?

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never goes above 55c on full load

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as for clockspeed mine can get 1200 mhz

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Well not quite third world here but I can get one in not-america where I'm currently residing so I guess you are dead wrong. And your American exceptionalism is almost always wrong, see the amiibo case.

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Intel on suicide watch

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>tfw Burgers don't realise that they were the third worlders all along

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Better than any Poozen CPU though.

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>more FX series chips sold than fry-lake

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Actually, Intel is plentiful in the Asia Pacific, they are in stock everywhere here, but bundled with motherboards.

The 8700K is also cheaper than the 1700x here. The Vega 56 are being sold at GTX 1080 prices and the Vega 64 is almost in GTX 1080TI territory.

AMD can't even be competitive outside burgerland and that's why it's a shitshow.

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>Asia Pacific

who gives even the slightest fuck lol

might as well brag about their market leadership in antarctica lol

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Apple and other companies sure give a fuck, China alone beats the US in marketshare for a lot of products.

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>3rd worlder shittin on 3rd worlders
Burgers never cease to amuse me

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I live in SEA

8700k ran out immediately due to low stock and the earliest next stock would be late November I was told

8400 and 8100 are plenty but fuck pairing them with Z370 mobos

Maybe burgerland is the real third world shithole

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>in b4 some dipshit with a sample size of one shows off their 8700K and claims it's not a paper launch because they managed to get their hands on one (without mentioning it was $50-$100 over MSRP)

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I was going to get an 8700k, because I skipped broadwell, skylake, kaby, and ryzen.

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Hmmm. A lot of AMD damage control today. Intel must be up to something big.

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>A lot of AMD damage control today.
Monday to Friday are normal workdays. Niggas just clocked in.

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>Intel is up to something
>There is something a brewing
>The AMDrones bellys start on grumbling
>They need to Poo
>But they can't find the Loo
>So they start a DESIGNATED thread
>And take a poo there

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I think intel is just copying amd sales tactics by releasing small production batches to test the market, and create a false sense of demand.
>Maybe burgerland is the real third world shithole.
Keep dreaming

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Holy fuck I can almost hear the laughter somewhere at AMDs Sunnyvale HQ.

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should i buy an 8700k? i can get one tomorrow if i want

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Because no one wants to buy them.

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Imagine being an american lol

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>18 for shipping
eupoors never change

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Bad decision. Even if you are an Intel fanboy, the best is to wait for the 9xxx series.

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Shit is hot tho

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>cucking yourself with a locked CPU
>cucking yourself with an unlocked CPU that you're told not to overclock

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>cucking yourself with a CPU that's still shit no matter how much you overclock it

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Let's see that 1080ti and 1080p 144hz gaming monitor you've got since you clearly bought Shilltel just to get that sweet extra 20% FPS. Oh wait, you don't have either. Because you're a dumb cuck shill.

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Nice job. However, 1080ti has 0.66% marketshare on steam, so basically nobody owns one except for a few die-hards like you. That doesn't even show how many of those 1080ti owners are gaming at 4k where again the CPU doesn't matter.

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>Bad decision.
Waiting was decided for me.

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>tfw will be able to flip my CPU to a collector in 15 years for $2,500

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