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How is this cable called ?
Where do I get it ?
I need 15m of it

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the fucking state of /g/

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Coaxial cable

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There is JW3801062 written on it but google can't find anything

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looks like a really thin composite cable

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Cable cable

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look at the thickness man

it's clearly rj45

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Have you searched for satellite dish cables, especially with the end that connects to the DVB-S box.

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That's the cable but it's used in a lot of different appliances with different specifics and connectors, OP I use that connectors for satellite antennas, start from there

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ask your father.

oh wait.

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its the RJ11 grandpa version

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coaxial cable.

Go to your local hardware store, they should be able to help out

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>get shit tier cable
>proceed to install 15m of it
>signal quality turns to ass
>waaaaa why won't my cable modem/set-top box work

this is going to be fun

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Sankju anons, now the problem is to find one with both ends but I should be able to do that

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aka a RG6 coax cable with F thread connectors on the end that you twist on the coax manually

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He didnt say what he was plugging it into. That would help

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F type coaxial

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This, Christ /g/ y'all mother fuckers are slow.

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You can buy the cable and the terminals and make it yourself, it's really easy.

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Literally available at every fucking hardware shop worldwide.
Both without and with terminators.
And those things don't need any tools to put the ends on.

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Check a decent local hardware store, last week I needed a standard antenna cable and they just asked me how many metres I needed, even offered to assemble the connector for me but it was an old lady and I did it myself

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I-I-I will do it! I-I wi-will go out and ask that l-l-lady at my local h-hardware store, w-wish me luck.

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make sure you carefully check the cable before you buy it. those connectors might not be standard "antenna cable" in your country

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I will take the one I have with me

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Be sure to ask for the most expensive cable, cheap cable will perform bad.

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I wish I was that straw :(

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fucking kek. reminds me of


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300 ohm coaxial

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Dumb frogposter.

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Lot's of cheap chinese coax cable that'll barely support 20Mbit/s

Typically the RG6 provided with the modem or by your ISP is of decent quality (unless your modem and/or ISP is shit tier).

There is an entire housing development a mile down the road from me, houses all built in mid-2016. They used cheap shitty chinese coax in the houses. The local ISP offers 1000Mbit/s service everywhere but that specific development is capped at something like 18 Mbit/s package due to the crappy coax inside all of the houses. Ironic that my 100+ year old house has 1000Mbit/s because proper cabling was ran through it back in the 80's.

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/g/sus Christ

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Nah senpai, its an IEEE-1349.

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Very funny, everyone knows it's an RJ45 cable.

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Probably RG6 or RG58. I think that's an F-type connector.

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Soldered this myself. Pretty proud of it. The solder wouldn't stick to the outer connector so I wrapped a copper cable to connect it to the shield.

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>proud of that
Fucking hell. You should be ashamed of yourself.

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>How is this cable called ?
What is this cable called?

You illiterate nigger.

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Fuck, you guys are way off.

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Is it for TV?

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Literally this.

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the only shame is your gullibility.

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its a satelite coaxial cable

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>stupid fucking animeposter
>stuttering online
every time

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Coaxial cable is the term you are looking for

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I want to run one of these to my room. How hard is it to hook one up to my aerial, and how many can you on average run from an aerial?

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Retard child if you want the modem upstairs just rewire the connection in at the side of the house. It lets the signal go to another port in another room

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looks great dude

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it's just computer wire. You can just braid a bunch of alligator clips together if you're in a pinch

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these are paid shills you telling me kids do not understand universal signals for stop play forward

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looks like an early USB 4.0 prototype

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USB 4 is known to interfere with WiFis

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>adding inductance and resistance to the ground plane of a coax cable

topest of keks OP

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